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Give Example Of Critical Thinking

  • Bob Tracey (Tayside)

    Give example of critical thinking. The one that is much appreciated by political opportunists: “If the presidency is tomorrow, do you think Obama is going to lift the military budget because of this?” Sure, some of his appealing points are true: your kids will be better off, the economy will grow, the military will get started with great new equipment and training, and you’ll have another example of a leader who takes an important issue seriously. Some of his arguments may be true, if you had the right tools and support and correctly use them.

    But even if it were true, Obama would have to follow through on his promise to cut the military, and that would lead to bigger problems. There are deeper problems with the concept that, while the president should be picking tricks as to how the federal government should be run, he must remain away from such decisions; he has no right to expand beyond his means, and he should not take positions that can lead to big political cost. Taking the military further would do two things: offset the downside of lowering welfare costs through greater spending, and also create the kind of permanent obstacles that presidential governors have to contend with when they take away welfares, with adverse consequences. The former would be re-created during the next eight years, as has happened over and over again in recent years, and the latter might be eliminated under some new Congressional process.

    The two cases are identical, except that Obama wins in his effort to stick to his promises. Obama risks being overvalued, and then inadvertently overvaluing himself with his sycophantic and complacent deputies. This is understandable, because Obama is not a politician, but rather a practitioner of psychology. He does not, in fact, care about the public satisfaction of the welfarists in Congress. He has justified his decision to keep things the way they are because “their houses are a little too small”; the American people already look at these programs as a gimmick, an opportunity to use an administrative wrangle to get what they want.

    As for the foreign policy, Obama was and is a professed neocon.

    Alana Holland (Dorset)

    Give example of critical thinking. Even though your ideas have been well-argued, you just slipped through the cracks. You are flubbed. Well, you may not learn anything really new as you try to vindicate your ideas with the help of an iteration process to make them better. You have been flubbing your ideas much longer than you might think.

    Be careful of the small details. Not everything you say has been well said. It’s not hard to misconstrue your words and make amends afterwards. I am used to making amends, but I do not want to provoke anyone with my insults. Don’t make amendments to your old ideas for a new one.

    The relationships with your college and school administrators should be safe. Read the school’s policies, school directors’ resumes, and those of your school leaders and classmates. The school leaders should be made aware of the proposed change. Their role should be to persuade you to accept and implement the proposed changes, not to infuriate you. When students ask questions about the changes they want to take, ask them if they expect to be able to address the needs of the teachers and other team members.

    There is a reluctance and sometimes incompetence when dealing with student problems. It can be hard to have a strong relationship with the students, especially if they show an impatience and insistence. Hence it is extremely important that your school administration understands what students want.

    If one of your students does not learn new things and does not adapt to the new situation, they may cease to follow the change. However, it is important that you follow policies on implementation. Responsible student behavior is one of the most important things you can do to ensure success of your learning program and school.

    Interested students need to understand their own situation.

    It is important to work with your students, rather than trying to force them to learn something new.

    Use silver bullets to inspire students to follow a particular set of principles.

    Because students are so seductive and have this long list of rules that they cannot endure any more, if you think long and hard, you can get them to follow through.

    You are always an authority on the topic of your interest.

    Gabriella Kramer (Langley)

    Give example of critical thinking. You want to know why this is how it is. What if I could take you to a memorandum board and explain the reasons why I believe this is the case? What if you wanted to hear from me, to give you more of an impression of what it is like to work? What would that look like?

    Anything more than that would put your career at risk. Make sure to ask if that takes the form of a 50/50 split. You still need to be able to walk away with a reasoned reason for why you should work in this company.

    If this is something that comes to mind, it would be an important addition to the narrative.

    Try to speak as a high level, qualified and credible voice for what you believe is the right course for this company; even if it is in a different discipline. I know that in some cases, you might be able get ahead of the curve; in this case, maybe you can ask your boss for support.

    You might not be able solve the problems, but you still can talk your way in.

    Or, you could focus on working in a task area that has significant supportive advantages. Just do it, and don’t rely on others or on your immediate supervisors to do the work for you.

    For example, if you are working in marketing, try to do your job using your natural skills and criteria. It will take time, but it will get better with practice.

    If you are in product management, try the same thing.

    Working in market-driven areas can be very challenging, yet you can find your own perspectives that might benefit you. You could even sit with your babysitter if this requires.

    That way, you can see what your interests are (within your job) and try to sell yourself in a way that will make you known as a decent person who is willing to work in the market.

    Sometimes it’s best to just pretend that you are not interested in the job. Unless you understand how to walk your way, work in a severe dilemma. As with any human being, you have to find your way. There are many ways to do that.

    Cheryl Lambert (Moreno Valley)

    Give example of critical thinking. How do you, and how do not you, answer questions like, how do we achieve longer term growth?

    Brian Smith: It is simply a matter of how in the world do we efficiently achieve new levels of long-term potential, and that involves quantitative thinking. Sometimes it is better to think the way that you ought to think, but sometimes it is to think how you ould think and then try to find ways in which you can utilize those ideas to get by. The important thing is not to study all the answers from all the different theories, but the important thing to really let your brain know how to think in the way you would and find those solutions. We need to set our priorities and try to figure out how to determine what needs to be done, whether it is higher education or more worker productivity or more social cohesion, or perhaps it is something more complex. It is good to have some world-class economists and policymakers to speak to and get ideas on how you might have your environment playing a positive role in achieving those goals.

    Q: What about the American economy, do you have any ideas on why the American slowdown has picked up again and what should we do about it?

    Instead of whining about policies that we cannot afford, we can do better.

    Well, the fact is we cannot have a country as rich as the United States. The wealth is kept away from worker interests. We do want job creation and a fair economy. But we also want a level of economic activity that is sustainable. We want to have a more dynamic economy. We don’t want to a system that generates economic activity incrementally, as in India.

    If we set these goals too high then we will have to be careful who gets the chance to move forward. If China is a good example of how to do that, get to work and figure out the best way to set those goals and tell us how to run the country.

    Does success in education and higher education contribute to job creation?

    Yes. You don’´t have to have great education to have good employment. What’s better is the ability to get a good education and be successful, or to say we want to do science and engineering.

    John Charlson (Sainte-Catherine)

    Give example of critical thinking (understand what you want from a subject)?

    Medium: Please, for example, check in with people you know on the Internet who are more interested in football.

    Comment: How could you not?

    Penalties: “So the number of people out there who will be watching these matches is going to be very high. If you are going to start making this a thing, I’m afraid for your security — well, really we would lose so much time with those.”

    Low points: “Well, you know, if we are going on a legal grounds, I think you should join us now to make this a big deal. It’s time to stop doing this. This is creating a revolution. Are you ready to do that?”

    Traditionally, NFL teams have used the PER (Primary and Secondary Rating) system when evaluating players, saying they’re better equipped to perform abroad than domestically. However, according to Knecht, the NFL is increasingly considering a different system for evaluators.

    In his talk, Kneecht said that during the draft in 2015, teams were told not to tell the Ratings Council about the NFL’s PER system in regards to quarterbacks, wing defenders, wide receivers and tight ends.

    “Everything they were saying to NFL teams was ‘we’re going to tell you the league’s new system when we have time to tell our team about it and then we’ll use them for evaluations as we go through the draft,’” he said. “So they were on average not talking to their players about what this new system of evaluation would look like. … They wanted to draft six players, but they kept saying ‘we don’t know what it is.’ It was like they didn’t want to talk to the players about it.”

    On the GM-preview draft, Klein said that teams, in general, have a “moral obligation to tell us about this,” but that is not a requirement. “We need to put the players on the radar screen and then they are welcome to tell why they’ve done it,” Kleinsaid.

    Nathan Jacobson (West Glamorgan)

    Give example of critical thinking: being alarmed by what you heard about Trump, but then saying your parents didn’t talk to the media in 2016 or vice versa. Maybe you were an AIDS activist, but never once mentioned it to anyone. Or you were a college student, but rarely spoke to your professors about a variety of important issues. The fact is, we know you have given him much of the credit for the rise of the NSW Labor party and he built the coalition of the Opposition to defeat George Brandis’s government, but that’s not what it means for him. We did his own work, from the likes of my father to the lik of Justin Trudeau. It should be possible to say, “What can I say?” To admit that you’re naïve about the outcomes of the campaign could very well damage you in the longer term.

    A trusted friend of mine of 50 years is going to be sitting down for a one-on-one interview now. He was keen to be offered the chance because he has a great deal of respect for Brandt and believes in the campaign’s direction. He’s got many friends who have publicly shamed themselves for seemingly voting for the NLP at the last election.

    Interestingly, he and I weren’t alone in thinking that elections for Australia needed to be run more like a referendum to get a handle on what the challenges for either party are. At the time, I was surprised to see that polls had shown a major momentum shift from the Labor Party towards the Napthine Government. As it turns out, the Gallup polls, for example, put Labor’s vote at 27 per cent, a rise of 38 per cent from Gallup’s previous poll of just 3 per cent. The Napshick polls put the Ng’s at 30 per cent and wider support in the form of 68 per cent in Turnbull’s own polls also increased. Indeed, as the election progressed, so did Merdeka’s voter turnout and behind-the-scenes work of the Remain campaign and Opportunities Party.

    Tim Quincy (Revelstoke)

    Give example of critical thinking. Give an example of what critical thinking is.” What can we do to help?

    A: We can start getting them to talk about their strategies. Before you start talking to students about critical thinking you need to figure out the curriculum they have and make sure they can actually use the boring dictionary and paper to check it. Find boring times to teach them Critical Thinking. They’re highly valuable learners. A great way to train them is to teach a critical thinking exam.

    Q: Is this really helpful to people who are from other cultures?

    A. Yes. People from other groups are interested in critical thinking and very attentive in the classroom. They want to use their critical thinking skills to construct complicated sentences.

    Make sure they’re on the safe side.

    Q. Did you use this model with other culturally diverse groups?

    Ha: How have you seen the effect of thinking critically?

    Q; Does this model help your students understand the quality of their classmates?

    How did it work in your environment?

    Anonymous: We used it with the children of one of my African-American friends. I had her write a short statement: Is that a pig’s bow, or is it a dog’s stomach? We were able to engage in discussion.

    My friend’s friends read the test and scrambled their brains.

    We figured that students shouldn’t just write negative statements because you know people will be running around with embarrassing comments in their written statements.

    They should be thinking about the consequences, so when they asked out their tribe.

    Another friend took the time to talk to their peers and high school students before and after the exam. People that we talked to or worked with, were happy to participate.

    I always tell students about their culture, and how they are influenced by their culture. You can dive into their culture too. What types of questions do you expect them to ask?

    What was the most interesting answer you got?

    My Asian friends think about Xeroxed pictures.

    Are you thinking about how people process image in their minds?

    Which way in their bubble they see things?

    Willow Keith (Columbus)

    Give example of critical thinking skills. When getting back from a party with a group of your friends during the day, how do you take the time to think critically in the area where you were drinking, eating, getting drunk? Or in your bedroom. Do you read books on competence in all areas? Most certainly not.

    It’s just not smart to spend more time going with group that better suits you than going with yourself. Your favorite hot sauce is too salty? Say no to it. The drinks you have to get from the WC are the wrong ones? But you either need to eat some better foods or wear some diapers.

    In sharing or having the burden of doing things it’s like having a chauffeur in a car you don’t want to drive. Both Craig and I used to work for large companies full time and think the jobs were great. But then we started putting people into jobs we didn’t like and then we lost motivation. If somebody else was going to do a job we did not like, then why not? But by giving people extra responsibility they became more dependent on us.

    Which SJWs are we talking about? David Mallett (@dmalletta), who writes at The Conversation? Chris Newman (@ChrisNewman) who is famous for being an atheist but dines with Obama, and atheists and Christian right folks who don’d like to see him succeed. The one thing it is important to remember is that there is no such thing as “Christian right” any more. There is only Christians in freedom. Anything that’s funded by religious organizations, churches, organized religion, etc is a sin.

    The reality of the situation is that this is America. People cannot just give money to charities. They have to care for themselves. You have to be the one that pays the bills. If you do a good job, you don't have to ask for money. Sure some people will give you money. If I were helping children, I would give my self. If there are no kids in the program, I will never give something to charity. I don't want to give my loved ones a bad thing. That's why I don’ve always been a vegan.

    Raymond Taft (Mid Sussex)

    Give example of critical thinking on a social media platform? Tell me the remarkable thing that you (or your favorite) person has done on social media.

    We should be an independent media and let it decide what gets done on the platform. Critical thinking on social platforms is hard to come by.

    Recent events were no doubt a very successful one. This brings one’s attention to the fact that while organized collective action is very common on social networking platforms, individual social media users (and most of them Facebook’s employees) are not as forthright about their social behaviors on the social media gab, or to the community, or what they are and are not posting.

    In such a situation, the only way for the community to see the community is to follow an individual who is expressing his opinion in a personal way. We can create this with actions like instigation which are very easy to set up on personal platforms.

    Facebook may use more or less social media to influence society, but are they social media entities? Do they have the freedom to gather and express their opinions, thoughts, or observations, and what their followers are or aren’t going to do about that?

    If I were a member of the Chinese community, I am very worried about the ability of these social media outlets to criticize the state. We are living in a two-sector economy, and the social networks are a bipartisan tool for sharing opinions.

    Should they be able to shut down groups? Does the law and common sense apply? Where would this have a chance of getting real results?

    Have we seen these large corporate social networks have any rights whatsoever?

    I’d hope that Facebook is coming to the realization that the democratic reign in social media needs to be maintained. If it allows these kinds of works, they must not be shut down.

    Taking Facebook a step in the right direction might even help to improve the situation.

    I hope the Chinese government will understand the problem of the rights of Facebook and come to the decision-making without large-scale laws, or at least on their toe.

    We have so many diverse ideas and opinions on social and cultural matters and it seems that most people in China are undecided.

    Sid Joy (State of North Dakota)

    Give example of critical thinking and being inclusive on campus."

    "You're teaching civics in a third-year school. That's complicated. I don't care if you're going to take the time to understand the civic issues with their perspective, or if you are going to focus on a couple of bits of history with the point that some people are inevitably wrong. I've never condoned that kind of bias in any kind of way. It's not a good idea. And if you think that you can just treat people the way you think they want to be treated by your classmates in a civically based way, then you're a really sad person. You're just treating them the way that you think you want them to be taught, which is something you shouldn't."

    It's so common for people in school to be excluded from this one component of their lives which they consider important and worthy of discussion — the way they view civility and social justice — and it seems very liberating to some to fall into this semblance of being a member of the fringe group. It seems fair game to break out of this mindset to get into a public debate.

    In a February 2017 study, Jonathan Feiffer, a professor of political science at the University of Florida, found that the university system is one of the most militarized in the country, with laws and regulations designed to keep people away from military service and ensure that people in less fortunate positions are not required to serve.

    Nathaniel Zimmerman, co-founder of the American Civics Association, says that with more than 13,000 schools in the United States lacking rules and regulation, it is nearly impossible to win about anything else.

    In an April 2017 editorial, "The American Conservative" said that Obama’s proposed "civic engagement strategy," which includes the use of social media, is "in part a way to signal to students that they will have to brush aside their First Amendment rights to engage in politically incorrect content.


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