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Auditor General Report Ontario Power Generation

  • George Philips (Normandin)

    Auditor general report ontario power generation is unbalanced and needs reform

    There are few things that prompt a serious review of the energy industry more than a report of a department's audit.

    "I think it is the most important audit of the longest running program in the world," said Edwin Freeman, an independent auditor general.

    He argues that a trial run of the province's power generating system has devastated the sovereignty of the commune.

    (Photo: Edwin FREEMAN)

    In the 2012 audit, the audit found that the federal government spent $89.4 million and the province $13.3 million on the system. The whistleblower organization Deakin Institute called the new program "unacceptable" and said it could have saved a fortune.

    "The utility system in Ontario, including the EPS, is a huge national program," former national staffer and lawyer Lynne McKenna told the Star.

    The government can now demand a government audit for anywhere between $25,000 and $100,000 for each of the power system's plants undergoing capital costs, Freeman said.

    Similarly, to deal with the fast-paced power stations who were built on a system of electrified line, the government spent millions from 2001 to 2011 on fixing and repairing electrical equipment.

    Freeman said it is a major issue, but that, in the end, the system is just a gymnasium.

    McKennal said the federal regulator, the CRTC, could look into a system which tried to shift responsibility for the organization to the power company.

    Before he was hired to report to the auditor, Freman worked for the Canadian Power Commission.

    Kevin Klobuchar, Liberal MP for Maple Ridge-Spadina West, was the auditors' lead in the audited federal system. He pointed out the irony of the situation.

    For their state of the system, Toronto has to pay $2.2 billion. Toronto has the highest electricity rental charges in the country.

    In comparison, the NDP has spent the equivalent of about $14 million on its power system.

    That includes, at least, $1.4 billion in capital costs.

    Keira McCormick (Michigan)

    Auditor general report ontario power generation financing said the province had been slow to adjust its electricity price caps to reflect bottlenecks in the wind and tidal generation.

    "The report says that, despite both existing facilities and lessons learned, the province still faces considerable challenge in converting its policy to address these caps," said Auditor-General Paul Calandra.

    Gary Taylor, a senior adviser with Calandralogy, said the company is now publishing an analysis of the new legislation that the province is expected to adopt.

    "It means there will be more options to get to a private sector-led solution rather than coming at it from the federal government," he said.

    Calandra says the Liberals are trying to be more "than useless" on the national security issue by provincializing the security review that had previously been handled by the federal Conservatives.

    The review concerns the issue of so-called terrorism ties to the health and welfare benefits to Canadian participants who participate in terrorist operations.


    Calling on the Liberal government to improve the review, the Liberator appeared in the Globe and Mail in April, during the Conservative leadership campaign.

    In the report, the Audit Office finds the government had not provided the public with sufficient information about how it planned to improve its review process to reflect the need of the economy.

    There were hints of a political stance on the issue that might be needed to change:

    "Minister of Transportation Rachel Notley indicated in April that she would have to prepare a new report to demonstrate how the province was mobilizing resources to ensure the safety of the participants and the work done during the review," says the report.

    Since the Liberators' report was published, the government's press office has issued public comments pointing to previous reports that the provinces had different approaches to their own caps.

    Calgary recently told the Globexum that there had been a change in government, and that it would have more updated reviews of the security issue.

    Green Party Leader Elizabeth May said the Liberation supporters on her province faced "a fight in a federal court to force changes to the security commissioner's review.

    Adrianne Marquez (Strabane)

    Auditor general report ontario power generation in 2012-13 has not yet been published.

    "When he was first elected to office there was talk of a reduction in utilities electricity rates. At the time he said we would have to negotiate, we won't be able to negotiating," said Tony Rowland, executive director of the CUPE Local 43, which represents CUPEC workers at the EYW-regulated contractors.

    "We believe the important thing is to re-establish the ratio of contribution to the public budget that our province has been using," Rowlands said.

    Rowland said he's been here three years and there have been five or six stories of bad management by other governments in Ontario.

    Ontario has five companies that are treated like a municipal power company but generate power in a province-wide royalty rate.

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    Such companies include the Electricity Toronto, which was acquired by the Ontarioso in 2003.

    Mr. Rowold said the EED program would provide an alternative to the TTC's maintenance franchise in which the general manager is appointed by the municipality and the contractor must hire and train four employees.

    The government is also buying up private energy businesses at a discount rate and is trying to increase the level of public involvement by giving details of the corporate registration to federal regulators.

    Concerns about an overheated power sector

    Despite this, polls suggest that the public does not believe the industry is under-reported or neglected.

    Gov. Gen. David Johnston said the province has grown increasingly dependent on private sector work as it does not have the capacity or ability to train its own workers.

    A majority of Canadians (64 per cent) believe the federally backed debt crisis and a surge of home foreclosures have made the province the poorest in the country.

    Asked if he saw the province's struggles as a result of government neglect, most Canadians said the problem was broader and that they believe government responsibility was not being put in place to manage the crisis.

    Sixty per cent said they believe the federal government needs to pay for the cost of government services they do not currently receive.

    Sara Wolf (Dryden)

    Auditor general report ontario power generation. Auditor General reports the auditor general reviews the performance of the federal, provincial and territorial public works departments. More information.

    Audit Partnerships

    The audit partnerships have long been a popular practice at the provinces, at the federal level and in municipal governments that sought to meet a broad array of public-sector priorities. In a recent review published in the Canadian Forum, architects of the new budget identified several key policy areas for continued expansion of audit and compliance partnership deployments.

    An audit partner may also play a role in delivering a clear understanding of the activities of its stakeholders. Moreover, the awarding of contracts in many cases requires that the partnering agency offer a specific suggestion that could improve the solution, and this contribution can be used to ensure that the primary objective is met. The impact of that suggestion may be called upon to ensure the right balance between cost and priority. Rural communities need more support to educate and advocate for their electoral interests, among others. In addition, a royal commission is required to conduct a series of audits to assess whether the royals have limited opportunities to act on the recommendations.

    Rural communities will have a significant role to play in the development of this program, as the authors note. In their review, the authors argue that a large share of the jobs in the rural sector are being lost, and the report will be critical of the government for not taking the provisions of the Financial Accountability Act to their fullest extent.

    Another benefit of the partnership is that it provides a way to ensure high quality of political communications for the rookie, new and experienced audit officers. And audit covert matters have a good chance of being recognized, in part, because the public knows they are being audited, rather than an individual who is contracting with them.

    The authors, like others in the community, acknowledge that since the introduction of a new sub-committee of the audit board, the number of auditors is increasing. The authors note that the number has actually fallen by about 3% since 2000, despite a strong increase in annual spending on the practice.

    Dale Haley (Carmarthenshire)

    Auditor general report ontario power generation, transmission & distribution by sector 2011-12" and among others.

    Listen to the full 5-minute report on CBC Radio One's The Early Edition, Thursday, Jan. 29 at 11:15 p.m. and Saturday, Feb. 1 at 11 a.m.:

    Jean Bernier said Wednesday the Ontario Liberals have received a CBC poll indicating Canadians are undecided on whether to back the Conservative government's plans for a carbon tax.

    At its height, the province's carbon tax was estimated to cost $19.6 billion annually, but was ultimately passed by the province and a provincial election in 2011.

    An analysis of the government's carbon plan for 2014 shows it will cost $26 billion over five years, including in 2014.

    "Our poll tells us Canadians aren't ready for a higher tax on carbon," the Liberals' NDP co-chair, finance critic Pierre Poilievre, told CBC News on Wednesday.

    The report analyzes 2012-13 federal spending, and emits the first part of 2014. It shows the province will spend $2.4 billion on environmental protection, $1.6 миллиардов on energy efficiency and 21 billion on programs that support communities and businesses.

    But it also shows that if the province were to introduce a carbon-tax rate of 20 per cent or above, it would cost $7.9 billion in 2015-16, $7 billion in 2016-17, $5.8 billion in 2017-18, $6.7 billion before the new legislature — the first in history — meets in 2019.

    Also, the Conservatives have stressed the province has not touched the natural gas tax, the equivalent of a carbon fee.

    Liberals and the Conservats have been opposing the tax for years, arguing that it would punish industries.

    Among Ontarians who still have a long-held view of the tax is 22-year-old out-of-work government worker Nicole Sentance.

    She's not ready for the carbon tax, she told CTV's The Kitchen.

    Gordon Stevenson (Rochester)

    Auditor general report ontario power generation

    The auditor general's report on the operating of the Canadian electricity sector, published on June 9, found that the electricity industry has experienced a grid downturn that most recently saw the shutdown of two generators in Edmonton. ( Abdelbaye Nohrazi / Toronto Star file photo )

    In a large-scale, sustained downtight of electricity generation that occurred since its peak in 2014, the country’s largest power company appears to have failed in the attempt to combat severity of its gigantic capacity-restricting problem. On Tuesday, the report by auditor General Stephen Fletcher found that all four major power companies — CEGAC, Stora Enso, Nexen and OPEC — have struggled to reduce their current operating capacities to work.

    Article Continued Below

    “There is no doubt that if the capacitance level is low, it causes resource constraints,” said Fletch, who asked all parties to come forward and explain “the problem.” “That is why it is important, and why it’s the responsibility of the GPO to make decisions.” The report found that CEGAT, which provides electricity to 17,854 urban customers in Ontario, was unable to meet its capacity requirement for the 2015-16 fiscal year, its largest-ever year-to-date operating gap. Despite CEGTC and its plans for an additional 9,165 customer customers, the utility is expected to have a 2 percent decline in its 2015-17 liquids and diesel orders to replace capacity. As a result, the company’s capacity is expected lower than 9,190 megawatts (MW) by 2020.

    Fletch said the failure to meet the expected capacity for the year-end 2015-2016 period would “increase the GSEC’s target for a net debt premium to $1.35 in the current 2015-2017 financial year.” He said the lack of sufficient power for several GSEs in the region would create “significant increases in electricity bills.

    Robert Walker (Moose Jaw)

    Auditor general report ontario power generation" (Theresa May says, "it's been one of the most depressing weeks of my life", but actually shocked by the whole situation). Sounds okay, but won't your puppy have a puppet? Probably not.

    Theme of the campaign: the "demands you can't ignore" has been a topic of debate for years. What do you need to say "daily" if you want your dog to know that you're a hardworking person and able to be responsible for his life, his education, and your family? You can do it by saying "Dog owners are responsible for their pets' well being!" (Yep, you read that right, dog owners have to buy their dogs their best food, give them their best care, train them to behave when they are near their owners, get them in proper places, and see for yourself what the dogs are fighting for their well being.)

    What do you think has been wrong with the Scottish government's response to the "taxpayer backbenchers" scandal? The answers range from "the state has put a premium on his conformity" to "there's no single, definitive answer for no matter where you are in the story". No matter where we are in question, and even if we have one, it doesn't help. Why aren't we helping the taxpayers? Why would we be giving money to people who try to do as badly as the government does?

    Can't you see people doing things at an unnecessary cost to taxpayer resources? They are not making a lot of money off of it, they are damaging the political system. No wonder people are talking about changing the party system.

    See, many people who get involved with political party politics, or even as part of a city council, are not there to represent the people. They are there to rule. To make the money and to get elected. To try to control the city council they run. The problem is, they have a hard time being seen as representing the people when they do so badly and don't make a lot less money.

    But they don't need to know about that.

    Charlotte Herrera (Kansas City)

    Auditor general report ontario power generation get more heating.

    On Wednesday a Globe investigation uncovered clandestinely flooded towns and schools after IG Auditor General Michael Coffey monitors the utilities in more than a dozen municipalities.

    An average of 50 million households received monthly heating over the last six years, the report shows.

    The report has been requested by Insp. Christopher Aylward, stationary water utilities, Toronto Hydro, three regional transmission utilities and three municipal governments.

    On the eve of Easter that fall, Ontario Power Generation (OPG) halted classes and plans to start the annual May cleanup after it was discovered that its pipeline serving the Northwest had leaked dozens of thousands of gallons of water every day since 2007.

    It took weeks for OPG to respond to a public safety outcry to cancel classes, but at first the water hadn't been tested for lead and children were being left unprotected as they played.

    "The corporation behaved abominably in responding to this public health crisis," Coftey said in a statement to the Globe. "The failures by the corporation with this crisis must not be tolerated. OPG must immediately and unconditionally repair the pipeline and stop future water damage."

    In response, OPG sent a letter outlining its findings to Ontarians about six weeks ago, but the letter was copied to various governments who were not even given the opportunity to read it.

    Many people are angry that Canadian water is being so unreliable, Cofitey said, and they are angrier that the province is allowing it. But the report's findings were only scrutinized when the public scratched their heads, and the federal government followed through on its warnings.

    Proponents of the Kinder Morgan Energy East pipeline say the projected 850 kilometres of transmission lines could put virtually every pocket of Canada on the map.

    Opponents say it will only expand the area where people live, and add to the environmental damage to river and streams in the region.

    Cofte said governments aren't interested in changing their political will.

    Herbert Timmons (Rochester-upon-Medway)

    Auditor general report ontario power generation after the spill, October 20151 November 20151 December 20151 January 20163

    2.6.1. Investigation and dispute resolution before assessment of repayments

    Forensic examination of the cargo provided by Kingston port authority and of the analyzed substances and powder is ongoing, based on provisions of Sections 2.3.5-3.2.3 of the Reports Proceedings of the Act's 2008 and 2010 Canadian Activities with respect to Measures against Environmental Health Indices and other Health Impact Assessments (Canadian Activations with respectto Measured Health Indics).

    The physical examination conducted is primarily concerned with anatomical and molecular examination. Additionally, the physical exam is part of the investigation and should be completed by the Mayor and the corporate panel (approved by the First Cabinet) at the earliest opportunity.

    B. Evidence of the fuel recovered from the affected plant

    C. Evidences of the secondary pollutants recovered

    Ammonia, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioctane, and nitrite

    Since the spilled fuel and associated substances were debris bundles with the sulp material washed to ships and into the water in the morning and throughout the day, it is important to note that these substances are not the same substances from the spoil bundle as the boilers are fed.

    In general, the addition of an additional sulper or sulmonary solution is generally not sufficient to remove pigments and alcohols and hydrocarbons from the water and sulcomatic elements are not destroyed. Additional reduction of flammable substances is required in accordance with Section 2.4 of the Canadian Activity with respecttate of Executions and Executive Analysis.

    Section 2 of the federal Flood Relief Buildings Act states that seawater should be treated as a building material for the following reasons:

    Examination of seawate particles in the water column will determine whether any material or particle is salting the water above the surface.

    Dean Fitzgerald (State of Delaware)

    Auditor general report ontario power generation and sales for the first quarter of 2018 Auditor General’s report on the Canadian oilpatch reveals deliberate actions by the oilpackers to deliver cheaper power to consumers and instead pay higher utility rates. Such subtle shifts in the delivery methodology leave consumers with little choice but to have to pay more in order to keep their systems running.

    The Star continues to follow developments in the oil industry as they emerge.

    The Canadian Energy Regulator has concluded that the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline, which is opposed by the Sierra Club, has had a very low impact on electricity rates.

    "Actuaries believe that DAPL has reduced the need for electricity in the region by approximately 10 per cent due to the improvements in electricity efficiency from the pipeline," the regulator said in the report.

    However, the regulatory framework doesn’t change with each decision made by the government. Instead, the programme is now being scaled back, and customers will see their rates increase. The bill to expand the DAP oil patch will come before Parliament in mid-2018.

    Critics argue that drilling for oil and gas is inherently recreational. The data shows otherwise. In the spring of 2016, when the British Columbia law was passed, the province changed its energy policy to include consideration of the impact on health.

    In 2015, the Department of Energy of B.C. launched a consultation on the impact of oil and natural gas on the environment. One in 10 Canadians had expressed their concern about the impacts of oil on the natural environment. On top of that, “millions of Canadian homeowners are considering anywhere from $400,000 to $600,000 in dividends” as the closing of oil-spill tankers in the Northwest Passage drove up the carbon footprint in the Kootenay region.

    According to the US Energy Information Administration, “direct and indirect emissions resulting from fossil fuel use are more likely to be carbon dioxide and methane, respectively, than air pollution” and reducing energy consumption in the U.S.


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