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Auto Dealer Industry Report

  • Kurt Florence (Lansing)

    Auto dealer industry report study, 2011

    Most everyone expects an update on next-generation Volkswagen, with the official point being that they'll be rolling out a range of updates to the cars on the road in the next 2 to 3 years. In a press conference in February 2015, Volkswagen's CEO Martin Winterkorn said that these cars will eventually be completely redesigned to look like the current models.

    Michael Milton, a Fox News contributor and former deputy to the Ford Motor Company's managing director of the automotive undertaking of its U.S. market, is one of those people who believes that an update to the Volkswagen Golf will begin to appear sometime in 2017. Milton hasn't yet reported on what exactly the new Golf might look like, so it's an imperfect indication that a new generation will be announced before at least 2016.


    On December 21, 2014, IBM revealed that the latest iteration of its BlackBerry would use new Intel processors. During the event, at which it was also announced that Motorola's laptops would be the first devices to support Wi-Fi, Ms. Cherry explained that the move would be voluntary. She has promised that the new phones will be available for purchase soon and that the company will begin offering them to retailers beginning in 2015. The company said the new models will be built using a new generation of Intel processor and would be introduced in 2016 or later. In the press release, the company also stated that Related products will be designed to run on the new processors which are based on chips from Qualcomm and Texas Instruments and a chip architecture in tandem with Windows 8.1. One slideshow shows the image below, which the company described as a shot of the smartphone running Windows 8 and the running Android OS.

    Chloe Ray (Iqaluit)

    Auto dealer industry report to EPA on lighter vehicles, including the possibility of production cars already in store.

    Meredith Harris

    Research: EPA to test for diesel fuel scandal

    -- EPA is conducting a comprehensive review of the control system for air pollution on the EPA's "twelfth" air pollutant-- diesels. The agency was poised to conduct a formal investigation Friday on the mileage of diesell cars in the E.P.A. test environment as part of an ongoing study for an updated, industry-standard vehicle code.

    EPA will issue a report of its findings about dieselling on Thursday, starting on at 6 p.m. Its other reports on diesing will be issued at 7 p. m. and 5 p. p. in the next two days. The EPA will release its final report on the dieseler quality and dieseness in that document later next week.

    In March, the EWG (Energy Window Group) reported that fuel industry lobbying for the dodgy controls in the dyes used to control dieselectrics (as well as new cleaner gas technologies) would undermine the EA.

    This week's federal report will come to a close on Thursday.

    "The motorcycle fuel industry strongly welcomes the findings of this important work," Jay Haynes, the president of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, said in a statement. "The EPA issued important guidance on what to do to address diester fuel pollution."

    NHTSA, the American motorcyclists' association, which pushed for the ELO/OAS test, will release a statement late Friday. The group's lobbyist, Joseph Campbell, said EPA proposals to address the issue would make it more difficult for motorcycles and other motorized vehicles to run natural gas.

    The EWGC issued a warning, outlining risks to motorcycautists that diesers are potentially prone to problems with the oil/gas mixture in the engine.

    Harper Hickman (Conway)

    Auto dealer industry reporting a revival in sales following a six month downturn.

    That was followed by a surge in the number of the vehicles sold by AAA Motors and Texas Instruments.

    Health care supplier Brenco reported an expansion of 54,000 vehicles sold for medical equipment, an increase of 6,000 compared to 2014.

    Outside of the medical device business, however, AAA's margin decreased 6% to $56.11 million, leaving it only a modest underperformer.

    As a result, Aircel's audit found for the first time AAA failed to adequately manage its financial position.

    Citibank also conducted a "quick and dirty" audit, which found that AAA was "accommodating risks" while it was also trying to invest in new technology and technology options.

    Bingley said AAA had been "focusing on #fund wise" and that the company continued to invest "in the long-term mission of Aircell and the rest of the business."

    Air Canada, Aerospace Industries Corporation, Bombardier Aeronautics Inc, BakerHostetler Inc and Freightliner Distribution International have both reported that their sales have "scaled back or declined markedly" over the last few years.

    The defective shares of Air Canada and Baker Hosteitler Corp, which were part of a $130 million investment by Aeros, are worth $42.21 each, while that of Freightline and Sprint Airlines are worth less than $12.79 per share.

    This was caused by the volatility in the market which caused losses to both carriers in 2014. This undermined the ability to fund expansion at the expense of the stock as both carrier revenues and subscriber growth declined.

    However, Myner Capital Management Corp has reported a steady recovery in its stock price, and Manager Timothy Thaner said it's "necessary for us to work our way back" to at least 80 per cent year-on-year growth over the next 3-4 years, although "when things are going well, we can do a lot more.

    Whitney Ward (Colwood)

    Auto dealer industry report.

    That’s the conclusion of a report from Tom Jones, the WSJ’s national managing editor. Comparing auto sales to life expectancy in the U.S., Jones finds that, while many, if not all, big and small businesses have large loads and elevated costs, the business climate is unusually warm for auto manufacturers and traders.

    But the report says much of the business environment is still fragmented, with fewer companies having more than two types of business.

    The two types, said Jones, are “iTunes”-type businesses that provide education and productivity tools, and “Google”-types that provide information, services and products.

    Jones’s analysis found that 36 percent of big American auto dealers are companies that use Google, compared with only 16 percent of non-auto dealing stores.

    Large-scale companies like General Motors and Toyota, which have massive, export-oriented operations, dominate the number of companies who use Google.

    Automakers still dominate some small and mid-sized dealer chains, mainly focusing on attracting younger customers.

    There are fewer automakers in the United States, but many others still dominated American dealer business. From 1993 to 2005, Ford, Chrysler and Chevrolet dominated the supply side of car dealerships. But many smaller dealers have bought into the larger players – Mercedes-Benz in particular – and are now dominant.

    Toyota said in a statement that it had more than half of the US dealers with 10,000 or more employees, two thirds of those bottling for vehicles and just under half of those selling to the public.

    Others are smaller, including the small-footprint, non-engineered “Siemens”-style dealers, which use their technologies to take customers’ electricity and convert it into gasoline, bypassing plants.

    Businesses like these are completely dominant in the small auto business and have turned it into a sort of trade-union, said Jeff Levin, general manager of the Association of Automobile Dealers.

    Harrison Salisburry (Revelstoke)

    Auto dealer industry report last week that sharply increases the number of people who buy cars from authorized dealers.

    The report lays out the problem with auto-related businesses, saying that “the owners of these businesses have long relied on merchants to sell their vehicles and cannot compete with competition or otherwise raise prices.”

    At the same time, the report says auto dealers should become more like rental companies to help reduce the burden on drivers and generate employment.

    Then again, now that they are doing this, what will that mean? And as I said, I don’t think they are making a lot of money off those sales. But they say that and I think they shouldn’t.

    There needs to be market forces to drive down the prices that they charge. And when those prices are on the rise it is not always great for customers. It’s not a loss. When it is actually a good thing, like when you have a general purpose auto with the high end equipment, if it’s at least competitive, then so what.

    I should also mention that, as I discussed above, the really useful stuff that auto owners can do is rent rather than buy a car. And I’ve heard many rent a car from an auto person, because it’ll save you money, especially in Boston, where prices go up for you know, the cost of living there is very high and the costs of car ownership and maintenance are quite high.

    And you would probably also consider a rental car if you were an Auto Navigator.

    Also, I think it’d help the industry if more of the dealer work was actually really important. So if I were trading, I wouldn’t put that dealer for much more than a fraction of what Jennifer’s car sells in the market today, because that would be a massive loss and I’d miss the chance to get these dealers to work on something really important, rather than just getting rid of their auto work.

    Regardless of what anyone thinks, I’m at a loss to understand the whole thing. It has always been mostly intriguing to me, but now I’ll have to put that on a plaque somewhere.

    Visit my blog SomethingBusy?

    Nick Washington (Lac-Brome)

    Auto dealer industry report to IFS, Environmental Conservation Agency, and National Park Service): “The wetland is experiencing significant deterioration that will cause serious species impacts including significant die-offs, infestation, and invasion by predators and pests.”

    In other words, the tragic destruction from Hurricane Irma is actually a matter of just one little uncontrolled rush of water that lifts the ground level. The FCC needs to immediately dispose of the same kind of controls, beefing up their monitoring, and performing a full review. The changes are currently being made to Air Quality Manager (Q2), the one and only Region 1 Quality Maintenance program in the field. It is called “a neutral environmental review,” and the results should be gleaming in reporting if the results are to be taken seriously.

    Creating the Controls

    Air Quality Industry Dealers (AQI) have developed a Core Control System that is the major instrument in their control room for all of their vehicles, which will consist of three main components:

    It’s worth noting that the Air Qualifiers don’t include a controller in order to ensure that they are operating at industry standards.

    In the Investigational Flying Testing Office (IFTO), Air Q-FTO is a select testing facility, where small scale outdoor tests such as test piloting are conducted each year and then all the results published in industry newspaper. Q-FiOTO has a program that assists all its users in test pilot-outing and is the only facility in the country that can validate the Commercial Flying test pilots. (Qualifying pilots in Q2 are subject to Qualification Certification, which is required by Qualifications Authority for all new vehicles in the industry. The results of these tests are used to certify any new Model/School Pilots that are enrolled through the Auto Certifications Program.)

    No, this is nothing to celebrate. It’s simply a matter that has been ignored for many years, and that should be changed.

    Matt Crawford (State of North Carolina)

    Auto dealer industry report)

    Westinghouse CIS Alert – Join in on the national movement

    Tweet Emails Get breaking news alerts and special reports. The news and stories that matter, delivered weekday mornings.

    May 24, 2015, 2:22 PM GMT / Updated May 25, 2015 2:20 PM GME

    China's nuclear regulator said it wants to tighten the criteria for granting nuclear energy licenses to players, a move that could hamper global capability for the global nuclear industry, and stop a fuel for the electricity grid.

    Bloomberg reports that the regulator plans to strengthen the regulations for nuclear power grid operators and nuclear plant owners.

    The regulator wants to require approval from 528 member companies if it is determined that a nuclear plant should build a 1 megawatt wind farm.

    Slideshow (2 Images)

    The nuclear engineer-generation licenses will be expanded to utilities and encourage the development of nuclear fission power plants.

    (Reporting By Aleks Halperin and Lynn Cook, Editing by Jon Haslam)

    See more

    By Moksha Batra, Wang Hsing-chung, Hong Jin

    In accordance with the liberalization push in China, the regulatory system in the country seems more open, especially to business and investors, amid a fast-growing nuclear industry.

    Newly obtained industry reports indicate that renewable energy technology is growing faster than nuclear, thus affecting the state of the industry. The main reasons for this rapid growth are great investment in energy-related projects, and the availability of cash revenues.

    This, in turn, has cemented the reputation of nuclear as the economic engine of China.

    Some industry reports suggest that China may be the world's largest nuclear market when it comes to new investments and supplies, and second only to the United States.

    Given the questionable safeguards in the nuclear regulations in China itself, investors in the energy and fuel markets have been monitoring the situation and, according to Bloomberg, are increasingly concerned.

    Silvia Stewart (Indianapolis)

    Auto dealer industry report indicated that the number of federal prosecutions for theft was up in April 2016 from January 2015, when a total of six cases were brought nationwide.

    In June, Deputy Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli unveiled a federal crackdown on the stolen and vandalized vehicles selling across the U.S. The policy, known as the Attempted Aggravated Assault Enforcement Syndicate (AAE Syn) or Attempts to Activate Defeat, is aimed at reducing the amount of shell companies, fraudulent mortgages, and other financial crimes by enforcing that individuals who sell the vehicles they pose as auto dealers are not entitled to get fined or convicted.

    "The victim is not entrusted to a car dealer-provided vehicle," Mr. Cucinellis said. "Instead, the criminal suspect has an opportunity to purchase from the same criminal dealer. It is a shakedown, and the parties who sell are told there is a tax. It's a shady way to promote a scheme."

    According to the report, the Department of Justice reported nearly 120,000 prosecutions nationwide for auto theft, with only a fraction of the total going to the criminals.

    In April, Mr. Patrick, the provider of products at the Westside Motorcycle Trade Show, told CNBC that as a result of the UAW's efforts, the sales of stolie stock fell by over 90 percent.

    CNB Trade, his factory, on July 4, posted a new message on its website saying its owner, "The Will To Power, would love to hear your feedback on how they can do better in terms of the correction of the market after an aggressive anti-trust investigation is revealed. We know our inquiry has been productive and involved many employees. Hopefully this results in the detection of not only some of the most ludicrous and inaccurate cases of anti-Trust violations by retail auto companies but also in the full support of the people that are forced to deal with them in the face of the past and present economic circumstances.

    Brian Nash (Gaspe)

    Auto dealer industry report: Make data claims realistic, sources of funding create recovery

    The development comes one day after the president said the Trump administration would “build for the future” — not “bust the bank” — rather than attempting to kick in a one-size-fits-all on repealing the Affordable Care Act.

    Automakers are still looking to come up with more creative ways to raise the cash. These include betting on reserves, selling hardware or engaging in tax-savings packages.

    International Automaker Chairman and CEO Jim Hanson: "It is a disturbing comment to hear President Trump say that we can't generate a profit as long as we're the only one in the business."

    However, some analysts said that's a tough sell for the likes of General Motors, Ford Motor Co., Nissan Motor Co. and Toyota Motor Corp. They argue that without a massive push to lower their cost of production, these companies will continue to remain locked in the red. Even if Trump signs a bill repealing Obamacare, these automakers could keep pricey cars in their stores and warehouses.

    As much as it sounds like automakers are like pension funds — they're only required to meet certain requirements. The key objectives are keeping costs down, providing customers with good quality products and keeping hidden capital onshore.

    The evidence is now growing loud and clear that companies are reducing their cost when it comes to the technology that defines what the real world works on. For example, Audi is adopting data analytics to enable it to track the limits of the technology. As the technology improves, more companies will be using it.

    Industry analysts say the real question now is which of the automakers will adjust its pricing by the end of this year.

    Making consumers' lives better now

    If Trump follows through, it could very well make automakers in America the most expensive tech companies in the world.

    Last month, it was announced that ExxonMobil Corp., Boeing Co., and General Electric Corp would pay $1.35 billion to settle federal charges for invading the privacy of Louisiana voters during the 212 presidential election. In 213, BMW AG agreed to pay $2.

    Bill Bailey (Granby)

    Auto dealer industry report – FCA employs more than 1,100 for its ACS Automotive Group.

    "They can't continue the practice of doing something stupid and hiding their poor results," Figueroa said. "I actually think that the public has been really incredibly patient. Their reluctance to play football on autopilot is now part of the lexicon."

    GM also suffered some tough sales this spring. The seven-year-old Chevy Volt was gone from 12,000 units sold in the first half, while its current model, the Chevy Bolt, posted a 1.5 percent drop in sales, as Bolts underwent a full recall.

    In particular, Chevrolet had far fewer vehicles under delivery than GM's rivals in the market -- Chrysler, Ford and Daimler -- and ended up delivering fewer than 500 units on time. That's 301 units for every million cars built in the U.S.

    "We did a very aggressive recall, but we didn't take anything off of customers," said Anthony Meadowbrook, president of GM's U.K. outsourcing operations. "We just felt that if you were doing this recall right you'd have a 40 percent chance of getting there. We just did the best we could to address the issues with the Volt and still get it to market. That would have been inappropriate for a company that has done so much."

    Slideshow (7 Images)

    An additional 35 customers lost business, according to Figueroni, who added that the company has no plans to recall any Chevy sedans.

    Smaller auto sales are expected this year as GM attempts to resolve legal cases over the dealership practices in the United States, the car maker said in a statement.

    Only two of the 11 merged GM's European car stores will be open this year.

    The European dealers were intended to be replaced by independent dealers in four EU markets in the European Union. However, the plan has evaporated following an investigation that was uncovered by the European Commission.

    Another GM franchise in Europe has also come under scrutiny.


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