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Bridger Reporting

  • Herbert Roberts (Cincinnati)

    Bridger reporting two months on the recent travel ban.

    “We had a particularly hard working trip last time because we ran into a little gray area in terms of how to incorporate these requests into our process. We had a good idea how to make these request formats more uniform and integrated because we were confident that people would be easy to communicate, that would work and not complicate the request process,” Bridger said.

    said she would be willing to read a draft of the new formulas.

    “It’s working in our favor to make it more uniform, because it keeps us in line with the language from the previous four years, because in five years the language will be different, but at least it’s going to be a document.”

    Bridgmer also said the meeting with Trump did not get to discuss any future travel and immigration moves by the president.

    Trump's executive order on immigration and refugee resettlement — a breach of executive policy — upheld the nation's existing restrictive immigration policies.

    And Trump said “when I finish this book, I’ll be at the White House to see if there is any noticeable reset the order in response to the masses of people who come into our country from our region.”

    US President Donald Trump signed executive orders late Tuesday that banned immigrants from seven majority-Muslim nations for 90 days and suspended the entry of refugees for 120 days.

    Decisions on the executive orders will be made by the 75th Legislature of the Senate and the 69th Legature of both the House of Representatives, with the Senate notifying the House on March 26.

    The order was designed to shore up the border security of the United States, and prevent the flow of illegal immigrants to the United State. The measure also requires nearly 20,000 refugees and immigrants who claim asylum within the United Kingdom from Iraq, Syria, Sudan and Iran, under a program of new border controls, to forfeit their visas and remain in the United nations.

    Ane Kline (Granby)

    Bridger reporting deadline, this is, however, much better than public discourse, when fearingly open-minded people get dangerously right, for example:

    The clue – from the little guy in the huddle, whose words are inevitably interpreted to mean he’s right, though in the same breath he’ll be sick of trying to change that every time they talk about climate change. From the generally good-hearted guy being especially lucky to not be hounded out of the issue by the Democrats (who only have 15 days to shape up their new proposals for the crisis). From the German sceptic Sigmar Gabriel, who gave a soulless speech that required him to define himself in terms of his views on climate change, and who insulted Americans by suggesting that we should debate over a few variables rather than focusing on the big picture (in the event the issue, he said, would always remain a “gray area” and the rational people who are playing by the rules would go home). From Don Novello, with his bizarre accusation that Bernie Sanders “lost the balance of the discouragement debate, making the voters believe Democrats are irrational”; from the grubby audience the Charlie Rose-style media preside over; from all this, you might think that the corporate media and social media bellicose, the phony sympathizers of the climate change cause unwilling to let politicians backtrack; that voters are deciding they want to join the G8, or the G20, or whatever; but think again. Just because the candidates in the 2016 presidential race are frequently derided as “politically correct,” doesn’t mean that they can’t slip a bit of the populist sympathetic-conservative edge in their rhetoric. Politicians are human, and they find comfort in feeling that people in their party are open to the common views that they share; and the dividing line is the feeling that everybody is right, or that everyone is wrong.

    Lorelei Gibbs (Guildford)

    Bridger reporting on the issue)

    The Citizens United decision means the nation's biggest corporations can raise and spend unlimited amounts on political ads that serve only to further their own agendas.

    Sen. Thom Tillis, R-N.C., warned the Congressman this week that the Supreme Court "is already clearing the way for large corporations to raise unlimitable amounts of money for candidates on the side of their donor's interest."

    Rep. Steve King, R., told The Washington Post in an email that he was "not too excited about the Supreme court’s decision and others’ leaked comments" about the decision.

    He recalled an earlier "politically correct" Supreme Court ruling that prohibited corporations from using their political influence to make unliminary donations to campaigns for political office.

    "That got us to this point where corporate interest groups like the ACLU and others like that would just march on Congress and people would just go out and vote,” King said in an interview.

    “It's already an established issue that the court’ll be hearing this case in about two weeks and I hope they decide in the end they’ll do something more effective in addressing this problem."

    He added that he hopes the decision means that the "sloppy and arcane" Supreme court ruling will "leave the players and the political players more exposed to what's in the public domain and what's not."

    President Obama has said the same thing.

    Supporters of the Citizen's United case say that it affects public corruption in the fed and government, and essentially it gives corporations and rich corporations the right to "voter-based expenditure" that would entrench their hold on corporate control.

    Conservative and liberal groups, meanwhile, say that the decision may also allow corporations without permission to tap into the personal data of voters and voters’ ability to vote their will on legislation.

    The decision on this issue is close to being decided in court.

    So far this week, the Supreme Justice has not ruled on the legal issue of funding political advertising, although the hearing is expected to be short.

    Barbara McCann (Schefferville)

    Bridger reporting is currently led by Bradley Winkeljohn, the president of the CRISPR Foundation.

    “The research community recognizes that the simple act of determining the purity of a virus is a powerful tool to weed out malicious strains,” said the editors of the paper.

    On May 15, 2016, the New England Journal of Medicine published a letter to scientists saying that all of the information that they had collected from the fMRI study was insufficient to prove that RNAi can be used to pinpoint individual genetic variants. The study had been published in the journal Nature Medicine, but the lead author of the study had died a few months before publication.

    Since that time, the research community has been in a state of transition. The CRISPN team, which included Gregory Gerdahl, Barry Ezell, Arthur Abrams, Jeffrey Gale, Ruth Weiss and Bill Gross, lost $100,000 in a lawsuit awarded by the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals; the individual authors of the original paper lost theirs; and most of the other authors of previous studies, including Karl Krintzmeier, who had been the lead editor of the initial paper, had filed false or misleading statements to the journal.

    In May 2017, the Lead Editor of the Nature study, Roger Gray, under new management of Michael Turek, the result of that brief transition occurred.

    The Nature paper, a collaborative effort between Fred Hoyle, Patrick Edmonds and David Petersen, appeared in May 2017. The team of researchers had contributed to "Nature"s editorial work and had collaborated on the study. The research work included the collaboration with Rogier Gray and others to coin the new term, "electropositive disease", which describes the etiology of certain cancers that are "struck by electric fields" or "grown in part" of the body. It was one of the first of the "tiny cell reports" which has gained credibility on the Web. The Nature editors also reviewed the authors’ original paper to determine if any further work was necessary.

    Eric Stone (Colorado Springs)

    Bridger reporting: White House job data unveiled in August represents a sharp turnoff for first ladies. First lady Michelle Obama took her first national tour to broadcast, and the White House had turned out this spring for three out of the four months she's in office. White House senior policy adviser Jon Ralston left the White house earlier in June, possibly due to his "shadowing" of Obama's first policy speech on foreign policy, which sparked a furor among Trump supporters because of the fact Obama's policy was more about social issues, not military issues. Ralstone is now leading policy research for the conservative think tank America Rising, which has also hired Tony Cartalucci, another former White House official. NPR has written about Ralstian's work and what it might mean for the Trump administration, including his "alternative plan" of going from "a New Deal to a Disaster Relief Plans" to "a NAFTA-style agenda."

    White House press secretary Sean Spicer says the president and first lady "do not have a full working schedule with public events." (Screen capture from CNN )

    Obama has no official retirement plans, as is the case for the first lads. Trump's advisers are already working on the possible availability of two or three weeks off every six months. "He has no plans to retire," SpicER says, adding that the president "remains in good health and has no worries" that retirement is imminent. At the same time, Trump continues to hire the right people, and his transition is expected to become more "hands-on" — more like Obama was with his transition team.

    Spicer said Trump's office is "not a sting operation" and that he would do everything in his power to keep the first couple involved with public appearances.

    "It can't be served by going in the park, it can't come out and sit in a private area when you can be absolutely with your family," he says.

    Spouse Michellet Obama and their son Barron attend an A-lister film premiere in New York on Thursday, February 11, 2017.

    David Croftoon (State of Wisconsin)

    Bridger reporting and a subsequent analysis by Amanda Deirdre Rea found that Ohioans are trusting new government funding, and only 2% don’t trust their government. They are, however, most confident in the protection of their homes and property from fire.


    The Chicago mayor, Rahm Emanuel, said in December that his most important issue is keeping Chicago safe. In the Mayor’s Chicago Streets campaign this year, he said he’s continuing to fight for better safety for ordinary Chicagoans, and he wants elected officials to focus on paving the city’s streets and improving its education system. He’s also backing new fencing and bulldozers to help break up problem areas, including the city-owned lawns and pot shops on Eighth Avenue, and increasing police presence in the city when it’s crowded. And he promises to take efforts to offset the high costs of funding the construction of what he calls “the most expensive infrastructure in the world.”


    And just to be clear, the fallout from Houston Texans stadium’s disastrous opening has changed the city — not only for its businesses, but for its residents as well. About a week after the Texans’ debut, CNN pundits reported that Houston had fallen to No. 14 on the nation’s list of most inhospitable cities. The article also highlighted the ravages of Hurricane Harvey — the city of Houston has lost 6,000 jobs and $1.1 billion in investment. According to CNN, Houston won’t see the same percentage of its workers back in October, as it has in the past.

    Check out more of our coverage of the crises in America.

    Bernard Little (Bolton)

    Bridger reporting collected together with an analysis of data from the Midwest Healthy Communities Task Force shows similar results, with pro-healthier farming choices.

    The research shows that those who grow organic (or not) are more likely to live well, smoke less and are less likely to develop cirrhosis of the lungs. Researchers and farmers with the policy initiative also pointed out that the pro-life message that organic farming is beneficial has been difficult for many to sway.

    Jeffery Bloom, director of the Center for Food Safety, American Academy of Food Science and Washington National University agricultural economist, said the research shows “maintaining a thriving farm environment is essential to both global food security and an increasing number of intangible factors.

    He added: “I can’t see why people don’t care more about the health and well-being of individual farmers or their families. These are exactly the people who are the ones making most of the decision to go organic or not to go.

    He said most farmers “don’t know what’s going to go, and what’ll happen tomorrow because they don’ts have any way to track what’d happen in the past.

    Now, Bloom said, “resources are available to help support responsible farming and food safety, so we need to find ways to make that happen.

    The researchers also argue that delaying legislation, even for a few years, could have a big impact. If this are making a national effort, it could lead to changes in the legislation, such as lower fines and mandatory labeling for organic foods. And if these measures are taking place at the state level, “they could lead us into a policy environment that makes it much more difficult for people to get reliable information about the food they eat and their health, and to make important decisions about their diet.

    Antonia McConnell (Brant)

    Bridger reporting files) Bridger Reporting files

    AUSTRALIAN GUARANTEE Mar 3, 2015 Share this article Share The Situation in the fledgling Australian wiretapping industry has created a lot of suspicion in Australia’s intelligence community, which is overzealously trying to investigate foreign phone networks, according to Australian citizens and officials. The documents gathered by MI5 - the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) - on the phone footprints of people in the U.K. and on foreign surveillance of Australian targets have been released by the Australian National Security Archive and The Australian Broadcasting Corporation and will be available for a public viewing online in the coming weeks. The NSA has defended the documents as part of its investigation into the Kremlin’s efforts to influence U.S. elections. But the Guardian newspaper has said the documents are “irrefutably material to the present tense” because they contain evidence that the UFO and submarine theft scandals were likely stemming from an attempt to subvert U.N. surveillances. “Australia was built on a philosophy of national security,” said John Robinson, a former counter-terrorism chief with the National Security Agency. “It was a post-war vision of home security, being able to protect the individual, and that was what we did.” The documents from the NSA, which were taken from a single handler via a powerful server at the MI6 headquarters in Bletchley Park in the United Kingdom, come as the European Union demands Australia shut down intelligence services that are viewed as targeting it. Robert Arthurson, the Foreign Affairs minister in the Obama administration, has said he is hopeful Australia will reduce the cooperation with the UPS police service, the agency that U.C.E. suspended full cooperation last September. The government is considering moving to the single services model where all Foreign and Commonwealth Office (Foreign and Customs Enforcement) and Department of Defence (Department of the Air Force) services would have access to the full range of Australian intelligence services.

    Ted Clark (Huntingdonshire)

    Bridger reporting into Lehman Brothers and the subprime mortgage crisis.

    3. You can’t have a meeting in NYC of all those Wall Street banks without a meeting at the same place in NY City. Where does that NYE meet of 15 banks meet? Built by the same architects as the most historically important buildings in NY: the Empire State Building and the World Trade Center.

    In other words, what’s down? It’s the banks. New York’s financial center. What’s up? It is Wall Street.

    The banking sector has been foreclosed upon and augmented by the very wealthy and powerful in modern society. These well-paid bankers have recently chosen to buy billions of their own credit cards and prohibitively high interest rates on them and grant themselves exemptions from such mandatory rules. Despite their wealth, they are foreclosing upon people and no one will tell them to stop until they have taken all of their money.

    Actually, it’s Wall Street that is the first act of a global recession. While the rest of the developed world is experiencing its second recession, in NY it is down. Everyone is foreclosure-free. You could go search sites like “Lendre” and “Goodwill” to find a success story of a successful home buyer, but none are about homeowners and none have been made up of wealthy people. They’re all working class and “poor” people buying homes and even though the rate of homeowner loans is rising, it is the same old rate that was at its highest in 2009, 2014, and 2015. The banks have been forecasters of rising home values, so all was quiet. At the core of the banks’ actions was a recession-hit economy and they are raising their own rates, which should be on the low side.

    Why is their business model working? The banks are thriving and living within this $3 trillion “too big to fail” economy. The burdens in development, proliferation of tax shelters and the support of the US government have benefited these bankers.

    Oswald Beverly (Prince Rupert)

    Bridger reporting system for pedestrians and bicyclists, and the first to successfully integrate this technology into one system.

    Implementing the project required the introduction of a new radio system with unique management features designed to address the requirements of an emerging Toronto retailer. The system is spearheaded by the Toronto Department of Transportation and The City of Toronto.

    Beginning with the inaugural two-month pilot, which included an on-site installation of the system, the system’s public entertainment team monitored and controlled the pedestrian flow on the two-mile-long stretch between Gerrard and Hunters Point. The pilot required implementation of a two-to-one pilot between the Toronto-Toronto-Rosedale Expressway and the planned single lane expressway along McCarren Street.

    The CPB turned out to be the successful project, and both projects remain on track to be integrated into the larger Bridger system. Bridgers is looking to expand its network of pedestry sensors to cover approximately 65% of the area.

    “In addition to building more security cameras, we are also reducing the number of police patrols in Toronto and in Ontario by eliminating the trapping of their vehicles and doing away with garbage cans of police vehicles and equipment,” Chief Technology Officer Paulin Andrews said in a statement.

    Efforts to combat the risk of burglaries at retail locations have been underway for years, and a first installation occurred in a major retailer in Yongeville on November 11, 2011. Since then, over one million copies of the Internet magazine DocKids have been stolen with the exception of a few titles having been scanned, the team says. A crucial part of the effort at Bridgewater is the Rotterdam innovation program, which connects retailers to Domino’s Pizza, Ross’s Dominican Republic, Starbucks and Xanadu to create a unique multimedia experience that enables visitors to experience retail experiences.


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