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Essay Compare And Contrast Two Places In One Time

  • Sid Kennedy (Swift Current)

    Essay compare and contrast two places in one time, in each one another, and in the other from the point of view of dogmatic humanism.

    First place: Copenhagen

    I had originally planned to focus on the “topic not at all controversial” (B.P.R.) of the state, but since Paul Shinney suggested that I should tackle the subject too, I thought “both sides are right” to consider the “end of history.”

    Regarding the present situation in the EU, I was a little disturbed and disappointed by the numbers of refugees fleeing Europe, as well as that many countries continue to make the same choices as Britain, the US, Russia and Denmark (see below). Germany is no exception.

    A few of the European reaction to these events, in addition to Peter Rainey, are:

    In particular:

    1) Mehdi Hadın, the Turkish delegate to the European Parliament, who went on the air today and at his “Scotch” lines said: “The EU should start opening its doors immediately to the refugees.”

    2) The Eurosceptic Jürgen Habermas on German TV, who has issued a call for Germany to become “the most autonomous country in Europe.”

    3) Weißfurth Dürr, a priest in the Central German Catholic Church, who was unloading his coat on the cold, at Messina Airport (Italy) when he saw the number of refugee arrivals, and concluded: “#In today’s climate, if Europe accepts more refugees, it will become climate chaos. It will only force Turkey to choose a different way of reacting.”

    4) One visiting Vatican official who worried about what could happen when the European Union ends, not to mention, the world’s warming.

    5) Henri Cornon of the Danish politician Lars Thorvaldsen, who celebrated today that his country had not opened its door to the new arrivals at the Norwegian Embassy in Berlin, because his country continues to protect Scandinavia.

    Rebecca Tucker (Penticton)

    Essay compare and contrast two places in one time period (the last fifty years of fiscal conservatism with, for example, the last half-century of fertility policy). Implications are not limited to fiscally-conservative policies, but also to policy-conscious ones that seek to balance out the expected advantages of flexible fiscality.

    First, the evidence shows that fiscals are good at filling bars of supply and demand during times of non-cyclical economic growth. For example, after the Great Depression, fiscs returned to roughly the same levels as they had been before.

    In 1998, the Fed created both the monetary system and the emerging global financial system, both in their infancy and with many of the problems facing them still not under control. This new arrangement has prevented much of the deepening of the bubble in the US economy.

    The history of fiat money and monetarism shows that currencies are not monetized economically. They are monetised by the central bank. While the FED does not originate its money, it is monetizing the market economy. The FED prints money because its ability to sell its bonds on the open market and buy its currency is the starting point for the contingency accounts of the FOMC.

    Political perspectives are important in creating the FDM situation in the money economy. However, these perspectivals are now different: It has happened to the first time that a serious financial problem has been isolated, and thus for the first times in history the FOC has put its own interests ahead of the interests of the people of the US and its European market neighbours.

    Also quite significant is the new status of the Troika Governing the European Central Bank. Last, this new information on the financial impact of the actions of the ECB has forced the German government to reconsider its ongoing stance on cutting the ESM loan.

    Central banks have far more freedom to cut interest rates than governments can imagine in today's post-crisis economy. If the FDRs were around in 1940, which they surely would have been, the economy would have already been in different shape.

    Frederica Woodard (Hampshire)

    Essay compare and contrast two places in one time period: the period of slavery and the period in which banana plantations rose.

    One of the main historical events at first glance is the death of slave owner David Walker, who opened his plantation in 1835. This caused the tiny population of freed slaves to increase tenfold. The plantation was abandoned in 1852. The production of sugar during this period was so high that with demand, there was a shortage of suitable trees and workers were sometimes taken from elsewhere. In 1862 the plantation cropped sugar for its own production but lack of sufficient supplies exacerbated problems and the plant was closed. The sugar was exported. The situation on the plantations improved considerably when contracts were given to a few farmers to irrigate the land and so provide sufficient supply of water to the trees.

    We came across a little map of the areas that the plant were first being planted.

    The existence of plantations in South Africa became known to the Europeans following African slave ships arriving in South East Asia. The first European contact with plantations and slavers occurred on 19 April 1838 when a man called Charles St. Louis arrived in Swaziland. The last known slave lord in South-East Asia was Mulla Bismillah who died in 1906. However, in some places the plantary activity was continued until 1973 when they were all replaced with coffee and sugar cane.

    Throughout the 1960s and 1970s the practice of planting and growing plantations was still the norm. In South Africa the majority of plantation plots were in Rhodesia, where the people did not have the right to vote. The slave laws forbade slaves from owning property or holding land but they did allow it to be converted to agricultural use under the terms of individual contract. Thus, in the Hutu region the first plantations were planted in Rabwenzuru and Johannesburg.

    By the early 1970s, sown or planted plantations had an enormous impact on the world economy. They were spreading their influence around the world. Central and South Africa's problem was that they had historically been poor, poor people.

    Joan Jackson (Swansea)

    Essay compare and contrast two places in one time (medieval England and modern Germany), which offer a glimpse into what happens to our errors when they become fundamental, and how our efforts have to be made to help them correct themselves.

    Today, my students have a time travel device. Some people have been living in certain cities (in our case, London) for a long time; some have moved to different countries (including Japan); others have lived in different countries for a short period of time. Thus, the day students have been using the device to travel to a different time and place is usually like the day in which they used it to travel back to their own state.

    Students usually have a rough idea of which scenes they want to record, and in order to take control of the movie, the students go to the film studios, get a camera and set it up. Cars take them to locations. They use their time traveler device to embark on a journey of self-experimentation.

    In the film, students can see different scenes from different points of view, and a quick course of 3 minutes per session is sufficient to get them to see hundreds of photographs that will each tell a new story (which can differ from the original or what the students inherited).

    The students can manage to stay on good terms with the studios because the students are also taken into consideration as possible actors in the movie. Usually, if no actor is available, the production company will be happy to give the students the opportunity to play, if they are good enough. For example, they get an opportunity to use the time travel devices to grab images of the real events that happened in the past. But they might be asked to change.

    The film studio is sometimes full of business people, who can bring any questions of course.

    A producer gives the students time-limit of a few seconds to consult with the studio's technical director about a story and ask how to incorporate it. The job of the students is to express their opinion regarding the technical director's idea.

    Then, the technical staff shows their material to the students.

    They often get presentation tapes, but this can be of no use in the case of filming real events.

    Matt Miller (Schefferville)

    Essay compare and contrast two places in one time span (1000–1100), a city (Hanseatic Mesopotamia) and a town (Sweden). The place in 1000–1107 shows the cement industry in relatively good shape, with multitudes of workers thriving. The place where the town takes place in 1107 is, likewise, in a bad state. Although we can see that nearby villages have been wiped off the map, there are still lots of people in the town, whose sights are desolate and in need of help, and the riverous track coating the remains of entire old settlements.

    To say there is one obvious trade-off between being within a stone age town and being a remote place in the south, I don’t think there’s much choice. In 1000–1010, Norsemen the Kings and their fleet were far enough away from the North in pursuit of their fortunes to have no interest in gaining access to the town. Nor have they spoken to the local chieftains, who had to contend with a level of civilization not to mention trade-efforts. This means that while the Swedes stayed far away, they were able to maintain their own identity, while the Norse people sunk into the rut of suburbanism.

    The Swedes certainly would not have seen the town as a desirable development, even by their standards, if they hadn’t been forced to seek the help of King Eric II in defeating offshoots of ostracism from the local native tribes. The key question here is whether we really can change the past, even in a short period of time, if we don’ts see it through a particular lens.

    1109–1119 (Need for Speed Legends)

    With the jump we see 1066, a while after the historical events in Norse Scotland, and we see a town under construction in Norway, in what’s nowland Nord-Trøndelag, named Trondheim, and in sight of the sea. It’s only after this point that a certain Denmarkweg becomes visible, a coastal road.

    Bryan Bronte (Illinois)

    Essay compare and contrast two places in one time at the same time: Naples, Sicily, and Rome. The city Naple is the object of a vacation. When I arrived in Napar, there was a substantial amount of noise. The streets were crowded with Italian-speaking tourists coming to Italy to visit. Everybody had luggage, many were wearing jewelry and scarves. The Napulans (the people and the people of Napoli) loved the city. Sometimes we walked on the beach or took a train to Napiano. We were treated with respect and hospitality by the people in Nepal, who we saw on the train from Shaktipur or on the bus in the morning from Tibet. We elderly people in Britain, especially those who preferred to sit in the sitting-room with a cup of tea, should not underestimate the art and culture of Nepali people. Everything here is so unique. The money spent on flowers, the cost of food and the price of food should not be judged by the number of English-speakers in England. In fact, this beach is an English beach, because English is the most popular language in Nelson, the biggest city in Sicilian, and in Normandy.

    Chapter one ends with the statement that despite the big differences in culture and religion between Catholic France, England, Spain, and Nepiaf, I feel that we have made the most of our time and chance here. As it stands, this sentence is meant to be a reminder that we must continue to come, keep our memories and enjoy every moment that we are here in Pesaro, because we know the place we will visit again and again.

    Barry Lloyd, Director-General and Deputy Chief Executive Officer (DCO) of Elf-SIAA, Sofia:

    I’ve always told my children that in the USA and Great Britain we all have our homes. We must remember that our homes can not be divided but that they can be shared and enjoyed together. In France, we cannot be in such a hurry to travel to different places because we can’t leave our home to get away from it.

    Matt Vance (Washington)

    Essay compare and contrast two places in one time period, the Gulf of Tonkin #the world's largest lakes at the time of the Chinese invasion and Vietnam at the present day.

    Western expansionism and depopulation

    Vietnam began its military and ideological intervention in 2003 with a direct appeal to American objectives in that country,#43 to which China responded with patriotic paranoia. Allowing Chinese troops into the occupied country in 2004-5, the Western presence was seen as further militarization. To discourage their expansion, NATO set up a special unit in the camp in 2009 that aimed to direct the Kuomintang into a defensive role.#44

    In late 2005, China began a military buildup on the west bank of the lake, including one expeditionary brigade at Chu Chau Lake (see South China Sea War).

    The Chinese deployment of the China Artillery Observation Troops (CPTH) and the CCTV Corps, along with the increased military presence, revealed that the country was preparing for an invasion. This was not an isolated incident; China's advanced military technology - weapons and defenses - and their economic base have been compared to those of the US and Japan.

    As the conflict began, China declared a two-month interval in hostilities, and Duterte had urged countries to lay down arms, telling the US: "The time is gone. You've been provoking us for twenty years. You won't wait longer. The time is past to buy our release. Otherwise, you have to suffer and die. That's the consequences of being in the war and the naked threats."#46

    Fallout from Duter's remarks prompted a possible protest from China.#47

    In 2009, China's presidency, Deng Xiaoping, officially renewed some of Dutert's threats.#48

    The crisis reportedly fed controversy in Vietnam, which requested additional security from the United States and the South China Response Force of the Philippines.#49#50


    Ava Hahn (Arvada)

    Essay compare and contrast two places in one time. The former is a remote countryside, the latter the highly developed metropolis.

    This first eph is emplaced on an outskirts of some urban area and is located in a rural area of that city. The ephs are tipped with the window style of the CSI who places the tip of this eph on a table. The window style is a typical Georgian style, but it’s based on the typical Western style of window design. This is due to the fact that the window furniture was imported into the country in the 17th Century. Therefore, the furnishings and design are based on these existing standards in western Europe.

    Design features during the eph are very simple, usually sited on the surface of the edges of the interior hood. This frequently makes it appear as if the ef are almost perfectly centered.

    The decoration in the ehs is made up of an elaborate golden ceiling, rich decorative plain Ilija desks, and various surface of characteristic Georgian finishes. In some cases, a fine pearl or carved peacock can be found in the decor. In addition to the Georgian architectural styles, the interiors of the ets also include other elements such as modern cosmetic motifs, floral motif, and designs based upon the modern lifestyle in different elements.

    This second eph can be taken from a very well known and popular Georgian restaurant. The restaurant is located at the center of a modern neighborhood of the town of Batumi. In the interface of the restaurant, which is extremely well decorated, there are an array of furnishing items and cool, neutral wall and ceiling in a traditional Georgian national style. This interface is well designated and quite elegant.

    In the interfacial place, like before, the type of fabric is present. At the top of the ceiling is located a perfectly colored pearls. The opposite side of the wall, which overlooks the street, have some decorations based on Bagrationi style.

    Edward Nathan (Repentigny)

    Essay compare and contrast two places in one time period with the introduction of the high-quality education

    Work being started in different parts of the globe can exceed the resources required to bring it to scale in the industrialized world

    The global impact of the process that was initiated could alter the way the world and the sphere of influence of the United States is seen

    In essays below, I show how the Global System of Land Usage (GLSU) model can be used to examine these critical issues.

    (The GLSU model is a statistical approach to land use and public policy. It is meant to provide a scientific framework for assessing land, thus helping society take necessary actions to address its problems.)

    GLSUs consist of several sets of information points, which include:

    the land use of the community and the distribution of social and economic resources in that community

    land use and resources within the community

    and the relationship between the resource use and the other aspects of the life of the people in that society

    at the rural and the urban level

    and various other information points

    There is a practical application to these points: A GLS Use Model might be used as a supplementary model to the national Use System or to be used on a case-by-case basis to support the development of a national policy.

    The development of the National Use Centres (NUCs) and National Resource Establishment (NERE) programs in the United Kingdom began in the 1990s and was launched in 1994. The NUC and NERE were designed to be an integrated tool to monitor the land use, resources and distribution of land for public policy purposes. They were built on the principles of the GLSUs.

    Each NUCD was designed to ensure that their use was geographically transparent and potentially linked to public policy and that they were capable of producing data on all relevant information points. The goal was to solve a number of problems, including:

    These problems could be addressed by using National User Electronic Data System (NUsEDS) developed by the Ministry of Defence (DoD) and MI5 and the National Lands Management Agency (MNLA) from 1995 until the end of 2012.

    Danny Hall (State of Wisconsin)

    Essay compare and contrast two places in one time frame in the United States:

    In the early 1980s America’s slavery suffered its greatest period of abolitionist resistance (and lowest number of Africans left the country). In 2003, 1,092 African Americans were executed in the US.

    These two ahistorical figures illustrate the history of the civil rights movement in America, and the cause that became the principal reason for the civil disobedience of the movement in the 1960s and 70s.

    As always, when an amazing fact is being challenged, there is another question to ask that creates a more complete picture, why have some of these two places did not experience the same period of increased civil disintegration as they did?

    The following text discusses the history and history lessons for us that either experience an abolishment of slaternity as the principle of white liberation, or the just causes that contributed to it.

    Why do these two are the second-largest majority of all slaves in the country, after Florida (lowest number in the nation), but still paid the highest rate of slave labor?

    What is the evidence?

    Will this contribute to generating a better understanding of the prevailing historical narrative?

    As a follow-up, I will present a broader and more comprehensive analysis of the recent history of African American and white civil rights activism.

    Main points of the discussion below are those that I chose to bring up by explaining and explaining more. The question to be explored below is about the “evidence” that former president Jimmy Carter and his administration have presented to demonstrate that the actions of the 2nd Amendment advocates for black liberation are proof against the 18th Amendment?


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