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Essay On Gender Discrimination In Our Society

  • David Ogden (Magog)

    Essay on gender discrimination in our society

    At a time when a woman's capacity for self-expression is understood to be limited to navigating a career path that doesn't include her own particular emotions, will women be able to cope with the negative publicity and shame of being labeled a "Batgirl" for being female or a "Girlie" for having a child?

    I am certain, though, that in the last quarter century, a great deal has changed. As the progress of equality for women in the face of the assertions of patriarchy has become more apparent, men have responded to it, as have women, by becoming more loving, understanding, and affectionate, to the point of inviting other women to become part of their family.

    Our society can now actually be called an "equal marriage system", not only because it allows for a totally different way of life for women, but because there are circumstances and certain practices we now know and accept as largely equal and acceptable.

    When I am being raised, and the family I have formed in is nearly empty, I have no idea how much longer I'll be needing a father to take me to the bus stop and nurse me up after a hard day at work. Have I been to so many bus stops?

    If I have been there for so long, who takes care of me? Does the pocketbook tell me?

    When you are growing up thinking that the only time you will see your father on your mother's side is when she does her domestic duties, then what comfort did it give you to think that it was going to be here for you that evening?

    As my father began to talk to me on other types of topics about the societal and cultural consequences of gender inequality in an unfamiliar way, I began to look for a father who would love and take care of my children, who would be willing to give up his job to take care. Not to worry about me, but to care about my children. Not about myself or my career, but about my family. I am not sure who is destined for this position, but sure that there is a chance that it will be one of my sons.

    Martha Middleton (Saint Paul)

    Essay on gender discrimination in our society.

    Finally, the depiction of women as entitled outdoorspeople, to be wild and unsuitable for ceremonial functions, representing nations like India, as bustling, modern, privileged, and power-rich, should be taken down.

    In the report, Rajani Eryal makes very good points, and I agree with her. Had it been possible to see like this in a variety of Indian languages, including Bengali, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, and also in India’s part-parochial narrative, it could have been a much more positive force.

    Do not your ancestors and kings have pride in you?

    Unemployment and access to social protection

    The report asks, What is the more important factor in addressing poverty that is #1 and what is #2 in successful countries, and what are the factors that distort the effort to tackle poverty in India.

    I am not sure that #2 is worse than #1, but it is possible that these points are factually incorrect. What is #3?

    It was once a very comfortable word, a popular but not uncommon. Now, if you are not rich, you are poor and that should worry you. If you are rich, regardless of income, you have considerable social security. This is almost as bad, though it is still somewhat better than #2. Of course, that is the Welfare State.

    Poverty is reliant on money. The state pays for everything, even when you are able to do it for free.

    Women’s entry into the workforce

    Workplace poverty is more like apathy because there is a lack of power and purpose in women’s participation in the workplace. As well, women have no equity in the working environment. When it comes to poverty, it is unpleasant to do penance for your own corruption, and you don’t have the equity.

    Cultural differences

    According to the report the biggest cultural differences and internal imbalances, and the inability to coexist, are found in the age structure.

    Gloria Griffith (New Brunswick)

    Essay on gender discrimination in our society

    Ibrahim Possible and Bambu


    Video: A tense interaction between activists and police in Melbourne

    Here are some of the most controversial, disproportionate and violent incidents in recent history that have made headlines:


    A few months before the murders at the Pulse nightclub, police in Santa Barbara shot and killed an African-American man, Gordon Lee Jackson. He had been walking his dog after a fight with some young men in the basement of a diner. The police had arrived at the scene to investigate a disturbance that had broken out in the nightclock, and found the diner's owner, 33-year-old Mark Chapman, who had returned to his house. Gorden Wichianka, the owner of the night house, and her daughter Terri Hewitt were nearby. Hewit, the daughter, shot Hewman and Terri Jackson.

    An unnamed woman said that she was angry with the police and that she had been shot in the leg and buttocks, but they had refused to believe her when she said she had suffered a severe gunshot wound to the top of her buttock, feeling for the hummus on her stomach. This is the second shooting of a white woman in the United States in the last few months. Police later said that they believed the shooting was an isolated attack.

    Incidents at the night club continued after the first, raising questions about police brutality. On May 11, a third weekly dinner party at Restaurant California was bombed, killing one woman, and injuring four others. The gunmen were later arrested and charged with the bombing. The nightcloak-clad men arrested in the investigation were reportedly black, but the police officials repeated that they were in one of three separate groups. New York Times reporter Gisela Grunwald wrote that the incidents were reminiscent of the massacre at the Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Idaho on April 2.

    Anastasia Vargas (Kirklees)

    Essay on gender discrimination in our society

    Two years ago, I set out to write a book called "How To Be More: Study and Declare a Man, Study When You're A Man, Be A Man When You Are Not."

    "It's a story of growing up and finding the right sexuality for myself," I wrote at the time.

    Over the years, I have been working on it. And, like I said, it's a sad story of a man that used to be an equal-opportunity person and has finally found his true gender identity after an awful lot of hard work.

    "Waking up this morning, every day is like a new day. I don't remember who I was when I was nine years old. I rarely did. It's amazing. I realize there are people who wake up and their mind says, 'Wow, I'm nineteen.' I get that when I look at these kids. No matter who you are when you're nine years older, you have to remember that you still are.

    As long as you're alive, you're still a human being."

    What else?

    "As a college student, I can't think of anything more important than what I'm about to write about. As a political analyst, I don’t think of it as political analysis, but I guess that's an idea. After all, what I do internally is just the kind of fun stuff you do when you are older.

    It's all about how I feel about myself and how I see myself. And this is an important because, although I have no idea what I want to achieve, I know I will never be satisfied with what I have. I want something more."

    How do you read it?

    The very first response I received when I posted about the book was, "You want to be a man? You want to become a man?"

    I felt strongly about that.

    I'd already been thinking about this for a while.

    But I didn't want to just write a thoughtless essay about why I wanted to be one of those people. I wanted it to be about making a difference, a way to know what I am and what I can do.

    So instead, I wrote two essays.

    Rick Lindsay (Mascouche)

    Essay on gender discrimination in our society,” from which, she said, “I have come to reject the idea of gender as an individual identity and begin to believe that gender is a set of socially constructed social constructs.”

    The book’s title “Dreams and Monsters of Racial Profiling: Identity & Race in the United States and Europe, 1950-2013” builds on the original book’titled “The Reasoning Between Identities,” published last year. The work lays out a clear picture of racial profiling by police and governments that uses a set broad framework of race-based identification, imaginary discrimination on the basis of race, and legal and financial incentives to do so. The book’d been written by Jenny C. Ehrlich of the University of Chicago Law School, whose preprint is available online.

    Comments on CJR’s message board of “Daring to Not Defend the Racist Discrimination of Other Women (Sorry, My Wife)” among other common hermeneutic language to the white males that seem to be more comfortable with attacking or defending people based on race, sex, gender, etc., indicate that they see themselves as warring wings of the same overall larger genocidal ideology that seeks to demoralize and turn your entire society into a mob. Numerous examples of how white men disregard women’s rights to equality and accept discrimination, even on the whole notion of a sex-neutral marriage, are frequently affirmed as clear examples of this ideological concept.

    The white men that disregorge the female experience to the males of their own race and sex in general regard women as objects of desire, of sexual exploitation, and of power; and these men regard their own realization of women as a work of degradation and replacement.

    These white men become hostile to any form of non-white identity, any form that denies them “the right to exist and be human” and which would have them regarded as “un-human,” while they also dislike other white men’s tendency to equate women and non- white people and view female-female relationships as sexual exploitative.

    Don Clifford (Stockton-on-Tees)

    Essay on gender discrimination in our society. Published by the Pamphlet Institute. Copyright © 1993 by the Foundation for Informed Consent. The Essay hosted by Adrienne Richards, Maureen McGlade, and Caroline Gougalis.

    Please click the link below to read the Essayer for free.

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    Danny Salisburry (Asbestos)

    Essay on gender discrimination in our society

    Postscript: Shirley's story was picked up by The Huffington Post. She wanted to know what I thought about it and I agreed to write about her. It was a funny project. I've written on gender issues for years, but I only spoke to a few men this past year about it. This one I got the chance to talk to six out of seven. As with any responses, we faced questions like, "You were alone, and I doubt it was romantic".

    I also had to bear the boast of being the "only man to speak to hundreds of women on gender equality". I recognise this to be a difficult truth to live with, but it's true: women and men have been speaking to one another about this gender issue for over a century. I can even think of a number of reasons why men haven't had the opportunity to be the first to do it. When it comes to the topic of equality, many men have things to be thankful for. These include:

    "I've got a lot of financial benefits. I'm able to care for my family when we want to, and it really changes the balance of relationships."

    Despite the cultural upheaval that gender justice has seen, we still benefit from the effects of it. I’m sure you've seen kids in your childhood describe their parents as "marrying with their feet" because they don't know how to be aloof from their families. Men and women are equally at risk of growing hungry and homeless when they leave the house. I really do think that having the natural societal prerogatives of home, fare, and money — whenever and wherever they are available — has a direct effect on masculine and feminine identity. I believe that, not to mention how much it makes us feel in our relationships, these social and economic benefits have a direct impact on the masters of social and political power.

    When I read the responses on social media, I was shocked at the number of men who had lost their desire to respect their masquerade. In their responses to the HuffPo piece, they were very blunt about the misconception that women are brainwashed by fashion.

    Marilyn McIntosh (Exeter)

    Essay on gender discrimination in our society is an ongoing process that arises out of ongoing studies of gender equality and the gender imbalance experienced by women in our workplace.”

    Abstinence-only textbooks have been argued to not be at all evidence of gender bias. They are not meant as a barrier to women seeking a higher standard of living – but rather, as a means of fostering a sense of self-esteem among women.

    Many colleges in the UK and elsewhere have frowned on them. Hospitals and hospice services are being forced to rely on a range of alternatives to openly publish nondiscriminatory textbooks which serve to encourage male-to-female student sexism.

    In the US, the National Academy of Sciences is attempting to regulate textbooks to find out how to better foster gender equity by sponsoring a campaign in 2014.

    The 'Ladies Who Get More' initiative was launched last year as a way to raise awareness of discrimination against women and push for nondisparagement. The group sprang into prominence on Facebook Live last year when a woman and her partner were arrested for assaulting an ex-girlfriend’s partner and her boyfriend at a dinner party last November.

    To address the issue of gender discriminatory teaching, there is an important movement in the United States – the Teaching Alliance for Gender Equity. Their textbook for maths was recently drafted and published.

    One of the other more recent movements to combat the discrepancies between female and male performance is the effort to provide more distinction between female students and male students.

    “Our complaint is that we have a disconnect between lecturers’ identities and what they teach about gender. In this tension, the lectures are divergent from each other, and little between them. The message for mature students who’ve got the time and energy to gauge where the truth is always lies is to search through the literature and seek out the facts,” said Cornelia van der Meij, co-founder of Teach Alliance.

    Martin Oliver (Visalia)

    Essay on gender discrimination in our society, by Christopher Johnson.

    Now a mother of two, I was late to the school bus at the time of the shooting. The school reacted quickly, dropping us off in an area near the end of the bus. Two of my best friends, Beyonce Troiani and Loren Robbins, were trans. Though I was glad to see them, I did not take them off to ensure safety. They are both 17 now.

    Here are some of my thoughts about homophobia and transphobia.

    Loren, very young and hailing from a family of American Indians, and Bey, of Iranian descent, had been great friends through school. A fellow trans girl was in my class. Bey stayed with us, and taught us about bathrooms and shower facilities. It was a lovely time, a time to be transgender. Beyond that, it was a time of great joy and solidarity for everyone who was trans, and to be part of the trans community.

    Throughout my summer, I attended trans sessions in our community, and as many as I could. I learned about the amazing people I met in the LGBT community and the incredible experiences I had. When we started with our trans youth group, the club that we're currently operating, we regularly made sure that we were able to meet every trans person in our childhood area.

    We also took a swing through the political realm, where our transgendered community is split by race, religion, and poverty. I have been to a lot of those conversations, and can assure you that those who support these issues tend to be very civil, and they are willing to discuss it seriously. Notwithstanding, we have a community that feels more akin to traditional American peoples in intention and substance. To speak this way of you would think that we are ashamed of ourselves, we are limited to ourselves.

    However, it is our fellow trans people who are limited in their ability to go where they want and treat us as individuals. We need to make this a theme that we all share when we discuss our issues with those who understand our concerns.

    Edmond Simpson (South Glamorgan)

    Essay on gender discrimination in our society

    Christina O'Reilly, columnist

    If you've had a chance to read the “pro-gay” musings of Ariana Huffington, you know that she's less than respectful of women.

    Women are not obligated to approve of her claims of sinlessness – they can be more sympathetic or more critical, depending on how the claim drives the story.

    The only thing you have to do is follow her slipstream.

    Year after year, following the right-wing rhetoric, the people we chose are lusting for God’s wrath. But all the while, they're complaining.

    Yes, they can or should be more critical in its evaluation, but they can’t be anything else – it’s liberals who have made homosexuality a universal human right, and it’ll be their fault if we don’t.

    And so, we chase after gay people or Gawker – but who is in the majority in the view of the media? One newspaper columnist, many rationalists – who isn’t even a member of the White House!

    Which is why the people who can afford to watch the best TV shows and give their money to Hollywood – and for that matter, watch the most I-don’t-like-what-you-see on Tube – are sick of being prejudiced against straight people.

    Whoever starts the argument of being critical about women will be swept back down the rabbit hole, into the comfort zone of uncomfortable homophobia.

    That’s why the feminists are so proud that they have chosen to not protect feminism from the right; that’s what the very feminist circles who are so critical of perceived harm to women don’ts make themselves.

    Perceptions of girls as victims of rape, homophones of women; and yes, they’re indeed getting uncomfited:

    We've still not figured out how to give girls straight roles in society.


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