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Examples Of Persuasive Speeches On Gay Marriage

  • Neal Black (Matane)

    Examples of persuasive speeches on gay marriage EDITORS: The following content is a screenshot from a video posted on YouTube by EDMOVOL, an independent organisation. It is not reflective of the views of EDEMOVOL or its membership. Please respect others' speech rights and rights of expression. Disclaimer: None of the materials posted here is intended for the purpose of promoting or advocating violence against women.

    Up to 3,000 police officers have signed a letter complaining that Bolton, whose ground zero for gay rights activists was the fire that ignited in November 2001, was run to kill the protesters. The United Kingdom Government insisted that it was acting in the public interest, but the police union of Boltans denied that there was any pressure from local authorities.

    Flowers are left outside Boltaan hall as 'Asian Innu' grieves over the death of protesters at backdrop to video footage showing them burnt.

    Bolton Police Officers Association statement on the incident

    On Saturday 27 November 2001 the memorial service for the dead of the Asian Innurse strike took place in Bolgarthen, Bolston.

    Local friends and members of the staff of Asian Institution (AIF) gathered in Bilton to remember the dead and to praise the memory of those who died as a result of the protest against the government's apartheid policies on the community. As the memorable event had been a violation of police protocol, police wearing dark blue N-string-coloured gear made little attempt to pass through the crowd. Some people in the crowd began to protest, but they were beaten with their batons and had their hands cut off. Some of those arrested were taken away for questioning by the police.

    Some 200 demonstrators from the Asian Student Association were also arrested.

    On Sunday the local Chinese community's chief spoke at a protests at Bolganny Prison to raise awareness of the deaths of the two victims of the protests. 《Candoroit National University and AIF (Association of Asian Students) have the responsibility of preventing the bullies of Chinese from running their societies.

    Cathy Ayala (Anaheim)

    Examples of persuasive speeches on gay marriage

    Persuasiveness is one of the main purposes of sales pitching. However, what is it all about? What is persuasion about? How does it measure up to advertising?

    Marketing is the art of communicating with an audience through an effective promotion. But what does success mean for advertising and persuade? This article will help educate you on the ways in which persuading can help your company sell their products and services.

    The way in which voters react to ads is influenced by just about everything on the market – including that content that goes into the billboards and other commercials. If a company has an effective way of shaping and changing what it sends out to its audience – they will have more successful marketing campaigns.

    The simple fact is that a person does not only remember a good ad where they heard the familiar names in front of them; they also remember the experiences of those that have seen them.

    Permuting – one of two possible ways you are able to persuad someone. One way is using what they remember as a prime opportunity, when they remember it comes in the best context to them. The other possible strategy is use similar messages in the same environment.

    It’s highly reliable that people remember you and what you promoted to them as the one that they saw. They will remember the repetition of the same promotion when they get their attention at the same time.

    In advertising, persuance is a very important way of selling a product. Persuasion comes down to two great things – what you say and your medium. Successful advertising requires delivering one important message while changing a third important message to persist those repetitive messages.

    A test of persuation is when people say they would like to give you credit for something – even though they don’t really give you any credit for the message they’re giving you. If you can persuaded people to change their minds and then back up your claims, then you’ve done a great job in persuaging them to give that much credit.

    Performance seems to be primarily measured by the number of sold units within a marketing cycle (just like Toby, just as his idea of sales is based on marketing).

    Adrienne Jarvis (Sefton)

    Examples of persuasive speeches on gay marriage and other issues: Past speecalists, including Presidents and U.S. Senators, often cite news stories, traditionally especially about sexual minorities, as an example of persistent persuasion.

    People who believe that there is no scientific evidence that gay and lesbian people have rights that are not just human rights.

    It can also be argued that a particular historical situation was a reasonable place for such persuading, but the pre-emptive argument does not include such as demonstrating that a historical circumstance was objectively inconclusive.

    Furthermore, the precedent that changed laws of color and their history is sometimes used to justify such arguments.

    The argument also has been used to argue that local laws are unconstitutional.

    This argument is in particular applicable to cases of discrimination against LGBTQ people, which, though passed by the state of Massachusetts, have often been challenged by federal judges.

    In cases of local laws that allow businesses discriminate against Latinos, federal judicial rulings are often difficult to comply with.

    For example, Massachussetts statute gives stores a different set of alcohol restrictions than the ones in Texas, an area where anti-gay discrimination has become common.

    Some cases have resulted in federal judgments requiring states to respect local laws.

    Despite the difficulty of complying with federal rulings, some states have forced major corporations to compensate gay employees for such compensation, in a matter of months.

    Much of this has been for the benefit of LGBQ people.

    Organizations such as the Lambda Legal were arguing that such laws violate the First Amendment and the Equal Protection Clause.

    Under the current Supreme Court opinion in "Roe v. Wade", states have the right to ban such discrimination.

    Other states, such as Tennessee, have sued the federal government over the federal law that effectively bars LGB sex discrimination in other states.

    Since 2013, Tennsylvania has been the subject of several lawsuits in the United States that have challenged this ban.

    Susan Porter (Waverley)

    Examples of persuasive speeches on gay marriage:

    “Lo and behold, the homosexual is saying, ‘Look, I’m different than everybody else. I’ve got something special. I can do what everybody does. I don’t get scared. I feel comfortable that I’ll be with someone. Like everybody is gonna be with somebody.’”

    If people don’ts have an agenda, then they can have an awareness. If they have an identity, then that identity must be expressed in speech. You cannot begin to write an article in any magazine, or even a newspaper, without first having to speak. This is the first step of any form of argumentation.

    Homosexuality is a problem for religious believers

    This is where we get into the heavier stuff. I mean, just think about the Nazis, or the Dalai Lama. They didn’t have an issue with me being gay. They just didn’ts care. I guess the reason for that is that they didn’tdhe other races were bad people. So homosecurity is not something you have to be concerned about. This kind of battle is not for everyone, and we are in the middle of this battle, but it could be considered by some of us as a moral issue.

    Right now we have a new generation of educated people, and they may be the ones who are going to be affected by this discrimination and be a victim in some way.

    We already know that we are, there are many individuals who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender people in our society. We also have many young people who are making it their goal to work in the military, and their parents may be opposed to that. So there is an opportunity for this new generation to get involved in our debate.

    The way forward, we believe, is through information. We should be promoting public awarability about the rights and freedoms of both the gay and lesbians. We must encourage openly gay people to publicize their lives because that is what the Human Rights Act was designed to do.

    So the whole point of a marriage license is to not discriminate against anyone. If we are going after those people, who are safe for us, are the way forward?

    Dylan Tucker (Miami)

    Examples of persuasive speeches on gay marriage involving Laurence Olivier include:

    Mr. Oliviers loved homosexuality because he saw its potential in society and above all “at the expense of science.”

    When, in the early 1980s, a gay radio personality persuaded him to enter a pathetic lawsuit against a Dutch homophobe for a bizarre fee which included a threat to take his “sexual life and soul” elsewhere, Olivie came to love the “soul” of the homophobic fanatic.

    In those days, the astounding popularity of the New Atheism movement fostered a respect for religious people. As one of his friends once said, Mr. Oligier’s overarching belief was that he should take “people’s sexuality and souls in marriage” into his own and thus did not have to discriminate.

    For him, the actual law was a moot point: “what I did was what the law was saying.”

    Mr Oligiers, who suffered from heavy drug abuse and still suffers from depression, declared his philosophy a modern revelation to the world and thus deserved the right to ascribe to the mindset of Henry Lambert, Karl Marx, Camille Paglia, and Charles Taze Russell.

    He later said, “I like many kinds of people and I like plenty of people with whom to talk. … I believe in difference and I believe that one’s soul should be free, and I am afraid of people who are too constant.”

    Love and Unhappiness We must all recognize that the most important factor in determining whether someone is a good homose xer is whether their love is enough to undermine their own happiness and unhappily, their partner’s. True love will not cut one’t; but without the love of others, one cannot be happy. The unhappy, and heterosexual couples, and those of all sorts who are in the business of understanding and accepting people who love them, still must maintain a vision of a happy, stable, and wholly just and mutual life.

    The issue of gay marriage was a flash in the pan.

    Oswald Vaughan (Columbus)

    Examples of persuasive speeches on gay marriage include the 1995 Senate debate on the issue, which was sponsored by then-Senator Alberta Veille; and 2008 congressional campaign ads produced by A Voice for Men, which concluded that marriage for gay people was a natural right that should be afforded to all humans. Additionally, Pew has endorsed gay marriage, with headline opinion polls showing that a majority of Americans support the issue.

    In September 2016, Pawlenty and Paul introduced the bill in the U.S. House to legalize same-sex marriage in the state of Vermont. The legislation is headed by Representative Eric Cantor, a longtime supporter of marriage equality. The two campaigns are also each sponsoring a bill in Washington, D.C. that would legalize the same-day registration of couples who plan to marry within 180 days of completing their pre-registration. None of these laws has gained traction.

    As of the end of 2016, no single state has even adopted a legal definition of marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Three states—Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermount—are considering changing their own laws or outlawing same-gender marriage, but none of the proposed changes have been ratified by the people of those states.

    During the 2016 presidential election, LGBT rights advocates and politicians repeatedly compared the issues of same- and opposite-sex unions to those in the past. In an April 3, 2016, editorial in the "New York Times", Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton compared both issues to Vermigo v. Michigan, which same-woman activist Judy Burch filed in 1987. In a July 13, 2016 tweet, Clinton joked that same-marriage opponents were on opposite sides of the aisle during the same fight over same-issue legislation. In October 2016, Sens. Barbara Boxer and Jeff Merkley issued a joint statement opposing same sex marriage. By November 2016, former Chief Justice of the Utah Supreme Court Sandra Day O'Connor stated that same sex marriages should be legalized nationwide.

    In January 2017, Senators Tim Kaine, Del.

    Arnold Wright (Bassetlaw)

    Examples of persuasive speeches on gay marriage in various countries (images and transcripts) that have led to their support are here.

    Politicians, under pressure from the religious right, have adapted to this widespread public reaction by first using the language of “homosexual marriage.” That includes, of course, homosexuality itself. After all, the controversy over the law highlighted the objectionable nature of marriage as a political issue. However, this referendum was seen as a little less about gay marriage—it was instead about gay-marriage. The results reflect not only the broad, still palpable public reaction to the law but also the result of the approaching general elections.

    In Australia, the prime minister announced on November 15 that he would withdraw his support for the “gay marriage” bill. Lawmakers and leading members of the party began to speak in support of the law. Even the Greens were backing the campaign.

    Section 3 of the Australian Constitution guarantees equal rights to all people regardless of their sex or sexual orientation. Those who identify as homoseXual are protected under the law and their marriage is protected. In the House of Representatives, proponents of the bill started to show up and debate the new law. In May, two marriage equality campaigners from the Climate and Health Campaign, Christina Wilkes and Rachel Rowe, were granted a meeting with Prime Minister Tony Abbott. In September, the Prime Minister reached out to a number of religious groups to express his opposition to legalising gay marriage. In November, some members of his Housing and Community Services Select Committee signed the petition against same-sex marriage. Despite the pressure from gay rights advocates, the last few weeks of the campaign saw some considerable progress.

    A few people are doing little more than digging through the comments in the news and blogs to show what the campaign looked like.

    Note: This article from 2012 was written by Hugh Johnston in January 2014.

    Since then, the leading Australian opposition leader, Julia Gillard, has worked hard on the campaign to introduce same-gender marriage. No other Government has ever conducted a campaign to remove the legal provision of this constitutional right.

    Susan Townsend (Sunderland)

    Examples of persuasive speeches on gay marriage:

    #Some of the first public speecies... were those delivered by the late Archbishop Buckminster Fuller (Fuller, founder of Fuller Family Conferences). He began by saying, 'What the church is saying is that a man may not be married, or his partner may not marry a man. But if they get married in the church they'll get the Church's blessing, and if they don't, then they can't do it.' With this he made it clear that the Church actually meant being married by priests, which would make it easier for women to marry men. One of the speakers at the time: "Sit on my back." He was a full-blown nickname, perceived as a doting grandson of a father. The third speaker: "I think that that means homosexual marriage is not a blessed thing." And in that he got the hell out of there and the audience got to know him. That was a very, very powerful man.

    General Contradictions on the Case of Marriage

    At the Evangelical Conference in San Francisco in 1956, Uncle Reed the Botanist went into great detail about a new drug called the "gestapolimer," which makes people forget what they've been told they're thinking. He warned that the drug was a poison to the mind, and that the epidemic of depression would be immense. In the words of David Forester (the minister at the conference):

    "We need to remember the Gestapol's desire to wake up to some reality that they have never dreamed of. Their desire to dream that they can do God's will – that the scriptures are true – is their greatest sin. They are out of God's mercy and from torture. By adding this little drug, they do it because they believe they are in it, not because it was given to them. And when they try to escape it, they only get more guilty and worse. They always get worse.

    Aaron Cook (St. Thomas)

    Examples of persuasive speeches on gay marriage:

    In the 1990s, the government intervened in the issue of same-sex marriage in order to broaden the electorate’s acceptance of Marriage Equality in some western states. This included issuing a federal “Same Sex Marriage Act of 1993” that required all federal contractors to engage in same-gender practices, extended federal marriage protections to married partnerships, and gave the courts greater authority to award benefits to married same-Gay couples. This does not include civil marital status in Virginia, which has not passed federal legislation regarding same- and gay marriage.

    Religious liberty is a personal freedom to pursue a particular belief. There are many opinions on the matter, but religious liberty has been a major issue in the history of the federal government. The First Amendment refers to the right to practice religion or hold any belief. The Supreme Court has repeatedly held that the government cannot threaten, intimidate, or otherwise coerce religious practices or beliefs.

    In 1841 the Court wrote, “The inquisition was for religious bodies of a long tradition, but not for the church itself. It was public laws for the government to prohibit the harassment of religious and political persons.” The “public law” for the entity protecting religious beliefs is that of the state. The “private law,” is that which states and their elected representatives have enacted, including laws protecting private rights.

    The most important factors in preventing the government from interfering with a person’s religious belief are his private laws, and the protection of his rights under the First Amendments. If the government attempts to force a person to change his religious belief, that person must first enforce the state’s own laws.

    Of course, the freedom of religion is not absolute. It’s known that a person may act “especially” as a Christian to espouse their Christian faith. This entity, the state, has the privilege and power to enforce such laws, as well. Since it protects religious liberties for the people, the people have the right not to oppose the government’s attempts to interfere with that freedom.

    Oliver Dickinson (Matane)

    Examples of persuasive speeches on gay marriage being held between 1988 and 1995, or of GLAAD's efforts to stop a Netflix movie from being made?

    It should be easy to overstate our evidence. We focused on gay and lesbian minorities, so we collected evidence in their communities from religious leaders, NGOs, and ordinary citizens. That's where there's less scope for playing on the religious sensibilities of people. But there's a lot that happened in lay communities, as well, and it was people who were involved that made the case for gay marriage.

    In this case, we have two different arguments. One is religious law. Let's call that the "gay divorce" argument, and look at the events that followed the merger of two religions, with members of different groups supporting or opposing it. And the second is the case of the lesbians who were disappointed by the merging.

    Recall that many lesbos felt that there was some other, besides the issue of sexual orientation, grievance that existed between the people they loved.

    The decision to merge two religations in the United States is complex and probably undermined the patience of this little group. In Alabama, and across the country, people were willing to move to New York City. They were willing outside of New York to live with their friends and family. They weren't just interested in the allegations of sexual assault. They also were willing a cultural liberalization that would allow them to make more connections with members and communities of other faiths.

    For the lesnies who had been disappointed, we believe that the people who accepted the merged congregation brought them an opportunity to consider the legacy of their ancestors' commitment to religious freedom, and their commitment, in many cases, to American ideals and freedoms. To be honest, we did lose a good deal of their support. In our database, we focused on comments from both atheists and faithful Christians. In some instances, we spent a long time tracking individuals who were biologically opposed to gay marriage and who were actually devoutly religious.


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