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Looking For Someone To Make Report On Finance Asap

  • Herbert Kingsman (South Oxfordshire)

    Looking for someone to make report on finance asap (otherwise I’ll be skimming the AP article), I’m always looking for companies that fancy them. This is a company that offers direct purchase of loans (project overdebt, but please don’t misunderstand this as a spammy buy-back).

    Something I’ve found so particularly interesting to me in the past is that so many credit card companies and banks are associated with someone else instead of their actual credit cardholders. The similarity between these two cards is minimal. But the fact remains that some of these companies are as profitable as any other would-be credit card company or bank, and they are the ones you pay the bills. So, why should they be featured on The Real Credit Card Reader?


    Because I’d like to present you to a company which, in just a few short years, has managed to make a living out of augmenting and manipulating any purchase order from a credit card user. I’s cardholder has been poised to make some interesting financial transactions for years now, until this company shows up. What I really love about this company, is that they (yet again) make actual sales on behalf of their customers, and that there seems to be a some kind of system that they can’t break through. I can’ll let you be the judge.

    The company contains lots of cardholds

    So, what do you get with this? Well, first off, you get the ability to buy your nearest copy of a product, and on the other hand, you have it completely silenced, and you have to go through a massive website backlog to get it.

    Isabella Ewing (Inglewood)

    Looking for someone to make report on finance asap, I was always on the lookout for someone who is well connected, and at that point, what was the worst thing that could happen to me would be a call from my colleague just asking if I was in touch with anyone who’d been “neutralized”.

    It was just too much to bear. I took the time to write down my thoughts at the time, in case anyone found the post interesting.

    So, I had my two copies of the database already, but I didn’t know what kind of information to look at. How could I be sure my data was secure, when the people who allegedly used my data to steal money were such precious individuals? Well, most of them really aren’t. So, if you’ve been around Wall Street for any length of time, then you’ll be aware of the reality that they are mere little puppets of larger firms.

    I was told to collect all publicly released data which involves individual names. I was told that a person could be “pushed aside” to help clear his name before the handful of insiders who use his data to buy stocks.

    For me, it was perfectly reasonable that I be given a list of all individuals on my list who may have been subject to trading activity on the same day it was recorded.

    From the moment I had received the dataset, I knew that there was a verity to this. However, I assumed the insiders would try to retain some of these names for themselves, to make a name for themselves.

    As an aspiring coder, I could not believe what was being written in the datastore of the biggest Wall Street brokerage. I assuming that anyone could enter my information in the forbidden list.

    Of course, I then realized that if anyone was ever going to find these records, the insider would most likely use the list to be very careful to avoid anyone being on his or her list. This would, of course, mean that I was a suspect.

    I assumed that I could take the time just to solve the situation. I decided to recuse myself from all verity activities that I had participated in. A friend of mine suggested that I investigate to see what was wrong.

    Vivian Webster (Cookshire-Eaton)

    Looking for someone to make report on finance asap we were looking for someone who would continue to reboot and give us new ideas, including and included reporting on how they work. Chris was just like, “I can do it, I have a great blog and I know how the community feels about the world.” So he joined us.

    The only difference is that now Chris is the in charge of the blog. Chris says he gets a lot of fan mail, but he’s been fantastic about the job. We’ll be seeing more about his time as an Atlanta-area resident.

    Zach, thanks for taking time to talk about yourself on a personal level. How did you decide to join?

    I had been watching “The Office” for a little while whenme across a tweet where someone asked about a job. I say “tweet” because I think it’s a great word. It’s an important one to say, because you can tweet everything you want on Twitter, you can post pictures, and you can ask for a job to join The Office, but having to take a job in an office in an Atlantic City is just a pain. But somehow, I was just bummed out I couldn’t get anywhere. I followed the listings on, and I saw a job arrive from an office. I’d never worked in an exchange office before. It was really nice, but the only other people I could spot, they were old people with jobs. So I said, “Never fear, I’m only looking for a few months, I don’t need a job.”

    And so I stayed there. I got kind of fired up and decided I wanted to work where people would be like me. I had never worked before. And after a while,me to work every day and didn’t go for breaks. All day long, I thought about this and about the other stuff that I was doing. I didn’s think about how awesome it would be to do all my banking work and see people actually do that, watch bankers create things with their hands and see how different they are than I am. I loved what I was able to do with The Office.

    The experience was so good I’ll probably be coming back next year. It is one of my favorite shows.

    Nicole Boone (Calgary)

    Looking for someone to make report on finance asap.

    Comment here if you know the man

    – * –

    Have you seen NerdWallet?

    Nerd Wallet is all about anonymous investment: creating a free, safe place to keep your “currency” (your money) in the knowledge that you don’t get penalized by an agency for trading in it. Find investments for those who simply don’ts have time to spend big time studying the investment industry. We want to ensure everybody has a place to invest their money.

    It took me almost 5 months to decide to make the website. It’s the perfect place to find the best investment opportunities.

    The site is pretty simple, but instead of letting me do a lot of screen shots I cant afford to be too visible. So, I’ve skipped the marketing part and instead, I streamlined what it is I want to do with my site.

    If you have any questions please get in touch, I will always answer.


    Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

    If you want to make a donation to Nerdy Wallet you can visit the donations page for the currency I offer in exchange for your donation. Your donation will go directly to my project and when it’s completed you’ll have a portion of the money that you raised.

    When you donate it will be available for sale on my website.


    Much love,


    The Nerdis Wallet is a collaboration between two young Americans: Tamara Clark and Vanna Vainie. The original goal was to create a “free money” in which to invest. The friends decided to join forces and concoct a new currency that would leverage the diversity of the people’s ideas. While working on the currencies, the two realized that there might be some valuable ideas in the investment community that could be used by millions of people. Then they knew: they had something worthwhile to do.

    Their idea was to make sure that there’s something to be gained by all of us in the real world and in the world of online finance.

    Max Bradshaw (Gaspe)

    Looking for someone to make report on finance asap? Get a free month of my email subscription here.

    I got a job at an investment bank and my money begins to fluctuate. This is not always a good thing, but if I can pin down my money, I won’t have it shifting too much.

    Right now, I am spending more in the evening and failing to save, than when I start working earlier. I enjoy being an hour late to work every day.

    A business partner is looking for someone with a good clientele, someone who can help them out with CRO (Corporate Resource Operations) and it’s real time, so we are immediately in contact.

    Now my client has started talking to me about the idea of a small 3D printing company.

    I want to give them this chance and share my conception with them, so that they will get a sense of what it is like to start a company in this field and what really it’ll take to get there.

    You just need some positive feedback here, so be on the lookout for a few business ideas here in my email.

    Then, we get to spend some time together, talking about my ideas, discussing possible business partners and future investments.

    It will be interesting and I will provide more information and testimonies here on the project.

    If they want more information, you can contact me by email and we will discuss it further.

    The end product will be a 3D printed job that has been refined and manually tailored to fit the needs of any business.

    Be sure to share this with your friends and get active!

    And for more business ideas and dreams of big business, check out the following articles:

    Pin it to your Facebook or save it as a “Pinterest” link.

    And if you want to discuss this project, send me a note by email.

    Neil Wesley (Irving)

    Looking for someone to make report on finance asap? Got an overwhelmingly good chance of finding a very good suite. The place is a combination of an old-school, documentary style of news with an utopian-Dickensian present. They have let you download and read the entire article. Which means they offer the best digest. A vastly underutilized space. The site is a collection of eight blogs, drawn from the National Committee. It has extremely original content. The best part about it is it was really prepared by a veteran financial journalist and was very, very well written. In fact, it is interesting that the story starts out two people at the bottom, i.e. the writer and the copywriter. But more importantly, they get to turn the story into one. I don’t know about you but I have never actually read a more interesting short story. One that had a complete and unpretentious cover and twenty-four personality clues and twelve-person summaries. None of them have that.

    An interesting thing about this story is that the member who did it left few details about him. You could well guess some of the information provided, and you might be wrong, but what he and heal were trying to say was hard to come by. For example, one of them is a marine biologist, but he mostly writes for them, and only makes a single entry. Another is a former Navy SEAL who writes for the Army Times and has a couple of naval history blogs. If you consider a common journalistic norm, most of the content is completely rubbish. And this is all very well and very different from the traditional archives of news. The writers within the committee always try to keep their own agenda, but that can be annoying and never makes it a very entertaining read. When they have a news story they are very interested in it, but when you get into the daily lifestyle, the writing is tinny.

    Another interesting thing is that there are two publishing houses at the beginning of the article. The first is a Kindle store. They bought it in March and haven’t had any business since. The second is a copywriting firm.

    Tim Cook (Kingston-upon-Hull)

    Looking for someone to make report on finance asap, writes in his blog about this weekend's Journalism Prof

    When I was first working for the financial service industry, I was blown away by the quintessential financial journalism we had here at Working Paper – and since then, I've seen those guys get on the streets, post blogs, and eventually hang up their sleeves, and get a job in the real world – and I'm not taking anything away from what they do.

    But at the same time, there's also a certain lack of engagement with the story that’s happening with student loan debt. Which, while we could all agree that it's bad, there is still a certain idea that it would be the best choice for students to buy a home, that it can't be devalued because the economy is better right now and they might be safer investing in their homes.

    Ah, those are not the myths that we are blessed with today. They are, and they're catching on fast.

    One friend told me recently what really makes her head explode:

    “How can anyone be a vendor of subprime mortgages if a bellwether doesn’t even know about them?”

    I think it's more general – it just seems that a lot of people have a hard time understanding that student loans – not just for high school, but for any program we are picking up with our kids, are a vital part of the financial system for us.

    Especially one that is devaluing the real economy.

    And these are not just financial institutions here at the Journalism Institute, we have subprimes on the shelves at the Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the like.

    I don't think that people are concerned about the idea that this program is harming the economy because the problems are real. I think that they are affected by the idea of this being a bad program and not an option for young people who need to find a viable way of getting ahead – a way to help their education and feed their families.

    Even though they aren't on the housing market – so, firms are sold their shares in the mortgage and put that money somewhere else, then they can buy the homes again from the banks.

    Arya Montoya (Belfast)

    Looking for someone to make report on finance asap? I'm here to help.

    My email address is:

    And here's the screenshot that I made of the contracts.

    In one of the provisions of the Budget, a department of the government, a private company, is asked to submit a report by the end of the year to provide information or documents relating to the balance sheet and the performance of the company.

    The department is required to perform audit of the submitted data to be sure that the facts contained in the company's financial statements adhere to the requirements of the tax law. The companies were, on the basis of fabricated criteria to justify their requests for an audit, asked to provide detailed information about the balance in the accounts at the time they filed with the department.

    Of the 40 companies submitted, only a handful was given the opportunity to fulfill this requirement.

    Many of the companies are not in the tax-exempt segment, but they serve a different purpose, which is to enrich these companies, while taxing taxpayers some of their profits.

    These companies have a wealth of low cost data on the financial state of the businesses they represent.

    Such information would be difficult to obtain if they were tax-deductible, and those companies are often the ones seeking approval to tax the proceeds of their activities.

    Additionally, many of the funds transferred to these companies from the Treasury's budgetary fund are used to cover their costs.

    Therefore, the chances of obtaining these services by tax-free companies are slim.

    One of the last requests I made was to request the release of those documents.

    A request I did not get, and the submission of the data was limited only to those companies that met the four criterias.

    Although I have sent a request for the documents to a number of other Treasuries, no reply is yet received.

    Furthermore, the department doesn't seem to be giving them a consent to release the records.

    Nevertheless, the information from the underwriting companies is still available online.

    Ken Nelson (Tennessee)

    Looking for someone to make report on finance asap? There is a Free Resource site (your local enterprise website) that provides invaluable information on finances (emphasis on the important detailing!)

    For example, the UK-based Centre for Industrial Finance data gives us a fantastic service, which shows our TDS per capita (one ton of worthless metal in circulation) as a result of consumer goods, investment spending, and taxation, with a view of the distribution of wealth (across national income and wealth disparity) and of top income, while also displaying changes in the distribution and allocation of wealth under different versions of the Tax Law.

    There are alternative sources, and this will provide a wealth of information for you and your collaborators.

    Once you’ve digested the information that has already been posted on this site, why not consider a few additional resources?

    1.Credit and debt Databases

    Here are a handy files for downloading credit and debt data from the Netherlands.

    There’s a nice File Search and download function which returns the data, as well as a version for macOS and Linux. For free.

    Let’s make it easier by working together to take advantage of these tools in our research, as is shown in this graphic.

    It should be noted that the Dutch borrow rates come out to ranges from 0.03% to 0.28% in various parts of the country.

    The File Selector function on this link will help you to select the data files for your project.

    If you want to play around with the types of data in Netherland, please take a look at the file catalogs discussed in this blog post and the File Reviews section of the Netweb bugbear.

    2.Electronic Library of Congress Files

    Before unearthing incredible discoveries here in the Nethere, we wanted to provide a useful tool for researchers who wish to work with the various electronic collections associated with the United States government.

    Electronically linked Files by Library Services France will help researchers follow-up search with this list of holdings used by the Library.

    Jim Flatcher (Ashfield)

    Looking for someone to make report on finance asap – post re. It's been a tiresome experience so far, but at least I'm getting to spend a minute explaining my motivations and purpose all to the first person else than a blog post.I'm almost done with the project and am starting to have, and hopefully have, a sense of purpose. About 3 months ago I finally started to get more comfortable that this is something I really want to have done and that I'll do it. The goal is to get stuff done, learn everything it takes to do it, and be happy with it. I've started getting me toying with some of the mediums I'd like to learn and play with, and I'm excited about developing a few novel ideas for animation with them. I'm also nervous at the thought of making this, and worrying a lot about starting something I haven't made before.Okay, so it's all in. So here's what I did. I drew something that was half as pretty as the frightfully cute fractal version but was up to it the way I wanted it. After I took the sketch as a rough idea, I made some models to put on top of it to give it a bit more weight. Then I spent a fair amount of time mixing and matching the models, and just making it look like I wanted to try to make the thing pop. So I've tried to make it look more accurate and playful to coincide with my goal, but I'll probably start off with a rough look - I'm just getting some practice on creating things.The end result is a fair bit of animation, and a cool feel to it. First, I think the first thing people should be asking about is the translucent shapes on the hand. I decided to go with the same materials that I used to make these fractals, but it works just as well. It has fewer points, but better shaping - there are no splayed "twillotos" or anything like that.I also tested with the 3D-printed extruder out my new TubeMaker 150, but nothing really really worked. That's why I rely so heavily on my 3D printer.


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