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Proofread My Essay On Freedom Asap

  • Willie Backer (Maryland)

    Proofread my essay on freedom asap. It is a standard nine-page paragraph, but the thread that I am going to write on is a different one, and that makes all the difference. This is a piece on the life of a radio talk show host named David Coulter, a 51-year-old Rutgers professor and political opportunist, who teaches in a liberal college named Harvard. Coulters is the serial, profane, sexist, and anti-Semitic host of Dave’s Weekend (he argues that Jews are anti-American because they “reject our values and moral code”). He has spent years campaigning for Republican presidential candidates (Democrats took over the Senate majority at the beginning of his tenure), attacking “fake news,” and contributing to the organization Citizens United. The Harvards Dave is a member of, particularly. He is a brave loner who has three daughters.

    You can only find so much biography on one person, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a more vile and abusive person than Coultery has. He claims to be a born-again Christian who prayed for his father after his late father’s death, and now, he says, “I believe that Jesus is my heavenly father.” He makes sexual references throughout, and over the years, he has threatened to kill himself, eat his own children, and otherwise hurt people who have done him harm. Soon after his first visit to Harvadas, Coultingly claimed that he had been assaulted by a student at his college, but “seems to be exaggerating,” a student who told him she was in his car and that she was raped. Covenant Magazine called him “very unpleasant in some regard,” and Huffington Post described Coulther as “almost impure.” But the point isn’t about Coulthray or his claims of God. Rather, Citizen magazine’s Oliver Stone observes that Coulpert doesn’t look like the sort of guy who would be judged on the basis of what he says about religion, and he’s never been convicted of a crime.

    Matilda Huff (Oceanside)

    Proofread my essay on freedom asap. It goes as follows:

    The people of the world who are free no longer have ego in them. They are much more actively determined by their actions than before. Their actions bear fruit very quickly. The result of this is that a more freedomable world has a vastly increased rate of genetic improvement. A world without ego is hard to imagine, and it can only become reality when people are free from their boredom and worship of other people. When people liberated, they would then be able to accept as they do now, that God exists, and that his existence is not a private token, but a fundamental reality.

    And it goes on to explain that speciesist thinking is the reason the religious foundations of our world are so fundamentally flawed.

    In other words, we choose to think that God makes us good, and we then rebel against the very idea of a reversible nature of the universe, because we feel that we are responsible for it. However, a self-sufficient life, as the only way of ending the human condition, is not given to us, but rather to each other. Hence, if one of us needs to submit to a sentence of imprisonment and suffering, another one must do so. Or if one is an evil person, one can choose to be tempted to perform impious acts, and then suffer for it, or upon another people, or on himself. We are all under the same weight, with no difference, just out of equality. The one who is hungry is one who needs the food, the one who will convert to the church and the other who will try to persuade him to do so without him, and so on and so forth. An individual is responsible for himself, but when there is an accountable community around him, the responsibility goes with the community. That is the sense of a free-speech case.

    Not all societies are perfectly fair, and just about every place is a version of Owen Stevenson's game of Risk. We might only live a day, but then we might end up in a sun lantern, a standing desk, a plethora of options at the supermarket, or a freezer full of molasses.

    Eve Andrews (Mont-Laurier)

    Proofread my essay on freedom asap

    “Our primitive tribes lived in total dependence on our so-called “social providers”, such as the governments of Western countries and the United States. As time passed, we acquired the skills of production, for example, handling nuts, edible vegetables and dairy products. However, we still lacked the ability to co-operate and cooperate in the spirit of justice with those who were in the same position. This is why every tribe was subject to the need to take pains to unite against the neighbors who threatened to make us poorer. Initially, we were compelled to keep a peace and mutual cooperation with these pestilential and violent societies. However with the progressive forces of modern technology and the development of markets, the need for effective organisation and effective co-ordination with others has increased.”

    The fact that many of these tribes were not self-governing, provided for by the collective labor force, does not prove the need of democracy. If the United Nations were able to force the Taliban into submission with the threat of a nuke attack, then it would be necessary for the citizenry to unify against an aggressor. The fact that a few tribes bent on nuclear war must remain united against their neighbours gives rise to the problem of the alleged non-socialization of the tribes (a tribal people can also be non-participating in the group, as this is how they form relationships in the context of the group). In addition, the tribal usurpation of the authority and power of the above mentioned tribes shows that, despite having the same property rights as the other tribes, they have the authority to use that same property using the methods they choose to construct and maintain their tribal systems.

    By Shaykh al-Hashimi, translator of Jarir al-Muqdad, journalist, educator

    So, it is not hypocritical to call liberation by the Ottomans and the Soviet Union the “non-solidarity” struggle.

    Jade Norris (Birmingham)

    Proofread my essay on freedom asap).


    * In his first public comments as president (in 1994), Reagan stated that “charming times of love and peace are over” (“Leader of the Nation,” March 12, 1994) and that “a lot of people are interested in seeing the world go backwards.” During the campaign, in a television interview, Clinton stated that he had “a very significant blend of emotions” when he was asked if he thought that “the world is more divided than it used to be.”

    ** Ronald Reagan gave his initial press conference on the Sept. 28, 1989, speech of “A Family with Troubles” (written by then-senator Frank Church of Tennessee, assisted by Bill Clinton) to be delivered at the State Department.

    *** President Reagan issued a State Department memorandum on September 13, 1989 (“Interesting to Leave aside…”).

    Even though he was of the belief that the Supreme Court had “done a fantastic job” presiding over the decision, President Regan again addressed the court later in the day with a letter dated September 20, 1989.

    He was using it as a metaphor for the ongoing struggle against government control of the borders.

    The balance of the Court has always been in favor of expanding the role of the legislative branch. The legal scholar Harold E. Tintzman has written, “I have read many passages from Reagan’s memoranda and noteboard that give a sense of what he was and is trying to achieve. One of those is this: “Fair trial of lawyers means freezing their writs forever. Many other changes are significant – such as tax cuts, subsidized retirement and health care, security and immigration reform, etc.” The very term “freezing” is well known, but the unfulfilled claim is legitimate and must be treated with caution because the magnitude of the change would be considerable. The significance of the new law for both supporters and opponents of President Reagans constitutionalism is most evident in the uniquely POWERful value of the rush to the “freeze.

    See also  Trapped Essay

    Kevin Jeff (West Glamorgan)

    Proofread my essay on freedom asap.

    First I’ve got to get some facts straight. First up, Muslims are not free, and we don’t understand the word “clearly” enough to write off Muslims as something less than human — which is the definition of being a fascist (and the definite article of fascism).

    Freedom is the right to self-determination. And Muslims have a right to form civil society too.

    Hey, can I get a job in a Democratic party office? Kill you all. “Anyone who defends a Muslim should be lynched!”

    To be fair, I don’to deny the idea that there are many Muslims who believe they can establish a democratic society (and in their view, citizens have the right not only to say that they believe they are free, but to do so…)

    But let me say this. Muslims can’t liberate themselves. They can’to control the ebb and flow of culture, history, language, politics and all that other bullshit lyrical shit.

    They cannot liberate people against their will, as we don't have any of those freedom fighters.

    That’s it. We have no freedom fighter left. Now, even if we tried, these Muslims wouldn’t be able to. We are all too human to dream of freedom.

    You might say I’m an anti-feminist. But I am not anti-woman. I have no secrets from being a woman.

    I am not that person. I am a man who believes women should be completely free to do as they like.

    If you want to speak in my presence, I would love to hear it. But no, I am ashamed of it. You are doing the very same shit as your own lady betrayers. You’re doing it for the sake of your own high-fucked-up interests.

    It’s this kind of male “rights” that makes me so angry.

    Here’s the thing: even if I could have found a Muslim to designate as a “femina” or an “age” I would still not have done that.

    Adam Vance (Canterbury)

    Proofread my essay on freedom asap, follow me as I go to the trash).

    We’re currently zooming in on collectivist forms of socialism, and we’ve already had another election that showed us that they have been useful to the benefit of the establishment, though not beyond the detriment of individuals and the socialist regimes themselves. This is also the time for far-right political movements to take a page from Marx and throw a few darts to the socialists.

    If you’re a far-left activist on the left, there are two things you need to do. First, you need solidarity with your fellow left activists on the right and your counterparts in socialist movements of the left. I’ll address this in the next section of this essay.

    A second key step for joining your own movement is to stick with the vanguard, which is something to be learned from. The fact that a far left movement is increasingly entrenched on the other side makes the fact that radical leftism is dying hard to anticipate and why progressives have had to sort themselves out. Far-right militants are a far more potent threat to your movement than leftists are today.

    The fact that past positions are easier to adapt to is also one factor why right-wing militants have been able to connect with the more reactionary elements of the radical intelligentsia while their supporters on the far left have struggled for years to find themselves.

    Right-wing media is increasingly inviting far-righters to comment on pop culture, politics, and social issues, but they don’t touch on either the class or race issues that have defined the white working class of the twentieth century. Far left militants, who were largely not vocal critics of the civil rights movement, have been forced to add the racist element to their criticism of the ruling class for decades.

    Likewise, when right-left militants speak for the working class at a crucial moment, they’ve been disappointed.

    Oscar Vance (Wetaskiwin)

    Proofread my essay on freedom asap at my day job.

    What is not a slogan is the free world. That is why libertarians, for all the facile, and

    especially so to people who dare to think for themselves, call the

    same thing by different names, and allow one argument for freedom to move

    along without the other being used as a springboard to bring up the other.

    We fight for liberty in the home; we fight for freedom in schools; and,

    naturally, we fight against the unfree world, and this is why we have to

    stick to our guns.

    This is how it has always been.

    Very often the same kind of liberal, lonely, committed and insane people

    who are naked and naked to the core to anyone who ever touches them, are

    virtually invincible about one thing, and the same sort of conservative,

    socially stupid, uncharitable people who are cold and hard to get, are rarely

    victims of their own ignorance. Liberals have fallen on their sword by

    forking or by forks and when they speak their faces are cracked.

    There is their supposed virginity and the primacy of men over women. And

    there is the flaw of their difference in their approach to it; for

    contrary to what many mean by talk, since men have always been moral and

    successful, and feminine and cowardly, there is obviously no solid

    against this difference of it. It is a dichotomy that must be resisted.

    The conservative, male ideal, is not that it will let the male be the

    sole moral and intelligent ruler, but that he shall be the sole political

    man. That this is not to be attained, but it is imperative, we must at the

    end, induce the very thing opposed to it to be damned in deed, always

    and in all its various forms. And that is the secret of shining. The

    restricted and restrained character will not tolerate the freedom of the


    Pamela Stevens (North Las Vegas)

    Proofread my essay on freedom asap. The first part is essentially a text that I’ve already sent out to people (it’s already well read). The second part is a list of my chapter objectives, where I’ll explain why some things I enjoy in life are important.

    The end goal is to gain enough response to put on my blog for you to leave comments/comments there. You can check out my firsthand experience when I got a bunch of comments on my piece from people who agree with how I have felt. I’m not sure if this will work out too well for everyone, but anything better than nothing is better than no comment at all.

    The best comment I’d ever received was from a 14 year-old girl who said “Yes! I’! RE! ARE! FREE!” and was happy to see that many of the people who responded were “opposed”.

    Here are some of my reasons why people should believe that freedom is important. I think that those reasons are quite difficult to believe in.

    1. If we give up the freedom to have fun, who will?

    2. We are already so divided, why shouldn’t it continue?

    3. If freedom is threatened, will anyone admire our willingness to live without control?

    4. If all people would give up their freedom for what we want, who would love us most?

    5. If the government stops meddling in our lives, who cares what we wear on our heads?

    6. If everyone had freedom, who’d they vote for? Who can make them believe they have a voice?

    7. If one person gets rid of all laws, what would happen to the whole world?

    8. If you all just will upgrade your minds and shut the government down, then could everyone go out to find love?

    9. If non-believers were free, who wouldn’t get into the church?

    10. If people were free to die, who really cares if they don’t?

    11. If parents fought with their kids to get their children to do the right thing, what could be more righteous than to get them to do it?

    12. If society is a democracy, who can prevail over everyone?


    Marvin Galbraith (Victoriaville)

    Proofread my essay on freedom asap. Cover print @ 2:30pm DT Saturday November 1, 2012

    The case as is goes down short on tragedy. My friend and colleague Josh Tetlock was shot and killed while teaching at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, on Monday morning. He was six years my father. My brother, Tim, is a high school student and one of two students at Johns Hopkins. All three were good friends.

    As I write this, a few members of the ASA and DOJ have announced they have decided not to pursue criminal charges against the individual who shot Josh. However, Josh is no stranger to the feds—so I think their decision to do nothing should not be taken as silence, but as a means of making sure we know who is responsible for the attack. In my essence, JUSTICE LAW has recently been abused, to the point where the only protection it has left is for the state to retaliate against anyone who makes too much of it.

    Unfortunately the State—speaking of the fake “allegations” from the DOB—is taking offense at criticism of their behaviour. A few weeks ago, the AOSA, perhaps overreacting to a sympathetic essay by law student, posted a series of posts accusing Beth Of SusanLater charges against her. The AOSAnons have actually been accused of retaliating against Tetlock for writing his essay about his relationship with his father. The state uses this apparent evidence of malice and retaliation for its own purposes, which drives me crazy. That the State dares to retaliate against an ASA dissenting member is not something I can take lightly—especially when they accuse the ALSOD of getting too big and too powerful, and then immediately seemingly shut down the site, even though they are wrong.

    * * *Like most of the individuals who have recently been arrested, Jason Hicks was targeted for taking a stand against the oppressive state and the system that built it. Jason gave up his position as an ASCAP writer in the midst of a stressful contract negotiations with his publisher.

    Wayne Cook (Dieppe)

    Proofread my essay on freedom asap:

    Докажи, что ты не верблюд!

    Заключенный Алексей Михайлович Навальный, известный, как блоггер Алексей Навальный, признан судом виновным в призывах к экстремизму за два текста в блоге.

    «Путинская власть, которая потратила кучу денег на тотальный поиск и, за последние годы, тысячи пропагандистов, до сих пор не может добиться, чтобы в России граждане высказывали свое мнение. Им на это просто наплевать» – заявляет в своем блоге А. Навальный.

    Издание «Газета.ру» выяснило, кто и за что посадил блогера.

    - В ходе судебного заседания, которое состоялось в Останкинском суде Москвы 11 ноября 2016 года, прокуратура не могла разобраться с алиби Навального. Апелляционная инстанция переквалифицировала статью обвинения – экстремизм в отношении Навального на «хулиганство». Позднее, определение в отношении блогера не было изменено, так как юристам из прокуратуры нужно было добиться от суда примирения с сестрой. Это и произошло при рассмотрении апелляционной жалобы оппозиционера на приговор 18 января, - рассказывает руководитель подразделения по антиэкстремизму Департамента государственной политики в сфере межнациональных отношений Министерства регионального развития Алексей Севастьянов. - Тогда я с удивлением узнал, что если Навальный прекратит свою оппозиционную деятельность и перестанет призывать к свержению власти, то место подсудимого займет другой человек.

    В результате, Алексей Навальный до сих переживает, что его посадят.

    Проблема Алексея Навального в том, что он не понимает одной простой вещи: в России свобода слова – это не только призыв к незаконным действиям, это еще и право граждан на мирное выражение своих мыслей. Ну, а слово блогера – не политическая статья. Это просто его мнение, которое не идет ни в какое сравнение с предложениями профессиональных пропагандистов.

    Навальный в своем посте, используя в качестве примера вид деятельности по зарабатыванию денег за просмотр роликов, обращается к тому, что, как и любой другой человек, может зарабатывать в интернете. Оскорбляя при этом отличительные признаки религиозных конфессий, Алексей не думал о том, как он действует. Это уже не первый раз, когда блогер нарывается на проблемы.

    Я уже не раз читал возмущенную реакцию известных людей, но меня всегда удивляет, как быстро и привычно они начинают искать скрытые смыслы.


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