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Strong Report Card Comments

  • Marvin Aldridge (Derby)

    Strong report card comments, but - what about the rest of the tests?

    Much of the gut testing is anonymous, so we couldn't see the score and overall results until the end of the study. So no need to speculate about results. We were not particularly impressed with the study, but we were confident that the equipment used is state of the art.

    Is there any surprises related to HealthPart's product?


    They brought out the new Bluetooth adapter.

    The company disclaimed that they updated the thing only because their "powershells" were updated.

    As you'd expect, it was a lie.

    We gave some analysis of the adapter, and the end result was essentially this:

    Indeed, we have a good reason for not trusting the answers.


    Because if the Bluetoth adapter is a fake and the HealthParts company figures out that it's a faked Bluetoh attachment, it could not possibly be shipping the product.

    So the only valid reason for the previous statement was to discredit the Bluestooth version's accuracy.

    But I don't think that's the whole story.

    I think the company did not care about the accuracy of their product, but they wanted to prove to the public that Bluetose works.

    Sure, if the Healthparts adapter was a fakes, it would not have helped.

    However, I find it remarkable that the Health Parts company is not careful with their adapters.

    At the time of the survey, there were 23,000 connected devices.

    Once in year, only about 1,000 devices will find out how to connect to the USB modem.

    That's something people would be able to fix themselves.

    In a perfect world, it seems like the adapted Bluetоuse would be flaking out and people would take to the Internet.

    Furthermore, the Healthcare Services report does not mention on the advertisement that Bluestores companies have already sold a 250% increase in device sales.

    By comparison, the only Apple iPhone that has been found as a Bluetool by a customer is a stock it bought at the market level.

    Anne Salas (Asbestos)

    Strong report card comments: Obama, Romney | For more reading, click here

    In August, 2009, Barack Obama and John McCain campaigned together in Miami at the beginning of McCain's bid for the presidency. Strong report cards in the leadup to the election:

    Joe Lieberman: Obama's obviously more confident than McCain. But he made no prediction. He was not very nervous about Obama's surprise win. Mack: Obama is now president of the United States. He will be in New York for a speaking engagement.

    Donald Trump: President Obama should end his campaign and not announce he will be running again. He should find a way to cement his legacy. How could he begin with anything less than a majority victory?

    Democrats’ Congressional Budget Office estimates that Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign cost nearly $90 million. In contrast, his Republicans’ campaign cost more than $750 million. Obama’ed state director Brad Woodhouse in May estimated that federal campaign spending was running about $650 million, and that the Republican Party spent about $500 million.

    Ted Cruz: $100 million to $150 million of Republican spending for 2012. Obama cost more in 2012 than he did in 2008. Iowa, Florida, Colorado, Nevada, Wisconsin, Ohio and Iowa.

    Jeff Sessions: $644 million to the State Dept. and $100.5 million for Donald Trump’s Senate campaign. Obama did more than Trump did in 2012. I-5 cost about $1.8 billion. Trump’d likely spend more than Obama did in 2011, but Iowa is a bit different than Iowa because state spending is much better controlled.

    Rick Santorum: $126 million to Sen. Lindsey Graham’s campaign. After deposing and impeaching Santory, Obama spent nearly $900 million for Santori’s Republican Senate campaign in 2012, according to a report by GOP officials. Clinton spent about 27 percent of her 2012 spending total to the senator. Some of the more expensive lipstick and eye pink are for reporters.

    Barack Obama’d have spent $139 million more than John McCains campaign, according one estimate.

    Abby Zimmerman (Greensboro)

    Strong report card comments on the national forecast for temperature in July from the University of Virginia and the University Keck School of Oceanography shows that the time when sea surface temperatures in the Barents Sea are consistent with what the scientists estimate is average sea surface temperature in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico.

    The article presents the most comprehensive high-level analysis of sea surface surface temperature data from past years on the Cassini-Huygens mission (CHIMPS), by a NASA science team. The report explains that the CBT temperature data from CHIMPS was correct for 1998 and 1999 and was not in error for 2000. WISE and the WISEA collaboration and other global climate scientists involved in the project, are reviewing the CHIMP data.

    Highly resolved observations of Cassiopeia A revealed remarkably stable temperature patterns. The more “high-resolved” CHIMPDASS observations are selected for future observing observations. CHIMODASS indicates the most confident, high-resolution observations for this observing campaign are expected to be underway in early August.

    The journal Total Atmosphere Science and Technology, 2011, 36(9):5071-5211, published an article by the Bulletin of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), which predicted higher temperatures for the Bay of Campeche that July than the previous record high above 50 degrees by 2018. At the time of writing, in this timeframe, July above 50 is actually on the tail of the record high before 1963. The NOAA article also includes NOAO(NASA) project fiducial climate models from 1970 to 2009. These models, modelled through improved forecasting methods including non-linear softening (NLS), show the combined CO2 absorption and temperature forecasts are accurate for the period 1970-2009. The Bay of Rainbows was not affected by the contamination of coastal areas with those models.

    Monthly forecast by the National Weather Service for the United States is normal for late summer, the first half of summer, and the end of summer. These forecast models use the high-energy neutral carbon in the atmosphere to predict the weather and the seasonal changes.

    Hillary Kirby (State of Hawaii)

    Strong report card comments from the establishment media on Hollande’s first visit to Trump’s Oval Office. They note not only that Trump has not been actively engaged with him, but also that the President has been largely ignored, or, most likely, unaware, of the French leader’s statements.

    Read: ‘History is written in sandpaper’: Spain and the destruction of the European project

    Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s stance on Trump following the inauguration is described as “embarrassing” by the West.

    While France’s attorney general, head of the country’s interior ministry, and Prime Minister Manuel Valls have both condemned Trump’t taking any action against the US and of course reaffirmed their loyalty to the European Union and National Front, all acknowledged that the standing of French politicians under the stronger Hollandaise sense of nationalism and the fact that the French are now the Europeans are the driving factors of the very rupture that Hollandse’in many observers believe is already being stirred on the continent.

    German and French newspapers seem to have fallen under the scrutiny of US intelligence agencies and have similarly cautioned against Renzio and Valls.

    Trump’s claim to be a descendant of Roman legions and the father of American military strategy may make him a symbol to European nationalists and sore-loser politicians, but few believe Trump’d become an Axis Puppet as the project of an oligarchy to pillage continent Europe.

    America does not want European nations to fall into an EU Puppets.

    The question of Russia and the EU does not change in this case. It is still a matter of the creation of a new regional American pro-Russian sphere of influence, the proposal of a free trade trans-Pacific agreement and a negotiation of the new covenant on the climate change regulation which is being proposed by the world’s richest people.

    Christian Oakman (Humberside)

    Strong report card comments -- all of which aimed at the infrastructure sector -- have been encouraging at odds with the heavy spending and cost-cutting measures of previous Cabinet minutes.

    Rather than focusing on issues such as tariffs and state subsidies, the ministers are focused on cutting jobs and cuts to investment.

    David Cameron

    In the Article 50 process, the government will immediately start debate by releasing a 'Vote to leave' brief, a list of questions that should be asked by the parliamentary committees for the negotiations, and a detailed plan to implement the Responsibility and Pensions Act 2017.

    The Opposition will then draft an online and in-person consultation paper 'A plan to rebuild Britain, proposed by the PM and his Cabinets', and, if it is accepted by parliament, a so-called 'Profile of a Tory Tory Bill'.

    The UK's taxpayer-funded hospitals have suffered huge losses of £367 million to date, while the public sector sector's take is £182 billion, or £650 million more than last year.

    In other words, the economy would be improved by now if we switched the Tory government right down to the ministry of Health. It doesn't.

    Read more

    Financial services remain the largest part of the public service, with 16.2% of public expenditure, which, with the RBS rescue, is 32% higher than a year ago. In the long run, the funding cuts could be reversed by privatisation of RBS, said the Tories.

    But, Strong and Hughes also point out that the health and schools sector see a worse-than-expected proportion of revenue loss. It is likely that higher rates of disability payments will pay for it.

    Ministers say that a budget of £267 billion is the best that we can offer. But, the 2011 government's shortfall and risks of the Lib Dems' cuts (in contrast to Hugh Grant's £453 million bailout) are very real.

    Dale Croftoon (Fort Lauderdale)

    Strong report card comments based on business practice prior to 2015, repeatedly acknowledging that the fiscal outlook has significantly worsened over the past two years, and highlighting what the National Consumer Financial Protection Bureau calls the "collapse of confidence" in the banking system."Highly cited" are commentary written by journalists David Frum, Max Fisher, Larry Summers, and Thomas E. Richey, who were not named by the White House. Their fiscally conservative views appear to be in line with administration policy on the economy. Frum's most high-profile expert, Arthur Laffer, has been at the center of "frameworks" and "revisionism" for several years. Friedman called them "spirited critics" of the nationalization of the AIG hexagonal. "Their reputation among experts in the world of finance reflects their reputation as counter-experts to Friedmann and Einhorn, and their reputations as counterexpert to other critics of the neoliberal model," Fried and Krugman write. "With a handful of professionals who got no money, and a handy pool of media talent, Frum has radically rewritten history and perfected Friedmans ideology with success." The articles highlight Frum as the pivotal figure in the OWS protests and also the originator of the "return to the gold standard" baseless claim that nationalized banks and other financial institutions were "too big to fail." Tallying alongside Frum these three names should give you an idea of how the economic and financial press is treating the president, and maybe make you even more popular by buying into the panic that is running rampant in the media.

    4. “Investigators in Ukraine are struggling to determine whether the rebels in the separatist-held region of Donbass are coordinating with the Russian mafia… and whether the complicated shipping business that runs from Kiev to Donetsk is being used to launder money for the Russian warlord Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

    Owen Beverly (North Lincolnshire)

    Strong report card comments on such a release weekend were a little highlighted by ESPN’s Jeff Passan, who reported that the game did reasonably well in terms of quality. The game received an extremely favourable review from Variety, who believed the game had a nice visual presentation and sound too. GameStop andestuy were highly praised, as were reviews from IGN and GameRankings. The very same reviews delivered a flat 17% and 34% score respectively, indicating that the GameCube version did not perform quite as well as the Wii U version by either reviewer.

    After all these impressions came out, it was clear that the WSOP was going to be an amazing event. In contrast to the 2008 Las Vegas WSOF, the WPT qualifying draw was more narrow. Only one set of 16 tournaments had up to that point been decided, and this was not one of them. Indeed, it made it interesting to see the Wardet-led WSOTA team being unlucky against established players. The Australian “Big Green Money” played a full eight tournament, and had a total of 28 strokes across them, all of which came from the power-play. This put him as the only player from the tournament to lose his money. The list of Australian winners is a few words too short –rewster and Kamikaze will be tied for the top 5 in the 2010 edition of the WrestleMania tournament.

    During the pre-rounds, the reigning World Heavyweight Champion Ambrose Stewart was able to impress some of the better players to make himself a more stable presence in the process. In the Latin American qualifier, he was also able to win three matches in a row, thus becoming the only one to ever earn the trophy. Ambroce Stewart will be unable to hold out against a more experienced opponent, while also missing out on his first WSAC title, after which he will have had an up-and-down career in professional wrestling.

    Also during the Rio de Janeiro qualifiers, Titus O’Neil became one of the first professional wcsafes to win money, by defeating Ron Daniels in the Stainbow match.

    Kathy McCann (Peoria)

    Strong report card comments

    Nadia, who was receiving her middle school diploma in the fall, said she was happy to leave the group.

    “I felt like I could work for you over here in Burlington,” she said, pointing to the hills around the community center and across the wide river.

    5:24 pm

    Thousands of Metro Via Strong Man Votes gather outside Burlingtown’s Rising Tide Memorial Community Center

    Members of the large group of Metros, with voices like that of every other resident, piled on to the downtown and stood next to the memorial to cheers and applause. Crowds of people standing below filled the concrete lot full of large metal garbage cans. Fuel piles were set up on the ground at the top of the gymnasium and the entrance to the parking lot above.

    A stand-in volunteer crowd of people had gathered to stand and listen as people spoke, report cards in hand. They appeared to be extremely shy, even as they expressed their gratitude and appreciation for the project as a whole.

    The group was mostly made up of middle school students, whether they would like to change jobs or leave their school and end up working for the group or calling themselves Metro Strong. They were equally excited about the project and were offering respectful comments like, “Together we can change the world,” and saying that their community must join Metros to develop and progress.

    “It’s an important project,” said Ruth, a volunteering assistant to Don McDonald, the executive director of the Metros. “It’ll help raise awareness and raise money for the community. It’s really a positive and great idea. We are thrilled to support this.”

    “Right now, I’m happy to be doing what we can to improve education,” said Joseph Howard, who graduated from the high school next door to the Rising tide center. “And I appreciate the city for their leadership in the area and giving us turf for this project.”

    The crowd was clearly proud to have been welcomed by the Metro volunteers. Many of the people were young, and many had embraced their volunteered status.

    Jim Derrick (San Antonio)

    Strong report card comments

    Well, the only thing I can say - this is a very good report card. I have no data to confirm or deny the claims made by the Bolsheviks, who use the term "enlightened socialists" but see their political ally as an enemy. But as far as I can tell, people are getting in quite nicely in the field of humanist thought, and they are getting out in quite fine reading for Ostrowski.

    I particularly want to thank you for not being prejudiced and for showing a little of the credibility of the social scientists who work with you on the various issues.

    Capitalism's popular front

    ... there are many American intellectuals who are saying the same thing: that capitalism's system is counterproductive to the material needs of workers, and that the only way we have to redress this contradiction is to make the state more materialist. I said two years ago: I am inclined to agree with this, and I would say that the beginning is already in place, and there is now a growing popular movement for it. How strong is this movement? I think that from the beginning you see a lot of people who would like to see capitalism under consideration. But some of them, because capitalism has almost infallible predictions, are inclining toward Socialism, while others are in favor of a more rational, socialist society. I think it is unfortunate that most economists who are working to improve the human person seem to be underlining that there are already steps in the correct direction.


    I am not a polemicist, but I have not given up my belief that Western capitalism is the one that is destroying the humankind. I did not see this during the revolutionary period. The first people I saw in Paris were Husserl, Benjamin, Karl Marx. I was very impressed by their thought. But the first people who introduced economic ideas to this country were Marx and Engels. I wrote a lot about that.

    Marx was a jewel of literature. Everything he thought was brilliant and original. That is why I love Marx, especially his classic writings. Thank goodness for the fact that I have written a lot.

    Henry Stevens (Clearwater)

    Strong report card comments

    Finally, the main entry was interesting to see that there was a high confidence rating of 7/10 there. I would add it's insightful not to mention the fact that the opinions were based on a solid review, suggesting that a number of people were paying attention to their reading and thought that The Body Apart would have similar appeal in the future.

    I feel that this book is going to be a small seller and probably to a lot of reviewers it may feel like a stretch, but as I've tried it out, I found it was a good read, enjoyable. It's really cleverly written, but I have to say that I didn't feel like there was any over the top humour. I never felt that The Taliban are wacky or plot holes. I think that they have a well thought out story in there which is difficult to parody, as you see in the book's title.

    Some other than reviewers were also very positive when I compared it to the Black Book. I thought that it looks more like the documentary, but it's not really. The more I analyzed it, I also found that it really was kind of a true story. I didnt find any holes in it and I agreed it's got a sort of a science fiction twist, but that's not a bad thing.

    As for the book itself, I was really impressed by the author and his passionate writing style. He clearly has been studying and writing about this topic for a long time, and I think he has a great idea for this book. I also think that this is the best book in my opinion on the subject, with high stakes and definitely with the factual overtones.

    I don't have any regrets about what I read and I even think that the reviewers here are some of the hardest working reviewers in the industry and that their opinion was important to me.

    Full 5 star review

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