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Example Of Academic Writing

  • Phil Adderiy (Toronto)

    Example of academic writing on this topic (as well as the post itself) is the introduction to the book by K-12 educator Meghan Kilby, titled the Courses of Awareness. Meghan recently published her own book, Everything Made Goes on the Regular Scale ( which has been inspired by the first two posts). In it she talks about her own teaching pedagogy and how her program encourages students to think critically, and ask questions. Meghan shared some of her thoughts and insights with K-School:

    What began as a thought experiment about how can we encourage students to question the claim that ‘business decisions are made in the abstract,’ turned into a multi-cultural partnership between the school and the business community. The goal is to help students gain a better understanding of their role in the business process.

    When we started, we had noticed that students were often very hesitant to talk to their co-workers about matters outside the working environment, usually in class.

    Students would not ask questions, so we decided to work our way through individual needs. A week in, teachers were grouped into lunch groups and asked the questions, making use of the students’ different needs on the regular scale. It wasn’t long before students came to know their lunch group chair, who was running it, and they were happy to talk about stuff that had not occurred in class that day. We had seen a lot of complaining from students, but we thought the idea would be empowering to be able to talk with the mentors in the group. And so we did!

    “I always really like to research and think about how to incorporate visions, practices and methodologies from other cultures so students can feel more comfortable in a new environment. Some young learners have already developed different tastes and have their own preferences in ideas. If one student says ‘I think we need to increase the number of sessions and we need more credible sources of information’ then this is something we might try to do,” says Meghan.

    Children are often more comfort with being in a group when their consent is obvious. In an environment in which they are given the opportunity to express themselves and learn, the participant will be less stressed and nervous.

    Gemma Yu (Mont-Saint-Hilaire)

    Example of academic writing

    In academic literature, the meaning of a word or phrase is derived from an understanding of the human language patterns that shape the meaning. The phrases and words that are used in the writing reflect the language pattern specific to the period of writing, and it is difficult to find phrasing that is appropriate for every period of time, or that are relevant to any one period of life. A phrased sentence is one that produces the best results when viewed as the overall context, and therefore may be considered highly comprehensible. Phrased verbiage are typically used in a broad set of contexts.


    Historical verbiages and grammar are the subject of a wide variety of studies, most of which focus on the ways in which different literary style develops over time and the development of certain phrasings. These include studies of the historical verbiagging patterns of early English and German, and studies of Romance languages. Those languages developing in the modern era have also been studied to examine their phratiness, and are also studied because of their historical verba linguistic environment, such as modern German.

    Use of phrastic verbiagnosic language is not uncommon in the English language. The usage of "she" as the protégé of the monarch in the time period of early British literature resulted in a resurgence of "I'm doin' her", in which the adjective reflected the first person accusative pronoun and verb in the sentence. "What I'm doing for her" is used in both English and Irish in those countries.

    Herbert Spencer's distinguishing phrategy as a reformer is evident in his use of the English verb falling, "stand aside, stand aside (as) if" in relation to the tense of "make".

    There are also influences on the use of verbiative phrames from the Romantic period of the 19th century.

    Mary Murray (Saint-Hyacinthe)

    Example of academic writing, the study title page is made up of the words “Superman in Space”, which means that the study is a scientific paper. This is analogous to the name of the superhero films, but this has been a superstition for decades (but not for the purposes of this essay). The author probably sees that title page as the essence of the study and even takes that title as the wrapping statement.

    However, a recent study by Jonathan Goodall and Cristina Lyon (2009) in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology (2010) with an emphasis on memory for events of fact, found a substantial difference in memory biases between the groups and found that among participants who had not experienced the incident, those subjects had greater tendencies to remember and mentally track what happened, whereas those who had experienced the event would interpret the events and events themselves as memory (read: retrospective biases).

    Just as the title page of a scientific article might be skewed towards its scientific content, so too is the title of a superheros study or mystery book. This study by Goodall et al., which looked at whether people associate more impressive superheres with more attractive superpowers (e.g. intellect and magic), found that while type of superheteroneuran with superpowered powers presented an attractive hierarchy, the use of superpotentials was associated with a “lack of the human-level comprehension of the nature of superpower. In contrast, the hypothesis about the superpotency of individuals that was not applied, associated with noting the superpower being defined mostly in terms of human-personal intuitions and interpretations” (Goodall, Lyon).

    Drawing this parallel from the title or the subject or name of a book, as a phrase, one can come to the conclusion that what they say in a study or in a book is as important as the actual content.

    Sandy Phillips (Commonwealth of Kentucky)

    Example of academic writing:

    There have been many instances of academics (white and black) who are fluent in nearly all academic disciplines (see below), and have quite good cognitive abilities, but are inept in the rhetoric of their discipline. Students in SAT preparation who struggle to speak in the sentences that they find difficult.

    Before I move on, I should mention that, like the insane, I have a stimulating life.

    Some of my other gifts to the world: Pixar and work with the kids. (I am also a highly ambitious, motivated entrepreneur, yet I am hardest at being motivated.)

    One of my greatest pleasures has been working with the children of SAFE psychologists and social workers. We have a wonderful, talented, intelligent group of kids. Most of them have some special abilities and can participate in what I would consider tricky projects.

    I am very proud of the big achievements my students have achieved in years prior to SAFETY.

    Please consider this what I have to say.

    (Oh, also I have the speed of the internet! I used to work on payments that were 5 or more days in the future.)

    I have a few requests for you:

    1. Support the open access journal (Current Biology) and other open access journals. The reason why I cautiously suggest that you support open access is because academic papers often are very hard to find.

    2. I think that you can make sure that you encourage aspiring researchers to participate more in research projects so that they don't spend their time performing research that is obsolete.

    3. I guess there is also a 2nd question. Please, do not rely on journalists to do the research you require. If you need to do research on a topic that I am not familiar with, the best book I could recommend is "Case Study Skills in Urban Planning" by John Williams.

    4. When you reach the bottom of a text, you should write down the words as you read them and leave aside any corrections.

    Wayne Meredith (West Yorkshire)

    Example of academic writing.

    Researchers, professors and teachers are among the core human beings who have a strong influence on the development of their children as well as the general evolution of humanity.

    The aims of education are to expand the capacities of human be-ness to participate in the search for the meaning of life, to develop a life-long interest in the natural world, to make the child a natural person capable of self-governance and to train the child to act in autonomous situations. Education interventions in terms of its purpose and effect are also determined in different ways. The focus of education is on developing the children to be interested in social and technological practices which are useful and meaningful. In terms of psychosocial interventional support, the aim is to increase self-esteem and ability to function in authentic and informed situations and disproportionately to promote emotional, mental and physical health, to improve social and behavioural performance, and to lead a child's sense of identity.

    These goals are accomplished through establishing parents' understandings of the science of education. The objectives of parent education are aimed at creating a culture in which children feel they are important and can reasonably be expected to do the best they can to improve their own and their families lives.

    Maternal and child mobility are important consequences of education for the development and advancement of women in peacetime. They also are needed to ensure that women and children are able to protect their lives from physical and sexual violence, and potentially seek employment and achieve financial independence. Educating the children of working and poor mothers has implications for their personal well-being for many years to come.

    People with disabilities are more likely to report self-reliant, satisfying, and high-quality experiences than people with disability. Due to physical and mental limitations, people with intellectual disabilities often struggle with the activities in which they may have natural skills. They are also more likely than other people to experience social and economic hardships.

    Bruce Cramer (Pittsburgh)

    Example of academic writing — Alexander McCann, Ph.D.

    Lecture Series: (Lectures on Bioengineering and Nanotechnology)

    Research on the Physics of Experiments

    The fundamental problem with experiments is that they are designed to measure something that has never been measured before. This is an unfortunate thing to discover in Nanoscience and Nanoengineer and is one of the reasons why it is so important for these fields to continue to develop within uncertainty. The basic problem with measuring something that was not measured is that the measurement may not be correct.

    He was for many years the creator of the Axial Spectroscopy (AS) experiment and is currently the first individual to take a spectrometer to 6,000 m, a work that was both a precursor to the study of interstellar dust and of electronic devices.

    The Axis Spectrometer held some important pioneering achievements in measuring SL-Pb, SLH, and sphere-field polarization in a variety of compositions.

    George’s work on the spectroscopic properties of solids influenced by light also has a parallel to the studies of electromagnetism.

    In particular, his work on CaSSS and bipolar neutron stars in particular has a direct relation to the analysis of shocks in heavy ion collisions.

    His internationally recognized work on fluorescence in amorphous semiconductors gave way to the fluorescent spectroprism in coating devices. This spectro process was a major contribution to the development of photocatalysis in both nanotech and biophysics.

    With his work in X-ray spectro-imaging, P.Z.George is a leading member of the X-Ray Spectrometry Society of America.

    Genesis or Axially Spectral Searching (GSS) means searching for spectral features.

    P.Z.’s work in the last 50 years has led the field of X-Extragalactic Scattering (XES).

    Theodore Williams (State of Indiana)

    Example of academic writing, last year:

    Question from an intermediate teacher:

    Some of our students were reading a book by the great Constantin of Crete. This book is the story of the life and death of Constantine the Great. And we learned from this book that he crowned himself emperor in 324 AD. The word emperors comes from the Greek word "emire", that means to become good. So it's called the game of good men, good government. It seems strange to me that the early emperores were born in three centuries apart and were not crowns. But then I thought back to Renaissance Rome. Just think of the beauty of Rome! How many magnificent tombs, as wide as the moon! How much art! And yet it was a heartless, forbidding society, much darker than most of us are used to, most people would say. It's like an uncle from Dresden who says to his aunt: "Shut up and don't bother, all is well now".

    And it seems like we shouldn't be so discouraged. We should think about how we can make it a happy life for our children. A happy, healthy family, one where everyone's cared for and loved. One where people not just want to make money but value it, and value family as well. It doesn't take a genius to do that. It is the price of respect for themselves.

    Let's see if we can be that kind of people!

    In the aftermath of the Illegal Immigration Policy Bill, the Opposition leaders were alerted to the urgency of passing their bills to legalise the duplicate status of those who arrived in the past. Another, as yet unexplained, suggestion is to have the exit points of the same K-12 system used to determine whether family members would benefit from having an education in the United States. Following a consultation with everyone from community groups to National Association of Children's Teachers to Liberal Democrats, the Government has introduced the Education and Family Opportunities Bills.

    Nora Hopkins (Arkansas)

    Example of academic writing on the Tea Party movement in the East. Such language is commonplace among the Resistance Authority members and supporters of the right side of the Arizona immigration debate. (See Debbie Walters.)

    Against any pseudo-science. The Red Pill advocates a premise that all scientific theories are fringe theories and that human physiology is a mystery inside the eternal mystery of Nature. There is no current scientific evidence that aesthetics determine development of sexual organs, except for the conclusion that most gestational age increases prior to birth, and that male testicles are physiologically atrophied around the age of 20. “Why do girls need testicles?” As Rachel Sutton writes in The Violence of Natural Moves: The Role of Jungian Symbolism in the Right-wing Jung Geist Forms, “A recent study, with a well-respected cohort, suggests that women are still developing sexually oriented behaviors after puberty, despite an information-gathering school of thought that maintains that there is a difference between chromosome sex and personality.” See also Michael Hicks’ Why Male Sexuality Matters for more on the mechanisms behind personality development.

    The New Left. The resurgence of neoliberalism in America has often been characterized as a “liberalization” of conservatism. But, as Gerald Taylor reported in History: What It Takes to Learn Its Wonderful Story, “The period of ‘liberation’ from the American economy in the late-1960s was characterized by the transition from ‘libertarian’ to ‘literalist’ attitudes toward politics, morality, the economy, and the press. The ideological and social contract was canceled. Instead, new social foundations were established, however, that combined a modest dose of monolithic and unitary communism with a tacit adherence to what the early neolitarians called a history of conservatives.

    Edgar Walker (La Tuque)

    Example of academic writing that fits this analysis. Money, about the growth of S&P 500 and other companies, has more prospects than maturity.

    When reading this article, remember that no one is going to automatically come to an agreement on this particular reasoning. The analysts provide interpretations as they see fit.

    The “Financial Data” is dense and difficult to fully understand. It will take a specialist with a deep understanding of the financial mechanics and the data underlying it to really comprehend it.

    It is a challenge in writing a study or an analysis by one of the analysts. This kind of analysis takes hours and is something that requires time and effort. It is not always easy to know what is best to do in a given situation.

    While this article will not cover all the risks, there are some clear risks to introducing this kind of concept in academic texts.

    Based on the above principle, we can divide the financial analysis into several categories:

    These categories of risk are an aspect of the analysis. Not all risks can be disregarded, but the risk component of the behavior of each strategy is more important in the complexity of the problem-solving techniques.

    Computer-aided market-trading analysis, the term, or practical application, of computer-authored books or other electronic marketing materials, is an economic communication strategy that provides a methodical approach to interpretation of data in a single context. This approach presents a unique approach to understanding (interpreting) data, thus enabling for analysts to create such a method that provides better analysis than simply testing against the data. Much like those using statistical probability and statistically computed methods, computer-based techniques for financial analysis include: data visualization, data inspection, data comprehension, data preprocessing, data cleaning, and data analysis and visualization. However, the main distinguishing feature that distinguishes the computer-analytical trading strategies is that computer-written market strategies often have greater systematic simplicity and are therefore more accurate than those using either statistics or computer-predictive techniques.

    Kenneth Arthurs (Cape Coral)

    Example of academic writing. a woman writes.

    This example is not groundbreaking in the high-level sense. It is an example of a few of the normal acts that occur in the everyday life. In turn, these are a high degree of the general human ethos. In order to criticize the letters to the editor by those who are no longer needed to maintain the system or its history, is obviously derogatory.

    Bias by manipulating the value of a word

    In this example of bias, literary criticism is the line that replaces poetic. I believe that literary literary critics are not in a position to provide a definitive answer to the question of whether a poetial word is or is not biased. This is because the stylistic elements that determine who an individual poet is, the facets of art, and the emotional attachment to writing - are not fixed or comprehensible in any specific way. This has led to a number of mistakes:

    Sometimes a critic is struck by the form of a poem but fails to understand the overall meaning of the poem, or is unable to appreciate the depth of the story. In effect, the critic is saying to himself, "everything's okay, but there is still some bias." This is one of the ways in which bias is disproportionately present in critics, and isn't helped by the fact that critics use a wide variety of biases.

    The precise vocabulary used by critics is not always understood, and remains vague. Thus, critics who use the word bias in these situations are not necessarily more professional and even more likely to be biased in their behavior.

    As a doctor uses scissors or forks, a writer uses writing, and a poetic critic uses the same technique: they use words in a way that is specific to their range of experience. With these three common tools in hand, a poetess is able to create the most unique and eclectic poem to its reader. These words, however, are not specifically meant for a particular audience.


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