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  • Chris Birch (Wichita)

    Hire someone to write my essay on Rocket Brigade to see how it works.” In other words, getting someone else to write a treatment was “of no value” because it was “impossible,” but it was like a “instant” that could potentially be made into something awesome.

    I guess what he meant was that the sci-fi and horror films that took inspiration from his own The Wind Rises trilogy were films of epic scale with elaborate action sequences, action sets, big budget, and heavy drama. If you look at any of them, you will see a protagonist with a gun. “What about this?” he said. That is exactly the type of charming drama set in a small town that gets screwed up by mistakes made by urban fiction writers, wherein the protagonists are misguided characters who may or may not be misguiding themselves.

    The details of how the protagons worked and how they fought were gripping.

    While I was beginning my essays on Rockets Brigades, I composed a story for a magazine. I wanted to write something that would be an “Alternative History” piece about the beginning of the Vietnam War, leading up to the decisive Joint Chiefs meeting on 9/11. I called it “Salvation and Sound.” The actual sci fi elements were totally autobiographical. I didn’t want to set up the whole scene too much, so I had only a few protagonistic characters. The story I did have had the central location in a South African town, and it was set in the 1980s. It was set during the war and the end of it. It left a lot of open-ended questions. What was the impact of the war on Geneva? What happened when the conflict ended? How were Genevan towns affected? What sort of society was it like at the end? Also, I wanted the main plot to seethe with horror and a feeling of terror.

    My first issue of The Wow, The Notebook was published in March, 2000. Since then, The WOW has been cited in various academic journals.

    Becki Alexander (Cheltenham)

    Hire someone to write my essay and do my research, instead of me doing the work myself." I don't mean to sound like a ninja. I consider myself a journalist. I want to do well and everything else needs to be done to do so. But I also understand that I might be in danger, as I have done so many times in other fields and no one has looked at me as a threat. I understand that sometimes doing something you are not prepared to do is necessary.

    This year, before I began work, my engagement was getting off the ground. I had already contacted the Jordanian Foreign Ministry to see if there was any contact with my family and how fast they could respond. My boss was upset and said I shouldn't do this thing. But a few days later, they came. A cable arrived and I was happy to hear that my parents and sister were speaking with one another and they would be all right.

    The work took me about two weeks to complete, while my engagements were getting ready. I was hired by Jordan, hired to write a book about their soccer federation, which was very close to me. I think the Jamaican information office was also thrilled. The book was called Hornets, and was about a successful day in the history of the Jamarat national team, which had never played matches outside the Jordana River or in Jordan. It was an internal book, which included a section of the story, on my intention to write it myself.

    I almost made it. The first trip to Jordan was scheduled for December, and after five days of constant worry, the trip was cancelled. Apparently, the vice-president of the World Federation of Soccer Federations, who was supposed to arrive in Riyadh, called me after it was revealed to him that I had been sacked.

    From that point, everything seemed to go smoothly. All of the foreign media was in my favor. I applied to a job with the Cannes Film Festival, and managed to get that. For some reason, my file was searched, and on a later exam, one paper checks asked me to give some background on my role as journalist in journalism. As a Canadian, that would have been a huge problem.

    Fiona McMillan (Billings)

    Hire someone to write my essay for free (I don’t know what exactly I think the gig means, but I think it’s something non-ideal).

    1. Put the idea of taking you into the coach’s office behind your back into a non-judgemental way, allowing it to be explored and discussed with the teacher as you are.

    2. Put your best interests as criteria as you approach the vocational education phase.

    Give yourself permission to take your time and allow other teachers and graduate students to be the subject of conversation about the level of education they will offer you at their junior or senior level. The idea is that if you don’s over the gaps in your knowledge, you have already demonstrated that you are intelligent enough to get your education in this area.

    If you get your position without having to battle against the other people in the world, you will also have shown that you have a learning mind, and you have the motivation to take yourself to the next level.

    3. The teacher should be able to show you there is a substantial gap between what you know and what you are capable of knowing.

    Some people assume the idea that the gains and learnings that individuals can make from the United States’ post-industrial economy are available to them everywhere else, and everywhere they go. This is probably true in the United Kingdom, but not in the US. There is a large learning gap that you can no longer achieve by simply traveling to other parts of the world. However, you can still learn at the University of Michigan, and attain a master’s degree with a better offer than just what you will be able find for yourself in the future. Unfortunately, it is not always safe to allow students to travel to these places without toiling out their own days. This may be dangerous when you are a minor, but it is also not to be taken lightly when you gain advanced credentials. You should also be aware that the course and the teacher will not be the same by the end of the program in which you started.

    4. Tell the teacher that the vocation of the teacher is important for you, because it’ll help you make the best of a situation in which the opportunity for your vocation is unavailable.


    Barbara Velasquez (Pueblo)

    Hire someone to write my essay.


    Professor Williams made the mistake of being appointed to the board of directors at the University of Minnesota in 1991. He became so intoxicated by the position that he lobbied for its election to the U.S. Senate at the time and then in 2008 against it by the same Senate staffers who had inherited it from Tomsulis and who aided in the election of it.

    In the summer of 2014, when the University was called upon by the Senate Committee on the Higher Education System to “consider approving research grants for the University” and for a “research center of excellence” at the institute, Professor Williams all but revoked that recommendation.

    He also made it clear that he would not advise the UTOS on its spending priorities at the tender period. He had no role in turning the University into a subsidized university whose specialization is agriculture.

    The Speech is a true inspiration for current and future Republicans. It is beautifully chilling, containing an unabashed rationale for rooting out politicians who believe they can get things done by punching above their weight.

    But there is one silver lining to the speeches of the committee. While Senator Sanders had hoped to use the more robust talking points to shore up his support at the Democratic National Convention, the Speech also shows his current voting track and the agenda he will pursue despite the fact that he is a Democrat. He will hopefully be vindicated in his newly widespread belief that Democrats are beholden to the one percent, selfish, and fanatically ideological.

    Please find this telegram and read the full text carefully.

    I know the language is scathing, and blunt, and in the best possible way, but it is the language of the Senate and the patriots of the country. And we cannot let Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and the Republicans win their election.

    Phil Quincy (Olathe)

    Hire someone to write my essay on how the economy can be “Growing up again,” said Michelle Knight, who blogs about economic matters for The Atlantic. “It’s very naïve, for those of us who want to see the country grow on its own.”

    The country is sliding apart, as economists’ annual report notes, and trying to fix the problems with fiscal policy is pointless. The House of Representatives is no longer on the political fringes, but there is no one in the White House that takes an honest look at it. That doesn’t mean it isn’t important.

    “We are at the extreme point where we can really build an alternative political narrative,” said Jose Marie Lopez, a former policy adviser to Obama, who has just become a senior adviser with Goldman Sachs. “And ultimately, that’s why #of all the other things he is trying to do—calling for tax increases, borrowing, buying government bonds—which may well be a good thing—send waves across the country.”

    The stark reality of what’s happening right now is “far more shocking,” Lope said. “Even during the worst of the Great Recession, there was little change in the debt, most of it in the trillions, of which the U.S. government owes.”

    “But this current situation makes any argument that it’s going to happen much, much more difficult, rather than doable,” Lopes said.

    The government’s spending is “a huge problem,” L.L. Bean’s Michael Warren said. The president’s budget proposed $270 billion in deficits over the coming decade and a half, or about double the amount Congress plans to spend in 2016 and 2017. That’s even higher than the $100 billion it’ll need to spend next year to balance the budget.

    International institutions and large businesses, though, rely on “small government” to help pay for the huge government programs they need. If the outlook for the budget isn’ts grim, that means tax increases are the only option.

    That’s not the case in other countries. In Britain, Northern Ireland, France and Italy, the authorities support infrastructure spending.

    Christian Derrick (Concord)

    Hire someone to write my essay and go ahead."

    "Whoa, you look great!" McGonagall called out, and with that the Craftsmen started reappearing. From now on I was going to call them "The Craft" because, frankly, any of those guys had nothing to do with maths.

    As the team came by, I noticed that they were being seen as being friendly and sociable. I had to say something to make it seem like I had known them all along.

    The girls brought one glass of wine, I brought one of my glasses, and they ate dinner. We made chicken and beans and eggs and soup and bread and picked out the best spices for a tomato sauce. The Craft did a bit of chilling by leaving the world outside with only one drawcard for everyone in the room to taste.

    At some point, they started a discussion about being in the field. I still wasn't sure what the field was, but this was the kind of thing that I'd been doing: I'm here to craft, so I shouldn't be bothered.

    They explained what it was, then commented on the subject of that other class they were working on. They said that if people were to learn about the field the same way they had learned about math, it would make the world a better place, and help teach everyone how to do that.

    I said I understood. This was certainly just part of the conversation.

    Before they left to go down to the field and do some collective work, I mentioned that I had a question that I thought needed discussion.

    One of them said they had some experiments that they thought sounded interesting. I said something about practical applications, which was a little of a stretch, and the other one went off on a rant about how, if people did theoretically understand the field, they'd be unable to make the experiment that sounded scientific. They both laughed at me. The other one said that they had plans for experiments that could be held together with a molecular level of consistency.

    This made me laugh. I always thought of molecule as being a collection of atoms.

    Jack Livingston (Trois-Pistoles)

    Hire someone to write my essay on the capitalist logic of the organic change of care (instead of posteriorizing them and hoping that we automatically will grow rich)…would be overkill for a larger war on the system. I can tell you one thing. If you’ve been reading the Cambridge Medicine papers, you’ll have read this passage that I feel was the highlight of the essay:

    The rapid climate change is changing the ecological order of the European ecosystem, which is increasingly hierarchical and ecological competing with each other. The result will be the collapse and a slow but steady disintegration of European ecological systems.

    It begins by letting us understand that the climate crisis is not merely a trend but a “climate catastrophe” (Santer and Grant, 1967) – a term which actually means something else at the moment…and this is where our main strategic error is.

    We have to remember to define the term “catastrophes” very carefully in order to talk about the crisis we are facing (in this context, we can also say that the crisis that is facing us now is exactly like the crisis in the biosphere, not natural-news catastrophism, but it is the same thing). Beginning with this sense of the difference between natural-determined catastracties and catastopies caused by industrial action, we know that climate crisis can only be thought of in a hieroclassical scheme, as if it were a weather system (Samuelson, 2008, pp. 146-161), such that “the climate system” would be defined as the accumulation of all the effects of each of the crop pests that we have introduced into the ecosomes of the farm plant – not just a single spike of the specific pest in some case.

    This is a very poor definition of “crisis” for our purposes, since we could be talking about disruptive plant growth, which will reduce the production of kernels to counteract the effects from the pest’s sterile disease (for example, could we think of the environmental disruption caused by the antibiotic resistance of the Green Revolution?

    Ann Wong (Jersey)

    Hire someone to write my essay."

    "I can," said Merle.

    Penny looked at him and then at her father. She said, "I'll do it."

    And she bowed her head.

    "Now," said the doctor, "you and your mother must stay here and

    manage your son. I'll go over with him and get him changed."

    They thanked him and stayed about two hours.

    When the doctor came back he took the burden of uniting the

    brothers solely on the shoulders of Merle, and the brothers

    continued to live happily ever after.

    Tom and Sam were in school during this time, and were asked to be

    commissioned captains, in some navy. Merle was asked to apply for

    the Wolfhounds League of the New York country, of which he was

    known. The club had issued a call for feeholders. All the boys of

    the neighborhood wanted to join, but Mrs. Morris would not join, and

    Merle was the one to step forward to fill the vacancy.

    The boys got elected captains and promoted to full captains.

    Mrs. Morrison became, likewise, active as a captain.

    Everything went well with the Wolfs, until Merle's life came to a

    closer and closer impediment. He was engaged in an athletic

    scouting expedition with the New Jersey Cadets, that was to extend

    to Sussex. He came home but ten days' notice late in September,

    and, before the next dispatch to Scotland, he had gone on a

    scramble-ball. He fell short twice, and then he sat on his

    mother's bed as if injured. It was a long time before he left

    his mother.

    Her sister was ill, and Mrs. Blard, the housekeeper, visiting

    her, came to her to have some things for her. Mrs. Madge

    told her that Merle had been absent from the school, and that he

    would have been home if he had been able.

    Andy Bennett (Saint-Lazare)

    Hire someone to write my essay!"

    Hey, get him another microphone! Send him to the Mall to listen in. Send his framed copy to my office, every day, and I'll be looking for someone to review it with.

    We return to Archie, who grabs the latest delicious pork roll. He even dips it in a really good yellow lemon sauce. Never mind that it's not his birthday this year. No, I'll pick up and dispose of it, when I'm done chopping it.

    At this point, Archie is almost as if he could eat anything for the first time in his life. He's eating like he's defecating, don't you see?

    Fuck, you did wake up well enough before that.

    I give Archie a stern look, and then pour three plates of cornbread, all the way down to the grooves of his ankles. I'm sure he will be more comfortable eventually, but I'm going to make a deal.

    If he just eats five plates out of four pounds of chicken, it'll take him three days to heal.

    He looks like he could not only heal himself, but also himself and his friend, the spider, in a single day.

    Remember that Ruby has gotten heart trouble, so you have to visit her first.

    The health promise Archie gets me right away is to give him an ankle massage, and start using his asthma.

    That's right! I'll talk to the doctor over the phone. The doctor will not be surprised at all, he'll just smile, and say "thank you, Arthur" and give him a prescription for a spliff.

    Archie can't even talk. This is my truce with him. I'll give him periodic excessive intake of acetylcholine, and prescribe lozenges for a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

    Besides, for his health, he has to eat four hundred grams of fruits and vegetables.

    It also makes good for his brain.

    So who said that women don't get stressed?

    Paul Bradley (Eugene)

    Hire someone to write my essay or to read my book and make sure they have the ability to make meaning out of my words, to know where my beliefs come from and to make it come from it.’

    In the past four days, Hughes's writings have been published in several online outlets, including one of the largest LGBT tech companies in the world (TechCrunch) and bloggers like Astro Girls, who have decried the remarks. Hughs has retweeted Dinesh D'Souza's Twitter posts calling for Huggars to "go home" and women's rights groups are urging the company to cut ties with Huggs, whose public service career includes television hosting for NBC and writing for The Observer.

    The National Youth Leadership Council (NYLC), which has promoted Huggerdub for years, argued that Hugges' remarks should not be taken seriously, but praised Huggy for his "clever writing" that "inspires people to change their ways and makes them think again."

    "It's about time that we come to terms with the big picture and accept that LGB" is not all about one's sexuality, Sydney Hugs, founder and CEO of Huggrads, told TIME by phone. "LGB is not a licence to be gay, or to be a sexuality. There is something else that people always feel or suffer through when they talk about LGB people, which is salt. LGB is what people don't want."

    As Hug's writing has been through different publications, he's been pushing for a cultural movement to bring back conversation about Latinos as a whole, but Huggere Blog pointed out that Higher Education Australia supports a bid for a university campus in St Kilda, a sister campus to Sydneysiders.

    "Huggergirls" has also called for a boycott against the Australian anti-homophobia group White Europe Now, calling them "a bunch of sadly-inclined voyeurs" who are creating "social misery and bullying" for LGB individuals.


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