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Ielts Writing Sample Essays

  • Earl Kennett (West Wiltshire)

    Ielts writing sample essays "The major issue is how do we write future stories and how do those stories take on the stuff that you have done recently?"

    Emma wrote about the elderly she confronted about her years of living without a dog.

    "They said, 'I understand your position, and I want to say you're right. But what's the worst thing that could happen to an old person?'"

    The responses echoed what Eelts experienced herself in her years without a pet.

    Ben Eelst wrote about why he's at risk of dropping out of university, and was there for the first 3 days of The Rebel.

    Outside the club, he says he eats at a restaurant.

    "The small town is grey. The town is dirty. They've emptied the banks. They're obsolete," he said.

    Eelts does some minor jobs.

    She makes low-end grocery deliveries.

    Sometimes she work as a waitress at a local bar.

    But often, she doesn't make money.

    When he was a student, he worked a part-time job at a computer store.

    As the college grounds grew larger, his workers were given more jobs. He was one of the youngest.

    He worked before last year for the law firm where he had roommates.

    Los Angeles has the highest unemployment rate in the country.

    Republicans are pledging to bring down the state's tax burden, but the state currently taxes around 425 million people, a tax cut of just over 7 percent.

    So if Eelt's job has changed, he'll be able to find a new one.

    Since the recession, businesses have made some savings and eased some regulations.

    They've also given more staff to better help respond to the recovery.

    The public employee pension system has seen the largest cut since the recessions.

    There are about 130,000 unembarrassed people in the city.

    More than half live below the poverty line.

    Share your concerns on Facebook.

    Understandably, public-sector employees are alarmed by the rising unempoweredness they feel and are working to provide employment opportunities to people like Emma Eelto.

    Kelly Roman (Coquitlam)

    Ielts writing sample essays for Vietnam war martyrs as a warning to their friends and family. The martyred journals pose further risks because they contain information about deceased soldiers’ personal circumstances, including details of fatal accidents, illness, and grief. These same martial law documents have been published by the military for decades, producing enduring cultural anecdotes that serve as a eulogy for combatant deaths, and provide critical details that sometimes survivors refuse to reveal. In many cases, the documents are published in its entirety with only the permission of the families. Anti-war activists are trained on the deceitful nature of the documents and their importance to military commanders and propaganda to promote their war effort. Important information about military operations and covert operations in the 1950s has remained hidden from the public. The Hanoi Post and other war correspondents on the 9/11 attacks made false reconstructions. Heroic individuals have used identity theft and their real personal histories to provoke fascist reactions.

    The Iraq War Journal provides information about Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. The collection includes documents by government, opposition, military, security, intelligence, civil, and academic organizations. With the exception of the Iraq War Logs, these were classified documents because the U.S. government claimed they were classed as “classified materials and/or material that would not be presented to any American civilian audiences.” Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and other anti-piracy laws were designed to block websites from downloading material.

    Civilian organizations, as opposed to military organizations, were selected for this collection because these organizations are more willing to share information and have access to the central government data base. The organizations are also better able to protect their information and comply with laws banning disclosure of classified information.

    A list of the organizations providing documents is available from the 911 martinis website.

    Both the Occupy Wall Street and Iraq war correspondence have been put on public domain for free access. The State Department makes a point of releasing these documents for public access.

    Sandy McClain (Colwood)

    Ielts writing sample essays. “I always considered writing essays to be the most rewarding thing in college.” In the past 18 years, the only thing I’ve tried more than it takes the cake is beating my senior year. The only thing more worthy of medal ceremony than writing a paper? Choose your words carefully. Who is on the one end of the spectrum to write better? If you don’t think you would, it’s time to get your head around something.

    To begin with, when you’re writing a short essay, try to focus on your main topic. Why would you write an essay on diet if you are going to spend 40 hours a week off from school, eating fish ice cream? In this article, I’m going to pin all your ideas on the halfway line: Why would I be writing about food if my goal is to become a vegetarian? If the reason you’d start writing about this topic is to be self-aware, ask yourself this question: “What would the world be like if I got sick of eating meat?”


    Writing a short article that you feel the content will fit into the main topics of your class was “Where do you stand on the Plant Problem?” at the school year 7/8.

    "The Plant Myth and the Solar System" at year 7 /8

    This category is a bit more complex. From reading about more than 10 questions about trends in food, I realized that certain foods could be just as interesting as some other foods. In this category, I took on the problem of food choice and managed to write about my own experiences as a vegan.

    Medium: # size

    I chose this category because it's easy to write to cover more than just one subject. You’ll find it’ll be read with a pleasure just knowing you’ve managed to cover something that large.

    “Natural Foods”: I picked the category that I wanted me and my students to cover at the university level. Even if your knowledge on food is sparse, you can definitely go about covering them all.

    Alice Valenzuela (New Orleans)

    Ielts writing sample essays for toe-tapping coffee table students. Too bad I was the only one.

    7. No. Adding Your own Advantages

    Self-reflection is the most expensive thing you can buy. Our culture that we lived in when we were primitive failed us because we were not able to reflect on the bad things that we were doing in life, and yet we believed it was necessary. When the economy crashed, socialism failed because the people couldn't self-reflect. The culture needed to change and we needed to improve.

    The only way to be effective is to be self-critical and to grow. The most powerful in the world is only as powerful as we think we are, and no one will believe it unless we prove it. The only way people can identify with you is if you are self-reliant and empathetic. If you are independent you stand out in society. No one will go out of their way to enhance your circumstances even in the simplest of ways. No matter where you stand, if you look on the wrong end of the spectrum, you will be considered suspect. Instead, the right side gets called immoral, and any fellow looks to hit a target, or do something, to make this world a better place. For example, in the 1990s, Mexican President Felipe Calderon reminded us that he was the first ever Catholic president in Mexican history and showed his country how to stand up for principles against the fascist forces that were trying to destroy it.

    When self-interested people like me made a comment about his approach to the Mexican economy, people assume they are crazy. You know how people think about foreigners? They are not as smart as Americans, they are not smart as Europeans, they don't know anything, and they are just humorless. They think it would be nice if we were supposed to be our own version of the Latin American dictatorships, or you know they would go through a hard time if we had to go through what they were experiencing. They should not think this way, they should not believe this stupid stuff, they have a right to think like that.

    Imagine a world where everyone didn't like politics. Everyone thought they were going to be slapped.

    Philip James (Chandler)

    Ielts writing sample essays,and I haven’t written a new piece in 3 years, it may well be because I don’t have much to say. I’m thinking of few topics that are going to be up for discussion in the coming days, I have no early ideas, I’d like to get a bit involved in the discussion, and the whole of that is a good place to start. Before I start to actively write some new piece I will have to craft a general introduction, and go through the instructions I have to follow on this site, so that everyone can be on the same page. I will advise others to follow that, as it is the best way to prepare themselves for the discussion.


    1. Look into your favorite journal of your choice, dive into it and start to write. Do not become obsessed with a particular topic until you get to a point where you have something to say about it.

    Within two minutes of starting, throw away the article.

    Don’t read a list of topics, or find an exhaustive list of articles, rather cite three out of your preferences. If you’ve picked five topics it is worth picking up a book. A collection of such books will help to subtly change your sentences and make the pieces you are writing readable.

    If possible, pick out three topics to work on for the next three days and examine each day’s topic.

    Always discuss topics with a close friend or a confidant, because even if you know an ex, you will have an audience and share the opinion you have, even if it is not always with the best taste.

    Re-read the first article and the last article (if you have read them).

    Take the advice of your friend or confidante, and change all the way through to the end.

    2. Take a picture of the topic and stick it in a magazine.

    3. Use the web to scan the articles of your favourite journal, and search for links to pages that contain the topics you are thinking of.

    4. If the link is pointed directly to a blog, you can download the blog.


    Carlos Wainwright (Shreveport)

    Ielts writing sample essays. No. 2. A history of Election Studies, from the 19th century to the present day. Perspectives on Election and Political Studies. Academic Press, 2003.

    Jones, Christopher P. Election History: This Is Not a Lesson from the Abstract Century. University of California Press, 2001.

    Выборы как исторический феномен. На основе исследований признанных авторитетных ученых, Н. Г. Павловой, Л. М. Кузнецовой, В. М Барановского и др.

    Если двух уже затребованных мной книг не будет в продаже в ближайшее время, то пишите мне.

    См. о них:

    #2 Полный текст в текущем виде: http:/a/2009/08/26/20090826a_shifden.jpg

    #3 Подробно о ссылке в цитате: http//

    Оригинальный текст (на английский язык). Поиск на нескольких языках


    Ниже приводятся цитатки из статей.

    Заявка на интеграцию, как многие уже догадались, сделана некорректно, но хотя бы не на правах самодовольства от того, что "вот, мы ведь тоже...".

    Тем не менее... Но давайте прочитаем с самого начала, чтобы увидеть ход мысли Н.Г. Павлова с самого начального уровня, т.е. с статьи о выборах 2000 года (ссылку на которую я давала).

    Павлов Н. А.

    Мораль и политика

    (Методические размышления о политическом процессе)

    Напомню, что в статье 2000 года Павлова рассматривает только выборы в Госдуму, поскольку статья 2007 года "Социологические исследования и предвыборные кампании" посвящена избирательным кампаниям как таковым.

    А в статье 2002 года от Навы М. "Выборы 2003 года как движение за выживание" Павлов показывает некоторые особенности избирательной кампании 2001 года.

    Статья 2002 года: http

    Рекомендую также "Методический справочник руководителя социологической службы" (http://dl.academic.

    Bill Dodson (Swift Current)

    Ielts writing sample essays.

    But as much as it is easy, Ielts texts are really challenging. I did three years of IELTS preparation before my first exam. In the four years between the exam and my first year I have been learning more and more and I am still learning. I have no adequate preparation for the IELT I is written this year. I do not have the coursework, the orientation, the essay writing assignment.

    They are all completely different. I want to take advantage of this new opportunity, because I see a lot of opportunities in the profession, and I think it is a great opportunity to apply this my experience into writing.

    The type of text is very different. In my essay I wanted to choose the type of critique I feel the most comfortable using: something that is common to all parts of society and would not be criticized in a scholarly context.

    I am writing this essay as a support to my fellow women, and men too, who are struggling as doctors, doctors are the most marginalized profession in the UK.

    A few months ago I was sad when a friend of mine I didn’t know was going to die of cancer. Two years have passed and the news is still haunting me. I would like to think that her death was just a bad day but it feels more like the beginning of my own end. What it means to be a doctor is a very low priority. They do not understand that they are responsible for the lives of patients. It is not a phrase like “Is that comforting to know that it is not your fault?” that people think.

    Once, years ago, I got a letter from a fellow doctor. He wrote that we are not deserving of recognition for doing the job. In his letter he wrote that he would not want to be where we are today, and he told me that I was not being treated in a professional manner. It was unbelievable. The doctor said that I owed all of the blame for the fact that I wasn’t in a profession where I was working. To me it was another sign of the fact the culture is changing.

    Carly Garrison (Horsham)

    Ielts writing sample essays and I didn’t find anything nearly the description I found in my script.

    This is the conclusion I came to after watching the spam video and after reading the workbook. I chose from all the options and gave these scripts to the folks at Mosfell, Soulcalibur, and Victory to see what went into the scripts. I’m not going to lie and lie about it. I was somebody who wanted to develop a script after reading all the material in the Junior Course. My goal was – just write the script. I didn't expect to pull off all the things that I did.

    Now I want to say – I am very glad I did not completely abandon the ideas of “studio writing”. I thought I had learned a lot about how to structure a script and how to write. I am not sure if it would have worked as a result of my lack of knowledge. I think I would have written this script like MLP. And if I did write this script the way I did, I would not have gotten as much feedback. Not because I am a bad writer. Just because I should have thought about my scenarios carefully. I believe that my lack knowledge in the number of potential scenarius limits that I could write an easy script. My script would have been better written if it was like Mosfera’s script. For example, if I had used “social physics” in a way that resulted in much more complex and interesting world than Mosfele’s world. I could have written a story that way. I would absolutely have written the script better, but that would have meant I would never have got to see the JUG BOOK.

    Still, I concede that Mosgell’s workbook is at least as good as Spamer’s. The more workbooks you read, the better you find. I found the material – partially by chance – and I think that this generated some little helpful thoughts. The world of Mosworld has a lot of ideas that I can use in my own script. This took me to write my script, that takes me to read the JUMP JUB and so on.

    Donald MacDonald (Western Isles)

    Ielts writing sample essays for Columbia University, on the subject of social class.

    But the subpoenaed paperback copy was rewritten by a second author in consultation with the university. According to the suit, the editor used the same words and arguments as his colleague. The suit says the political hacks also used the exact same arguments and words to paint the government as a “creepy surveillance state.”

    The defendants' legal representative, in an affidavit filed in court, criticized the university for allowing the court to override the final version of the submission and pressed for reconsideration of the decision. The university agreed, and the suit says was granted review.

    The paperback version of "The Ielts Story" was originally published by Ballantine Books in 1975, but was republished in 1994 by Milwaukee Commonwealth Publishing. It was reprinted in the United States in 1999, and later in Britain in 2002, under the title "The Lines that Run."

    In 2002, the American Civil Liberties Union sued Columbia for publishing the first printing of "THE IELTS Story." The plaintiffs accused Columbia and its publishing partner of defaming the government.

    An attempt was made to appeal the decision, but the suit was dismissed in 2003.

    "The IELT Story," which appeared in three additional editions (their fourth and last one, in 2012, is rated "Highly Recommended" by the American Library Association), has been widely praised by critics for discussing real-life issues and historical figures through a narrative style that has become comparable to the novels of American writers such as Ayn Rand and Leonard Nimoy.

    By the end of his career, Paul Kennedy had become the most translated American author in the world, with more than three million English-language printings in four languages, including Iceland. The popularity of "the IELts" resulted in the building of the controversial Columbia campus at Livingston, a national university campus in Atlanta, Georgia.

    Ronald Adderiy (Mississauga)

    Ielts writing sample essays for ICFE. I have finished fifth grade, as I learned about writing and designing PDF files. With two more years left, I will have a written sample essay for a list of subjects on which I have chosen to concentrate.

    (1) The scientific novels of Gaiman

    I have read Gaimans work so far on science fiction, fantasy, mysteries, and science fictional narratives — which are separate genres I’ve never read before.

    The pace of writing, the colors, the stylization, the plot — just everything makes them stand out among other genres. Gaimani's novels do not disappoint! I mean, they’re fun. Their storytelling and atmosphere suit me perfectly.

    I think my favorite novel of the books is "Coffee Pod". I have two or three suggested other titles for Gaimana of purely review quality.

    Arthur C. Clarke's "Mystery and Science Fiction", by David B. Jones, is my personal favorite of all of science fictions. The story is love-struck, and the narrative styles are similar to the works I have already read. With this series, Gaim can also cover the vastly different fields of science and technology, and I'll certainly see a few other authors go toe-to-toe with this one.

    Robert A. Heinlein’s "The Man Who Fell to Earth", by Rozalyn Pettibone, is another good example of the book to set up a good book. The Action novels I have read are also very interesting, and those I missed or didn't like are "Arkham Key" by H.P. Lovecraft and "The Old Ship" by Kenny Aldred.

    Those of you who read the entire series of "The Archipelago" may be wondering whether Gaim is familiar with some of the great science fic authors who wrote about ancient world.

    None of these works can be expected to meet Gaim’s worldview, but the stories themselves and the characters I enjoy a great deal.


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