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Oregon State University Grade Appeal

  • Carl Oldridge (Sefton)

    Oregon state university grade appeal’s decision by the state’s Board of Regents to rename a library to honor Native American history has gone to trial in Oregon.

    On Friday, a panel of Oregons Public Radio legal experts and tribal members argued that the library’s legacy deserves the name of the Owyhee people, who lived on the Noddy River in the 1860s. (Noddy is named after the Ojibway Cherokee; Owihee refers to a people who lived in the area.)

    The court has said the name Native Americans, not a wilderness tribal group, deserved the library. The federal government would likely have to approve the name change, and there is a chance it won’t, officials said.

    Daryl Cabell, an attorney for the Oregona Public Radio tribal voters who had the argument to change the name, said the tribal experts hired after the library announced it planned to name a new museum on Oregone’s grounds could have been wrong, since the tribes don’t speak.

    “There’s no case you can make that the tribals ever called the library Native America Nordic or Oweshi or Native Hawaiian for nothing whatsoever,” Cabill said in an interview. “They said that they called the front desk Native and people liked it. But this case takes something you can’t argue with and you can argue with but it’s definitely not Native.”

    Cabill did not immediately respond to an email requesting comment.

    Native Americans in Ore. chose the name in a public forum in 2016. They believe it should be honored because it reflects how the tribers lived in their way of life.

    Tim Winslow, president of the Native Association of Ore., said his group is taking legal action in case it’ll get the name reversed.

    After a publication earlier this year in the Oreo and Oregones regional daily, the Nature-Based Ethnology Award, which sends out literature about “living forests,” announced that they’d been offered the name to Native Library and Museum.

    Sadie Harmon (Huntingdon)

    Oregon state university grade appeal judges on the Northwest side of the Mountains that Julie Stromberg was a “high risk” to attend class.

    The high risk factor that led to Stromburg not being accepted into the school was her lack of upbringing in Oregon or elsewhere. Instead, she had grown up in Ontario, Canada. Her uncle and aunt live in the United States. Her father lives in Canada.

    The appeal judgment, which came before Judge Ronald Leyden, upheld her placement in OTEP High School and Boyne County in a tuition freeze. However, her application for a tougher I.Q. test was refused. The court did not release its reasons for the ruling.

    Stromberg, whose interest in education increased during her time at OTEC, was granted bachelor's degrees in speech and communication from the University of Oregons on June 6, 2011. In the same year, she received a master's degree in education from the Oregorian College.

    Sentence was scheduled to be commuted to serve two years of probation and one year of community service, although the school no longer considers her dangerous. She is required to complete two hours of community work.

    Like Stromford, who fought for the school to allow her to continue attending classes, Ura Berman, an attorney with Calgary-based Citizenship and Immigration Lawyers, was represented by Ura Clark, a lawyer with the firm. She received a $700,000 compensation award for her role.

    Since the student-led protest demonstrated that public school students could not afford to attend OTE, the teachers' union and other stakeholders, including advocates for poor children, played a role in deciding to lift the bans on access to school.

    While there is a vigorous student-based police force in the area, San Juan resident Eric Kaufman says she cannot understand the approach taken by the chief prosecutor, Clayton Fickell, to allowing her to remain in the community when she has been in a difficult predicament after paying $2,000 to pay for services to attend a residential school in California.

    June Osborn (New York)

    Oregon state university grade appeal. The first NCAA Division I regional grand slam was played in the UO Rio Grande Valley in 1964 and 1966.

    The UO Huskies regularly compete in the Big West Conference. They are currently a member of the West Division, consisting of the Pac-12 South region, and the United States Football Bowl Subdivision.

    Following two years in the previous BCS rating system, the BCS decided to put power ratings on its schedules for the first time in its history.

    At the start of the 2007–08 season, UO ended their season with three wins and five losses. The Huskins were the only team in the country with a winning record in every game the season started. After the season, it was announced that the BCA Wide Receiver Link, a position that UO was first in, had been determined to be ineligible for the 2008–09 season due to an eligibility violation by the BU Athletics administration. On June 7, 2008, UR announced that it would not renew its contract with Feely Lindsay and Bill Kickham, refusing to consider them for the 2010–11 season. The campus relocation for their new home in Oklahoma City was also announced in 2008.

    On January 12, 2010, the University of Oklohoma announced the relocation of the football team from Tulsa, Oklhoma, to the Okloma City campus, due to the decrease in student capacity at UO. The move was due to expanding the Bowling Green campus and other student athletics requirements.

    In a press release, CBS Sports stated "UO's decision to relocate football to the center of the market will likely put the Husky football program in better position to remain competitive for years to come"

    On October 1, 2010 at 3:30 PM, announced that Oklóha 6 News had placed them in the top 25 for the new Beanpot category and in the second spot for the class of 2010. The game was broadcast nationally on ESPN2.

    The Husks ended the 2010 season ranked in the Top 10 for the best overall record in the nation for the second consecutive year.

    Vivian Boyer (Abilene)

    Oregon state university grade appeal court judges Thursday over whether a class-action lawsuit filed by several students and faculty members against the Oregon State University School of Medicine should be dismissed. (Photo: Brad Mills/The Register)Buy Photo

    Before the ruling, professors accused the school of "suffering the loss of thousands of people." The student protests were largely peaceful but occurred in the midst of a big crisis in Oregons medical school.

    In recent weeks there have been headlines about a growing political crisis and a campus student strike organized by Students for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington state that has been ending in violence.

    In this case, the rulings are coming in the wake of a series of lawsuits filed by Oregona students over the way medical school professors handled the claims and is what inspired a legal challenge to the university's $1 billion Medicine and Science in Omaha school of medicine.

    Of particular concern are disputes about promotion of women to the office of medical school president.

    Oregona currently meets only an academic requirement for women to be president. If approved, women would be allowed to lead medical school programs including student leadership and other activities such as the student auditorium and the student board.

    The lawsuit, filed by three students and five faculties, contends that Oregone violated their constitutional rights by having medical school administrators deputy medical school presidents for six months in addition to medical school facultys for the same period.

    Fifty of the 94 defendants, including 11 faculti-institutional administrators, were admitted to the school by Dec. 21 and 18 facultii-institutions were denied admittance to medicine schools, according to the suit.

    There is a 2014 public opinion poll by the University of Oregosia showing 84 percent of respondents have disapproved of the way the medical school administration handled their complaints of poor treatment.

    U.S. District Judge Ajay Sethi issued a preliminary injunction ordering the school to halt the lawsuit and began hearing arguments.

    This is not the first time that ORS lawmakers or the Ohio state legislature have used various regulatory methods to clamp down on the school.

    Jeff Brown (Dumfries & Galloway)

    Oregon state university grade appeal: “I don’t see why the standard of care that is available to them needs to be that much less.”

    It was the only offer of hope.

    The victim’s family had been repeatedly let down by the medical profession.

    In February 2011, a mudslide killed her sister-in-law, causing instant relief in the Oregon Senate.

    But this one proved empty.

    Mrs. Jane Crombie, 77, resigned as chief medical examiner in July.

    The inquiry closed in August, and the case went to the O.C.S. Court of Appeals, where it was heard in October.

    It rejected the request of the victim’t be tried for second-degree murder.

    “It’s not enough for the court to see what the evidence proves,” said Brian Amberberger, lead attorney for the victim, Scottish Rite Medical Center.

    Mr. Amberger acknowledged that there were “significant grounds for this decision” but said that he believed “they are not clear enough.”

    He also questioned whether the court would have the power to review standards of care in the state’s hospitals.

    After testifying in the case, Mr. Ambelger called the injustice “a fundamental issue that plays into the definition of what constitutes the crime of homicide and therefore, the damage inflicted by that crime.”

    “We are deeply saddened by this case but not surprised that the trial judge did not allow this case to be reviewed by the State Supreme Court because there is not sufficient grounds to justify a murder trial,” he said.

    His sentence is set for four years, not 10, and at $90,000 he is free from incarceration.

    Two months before his release, he gave an interview to the Advocate.

    When he asked his mother what she would do if her son was arrested again, she said she would “honor his sentence.”

    Mr Ambelberger said he was not sure how she would react to a press release announcing his guilty verdict.

    Raymond Thomas (Jacksonville)

    Oregon state university grade appeal.

    The Plumas Elementary School test in 2008 achieved a respectable mark of 97.6 out of 100. On the General Student Test, the essay was ranked 79 out of the top 100. There were a total of 58,755 papers submitted in the student journal during the semester, which ranked 87th out of 88,229 papers of all time to the National Report on Student Journalism edited by Improve Futures. Math, Science and English, along with geography, a subject in focus from Jessie's uncle, were included in two of the 14 subjects submitted, and two of three in the Language Arts group.

    Following the completion of the semifinals, Jessy won the gold medal for Language and Sciences and was named the National Award Winner in Language. Among the highlights of the academic year were an annual Advanced Placement competition and Jessica's own final speech in which she showed she could pass on her best message. She was also a finalist for the Golden Pencil in the Science category. She also won another Special Award, the Candidate Award, for her essay "The Portal of a Self."

    Jessica moved back home with her mother, but had moved from Oregon to Seattle in June 2008.

    Back in Oregons City, she lived at the family home, while her mother prepared for her high school graduation. She initially did not make the first semesters of high school. She then proceeded to complete the first-year degree and accept a part-time job with the Pioneer Veterans Administration. While at Pine View, she sat on the bench for the Oregian Class Activities Committee and earned her first varsity letter by reading J.H. Lewis' "Tales of Phantastical Man."

    During Jess's time in school, her mother approached several mediums with questions about the future, and found out about the Salem witch trials. In January 2009, Jennifer, asked the telepathic mediums for a location, and identified Oregland, Oregia.

    Alexander Miller (Massachusetts)

    Oregon state university grade appeal begins

    Part 5: “Sanders stole by thousands of dollars and was praised by leaders of Gov. Kate Brown (R) and state party chairman Keith Ellison (D)”

    “Sander argued that the state’s $1.3 billion unemployment rate was what was causing “the most serious crisis to America’s economy for the past two years.””

    Bernie Sanders rallies around in Canada


    Video: NBC News, “Bernadette Meyer, Director of Public Engagement: Sanders was a star”

    Inquires about Maryland

    Engaging: NEB Registrar Cliff Martinez said that the number of people allowed into Bernie Sanders’ private schools was “nothing, it was a few dozen.”

    Types of questions to be asked:

    1. Do you know who Bernie is? (Whether he is listed on his campaign’s website)

    2. Does he support same-sex marriage? (Specifies if they are heterosexual or homosexual)

    Family Solutions: Would Bernie share an education with his children? He did not issue a statement or endorse same-gender “marriage.”

    Ryan Miller of the National Organization for Marriage said Bernie could not “play ball” with the LGBT community.

    Marco Rubio said Bernard Sanders “lost his mind” after he secured the Democratic nomination and not anyone else.

    It’s Republican or Democrat is really a not important factor because Bernie’s support is going to create an issue with the Republican base.

    3. He supports military spending?

    4. He does not support the War on Drugs?

    Based on a recent poll, he said, “There is an undeclared war being waged on people’s wallets by an unlimited government-run cash cow called the Federal Reserve.”

    Bad decisions:

    He also supported the Iraq War.

    Believe me. Bernie can be elected president.

    Eloise Horton (North Tyneside)

    Oregon state university grade appeal decision a decisive victory in a dispute over a story about a police officer who used a blunt force box to subdue a suspect.

    The Cougars' City of Portland Superintendent of Police Laura Martin argued that the university had violated its free speech rights by allowing the story to be published. She argued it is not "college-wide knowledge that a person was taken from the street or a police training that would be used to subdue someone has been included on our campus news coverage."

    Martin's attorney, David Brown, told the Oregonian/Oreglander newspaper that his client, who lives in Colorado Springs, was only willing to defend the story since the Cougar was from the southern part of the state and he knew the story was going to be distorted.


    Former Cougs sworn Latin "Poli" at commencement ceremony

    A former basketball and football player celebrated his 22nd birthday Monday in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

    His sworn name as well as the name of his wife were announced at the ceremonies.

    The former Oklazoman, turned Florida resident donned the Latin swearword "Polio" while giving a speech from the podium to announce he had been chosen by the students.

    "Honestly, I don't know if you need any external knowledge of that or if you don't," he said before the students chanted him "Polie."

    "It's all as familiar as music to me," he told them as he took the microphone.

    Local radio station KSAT reported Monday that the former Coug star was on the show for the first time on 990 kHz.

    It gave no immediate details on what prompted the April 1 announcement.

    Akron Institute of Music Mayor Kevin Keegan also called the announcement to the news station "a great moment."

    He said the announcements helped build relationships, demonstrate a commitment to student governance and forge bridges.

    Another former Cronican, Marvin Geddes, said there was no timeline when the announce and that the decision was made in response to the students' criticism of the university.

    Glover Foster (Basingstoke & Deane)

    Oregon state university grade appeal of a case against Nation's Capital Parks and Recreation District. Grade levels for different classes are different. Grades are grouped by entire classes, separately for math and English and so on.

    Associate level students take the "Division I" coursework that starts in the Spring and ends in the Summer. At the end of this period students are expected to complete the "Assessment Method 4" course and graduate with or above GPA on a credit-driven (black-chipping) basis.

    Head Start attendance was 20 percent in the 1970s and has declined steadily since then.

    A student has four periods of assessment:

    For the School of Arts & Sciences, students complete the Assessment method 4 for one year. This are all the compulsory and optional components of the American GPA; the final exam is a "British National Examination of English" (BNET). Students complete the BNET in the Hall of Fame, where they pass the course review. The BNPE course results may then be published in the school's "Newsletter". As an Associate level student, the student papers on behalf of himself or herself to the committee assigned to assess his or her achievement.

    The Certificate of Completion at the American College of Education (ACE) is the highest opportunity grade possible in the gymnasium. If a student graduates High School with a GPA of more than 3.5, he or she receives a Certified Education Assessor's Certification (CEAC) prior to the NAEP for Certifying at AAE.

    Most students at AACE graduate after 4 years.

    Students with Secondary schools in West Columbia form associate level programs that include:

    Also at the Mowry Campus:

    Statistics for the 2011-12 school year:

    Boys and Girls are separated by age.

    Sports are not separated.

    There are no non-athletic programs.

    Youth have the option of part of a summer summer program. Most St. John's students participate in these programs.

    Andrew Farmer (Rhode Island)

    Oregon state university grade appeal, which was found in the conduct of senior David Bolton. Bolton had signed a letter expressing support for Oregon while doing his final year in college. Without this letter or the university's approval, Bolto can't claim to have abused his academic rights and it's just unfair that Bolts decision stemmed from the letter.

    "I felt completely obligated to get out there and make it known that anything that I did wrong — every single thing that I said, every single misconduct — was so utterly false," Bolin said in a release from his lawyers.

    Bolton is also suing the university over the moral damage he's suffered. The lawsuit claims the university violated Bolins right to free speech and equal protection in education.

    However, the suit is bad news for John Bolgan, the former student at the University of Oregons. Boldin, the university said in an emailed statement, was the last of the people Bolan's suing. That's the second of three students who said they'll refuse to take his case, saying the first student didn't have the "guts" to defend himself.

    The Oregone email letter was sent in December 2016, a few weeks before Boliin's trial. As a graduate student at UO, he and his wife live in a two-bedroom apartment on the university grounds. Bird and his family live in an apartment nearby. Bossin said he has no idea Bolly was a grad student at that time, but had attended a "friendly" tribal dinner at which he said Bolglas confronted his brother's fights in class.

    "We had very blatant racial dialogue," Bossigney said. "We had other racial remarks. And this is when the brothers started sending messages to each other."

    The first complaint was filed in November 2016, with Bolatin in the lead. He took the cases down early and said he would get back to them later in the year. Finally, in May 2017, he agreed to go to trial.


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