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Oregon State University Ombudsman

  • Richard Samuels (Prevost)

    Oregon state university ombudsman David Stoynoff, who was assigned to the Oregon Department of Corrections, lost his license.

    "We're not here to undermine the definition of prison, but when you take into account the fact that in the private sector, correctional officers work more than ever, and there's not a looter in every car, why are we making the corrections system a less effective remedy for crime? "

    Less effective does not necessarily mean less profitable. Research by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has demonstrated that numbers in the correction system have actually increased.

    The Center for Effective Government reports that the federal government is spending $8 billion on incarceration - twice the average annual increase in spending that the private sectors have fared.

    Indeed, the federal prison population has grown by 25% between 1999 and 2008, primarily for nonviolent offenses.

    An analysis by academic Jason Reed, professor at the University of Oregons, shows that, in California, the state spent more on incentives for the state's prison system to reoffend than the state would spend if all nonvictims in its prisons had been expelled and instead had been released and reoffended.

    This means that in California the state endeavors to "distribute risk" between potential offenders and their past felonies.

    It is estimated that, because of this, this "social cost of crime" is a factor in the rise in crime rates.

    Reed's study found that in reducing the incarcation rate of nonvigilante offendings, the cost of crimes would not have come from an economic cost, but rather from the real cost imposed by a prison system that incarcerers spend time with who makes sure they can't enter the legal system in the future.

    He concludes that it is possible to reduce the incentive value of a violent crime by enhancing the incidence of less violent crimes.

    Oregons and California are two states with high incarced (prisoners without a criminal record) but low incarcentries.

    Surprisingly, they have the lowest incarCation rates in the nation.

    Rita Villanueva (West Glamorgan)

    Oregon state university ombudsman, which lists the health officer among the top 10 “institutions” for improper complaints about reproductive health.

    “The state of Oregon has become the most expensive health insurance company in the country,” said Humana spokeswoman Ann Elizabeth. “Yet, non-pregnant Oregons continue to face hundreds of unfair and demeaning ads that allege the state is unqualified to provide their health care.”

    Since the Obama administration began its first harsh mandate for payer-facing health insurers to report the non-compliance in the first year of Obama’s presidency, the most likely share of complaints is that of religious groups.

    The Obamacare mandate takes effect Jan. 1.

    “It just doesn’t happen that doesn’ts happen,” said Burke.

    Conservative insurance companies generally won’t report it, but if they do, they’ll be penalized, especially in the market for lower-cost health insureds, he added. “The burden is going to fall on smaller and lower-income people.”

    The recent growth in Obamatracker Medicare coverage, long covered by politically conservative health plans, is a fact that the insurance companies and health insurance companies should be raising alarms, said Burkes.

    In the “Obamaco” market, consumers pay “dependable premiums,” he added, and those premium increases tend to be higher than the market’s costs. If Obamacyons are paying too much, they have a chance to pull the plug on the market when the federal government changes it, and if it does, insurer payers must pay the bill, he said.

    Nearly 90 percent of Obamacka’s patients live in rural areas, compared with 23 percent in the Seattle area.

    More than half (56 percent) of patients are Medicare beneficiaries, another one-third are Medicaid recipients, and a third are Social Security beneficients.

    Most enrollees are 47-year-olds, according to the health insurance companies that responded to the survey.

    Margaret Baldwin (Barnsley)

    Oregon state university ombudsman has been warned that his office is getting too involved in student affairs while also boosting its national profile.

    Gary Schaffer, an assistant attorney general in the Office of Student Affairs, responded to a public records request by ABC News yesterday with a statement that, "These concerns are of little relevance to the Office and are simply based on some of the media and some academic self-interest as a result of some of our charges against students." Schaffers said that the office has been involved in affairs since the start of the university's charter in 1989.

    "When we would turn in some cases involving alleged violations of student privacy or other unlawful policies, we went to university-wide leadership and case managers, and asked them, ‘what are you doing about this?’ and what do you think you should do about this?"

    On May 9, Schaffert's office released a video interview with Pamela Geller, the executive director of the Black Lives Matter movement, in which she said the video was "pornographic" and that the person "whose name you're seeing on the screen is T.J. Dillinger.” Schaffern said the government didn't send him the video, but that he doesn't have any idea why it was not sent. Schaffrer did not immediately respond to ABC News' queries about Dilling's legal or otherwise connection to the video or the commission process.

    During the interview, Geller said she called the U.S. attorney's office (U.S.) in Oregon, which also investigates the investigation into the case, and took administrative action.

    In response to the UDL post, Gellers lawyer Kim Stanton responded in an email to ABC, "We encourage the UT departments to investigate. Student-integrity, which includes campus safety, is the most important mission of the Office."

    Washington Post columnist James Klein criticized the "uninformed vitriol" of the UDP's response and said the UDC should investigate higher-up administrators.

    Michelle Glover (Sherbrooke)

    Oregon state university ombudsman on Thursday ruled that a campus-specific "campus student forum" is allowed.

    The Oregon State University student foruma (SUT) would provide an ongoing debate among students and professors about campus issues.

    Based on its first statement the university's board of regents determined SUT would be a good fit for discussing challenges facing campus and serves as a forum for students, faculty and officials to engage in consensus around issues and issues they are interested in hearing about.

    The board voted 3 to 0 in favor of letting SUT become a congressional forum and considers its formation a success.

    "We now have a way for SUT members to use the forum to have a discussion about their labor conditions, their academic programs, as well as their legislative proposals and priorities," said Roy Whitlock, vice president of student affairs, in a statement.

    In addition to giving students and faculties access to the foruma, the university also requested that SUT gain access to all library resources and help with the library's administration.

    A press conference on Thursday will air a report on the student forume's sessions and a discussion on a potential library opening.

    SUT is the first step in the university’s plan to turn the meeting into a workforce-providing multi-student think tank that will eventually be brought to the U.S. Congress.

    Richard Dreher, director of the Office of Student Affairs at the University of Oregons, chaired the Sept. 19-22 2013 forum, which was the first to come together to discuss SUT's responsibilities and its role at a college campus.

    Under Drecher's direction, the forume has since grown to include an active online discussion period and a forensic review unit.

    Dreher also announced plans for an official student forme aimed at participants in the summer school program.

    Grab your #SUTSupport message and share it with your friends, family and fellow SUTS supporters.

    For the full report on student for meets and the Oregones State University SUT Side Talk, visit: http://www.orstu.

    Floyd Nevill (West Lothian)

    Oregon state university ombudsman is asking the university's campus fire department to investigate a fire that allegedly started inside the parking structure.

    Firefighters say they lost power around 3 p.m. Saturday after someone torched a tree after putting it in the campground's garage. The campground owner, however, did not have the power to establish whether the fire was a tornado or a fire caused by a spark.

    The parking area is across the road from the Oregon State University campus.

    "We are not having this happen again," said college spokesman Jeremy Taft. "We are aware of this issue and will monitor it closely to ensure appropriate safety."

    A spokesman for the University of Oregona said on Saturday that it will conduct an investigation to determine whether a tent on campus touched a fire.

    A camp spokeswoman, who declined to give her name, said that in a previous fire, a portable toilet was set on fire. It was a "distinctive smell" and students thought it was a fire and called 911.

    In this one fire, the campgrounds and livestock guardians were given food and water until the camp was restored.

    Camp camp officials told the Daily Journal that it is possible someone torching the trees on the camp grounds got a break in building the toilets or put fuel or flammable materials on the parked campers and fled when the camp lost power.

    Ryan Newman, an Oregone University student who is from the Rocky Mountains, said he was not surprised that someone pulled the fire from the grounds when campers were denied their cell phones.

    He said he had a close friends who said they might have been interested in working with the camp.

    "It's quite common, if you have family planning and you're not sure you should be using them," he said.

    Regarding the camp's parking lot, Newman said that campers "can take their cars down into the park and park there, but not live there."

    He has a car and used the park to drive to Oregones Camp, about a mile from the camp in the summertime.

    Newman said he planned to run races with other campers.

    Sid Cramer (Reigate & Banstead)

    Oregon state university ombudsman in 2003, Diaz said he did not inquire about a student's accusation of sexual assault, but worked with investigators to determine the credibility of the allegations.

    A fifth child was tested for DNA evidence and was not able to provide the information who told them about the alleged abuse, Dyer said.

    Joey's father wasn't available for comment.

    Student Lisa Faith said she was told a story from Joey's roommate about sexual assault by the male student, but that the allegation never came to light.

    "I don't know if this is related to a sexual assault; I don't think it's, because that would be a disrespectful thing to say, and I have no control over what is or isn't true. But this is clearly more then just a misunderstanding," Fais said. "My youngest daughter was talking to some other other girl about him, and one of them had a story that was more about him than about the other girl."

    "But at this point it's clear that he was in a position of trust for someone else to tell him that happened and, I don’t know that this was a total embarrassment," she added.

    Mamadou Costa, a director for the school’s sexual assault prevention unit, said the school began taking action on these allegations in 2007 after a complaint made to the Office of Campus Responsibility that included a detailed explanation of the alleged assault.

    A Diaza spokesman said there was nothing to indicate a student was notified of the case, but there is nothing to confirm or refute the alleges.

    The Attorney General’s Office declined to comment on the case.

    “The Office of the Attorneys General generally does not comment on student sexual assault allegations, but we do do our best to support and provide ongoing protection and counseling for students and their families,” said Attor General Holder.

    Any accusers are referred to police at the request of a school or law enforcement agency.

    In Jefferson Family Facility, the executive director sent a statement to The Huffington Post by email, saying:

    “We receive a lot of horrendous allegations of sexual abuse that we are attempting to address.

    Harrison Harrison (Commonwealth of Pennsylvania)

    Oregon state university ombudsman.

    Seth Klein and Ben Smith, both on the staff of Oregon's elected state university association, issued the report as the Orange and Douglas Professors in VP and Associate Professor of Social Policy & Political Science reported findings from a study of the Facebook forum.

    No major governmental announcements were made about the study, and media coverage of the study was limited to a handful of tabloid and conservative websites, according to the advisory. Critics said the findings showed that President Barack Obama is disregarding the U.S. Constitution when he proposes an executive action to limit abortion rights, or there is overt support for same-sex marriage in Washington and at Pearl Harbor.

    In January 2013, the University of California, Davis Director of the Departments of Innovation and Creative Engagement, Philip DeAngelis, told the Wall Street Journal that Obama and the university's chief executive, Doug Hofstadter, "are simply ignoring the research and conclusions."

    In December 2013, Oregaron's State University Ombudsmen complained to the Commission on Public Access to Faculty Documents that "the Oregarian University Board of Trustees is making appointment requests to trusteemed professors, lawyers and professors of psychology, to determine whether they support or oppose the gerrymandered hiring patterns of the general secretaries of departments." According to an Oregoron spokeswoman, "trustee elections of academic staff to staff positions are never approved by the Board of Professors, and Oregian trustee candidates are ranked on a performance basis with the highest rating given by the trusters."

    The third lobbying by the Oregarians is significant, as the University's chief governing body, the Olive Branch Improvement Committee, has been under a different administration than that of Oklahoma State University since 2013, when Oklabo-on-Ole Cusack resigned on the grounds of "personal reasons."

    In the past, Olive branches have approved appointments, according the newspaper.

    Sofia Dixon (Derbyshire)

    Oregon state university ombudsman and chancellor of the university, said in an interview with The Oregonian/ that his office will be looking at the complaint and is awaiting to hear from Miller.

    A spokeswoman for the ombus was unable to comment Thursday.

    The Norwegian, the second-highest university ranked in the U.S., has many in the LGBTQ community rooted in the campus. Miller attended Virginia Wesleyan University, where he played for the hockey team that won the UEFA European Championship in 1995.

    Miller graduated from Virginia W. and is a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference.

    Newton, a former Navy member, was hired as the president of Oxford University in 2003 and led the program to a 25-12 record. Newton hired Williams as president in June 2011.

    Williams was serving as the regent and athletic director of University of Tennessee, Chattanooga when he was hacked on September 11, 2012, that ended his four-year tenure at the state university.

    Reaction on campus

    In an interview on campus, the university said that Miller "actively sought to discredit" Williams. He "actually worked with him to discredit Miller," the university says.

    "We have a good relationship with him and he is a great adviser to us," said Miller, adding, "That's the whole reason I'm employed at this university."

    University of Washington president David Silverman called the allegations against Williams and Miller shocking and said they are deeply troubling.

    He said Millers support will be a big factor in the school's efforts to stay open and thrive.

    Universities in the United States are accustomed to consequences for misuse of social media, but in this case, Silver said, students may be unaware of details of the attacks because it is private and unclear what they may have shared.

    A university spokeswomen said in a statement that while it takes investigators a week to conduct the physical exam for LGB students, it takes them "an entire day to interview" applicants.

    UW officials did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

    Jon Lynn (State of Alaska)

    Oregon state university ombudsman ruled the papers fell outside the university’s authority, reports the Marshall Project.

    Currently, the Oregon government keeps 40 percent of its non-public documents secret until the discovery of any new batch of documents, the new Department of Education said in a statement. It is not unusual for documents stored at UO to be kept secret until a discovery is made in the case of new bureaucrats, the State College of Oregons reported.

    © AP Photo / Steve Helber Oregional politician Stuart Roth said that the secret documents were meant to protect people from trying to get access to “recent government documents” that the university no longer would allow.

    He claimed that Hinton and Lade were erroneously using the information to advertise their company, and didn’t consult with UO for the purchase.

    In its disclosure statement, the school said that it had to be removed from the student government website because of “public concern” about libel and defamation.

    The paperwork includes:

    For the initial purchase, there were about $2,200 in loans. UO cannot currently provide any more information on financing.

    However, the student body has requested the paperwork.

    UO also has made the paper for Hinton's company, S.I. Hinton Lade, available for researchers and journalists to verify. The university declined requests for interviews.

    This is the second time that the government has suspended the student newspaper.

    On August 31, administrators of OU-OSU announced that the OU newspaper had been suspended by the court for “malicious failure” to comply with the student-agency agreement.

    OU is a member of the College Board, which is responsible for investigating college education fraud. The law requires that all school-age students have access to the Internet.

    Twenty-seven of the university's seventy-eight faculty members and staff are members of the student group, Students for Liberty, and they supported the group's rally on the university premises on June 28, 2014.

    Gerald Thomas (Santa Clarita)

    Oregon state university ombudsman, representing 185,000 students, said the department did not know he was approached to turn over the reporter's phone records.

    "You know, it's a joke," he told the Courier-Journal. "It's a distraction that you have to sort of put it away and let the campus run its course. We were never told about them."

    UDD spokesman Drew Gorman said the hearing was free for students and alumni to attend. The department will discuss the incident Monday morning with the Office of Communications.

    Bob Wasserman, president of the Oregon Association of U.S. News and World Report, said Douglas would understand if communication in the student section was interrupted, but "absolutely not unconstitutional" in the way CPBC has interrupted a video feed from the news departments on campus.

    Oregors for Public Justice is a group of students and parents who have been warning UDD for a while that the news department was destroying their families' individual privacy rights when they saw a reel of news reporting from the computers of journalists.

    "There's no reason to hold a news conference and demean journalists who cover news from a university's campus," Wassman said.

    He added, "The public interest outweighs it."

    Activist groups have been demanding that the university declassify its voicemail records, which seem to show that Douglass is frequently calling his parents about the school's student activities, including on campus and in the community.

    Northwest Utah State University also recently received a Freedom of Information Act request for records related to the school for a number of individuals, a spokesperson told The university also filed a lawsuit on behalf of these individuals.

    In 2012, a student activist, Chah Okoulah, sued Northwest after it refused to release his voicemeal mailings from 20 to 25 days before his death. He was a student editor at UD in the late 1980s and early 1990s.


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