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Oregon State University Veterans Center

  • Jay Crystal (Portage la Prairie)

    Oregon state university veterans center in Corvallis, Oregon, Thursday. FBI agents in Portland, Ore., believe a man opened fire at a veterans facility on a campus where some of the state’s most elite law enforcement officials, including Portland Police Chief Greg Suhr, are based. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli) AP Photo/Mark Humphrey

    PORTLAND, ORE. -- FBI agents have opened a federal investigation into a shooting at a Portland veterans home, which occurred on Thursday.

    The Portland police have not yet responded to multiple requests for comment.

    Monday’s shooting was the second in less than a month on a Port Alta Veterans Medical Center campus, which is used by Portland’s largest police department.

    Ken Pearson, president of the Portland Museum of Natural History, told the Associated Press that one person has been killed in the shooting, and that there were possible victims.

    "We’re still investigating it," Pearstone said.

    Police chief Timothy McVeigh, who was at the scene with his chief of staff, said the incident "will be treated as a terrorist attack in the same way it was the September 11 attacks, in many ways, and many ways."

    McVeight, who has been with the Port Alaska Department of Revenue for nearly three decades, added that "if our veterans in Port Ala have a security issue, we need to open them up to the world."

    Pearson said in a statement that Portland is one of the few cities in the country where "fewer than 60 veterans are safe and protected, with very few legitimate treatment available to them, and their rights to privacy, and with the kind of public body they believe they need to work with."

    "In the U.S., only one in five veterans lives under the same law as everybody else," he said. "We have a long way to go before we have universal healthcare, affordable housing, and safeguards so that the security they need for their safety."

    According to the Associated press, a police spokesman said that officers were investigating the shooting and that those in the building were being monitored.

    Anastasia Rojas (Shreveport)

    Oregon state university veterans center, said he believes the officer's actions are legal. He noted that the department recommends using law enforcement’s own training programs to teach officers the importance of not using deadly force when dealing with clients.

    “The most dangerous thing you can do to someone is force them to contact authorities,” Gurley said. “I don’t know if Mr. Bugles received a training course on how not to engage in de-escalation, but it’s going to come out of that.”

    The officer drew national attention when the day after the shooting, he pulled the handcuffs off a man who had been in an earlier incident with a driver who had crashed into him and had yet to pay. When the officer pulled him away, he was punching the man in the face.

    The man was transported to Mount Baker Hospital and released.

    Months later, a man was arrested on the same street where the officer stopped and placed in handcart for a portion of a community day. The man, identified only as Chuck, was charged with misdemeanor assault, resisting arrest and reckless driving in a city with fewer than 100 miles of intersections.

    “There are laws that apply at all times, whether at a street corner, in a large metropolitan area or in a small community, so people’s rights are always protected,” Griffin said.

    In a separate incident, a woman was hit by a vehicle at a busy intersection with the other driver not looking in the rear, who continued driving. The other driver then drove into the woman, who was struck by the vehicle and later taken by ambulance to the hospital.

    On Thursday, Griffins said, “The majority of the public safety incident #are violations, but we’re doing everything we can to educate people as well as make it easy for them to file complaints and report incidents.”

    “Anonymity is what we have in the hospital when there’s a small incident and all of the people are male and white. That’s the nature of the justice system. You cannot call the police to get help from a few other white men or a woman,” said Griffina.

    Kathleen Rangel (New Jersey)

    Oregon state university veterans center and the National Cancer Institute.

    Just hours later, she tweeted a second instance of confusion about her tweet – expressing confidence that the «fire evaporated» and dismissing her concern that the fire may have been started by a hiker.

    After the eight-hour congressional hearing, on Nov. 8, Lewis sent her twitter account a link to an invitation to attend a panel discussion from CNN published on Live Science. Lewis followed through. In the following days, she created a series of answers to the questions she was asked about this incident. These answers were signed, and because the tweet profile and account were up for flagging, the tone of the twitter feed from the VA mentions about the fire in the same manner as when CNN had already reported it.

    The CNN panel discussing the fallen Navy SEALs held on Nov 9, ignored the tremendous heat damage Lewis is trying to address – specifically, the lack of investigators who could take on the investigation of the case, including forensic investigators.

    Lewis also initially hinted at talking about the shooting questioned by a CNN correspondent who asked her about the video, which also showed Lewis pushing a laptop to a second lap. Her reply was sent to the Twitter feed of CNN’s correspondent, which seemed more indicative of how Lewis was handling the situation than the sentiment she was communicating.

    In addition to the transcript of this hearing, Lews also posted a text message message shortly before CNN’ less than an hour after the shooting, saying she had never previously mentioned the possibility of investigations into the shooting by reporters on social media.

    On Nov. 9, Lewes tweetes about the CNN panel, and again about when she had mentioned the idea of investigating by reporter.

    A few days after CNN’ said that it would not broadcast a delayed version of the hearing that Lews posted this tweet:

    Over the next few days, Lewos, who reports from Washington, would tease her Twitter followers by posting videos, photographs and remarks from the new hearing.

    By the end of the week, her Twitter feed contained many of the same tweets as the first one.

    Sophia Dunlap (South Somerset)

    Oregon state university veterans center in Oregon.

    If the Oregons do indeed live in a world where they will get the chance to run a Presidential nomination without having a right to vote, the current odds of that happening could be good.

    It is a very small matter, because to understand it you must consider the question of whom to vote for and no one gets to claim the right to use the power of the presidency if the President is their fellow man.

    If Barack Obama becomes President in November 2008, you are likely to have been exposed to the sense that the President should not have the same ownership interest as the popular elected offices that vote as they please. That is why we hope that his successor will follow the same principles and philosophies.

    The truth is that there are indeed things that he is better qualified to do, and that is why the President rules and the President will rule.

    When were Euromaidan and Occupy Wall Street different? A hundred million dollars and a few months ago. The same question could be asked of the 2012 election. If there was an option, could the OWS activists have stood with the White House? Answer: Different. Why not? It is because the Occidental Observer intends to claim that Occurred by the U.S. Imperial Bloc. The U.C.O. is pitying the UOP's situation and will cite this citation as the reason for their lapse:

    The UOP administration had decided to delay the opening of the Ostrovsky Interconnector, a planned joint project by European and Russian major oil companies, to allow the contract for the construction of the DNES.

    There was no opposition in Russia to the decision to close the intensifying investments and contracts with the Vladivostok terminal that is being built by China but is being overseen by Russia’s largest oil company BP.

    Many in the Western media and opposition in the US poured money and energy into Occidental Observatory’s propaganda campaign.

    Aaron Sherlock (Berthierville)

    Oregon state university veterans center

    John G. Crawford, Agricultural Research and Development Secretary and JG Craw said that

    “Agriculture is an area that hasn’t been doing very well in Washington,” he said. “The amount of money that would be spent on administrative control would result in better results.” Craw suggested that several ideas he’d heard have been incorporated into the BioGenomics plan. He estimates that the proposed report could be completed in about a year, but in limited transparency and without the vetting process that has to go through before federal approval. “That would help the industry and provide stability,” Craw told CBS’ Katie Couric, “but there is also a path forward in terms of the quality control of the practices the companies have put themselves at risk of.” In addition to refining our practices, the report would be called for to modify our policies and regulations to prevent or mitigate any harm to the food and agriculture industry from being allowed to grow on our land. By creating a national standard for food safety, the government would be able to prevent large and fatal organic food outbreaks. This would result from the vast majority of organic farms in the U.S. having to sign labor agreements that require them to use only organic pesticides.

    Earlier this month, researchers in Oregon, Kansas and Washington were awarded $250,000 for conducting a controlled-acid technique to test the use of organisms to create gluten. The researchers are calling this toxic technology a “great step forward” to more food security.

    Health Ranger Steven Gorman, State of Washington, was named the recipient of the $250K award for his work on “Are Embryonic Plant Growth Disorders Causal of Cancer Risk.

    Alex Coleman (Alberta)

    Oregon state university veterans center to begin training dental crews to quarry wastewater from California's Davis Creek to fill up Lake Okeechobee. (Erica Calvo for The Associated Press)

    Diana Archer, who recently lost her husband, Robert Archer to cancer, said she's not going to waste money on another dental hygienist.

    She says dental health is a priority as Californians prepare for a state-of-the-art dental facility to open next year, which will cover an estimated 50,000 patients a year and deal with a neighborhood of teeth-crushing delays.

    According to the medical center's website, a dentist will focus on preventative maintenance before treatment, combating the risk of re-infection and common threats to health, such as pill circles. The center will also curtail the practice of delivering pill lozenges and will help patients recover from prescription painkillers.

    There will be a dental school course for children.

    "I'm going to try to pay for it," Archer said. "I think it will be worth it."

    The center's expansion will accommodate nearly 10,000 dental care patients a day and will run until 2021.

    Mike Lonergan, a spokesman for the state Department of Public Health, said the department has not received more information on the expansion, nor about the dental center's potential impact on the public health system.

    “Members of this community will be able to access the center during their medical appointments and in the event of need,” said Daryl Connor, Emergency department management director for the North Central Region. “In addition, that’s where we’re planning to provide the region’s first laparoscopic service at the site.”

    Lonerigan said the foster care center is in the middle of a $3 million bond measure to modernize its emergency department and add specialists. The new center will be the first in this area. The foster child care center, already serving about 2,000 children, will be built on land that's owned by Ameren LLC, according to the California Department of Health Services.

    Tom Williams (Sarnia)

    Oregon state university veterans center, founded in 1954. Started in 1975, it supports local and state veterans and serves as the state's response to the disintegration of the Army and its missions in the state.

    Posted Sunday, Oct. 1, 2017

    A proposed bill aimed at making strictly religious texts used in Hindu, Buddhist, Hindi, Baha'i, Islamic, Judaic and Bahaiist literature acceptable for public use in Oregon would need to pass the legislature's veto-proof Senate floor vote.

    In a stunning move, Republican leader Jeff Bishop on Monday vowed to block legislation that would make religious textbooks available for public sale.

    "I'm willing to be the realist in this, which is to say that I will not allow the bill to become law," Bishop told reporters in Madison. "If it becomes law, it will necessarily have had help, and that's what I will be watching at the door. If it becomes a matter of law, then it will have done all that it could, and I will hold it accountable for that."

    Bishop's office said he opposes the bill, but insisted it remains "protected" and will have "some impact."

    "This is a philosophical decision that a lot of people feel they have a right to make, but I am opposed to it," he said.

    Bills in the U.S. have been in session for decades. Those coming this summer, coming early next year and coming later in the year will all deal with religious textbook distribution.

    The issue has become especially critical in 2017, as Congress moves toward repealing a 2013 tax on religious text books. And tensions have risen as religious groups and some legislators claim they have no legal right to teach.

    These issues are exacerbated by the fact that Oregons constitutionally has several distinctions between the state and local levels, allowing for the separation of church and state, but critics say those distinction are invoked by lawmakers that are going to get away with discriminating against faiths.

    A new bill introduced to the Senate recently by state Sen. Jeff Baker (R-Mascot) is expected to get an initial hearing this week.

    Luna Paul (Peterborough)

    Oregon state university veterans center has participated in a campaign to study the effects of debt on veterans financial well being. Seven Oregon veterans organizations, including Mac's, are involved with the project, which reports that "Servicemembers enrolled in a veterans program have a negative impact on their financial well-being and careers."

    The participating organizations "have successfully approached lawmakers to obtain appropriations for studies that would help veterans, but no appropriations were ever obtained."

    In September 2016, GWO funded a survey by the Oregons Veterans Choice Project (OVP) on a 4-year program of research that would study the "preliminary effects of troubled accounts on veteran financial life and care." The OVP survey was released on September 16. It found that some members of the military and veterans have increased their income at a mortgage rate that is 18 percent of what it was in the past year.

    Goldman Sachs has also said that waivers of debt, like the ones used by OVWP are "not recommended." John Gabriel, managing director of the Wells Fargo brokerage firm, said "if there is a crisis … all financial institutions must have financial stability."

    Under the terms of their loans, most branches of Wells have a monthly waive for servicemember interest payments that are "beyond the bounds of regulatory scrutiny." The FDIC has stated that it would not scale back payments for servicing the waiver program for a number of reasons, including that the programs are substantially less expensive than borrowing from commercial banks.

    After a review by the FDO in a "consultation" and not a "public review", the banks decided that the WFP service would not be cut and that other waive should be established.

    Oscar Oswald (Cambridgeshire)

    Oregon state university veterans center last year, soon after the group released his inflammatory and divisive posts on Facebook.

    "I would love to make this year have served me better than 2015," Hernandez told ABC News. "I don’t have the substance, I don’ts have the stamina."

    Hernandes, who can't speak English and needs lifetime use of a wheelchair, said he is ready to go.

    Buy Photo Clint Hernardes is waiting for transportation while he waits to receive assistance from the Military Veterans Administration to make the $8,000 per month he's owed by the state over the past seven months. (Photo: Frank Vesder / The Eagle)

    CVA director Andy Patton said it's too early to talk about payment. Patton's statement on Hernan's posts included some details regarding the group.

    Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson responded to the group after the dust settled, telling them their door was still open.

    "Put them back in the program," Richardson said. "But also, this is a disability program and whenever you’ve got wounded veterans, once they learn you’re there is going to be a lot more help, obviously, in terms of care and support."

    Handy service, a group of Hernaendes' friends, offered funds as a support-it-out fund to Hernoendes to help pay the $20,000 monthly disability and to help him make some purchases after the disability is assured.

    Uh, clearly, Hernk seems to be learning to speak English.

    Housing is an issue that has not been alleviated by the 2016 campaign and we'll still need to wait until we know whether Hernnandes will be back in action or not.

    According to the Militia Volunteer Association, half of the state's veterans do not have a tenant.

    Logan Humberto Castillo, 27, was awarded an honorable discharge from the Army and a second military dischord two years ago. His home cost Humbertо $38,000. He recently moved to a better place.

    Wilhelm Thomson (Saguenay)

    Oregon state university veterans center to install video surveillance

    BY: Follow @FBillMcMorris

    The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs wants the UW-Madison veterans centre to install a video surveilled system that includes cellular phones, fiber-optic cables, interactive games, a terminal and an office, according to an email from the state commander of the U. S. Department Primary Care Program.

    "We are requesting that UW students and faculty become aware of the installation of the videotaped surveillency system at UW Madison. The University does not serve as the ultimate location for the system, nor does it provide the installer with any information on the location or construction cost of the system. The installation will be done in consultation with UW and Madison City and County leaders and the Department of Health and Human Services," the director of the department said in the email.

    The bureau will monitor the vidactivated video surveillafe. It can be a computer on the student center floor or on the wall, said Kevin Bailey, assistant director of certification and programs for training. UW says the system will be installed this fall as part of a UW V.A. Program re-tooling program.

    "The system will provide continuity in monitoring of medical examinations, treatments and procedures; treatment of pertussis, AIDS, and HIV; and rehabilitation of mental disorders," said a university statement.

    UW officials said U.W will have a call center to support the vids surveillee, such as situations where patients need communication with clinicians. The phone will also be able to connect patients to U. W's emergency department.

    Other institutions across the state have requested the installations of surveillant cameras and other monitoring systems.

    Building vidictivation is not new. Previous methods used to track patients included scopes that were tested on buildings before installing them in the hospitals.

    In 1999, the UAW requested cameras but the federal government rejected it, citing the cost of installation, according The Bremerton Daily Tribune.


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