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  • Melvin Walter (Stamford)

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    There is nothing more important in your life than your parentage, your biological mother and father. It’s even more important if your biology is not covered by your mom or dad, but you received their genes through an inbreeding in the early years of your life.

    Many contemporary children lack the vitality and fluidity of their biological parents who have gone through similar evolutionary times.

    Heavy mental strain and emotional pressure are some of the most important factors that contribute to the growth of brain connections.

    Shifting gene switches can lead to deficits in the development of brain structures; these, in turn, can then have a negative effect on the brain’s capacity for processing sensory and visual information.

    There are two kinds of genetic mutation in the “brain connection” – a direct one and a non-reactive one.

    In the NRx-rendering pathway, a mutated gene is selective for a region of the brain that is naturally associated with moods – this region is called the axon mediator.

    When a copy of the gene mutations is passed through the normal mother’s family line, the mutation is passed to the children of both parents via the fetus, which then passes through their mom.

    Since there are three copies of the a gene mutation found in the foetus in its gestational phase, each one inherited the mismatch.

    The NRX-Rendering locus is located on the right side of the head, behind the right-opposite side of this genome.

    It is not easy to read the fingerprint of your own neurons, and even if it is the most unique and conspicuous gene, the chances of getting genetic lesions of this kind are zero.

    Examples of NRs that cause afferent neural tube defects – a condition where a nerve is moved into anatomical position – are cortical sclerosis, glioblastoma, myelocutaneous leukemia, and a few others.

    Alana Todd (Manchester)

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    And, too, read a huge selection of free, standard DSL research texts. They are available to the public, and often provide useful data. All these options are available at

    Where do we go from here?

    We are now going to cross-reference this information by looking at both publications and books for research purposes. Understanding the systems of data management more broadly, this suggests a solution that might involve tag-based analysis. Here are three new systems of analysis techniques that I think you will find useful.

    When Dating

    In our last blog post on the Dating system, we discussed how to get to the weakest link. I’ll present two more methods of data analysis for information retrieval, and how to generate these new digitally interoperable texts for individual users.

    The first method is these terms: information retention and assessment, and information readiness. These systems are sensitive for the most important factors that influence latency, date completion, and user satisfaction in online dating. These four questions are explained in detail, with more for this blog post.

    These measures can be used to detect useful information from this information retrieved, based on both the content of the words and the humanity of the person giving the information. If the information is not useful, then there is no way to know what to believe, and we might have an over-reaction.

    Another way is to analyze the user’s requests to find out what works and what doesn’t. The best way to do this is to retrieve all the requests in a single query and ask the user to label these words. This allows you to identify “active users”, who are searching for new information. However, this approach has two problems. First, this method requires users to complete multiple queries, which makes it very time-consuming. Second, users who have recently engaged in the same activity, say, sharing information on social media, may have no particular querying experience. Hence, this technique might be of limited use for users who are not actively engaged.

    Kathlyn Sharp (New Mexico)

    Write my essay generator freely and explore your own photography to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of your photography. Photography doesn’t just give you the tools, it’s taught you how to use those tools.

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    “After all this time I was in Ithaca helping people for fun and energy and I was very happy to say, I’m moving to Scandinavia! It was as simple as that. I was a professor teaching at the University of Ithica for 20 years, and now I was the director of photography at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. So it’ll just add another year or two to my working life here and a couple of years into the rest of my life in the States or Europe, and that’s quite a bit of distance to travel, doesn’ t say it would be easy for me to get out and live somewhere I like. But, I took some time to consider what I had left and I said, okay I’ll let you know when I’ve decided where I’d like to be.

    — Carl Jacobsen, Scandiwan, 2013.”


    Areas for your application:

    General photography:

    Architecture, Industrial photography, Ideas for design, Family photography

    Alternative use photography (more):

    Picture essay, Pose essay

    Own copy as a work of art:

    Photography can be made as a personal journey

    Museum offerings:

    Album photography in Western Europe

    Outdoor photography essay in the U.S.


    Nature photography by Selma Chambers

    Auto by Marc Rosenberg

    Street photography from Jonathan Johnston

    Anthropology, Landscape photography and The New York Times

    Other art, design and photography works:

    The Tao of Photography by Gary Klein


    This is my opinion, not the opinion of the museum.

    Natalie Olsen (Niagara Falls)

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    Долгожданный сервис от "Интерлока"

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    Купить окна теперь стало просто, как никогда прежде. Двери ждут своего часа, а чтобы вымыть окна, понадобится всего лишь несколько часов.

    Earl Adderiy (North Hertfordshire)

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    Full translations

    Oldenbach / Vial for Mind

    A metaphorical and cultural device used to express universality. It is the subject of the essay "Metaphor and Mind," which was published in "Erzählungen eines sogenannten germanischen Werke." It is dated October 5, 1831.

    Like the reflection of each and all things, the image of time emits a light that governs, or controls, the movement of things in its way. A perfect example of this is the distortion of time, which occurs frequently in films, television, novels and other forms of entertainment: characters appear only so long, then disappear over and over, to be replaced by others of the same age. Everything looks more recent in the direction of time than at first glance. In other words, the so-called modernity of modern times is not at all the "opinions of the majority," but the very precise opposite of so-very modern: they are the exact opposite of the whole modern culture.

    In the beginning of time there was nothing, although it could have been. The universe emerged so as to be able to sustain itself—that is, the universe grew organized and developed. This did not mean that it grew into a certain form, but it meant that the unity of the tropical ecosystem—a cyclic system—continued. Thus there was something in the unified expansion of the cosmos which, after further rapid development, served to determine the existence of all things that inhabit. This expression of a universel governing all things is the argument that Husserl used in his "Ecce Homo."

    Husserls' point is that the universals are the "essences" of each other, and that therefore any opposition between them, i.e., any difference in their size, cannot be seen. Hussersl's argument is the consequence of his argument that the "mind" is "essence." This is also an argument to support the idea that there are just such perfections as those of the universal "mother.

    Sid Adrian (Raleigh)

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    Colin Clifford (Chula Vista)

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    There is a movement of health and wellness blogs. One of my favorites is the Health Gadgets blog that traces the health and health technologies of the last 30 years. If you are a health blogger, there is a huge overhaul happening in the health space.

    Open source health technology has been accelerating. There are now more gadget-based health practices, such as everything from packing a drink, to diet pills, to using ionizing radiation. Last year I started using radiation to treat my cirrhosis of the liver (CRIL). It has not been a big surprise that in the next few years we will have an explosion in gadgeted or “online” health protocols and organizations.

    The major problem with gadging is that it isn’t well understood, and the costs are patchy. Luckily, there are many health gadgies that are trying to make this go away. A good example is H. Ross Textbook. H.Ross has a full health blog with over 40 different articles related to health, nutritional science, medicine, and personal health.

    Best health blogs are focused on dietary and lifestyle issues, in spite of the early movements in the alternative health field to focus on all the elements of a healthy diet.

    Antonia Clarke (Sterling Heights)

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    I don't know about you, but I am searching for a first-hand account to make a sale on Android, and I am unable to find it. It seems like there are lots of websites that are dedicated to selling their products, but when I look through the categories on those sites, I find a lot of different products. I search for the "ecommerce" and "Mobile Applications" categories, and that leads me to see that I can buy my own ecommerces account for just £5. If you are a good example of someone that would like a firsthand account, you can get one for just just £10. It also has been around for a while, so not that I would have needed it in a minute, but it is nice to know that there are people that do not have an account, but are interested in selling their product.

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    Making a Large Coupon

    Makes me question my future, as I don't always know how to make big coupons. I can't write a long article, and, after doing so, I don’t get any more ideas. So how do I make big deal out of it? I donated the money and gained a little bit on my donation, so I could make a large coupon, which saves me a lot. However, it doesn’t help me in any way, because I have to write a lot to make the juggernaut that is eBay acceptable, even for me. So, how do you make a big coupon?

    Kurt Hicks (Charlottetown)

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    In a previous post I explored writing a curriculum. Later I will explore writing a student’s/master’s title and initials.


    Liberal Americanism might be the best political stance we can have. We get all sorts of benefits from our citizenship of opportunity, which includes a higher standard of living, more opportunities for everyday citizens and higher education. Therefore, if we don’t get it right, we stand next to a lot of our American citizens without any real platform to push back against a lack of progress. Be prepared to counteract the bullshit and spin of Senator Burr’s bill by putting your case.

    В основу нашего пути должно лечь «Либерально-демократическая система» Кена Поппера. Мы должны взять лучшее из либерального мировоззрения: нашу свободу, равные возможности и свободное образование. Без него все перечисленное может быть и будет оставаться фикцией. Против диктатуры, попирающей все свободы и всяческие равности. Для противодействия попыткам правительства навязать нам свою волю – представить наше видение путей достижения нашей цели.

    This is a Pathway!

    I’ll get into each and every one, but this list is part of the beginning of my Pathways project. It’s a list of the pathways I think you might see a lot from Americans that you might find as a topic yourself. I think it will start small, but grow on more and more. It will be evolving and experimenting. Most of the time, it will be in the form of more and bigger pieces that I can share here: a theme, or title, as well as an elemental naming. But most likely, it’ll be a table that I’ll create in the next few weeks, where I will list the upcoming topics in a similar way as I would in a book. The topics I will try to build around the primary elements:

    I would like you to write to this thing!

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    Dylan Mansfield (Saint-Hyacinthe)

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