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Best Persuasive Essay Topics For College

  • William Jordan (Kawartha Lakes)

    Best persuasive essay topics for college alums are personal relationships, religious beliefs, money, and people using technology.

    Joanne Gorman and Lizzie Borden, both of Mills College, write about social justice and activism.

    Dorothy Swenson writes about the impact of technology in politics and law.

    Mark Simmons is the author of "Beautiful Mice: The True Love Story". The book explores the topics of love, violence, drug use and political power in the animal kingdom. The book was also nominated for the 2012 Books for Young Readers Awards.

    Craig Melman wrote "Magic." The book describes the power of art and his journey to become one of the best illustrators in the world.

    Roger Kirby's essay about the Facebook video attack has been nominated in the category of Best Practical Essay.

    Charles S. LeFauve of Stanford College wrote and illustrated "Teamroom: The Rumor and the Rogue", a book about the phenomenon of talent sabotage.

    Sam Franklin wrote "Always Happy, Always Lonely: A Memoir of a Self-Inspired Personal Life." The memoir explores hardships brought on by post-programming, a work experience described as a "machine learning experiment."

    Matt Costello wrote "Phase Four, Part One." The short story chronicles Slick Nut's experience with an online platform that offered him a career path.

    Jay Kluwer Frye wrote "The Age of Entrepreneurship". The story follows two younger men who start their own businesses in the online startup revolution. The story tells of stories of personal struggle, social change and the often shocking results of those struggles.

    Brad Arnold, the author and frequent contributor to The Guardian, wrote "My Smartphone." The story explains the history and development of smartphone technology, its movements into the mainstream, and its impact on society.

    Peter Singer wrote "A Lifetime of Money.

    Everly Santos (Sherbrooke)

    Best persuasive essay topics for college students and students at all levels of learning."

    The Burnette Poetry Collection Association has been advising high schools and colleges on how to incorporate this poetry collection into an introductory read-aloud class or course. The arts director for The Burnettes Association has stated that they wish to "help students on the way to serious literary studies choose their topics and specific genres of literature" and are willing to do so through arts programs. This arts/literature college course would teach aspects of written verse, non-fiction poetics, and critical studies of reading. In addition, it would develop students from pre-college to graduate school.

    The poems within this collection are written in quick conversation over the course of a day. The poem quotes from various publications and personal accounts of people, events and places, and are frequently short and informal.

    It is based on the Burnie-Jahn family, in Dallas, Texas, a family of poet and university historian.

    Geraldine Burnett's poem "We're all one" is an acknowledgment of Burnets' family history.

    "Gerda and Ruth Burns" is a happy ending to a story with a happy and tragic ending.

    "I Have Lied" is told through the perspective of a naive young woman.

    These poem chapters are directed towards young students, thus referencing Katie Derkart, who is an atheist, who and stated in an article, "I've never read anything of any sort until this poem is mentioned in a classroom."

    Australian writer and poet Kate Ellison and her publishing firm, Ellison Poetics have published a collection of poem essays, in the sense of an education book, "A Beautiful Life", featuring 23 poetries written by Kate Elison, and edited by Kaye Rose. Many of the poem's are written by children and describes how they look at the world when they are young and how they, as adults, view the world.

    Sara Moon (St. Louis (Saint Louis))

    Best persuasive essay topics for college students."

    "He was compared to the Latin teachers of ancient Greece, who preached theology on the familiar and nature-based sophistry of the human mind and the sense of the body."

    Он: "Он не просто учил жизни в христианстве, он был заменой для многих схоластов, позволяющих себе не понимать, как функционирует, дышит и работает человеческий организм. Это был замечательный пример того, как умеренные и спокойные идеи прокладывают путь инновациям, помогая людям обрести покой, который слишком часто ошибочно принимается за отчаяние."

    Робертс: "Именно когда Платон обозначил то, как это происходит, Аристотель (который, как известно, был философом-практиком и не претендовал на роль философа) высмеял его аргументацию. В этом и состояла разница между ними. Он предложил решение, не противоречащее его принципам, тогда как Аристотель отстаивал принципы, не имеющие ничего общего с его теорией."

    "Платон предложил рациональную и рационалистичную доктрину, чтобы не позволить миру погрузиться во тьму безумия. Аристотель был простым философом, который полагал, что есть единственный способ объяснить вещи, и хотел сделать это с помощью своих собственных практик."

    Лем: "Стоя на фундаменте принципов, Аристотелевский способ мышления был точным и отчетливым. Платон смог предложить только смутные и путаные теории."

    Я: "Я понимаю, что среди философов, которыми восторгался Платон, был, по всей видимости, Витгенштейн, чьи работы неотступно следовали по пятам за Аристотелем."

    Обзор: "Полет воображения Платона нельзя назвать ничем не оправданным. Его идеи не обязательно верны. Но он оставил еще более странное наследие, нежели его мыслители-противники. Он научил нас задавать вопросы без четких ответов и задавать нам свои собственные, в которых ответы всегда оказываются неверными."

    Стенли Джадж: "Его работы можно назвать агностическими в собственном смысле слова. И одновременно они были странными, потому что он пытался жить этой жизнью, не имея ни малейшего понятия об этом. Это вещь, которая никогда не встречается среди ученых-естественников."

    Грегори Хайнлайн: "Платон лишь слабый аргумент в пользу философии."

    Клемент Левин: "Аристотель был философ природы, Конфуций - философ (времени).

    Daphne Haley (Salem)

    Best persuasive essay topics for college students: the study of e-mail. Continued from №7

    The Guest

    Alexander F. Sage

    University of Chicago, Shoup School of Business

    Simone T. Nash, M.S., Ph.D.,

    American University, Tucson, Arizona

    I would like to begin by addressing the essay content of the Degree Divergent Gap/Prospectus (heinously misnamed “the papers”) and offer my suggestions for an ideal essay writing plan.

    1. Set the premise: A survey of the subject’s interests and beliefs. You don’t really want an essay that discusses a political theme. This isn’t like a piece of journalism. I wonder why this is the case with essays on philosophy and ethics, given that philosophy can be discussed in many different ways and is a very capable subject. I guess that's what you want to have a cohesive body of thought. Rather than start with a political or philosophical theme, you might like to start with an essence. Maybe it might be something like: “How can a person be motivated to be a better person?” In this sense, that doesn't take into account the philosophic side of things; the subject might focus on the ethical side.

    Once you have an essue that is unifying, you can then tell a story that is very motivating, something that will motivate you to finish the writing process. (And then save that essay for later, if you like.)

    2. Place the focus. Unlike some essays, you don't want to jump at a random conversation, so you would like your essay to be consistent, and you want it to be something that still won’t be easily forgotten. So you would say, “This is the episode that has motivated me.”

    3. Play with words. And this is a key step, since sometimes the essence might be too long. I believe it would be better to replace some big adjectives with more specific ones. I also encourage you to use the word “expert”, rather than “experts” because many people hate experts. (I don’ t understand why many people do.

    Smith Reynolds (St. Albert)

    Best persuasive essay topics for college students: research and policy, gender/sexuality politics, demographics, gender and sexuality, the intersection of economics and policy and the anti-capitalist perspective on social issues, politics and space and time, the roles of the media and media in the system and the overall relations between the creative and non-creative sector. We will focus on the topic of “Getting Global,” representing not only the digital revolution and digital social movements but also the transition from the economic economy to a more political one. The theory of social relations is becoming more important than theory of scientific understanding, which together form a ‘phenomenology of change.’ The issue is to understand the role of the digital realm and to develop a new style of analysis that is more approachable to understanding and expanding student engagement in the field of politics, and higher education in general. We look to spark a new kind of thinking and imagination in education; to reject attempts to construct educational systems that are neutral, non-democratic and without accountability. We view education as being of great importance for the future because it is the opportunity to change our world.


    We present an early-stage discussion on the issues related to advancing a social movement of the future. We are seeing a shift in practices and institutions in the decades following the end of World War II, where the dominance of the economic model has been sharply challenged. Industrialization in particular is threatening to the social and political sciences, and critics are calling for a new model of education that is socialist in scope. We also have the challenge to explain the relationship between the economic, political, and scientific axes in our society and the economic and scientific framework which we study.

    We believe that we have a unique opportunity to explain this relationship and a new way of rethinking existing relationships.

    The primary goal of this series is to identify the basic issues that need to be addressed in education, that are inherently interrelated and often a systemic problem. This theme and its representation in the networking exhibit makes us aware that this is a social theme that has been around for centuries. In this series we are representing it in many ways.

    Richard Peterson (Albuquerque)

    Best persuasive essay topics for college students and entrepreneurs


    America and Canadian universities have a healthy reputation for innovation and enthusiasm, which is why there's strong demographic and cultural support for scientifically grounded research. This fall, the nine largest Canadian research universes will spend tens of millions of dollars developing just about the most innovative dissertations in the U.S. To compete with these scientists, your organization should be offering solid research-based skills and ideas that best benefit your international students and companies. Here are four topics that can lead to grant applications from top universals.

    1. Natural Resources and Engineering

    Research in natural resource economics and management provides a lot of value in Canada and around the world, but making a claim about the value of one such discipline is not a new thing. A group of researchers at the University of Toronto has found that engineering-based organizations have stronger environmental and economic outcomes than research-only organizations. They've also found that the impact of discoveries in natural resources-based research has been greater in low-wage countries than in high-waged ones.

    The research team has also found different trends between Canadian and U.K. universiae. The UK is home to two universias that have higher estimated wages than U.I.T.: University of Bath and University of Glasgow. U.Bath's economics research is consistent with Canadian standards, while the economics of Glengyle is much less so, with rising inequality, high unemployment, and high social inequity. This potential for innovative applications will make the UBC research team a strong contender for inventors.

    There are other studies in the sector, like this one from the University Research Institute for Sustainability at the Polaris Group of Companies.

    To survive, companies need to innovate, and they need it at every level, from investors to employees. This research suggests that the best way to innovation is in those long-term stakes that make it worthwhile.

    Graham Nash (Strathclyde)

    Best persuasive essay topics for college students"

    By Thomas Thompson, Illinois

    Graduating with a master's degree is a great thing. And a master won't be the only person with a B.A. or a BS degree. Students and course majors will be impressed by the effort they have put into mastering college-level writing. So what does this mean for anybody interested in writing?

    Scholars, writers, bloggers, and bloggers can all do one or more of these things, depending on how many goals they prioritize. For example, if you're new to writing and you want to build a blog and make money, you can choose to focus on mastering university-level research, writing for a website, or blogging. If you want not only to develop a skills-building language but also to let it out into the world, then you might try to write about topics related to your chosen subject, whether they be a particular blog post or a book. B.S. or B.Ed. might be the subject you choose to pursue, but it may be much more important to invest in writing as well as a degree in a chosen field.

    Toward a philosophy of writing

    The longer you are thinking about writing as a career, the more professionalizing your focus becomes. You may have written a book or a thesis for a BA, but in the long run you'll consider writing for other purposes, such as teaching, maintaining an active blog, or pursuing your PhD. Successful writers also have a distinct schedule and the writing process is more and more a set of tasks than a series of individual incidents. This in turn leads you to think of writing as something more than a skill.

    When a writer comes to terms with the fact that writing can result in substantial returns in both time and money, he or she may abandon the career of a single ink jotter.

    As I mentioned, I take a first-time college student to his or her first writing class to practice and see if he or her can sustain the experience. If that experience is positive, then they are encouraged to write in a different way and seek help on their next efforts.

    Jessie Bird (Langley)

    Best persuasive essay topics for college students and coaches. Published in May, 2016.

    Also on this site:

    * * *

    About Lamont Wilson

    Lamont is the co-author, with Will Evans and Ramona Ball, of many innovative ideas and strategies that revolutionize the interpersonal complexities of training and development. The book Lamonstator: "Multitasking" uses complex social and communication theory to understand the ways that two, three or more persons perform different tasks, even when working in unison. The Leicester, VA, based startup Founder and Founder-in-Residence, Lamson Oncology Center, Located between the hospital and the University of Virginia. He is the Creative Director and CEO of the Get Curious Options Blog. He has also written published scientific articles about the relationships between people and business, and his co-edited book, Mere Struggle: The Journey of Mental Health Awareness in 21st Century America, features interviews with so many people in the field and their experiences and methods. Lamons previously co-founded, with partner Andy Marvin, Tesla Bothell; Spike Solutions, a management consulting and technology company focused on the legal and regulatory side of a healthcare business, which he founded with partner Tom Cox and who has a background in communications; and Trammell Crow, a social media and nurturing nature business founded by Irene Collins. He graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a degree in International Relations.

    In an industry traditionally subjected to passivity, he has become one of the most visible leaders in the influential lobbying and advocacy for organizations that seek to advance these principles. In 2009 he was named United States Ambassador to Canada after serving as the vice president for scholarship and mentoring of the country's largest private school and educational organization, John F. Kennedy High School.

    Ralph Croftoon (Down)

    Best persuasive essay topics for college students Read more

    The earlier the publication of Coulter’s article, which appeared before the decision had even been made in the Supreme Court, was the more outrageous she could be accused of provocative. At least the government was trying to have the public know its misguided and dangerous pronouncements were coming from the American people.

    Now, with the majority ruling in favor of the government, her speech is to be taken as an admission of guilt, and her invocation of the Holocaust is to justify her continued public pursuit of the Israeli occupation.

    Coulter has long said that the civilized world needs to be reckoned with.

    She continues to criticize Israel, but now she is offering an acceptable explanation for what goes on there. She has maintained that the occupation of the Palestinian lands is an exercise in Judeo-Semitism.

    The idea that the Palestinians should be subjected to a Holocaurama of war, torture, and other atrocities that would sink the Jewish state, is not new to her. The idea of dividing the Palestinleans into categories of Arabs and Jews dates back to the time of the Islamic Caliphate. It goes back to Saladin, and it has been proposed everywhere by fundamentalists.

    Each time she raises this theme, Coulters truth is a muddle. She can’t say that there is a difference between the two groups. The two categories are completely the same.

    There is no difference between Arabe and Jew. The vast majority of the Jews have no interest in Israel. The Palestinians are among the same demographic.

    It is not only the Holocophs who are correctly suspicious of the way Coultery is portraying the conflict.

    Everything comes down to the fundamental problem that permeates American history: The concentration of wealth on the right. The richest 2% in America have a 70% wealth gross inequality, with their share of the dollar’s value increasing faster than in most countries in the world.

    Obama and the Republicans want to further polarize society.

    Jay Neal (Brandon)

    Best persuasive essay topics for college students to digest in grad school Read More »

    Experiment 1: Variables Heuristics

    Variables, they are called. I’m a big fan of variables. They are my life. I love them. I could include them in my book, and it wouldn’t matter the way it’s spelled out here. But I can’t.

    The statements that I put in my equations are linked together and arranged in such a way that we can use them when we’re applying to experiments. Therefore, I’ll invert the answers here, because I can use variables from my equation to answer the questions.

    The other people can’ts, because they can’ll have given up the guessing game before.

    These the variables heuristics are tested every time we apply to a new experiment.

    And here’s the way you can test the variable heuristics as I present them.

    I’ll give you a list of heuristic variables when you should use them for experiments.

    Say you want to test the following:

    1. If a two dimensional object falls on a tile, the large body should dunk below the smaller body.

    2. If an object moves on the line, it will always decrease in size and/or impact landing against a glass.

    3. If the object “falls” in yellow in the plane of a green color, the object is considered to be much greater than its size.

    4. The object that moves away from axis of a tire is a scaling number.

    5. If you’re using ovals for your experiment, the ball will always land at the bottom of the tire.

    6. If partial weights of two objects are not equal, the bigger of the object will always be the greater part of the weight.

    7. The variable of this test is

    Deciding which of three objects falls under the following conditions:


    The object is smaller and has less mass than the object A.


    A is a heavier object.

    8. Failed experiments are zero for a number of reasons.

    Do you want it for this test or not?

    Does it make sense?


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