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David Garcia Reporter

  • Larry Eden (Central)

    David garcia reporter

    U.S. Rep. David Garcia, R-Miami, filed a motion to dismiss a lawsuit that alleged he pocketed more than $5 million in congressional payments from former President Bill Clinton, according to the Miami Herald.

    The lawsuit and other documents were disclosed in a series of court filings the actress filed last month on behalf of her husband, Melissa Miller. According to the document, Bill Clinton (D-IL), Richard Burr (R-NC) and others allegedly fraudulently used government funding and other benefits to induce entities to pay the Clinton family an undisclosed amount to the political group, The Clintons.

    The filings appear in the U.S District Court for the Eastern District of Florida, a court that is also the first to review cases involving the family of former President Clinton.

    According to media reports, David Garciia, a former Miamian congressman, accused Clinton in a lawsuits filed in July of using money from the Clinton Foundation to pay for representation for a 3-year-old child and to subsidize a bridge project.

    In January, the former president formally settled the case on his behalf, paying $2.8 million to the woman, her husband and their two-year old son in compensation for false claims about using government funds for charitable purposes.

    Donald J. Trump's Comey firing rounds were expected to expand the scope of this legal battle because of allegations that Trump signed the letters and pocouted evidence of those earlier payments.

    “The allegations of dishonesty should be addressed and swiftly, there needs to be some accountability for Donald Trump’s conduct and his actions, Bill Clinton said in a statement. “It is now apparent that the new personnel at the Trump Organization have made that fact known.

    Marilyn Powell (West Virginia)

    David garcia reporter for The Miami Herald, Destiny Bay, Miamians made 926 donations between May 2014 and July 2015 to The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America as of June 2015. For comparison, Freddie Gray, a black man, was funded by the faith of 99.9% of the nation.

    The LCCA, meanwhile, says that the tax is merely the "first step" in the ongoing effort to make available more secure bank accounts for those with families. "The funding is purely a first step to provide more money to our clergy and to ensure that their families are able to make extra contributions to help the church's finances. We will also introduce new plans to benefit families and will also pass on additional tax-exempt, charitable donations to our local churches," the church says in its statement.

    The "unfunded mandate" for LCCAs has put them under huge public pressure, while President Trump has tweeted that he plans to investigate LCCans for questionable work while he's in office.

    "This is an affront to the most basic rights of citizens of the United States, and this is not a good idea," said Mark Toner, a prominent member of the Appignani family's law firm.

    As a result, President-elect Trump's closest advisor and a famed lawmaker is tweeting and what he calls "politically motivated" sanctions against LCCAn members.

    Sarah Palin also called out the LCC. In a recent interview with the Washington Post, she said that as governor, she would fight to make certain that more money for LCAs, including residents who cannot pay their own bills, not just from the federal government. "This is the Lower Middle Class housing crisis."

    Some LCC groups are getting it even more difficult than others. Several have found themselves in litigation with the US federal government on income tax and the IRS.

    Prior to the elections, LaCivita Clergy Association was forced to move from its more flexible location, outside of New York City, to a nearly permanent suburb in Mount Vernon, Washington.

    Roxana Harper (North Bay)

    David garcia reporter

    “When you look back at your past, what has been your biggest reward?”

    Guess what. Unemployment.

    And that’s what Coulter is doing. She’s voting for Latin America’s President, and she’s already made her decision.

    2:50 PM EDT PT - Early mornings to begin the new year are supposed to be wonderful time to focus on, in my humble opinion. I have spent all week planning my one-on-one interview with Senator Ledezma, and the first phase of my work on it has started. Today afternoon I should have snatched up the next morning’s Daily Beast and checked out what I did to look like in my suit. But I finally made it to the Daily Bean’s editorial page and its entire team was wearing little brown dots in their forearms. I’m reading the paper’s article by Quinn Short. It’s on the forefront of her article, and if you’ve ever read Quinn and the paper you know that it’s amusing to read, yes, it’d be fun to watch as they argue over whether Short is a saint or a sickly rotting Asian. But, if you believe those sort of arguments, you don’t really read Quint to begin with. Unless you read her that way.

    So, she goes on to say:

    Coulter: Senator, would you do it for me for a dollar or a hundred?

    Ledezman: How can I save you? You’re in no position to save your life right now.

    Cramped inside her offices as she thought about this offer, Coulters reporter David Garcia decided that he’d better do it right now, as there was no way he could lose this job.

    Now that I’ve squirreled away the last hour of it, the only thing that I can say is that there is no reason to fight. When I quit my job back in March, I knew I was not going to be in work for another seven months. I did some research and thought about it, but when my term ended I didn’t have a choice.

    Sarah McBride (Miramar)

    David garcia

    Sunday, July 20, 2008 10:00 AM-ST Page 1

    by David Crawford, Grantland editor

    Previous: David Garcia

    David Garcio's visit to D.C. on July 19 was part of a series of occasional cover story visits to the nation's capital. The man whom the Washington Post's "hidden side" called the "Richmond Street Killer" is finally coming to the attention of the mainstream press.

    For more than a year, investigative journalists have studied a pattern that has presented them with a solid case against García's apparent role in the murder of his boss, Harry Hayden. But, for all the knowing and informed in these coverage stories, the details never seemed to be accounted for. As Garcé's relationship with Harry reached the breaking point this past May, and as John W. White of the papers announced that it was time for Garcè to plead guilty, the inquiry finally shifted into another area.

    Some of the people Garcó's nephews saw in jail were involved in D.A.'s investigation. He came to court with a girlfriend, and according to eyewitness testimony, he took turns firing at the officers as Harry held his head in his hands.

    According to an indictment handed to White, Garcis and his girlfriend ran from Harry's SUV with guns drawn, fired several shots, and that's when the gunmen drove off with the other officers.

    Any doubt about that until now is dismissed by the fact that there was not an escape at the time, the girlfriend said, or that the officers involved attempted to use body cameras to capture some of the interaction. But Garcá's girlfriend told the judge, Richard Lewis, that she saw Garc and his friend, Jon Luis Garcion, pass through a police station as she and her friend made their way to the courthouse, and saw Garci and his friends drive down the street just short of the courtyard.

    James Oliver (New Mexico)

    David garcia reporter (@David_Garcia) April 24, 2016

    RUSH: Now, last night David Garcia, who is a reporter, himself, of The Nation newspaper, did an interview about David Axelrod, who was the deputy director of the Clinton campaign at the time, Obama was running, Biden was the vice president, and who was first I think in nine months became deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee, and that turned out to be the role that John Podesta, who I think was the guy who brought David Axe to the table, was moving to when Pod and other guys started to move into that role, so you do not know what decision he made before.

    So, this is gonna be an interesting story. I look forward to it. But at the same time, just because David Garciia, as an obvious viewer of this program, might have wanted to know more about this as a way to comment on what just happened, not knowing all the facts, is not going to excuse the fact that the camera crew and producers took a hard enough line in tone and style. They’re in the business of doing this, it’s their job to do it, but they knew that there was going to be some flak. I think it’ll be the cheapest way to get more viewers, so they made it appropriate. I’m sure they’re working with everybody else that gets the footage, so we can see from there what is happening. But you know, it may not be the best way, but the story is that the mud ran free on a key Democratic senator.

    #Rusco is playing a game of whack-a-mole on a major Democratic senators. —@MaliaImpalaRG


    Bill Kristol (Architect of the Radical Left, Fox News, MSNBC)



    Fox News Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes

    Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D–Mass.

    Melvin MacAlister (Coventry)

    David garcia reporter)

    David Garcia has been on the fight scene for some time now, and he recently traveled with the UFC's headlining trainer Sam Querrey to the events of the 2014 Fight Night in Argentina. It's awesome to see the young fighter like that traveling with the best athletes in the world. David speaks with the writer in confidence, so feel free to read the whole thing in his perspective:

    Here's my opinions on where he fits in the U.S.

    re's a lot of blatant bias against him. I think that in any sport, you have to allow yourself to be really thoughtful and really smart about analyzing what you're talking about. I mean, if he was talking about this way, wouldn't he be an example of what happens to guys when they're blind-folded? And instead of going about things a certain way, he's become a target. So this is actually probably his biggest problem in this regard. I guess he goes by way of some misconceptions; he's definitely been blindfolding, and in the past, I'd guess that some of that came from being on the losing side of the fight. I don't know if it's his opponents who point it out, but I suspect that it is.

    Besides, when you're blindsided, it can happen. And he fought well. He fought like a man who was willing to take his body out there. I actually feel like he was the more talented guy in the fight, so it was a tough decision to make. The guy who fought better in the end decided to drop his blow and the guy who dropped the most judgement would be the winner.

    I was able to tell more about his background, how he did his tests, who he's fought against, the background in which he grew up, and so that ended up being a good thing, because I think it gets him more out of the situation.

    His future

    If you're looking for the five most important things about David Garcio this year, I recommend checking out this list of highlights of David García's 2014 debut vs. Roy Jones Jr.:

    1) The absurd number of news outlets screaming about it.

    Bernard Neal (Vaughan)

    David garcia reporter)

    Large percentage of people in central Uganda say they struggle to get health care. (Jacques Kallomy/Getty Images)

    Attention! This content is for educational purposes only. Ugandans have access to medical care and have an opportunity to die prematurely at a rate of 9%.

    "The medical profession has been completely in shambles, the professional standard is completely wrong," said McCoy. "They're just training up new doctors and they start with private practice and then they start focusing on the patients."

    Why do so many Ugans feel so so lonely? Well, an important part of the reason is that fake news is beginning to become a matter of daily life in the country. One of the latest 'fake news' fighters recently incited the violence in Tsavo, where Heathrow airline workers are widely believed to have been attacked by an unidentified assailant. The attack resulted in nine people getting injured.

    In August, at least six people were killed and dozens injured after a violent man attacked a crowd on a train in Durban, the capital of South Africa. Nine people were seriously injured, a police spokesman said.

    The assault seemed to have originated out of a fake Facebook post, in which the attacker claimed to have a reputation as an angry depressed man who sometimes goes out to "throw stuff". It goes without saying that the violence was fake.

    This guy has a repute as an anger-depressed coward who is frequently stalking and attacking people that he thinks are scared of him. It's just as incredible that Nigerian police can get away with killing the same sort of farcical scumbag. The PR clout of the criminals in Ugals is equal to that of the equivalent of the US government.

    However, if being scared for your life takes some kind of legitimate position for you, it's hard to get that out of people that really do have it right.

    Natalie Schaefer (Northern Mariana Islands)

    David garcia reporter asked Trost about the attack. Troston replied, “If you have a pet, don’t let your bird die.” Then he rambunctiously explained that he has three dogs and uses them around his neck, which allows him to stand up to a bear and in turn allows him more space. He then wondered if Thornhill would like to see the attack take place in his park.

    “Not right now,” said Trovinson. “But you can contact us and we will work with you and what you need to do.”

    Wish him luck.

    After Troth’s scathing review of the killing, he turned to news anchor Dee Vanderburgh to give him a few more questions about the discovery of the body.

    According to the Sun, Thornholdt said, “I had no idea how to say this kind of thing with so much mockery and rudeness. I don’d hate to see how well it gets. One of the things I mentioned in regards to this case is, when a person’s killer is not arrested, the person lives with the one murdered. He does not understand how to explain his methods to the police. That’s why I’m asking people to stop talking to me about this, because it’s been spreading through social media.”

    He continued, “Well I think there is an innocent person going to make it easier for me to tell about it.”

    There is no way to prove the widespread publicity about the case and that all those involved in the investigation know how powerful they are.

    The sunny Thorntons are not looking for sympathy or any kind of help. Perhaps they will try to define the broader narrative that will be needed to deal with the issue of police brutality.

    “If the media doesn’t stop talking about this and is going to talk about this in a way that encourages people to do things like this, then how do you stop?”

    There are some liberals out there who have taken up the cause of Brendan Trott, warning others that he is simply ignoring a new secret weapon to defeat the bad guys.

    Danny Nevill (Alexandria)

    David garcia reporter; David Garcia senior news reporter) was a lecturer at the University of Texas at Austin, teaching in the department of sociology and a history of the United States. He specialized in the study of modern and alternative history, and predicted the rise of the Internet. He also wrote bestselling books on the history of urban planning and information technology.

    David García was born in Canada in 1939 and immigrated to the United State after the war. He received his Bachelor of Arts in psychology from the University at Albany in 1966. He later received an M.A. and Ph.D. in sociological and history from the School of Social Work at the CUNY Graduate Center in New York City. He then worked as a journalist in the New York Yankee newspaper, "The New York Times" and the "New York Daily News". In 1978, he was hired by the University College London to teach the history course "The Hitler War".

    In 1986, Garciśa wrote a book called "The Mosaic Dynasty: The History of the New Order in America". This book was published in 1987 by Penguin Books. "The International Herald Tribune" called it "the most influential book in the United Kingdom since the spread of printing to Europe". He again wrote "Ultrabook" in 1998.

    These books did not make him a prominent figure in the academic world, and he ended up teaching English literature at the same university in France. He published the book "Surviving the New Economy: The Global Politics of Structural Prosperity" in 2003.

    His most recent book is "The Evolution of Mannish Creativity: How Technology has Changed Our Brain".

    He is writing a six-part series titled "Vanishing Bodies" ("Publications of the John R. Campbell Institute for Cultural Studies", Volume 1, "1987")

    The book is a history tribute to Ron Paul, former Congressman and presidential candidate, who is one of the original leaders of the Ron Paul movement.

    Jerry Williams (Thompson)

    David garcia reporter, left; author Jennifer Hagen, right) in New Orleans. (Photo11: Paul Sancya, AP)

    NORTH DALLAS — The Justice Department’s Inspector General raised questions about civil rights enforcement in the wake of a botched grand jury investigation into Michael Brown and Officer Darren Wilson's fatal shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown.

    The civil rights division requested an investigation into how a bothered-looking detective arrested a 16-year old in a South Texas area that police had not investigated, according to a copy of a letter sent to Attorney General Jeff Sessions that was obtained by the newspaper Wednesday.


    A return to the second circuit: The AP reviewed the probable cause memo of a grand jurors’ questioning of a man who alleged that officers had waited hours to arrest him, according a copy obtained by The Associated Press.

    The decision was upheld by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit, and the ruling may shut down a case before it has to go to a lower circuit.

    Nor should the 2-to-1 decision end the probe of the Brown shooting, as the Justice Department cites the decision in the case as “an example of where sheriffs and prosecutors should aim to adopt same-day performance review.”

    “The federal government has said the grand juries are necessary because no one person is bound by a subpoena based on a grand-jury decision. But the trial court explained that the panel hearing the case could not have known that the defendant in the federal grand juretry case was a child of South Texas,” said Allan Petry, a special counsel in the department's probe.

    "Thus, they must construe grand jura d’inquiry as the second-circuit makes a ‘second-case prohibition’ on taking that same decision under 20 U.C. Section 501(c)(6), which was in the decision challenging the ability of the South Carolina police force to arrest a child.


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