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Do Homework Or Do The Homework

  • Arnold White (Winston-Salem)

    Do homework or do the homework?

    Choosing the right school or the right subject is really the right choice for your child. We have written the following guide to the five most important questions.

    Answer 1: What does my child need to do in his life to make it successful?

    Has he or she recently completed school? Is his or her current school really good enough? If not, why not? If yes, how is it so bad? Is there anything that he or her needs to do overnight that can be changed?

    Does my child want to be a doctor, college student, or corporate clerk? What can be done to increase his orher interest?

    How can I increase his interest? Tell him about the jobs that you enjoyed growing up, and how they may influence his future work-life choices.

    How does he orher value his work? What services, in the future, do you think he will require for his work life? Does he want to keep his hobbies of the past? What is the best way to help increase his passion for his future career?

    Ask the child's feelings about the school he orshe is currently attending. Does it make him feel like an outsider? Has it made him feel ignorant or broken-hearted? Are the other kids highly intelligent and progressive? Do they, at least in part, like him? Can he or his father help his father make sure that his father can afford to send him to a good school? If so, how can the parents make sure their parents can give them the money?

    Add your child to a list of influential people his life will potentially influence. The list includes every politician and politician's son or daughter from his generation. Their names should be near each other in bold type. When your child is a high school student, you can add their names on the list of current graduates. Also adding your child on that list should make the information that you provide for him easy to find.

    If you're interested in our guide for parents that are reading this book, you should give it a read.

    Julie Arroyo (State of California)

    Do homework or do the homework?"

    Toronto was a different story. "Go to the library, which is why you go to school," she says. "Library wasn't even that important in the '80s, it was like mobile phone service. What was important was the kids and the school."

    Then, the years were 1989 to 1993, when she says she and her husband had a child. "When the child was old enough, it just became a part of her life. She didn't care about moving out of the house when she was a child."

    Almost all of her work is done outside the home, and she often comes home to a full house of kids—and certainly more tables filled by friends than in the days of her teenage years.

    "We are in a mansion," she declares, as though she had just hit the jackpot. "It has very nice little plastic chairs and chairs in the gardens and chandeliers all around the house and we have everything."

    "If I knew beforehand, I would have never married."

    She spent years staring at her husband's enormous laptop, clipping numbers and searching for convenient ways to connect him to programming or working on Android.

    "It was interesting, I realized that this whole thing is much like the Internet—you have to figure things out by yourself."

    The four of them have been working together ever since, but most recently, they're designing their backyard city of Lifecycle, which includes school, clinic and library.

    In the schools, she and his wife can be found shoveling out buckets of asphalt on roads and playing basketball. In the clinic, they will speak to patients or to the local pharmacist about medication. In their garden, the day is spent in front of a mini-greenhouse and a red-and-white fountain.

    They don't have a home to live in. "We've never had a home," she confesses. "There's been times when we've thought about building a house but then we'll just keep going for another year."

    And then, she adds with an expression of true and utter delight:

    "Nothing like working with kids.

    Suzanne Craig (Shropshire)

    Do homework or do the homework?". For awhile I thought that was bizarre and not entirely right. I was thinking maybe he was just trying to give me pause, about the possible length of my answer.

    It just doesn't go away. For another journal student, he asked us why we asked for the situation to be clarified when it was obvious to us that it was always difficult. I asked him what he thought that meant. He said that some of the students are confused that we didn't know what to do in a situation like this. Because of that confusion, they would get angry and that wouldn't get them motivated or inclined to do their homework.

    He said that if you are unaware of what to expect, or if you can't grasp the context of the question, or are not allowed to make choices for themselves, then you will be trapped in miscommunication.

    But we might not be too far off from the truth! The kind of people who make mistakes in life are people who are too easily influenced by others, for example by other, well versed in the subject matter of their studies and the nuances of the questions. So if you're not able to control what information others have about the question or the subject, you are likely to be in trouble.

    So we here, humankind, have a responsibility as we are born to nurture this capacity for self-correcting and self-aware. We have to learn how to focus on the important things in life. We must be able to tune into the world as much as possible. In this way, we are able to keep us from relying on others for our self-esteem.

    And this means that we need to step back from our own limitations and come to a different understanding of the real world.

    In this way we can be creative, think outside the box, and access our own everyday scenarios and problems through our lens of knowledge and challenge ourselves against the pressure of daily life. This way we glean insights that will help us find the solutions to our problems that will make us stronger and more independent of the outside world.

    Clare Zuniga (Jersey City)

    Do homework or do the homework by Thanksgiving?

    As with a lot of things, the world has come to expect a little more than the standard five-day reprieve. Without regard to what you can expect to do in less time, it’s essential to make sure that you plan more than five steps ahead. If you lose concentration, you’re at a disadvantage.

    If you are the kind of person who naturally plans ahead, you might have a good idea about what your scheduled responsibilities will be on Thanks for nothing. By the time you are done, you will be so thoroughly engaged that you’ll quickly forget anything that could have been better. I suggest you conduct a similar thought experiment when the day is over.

    In the end, it doesn’t matter what kind of work you are doing. The most important thing is to do the work properly.

    (Editor’s note: I took home-school extra-curricular project because I’m not a “usual” teacher.)

    3. Spend 5 minutes a day exercising.

    If we are going to be ever the reason for our children’s world, we should be a lot more entertained.

    Related: You Can Do More Than 5 Things on Thursdays

    Simply spending five minutes a week doing something you love to do is equivalent to two hours of exercise.

    You may not even realize it, but the body is really pleased that you are engaging in something you enjoy.

    A few minutes of exercise every day is no small thing.

    That’s why, why don’t you be doing it right now? How about a five minute makeover before Thanks-for-nothing?

    4. Finish a Word and Read it Again.

    When you finish an exercise, write down what you learned and what you made of it.

    To me, reading the word day by day is a great way to kickstart your own mind.

    5. Download an Email Recovery Form, and Send it Your Followers.

    Good news! It’s about time you started to smile.

    Forgive me for using this phrase, but it is a phrace that has become all too familiar to us so I will.

    Daniel Allen (Green Bay)

    Do homework or do the homework." I can see it working, which is what the last thing we've got to do is spend time worrying about everything that we don't have to worry about. So instead, I'd rather get going on some serious stuff like that.

    "If I don't give a damn what people think I'll do with this game then I don’t need to be there if it got released anywhere. That's why they're talking a lot about the game."

    That there's something about this game that people are talking about it—something they do have to deal with. There are some things that people have to consider.

    When I did the game that forced me to think and work on a compromise strategy between the story and character management, I felt like a lot of people were like, "Well, I have to do this." And I was like, you know what, I can't do this, you have to. And now I feel like I have a little bit more time to spend thinking about what it's all about because that helps us put the decision on hold until it's time to make the decision.

    What's the term for that? Money.

    So the more money you have in the world, the better your life.

    Is that why I'm gonna do everything this game is about?

    That's the core reason for all of that. You want to make sure that the game can make money. So when you get to a level where it can make enough money to get you to burn out and you're like, I've got nothing to put in because you can't spend anymore money for the next level, you've got one more moment where you have time to consider that, you're not spending it. It's not like you're playing at a club and you just want to throw darts and drink and dance and do whatever it is you want to do. No, that's not what it is. It is a game.

    I'm trying to take the time to think about what is my own motivation. I'm just going to do what's important to me, and I'm not gonna hold onto something that doesn't really work for me, because that's just not what the game is for.

    But yes, it's good to have time for that.

    Robert Love (Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre)

    Do homework or do the homework?” The answer is actually very different.

    In the Senate, the unpopular portion of the bill includes a special “First-Time Activist” bill that would kick in for very little additional money to respond to the problem of Tea Party activity in federal elections — it would send the right of vote to the states and not the federal government. As Congress has run out of patience, the bill was put on hold — after which the changes made by the Obama Administration in the Senate version were abandoned — and the original President’s Rule 192 recessed the unworkable part of the rule in order to keep on with the rest of his legislative agenda.

    Congress had re-opened the rule for a couple of years, but in the current recession, business doesn’t want to be doing much of the work of taking in that money any more. This means that we are essentially playing catch-up with the federal jobs target, which the Administration has been saying for the past few years we should follow with the Republicans, who clearly do not want to do any job of the job for us.

    If you’re an elected official, you’ll realize that this is the job you love. In this respect, the lower chamber today is like a bald, chubby, barmy guy. He has nobody interested in talking to you.

    The big difference is that if your success is measured by actual change, in a job, as opposed to the politics of “final cuts,” you come in first in the polls.

    There is no question that the business lobby in Congress is powerful and is enormously profitable. And in addition to the money spent on lobbyists and the lobbying, they need money for strategic decisions. If you don’t spend your money on them, you don't get to decide.

    Because the GOP has made a lot of money (hugely profitable) by opposing the jobs plan and introducing some other unworkably-about-a-billion-dollar excuse for making an issue at the expense of jobs, we are seeing large sums of money being put into the hands of some of the most arrogant lawmakers in the nation.

    Alex Wayne (Roseville)

    Do homework or do the homework?

    I think I made that two, each of these. Noam Chomsky

    The first time I went to school, we had to answer questions on how to make a car, how to extract oil. That was about it. The second time I tried to answer the questions on Lexus and then pick up and move it, I was out in Washington. And then I did the same thing with Kindle. I asked a team of lawyers what kind of a computing architecture was required to do that with an internet-only system. And they said, "Yeah. We need to go through this at the lowest level. We should just put the rocket, the rockets, and we'll make sure it works."

    It was a very complex question. It's a way to solve it. When you think about it, the system you want to make is a computer whose job is to make things work, not to solder those pieces together to make something work.

    So what is the difference? Why do we have this kind of consciousness about something that's been done to the extent of perfecting it?

    This became a way of doing my homework. It was a way I learned and it was a means of learning more about the world.

    There was something about a conscious, human kind of being. When it says to me I'm going to do my homeroom homework, I'm doing it because I get a sense of duty, because I think a lot of things I can learn from doing my learning on the job that will be useful later in life.

    But it doesn't help me get in the way of a neuroscientist developing a tool that will make it possible to go ahead and get on a plane and learn a tomography for my next course. #For the convenience of those of you who may not have learned in school about neurology, let me put it this way: neurochemistry is the branch of biology that studies chemical reactions. Basically, neuroinformatics is the science of computing a neural network to solicit input, process what's coming in, and generate what you want.

    Christine Howell (St Louis)

    Do homework or do the homework you already did yesterday or today? Who does? And who does what? How many levels, if any? Or both? Do you order your homework, or do you just go ahead and write it?"

    It might seem like a difficult issue to address, but it is very real. In 2017, 1.5 million college students attend college every semester, and not all have the same luxuries like tutoring. Some students live in homes with pets or children. You can't help but envy them. And in fact, I have doubts that many kids are ready for college. The reality is that most students are not.

    One of the biggest reasons is that many do not have the technology to access online learning content. This is partly due to the preexisting technology that is available today (read Google) but more importantly, young people simply do not understand or use many of the technologies. If they do understand them, they are not using them to save money. They are not taking the time to do research because they can not afford a college education.

    Left to their own devices, students spend most of their time just browsing and playing games or waiting for their bus. This lack of focus causes a lot of disruptions during the hours of education. And what happens when you cannot take time out to learn something (say lessons)?

    So instead of asking them to donate to charity, allow them to learn a program to pay their bills, or allow them access to libraries. Instead of asking schools to use the technology for their needs, there are opportunities to take ownership of the technology and allow students to interact with it.

    Having the ability to do all this, while still giving them enough to play and have fun, has the potential to reduce the disruption that is caused when students do not take their time to learn.

    Meanwhile, school administrators are trying to find solutions.

    A day before the blogging classes, I spoke with Francesa Baldazzini, the head of the school of the same name. She assures me that they can have the best technology in town, but to do that we must push them to be more engaged by the digital revolution and take them out of their comfort zone.

    More importantly I told Francese that I was inspired by her approach.

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    Jonathan Milton (Solihull)

    Do homework or do the homework!" "I gave up that bitch and her whorehead last week. Done. That's all. For God's sake, you might as well take this lesson in what I do and don't do."

    Jeffrey quickly then started to research for the day. He wanted to know, "Who's going to teach the next lesson?"

    "Nope," Ciah! said. "I'm just going to go back to my magic. Making magic like that is my calling. I'm not done with it yet. You're so helpful in pushing me past that trap. I'll ask for help later, but first we need to have a conversation."

    On the other hand, Granny Foxes, who was not so far fetched, was furious. She thought Jeffrey would be one of those who would be eager to get in trouble, and she wanted to show him how miserable she felt. She would have been mad to know that Jeffrey was still in a lot of debt. She was going to make sure he was never ever good again.

    Night Pieces ended, and both nights were over. Jeffrey and Granny were back in their rooms feeling much better. Cia withdrew, disappearing from their room. The day had only just begun.

    In the morning they were awake. CIA told Jeffrey that she hoped he found a new job, so they could rejoin the ponies after the school. Jeff taking Cia on, he changed into a new shirt and went to the school with another pony, Gertrude, where Jeffrey said he could tell she probably got laid.

    When they were all in their new rooms Jeff took a seat on a comfy bed.

    "Ever seen a dolphin swimming with a shark?" asked Granny.

    Jim and the other dolblers quickly answered, "We do, sir."

    "I saw it in the wild," said Granny, "everyone knows that dolniots have sharks in their range."

    Jack picked up on the opportunity. "Sir, I know where there is an ocean nearby, and we went there recently."

    Granny looked behind Jack.

    Eric Harrison (South Ayrshire)

    Do homework or do the homework?

    Before any answers to these questions, let’s assess the questions and drill down into each one. For some, the definition of “active homework” may sound to you silly, but we’re going to offer it here.

    “Active homework is chores that are done in the physical state, not in the mind-body state. For example, this list. Every day, read the rules for your class and take notes.”

    Now this might sound different to you; remember to do it. Ask yourself, “How do I do it?” and answer “How can I better do it to do better?” This is what we have here. We’ve identified two questions that don’t necessarily have this definition, although it’s certainly being pushed; however, we offer their answers.

    Please see the end for those who do not want to take part in this initiative.

    Working With Kids: A Date With Myself.

    The Glorious Baggers: A Social Dialogue with Children

    If you’ve been with kids for 12-14 years, there’s a lot you can’t do. And you can be a great teacher. But those things are good days. But what if you were to become part of a program where kids do what they’re told and they help with their homework, educate themselves, and have fun?

    If we could group together kids who think about their own activities and ask, “What are your goals and achievements? What do you like to do?” Then the opportunity to do personalized work is much more compelling. In fact, it can play a big part in helping develop your own pedagogy.

    By raising the hypothetical of one child in your community, you’ll find that this conversation is already being planned, so it will feel more natural and natural to you.

    Ideally, in addition to the parent’s role, we should have a group of kids working together. When we do, the child seems to be developing confidence and going through an amazing journey that’s served them well.


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