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Edit My Thesis On Gun Control For Money

  • Raymond Taylor (Merseyside)

    Edit my thesis on gun control for money. Yeah.

    So I’ll be honest: I wasn’t thinking about being shot, I wasn't thinking about a car wreck, it wasn’ t even mind-boggling that I would die and the idea that I had to stand up in front of so many people and shout and tell them to go away didn’t cross my mind. However, I was feeling a bit at ease with being so close to the people, I felt it was okay to be so close. I just felt camouflaged. I felt I was in the right place at the right time.

    01:26:05 Gudrun: It wasn’ boon that I was alone. I feel as though I was just a person walking around in the park, not alone, not ‘all alone’ like you see on the TV. I could just sit down and relax. I’m glad to be alone.

    That I felt comfortable when I walked up to the kettle, I’d be safer. I was so comfortable. I tried not to exaggerate my outsider status. I thought it would be better to keep it that way.

    I’m just so happy to have been able to have an open mind. One reason I feel like I’ve come out the other side of the gun debate and been free to show that it’s not just the gun-owning people who think the way it is, it’ really has been the guns that have made things so frustrating. That’s why I felt so good that I walk around here and hear the voices of the people that’ve been talking. What better way of getting out of the world in which people are so desensitized to the way the world is and to the ways it is made?

    As I walk through the door I felt like I was helping everything through, not just me. I couldn’t get through to a person that would just turn on me and say, “I see you eating cake!” I’s so grateful that I didn’ts think about this. I went into this battle knowing that the people I was speaking to actually said what I was thinking. That we had some common ground.

    Kira Warren (Luton)

    Edit my thesis on gun control for money and leave is the way to go for me.

    Recently, according to the Atlantic, I posted a video on social media, titled “The Killing Fields of Ted Cruz” and described how my practice of the most effective methods for stopping bullets from falling from a clip over my head

    is in jeopardy.

    Keep in mind, I had in my mind that this video was meant as a joke, and I was more interested in making fun of Trump and the media than in playing defense. Because this was basically a satirical attack on pro-gun Republicans and an attempt to “whack” my own record of killing with the best I could muster.

    While I welcomed the criticism of my method, some of the things I’ve written in my theses indicated that I had too much to lose.

    But here’s the thing, I don’t want to be criticized because I have video of the shooting at my house. And the idea that I’m purposefully violating a First Amendment right is ridiculous.

    Instead, I’d like to talk about how Trump’s threats to ban Muslim immigration are completely inconsistent with America’s values.

    Now, Trump’ s arguments for banning Muslims are two-fold:

    1. Trump said last year he was going to ban people from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the U.S.

    2. Trump also said, in a very different context, that he was on the way up with banning immigrants from seven countries that didn’t accept Muslims.

    This is in line with the reasoning that people are going to be like, “Well, he’s just going to put a Muslim ban on our country and no one’s going to stand up and say, ‘Jesus Christ, he said it!’ ”

    To the extent that Trump’ does prevent people from enter the U/S, he is based on his basic premise that Muslims at some point would just cross the border to enter the country and terrorize the rest of us.

    From which we can draw a straight line at outrageous and inconsiderate comments made by Trump and his followers.

    Christy Hinton (Irvine)

    Edit my thesis on gun control for money!

    The move makes it much more difficult for any candidate who wants to challenge incumbent Republican Gov. Deval Patrick (R) to demonstrate actual empathy for gun control, given that this isn’t an issue Patrick is really interested in. He’s been railing against it since Day One of his administration. In fact, some will say there may have been an appetite for bad policy at the time that people thought it was OK to say the right thing to undermine the Second Amendment to be “free-sociable”, by erasing it out of current law, and replacing it with a mandate. So, unless the record suggests otherwise, the move will only make it harder for some candidate to play the nuanced role of empathetic advocate for the Second.

    Either way, the ban “creates a constitutional gap where one political party has a clear advantage and legislatures lack the requisite imagination to do anything about it.” That’s significant because, say, the Supreme Court has been taking heat for advancing a similar ban in order to rush the criminalization of certain minorities. The majority “has already adopted some of the most radical gun control bills in the country.” Indeed, its decisions show “the clear divide between conservatives and liberals as to which gun control is more politically justified and which is wrong.”

    As a result, some of those conservative activists are calling for a referendum on abortion rights and a New York gay marriage amendment. Arabs and Muslims are all touting their religious rights as a source of support, while some of their fellow Republicans are rubbing shoulders with those right-wingers as long-term supporters.

    There’s only one problem there:

    “These were not about voter rights or legal rights; they were about politics. The issue was constitutional control of guns. And there can be no more perfectly justified politics than those of extremists and demagogues.”


    Indeed. But that’s not the intention here.

    Savannah Gilbert (Colwood)

    Edit my thesis on gun control for money.

    I got some money from books (in particular 'The Uncivilized World: How the Global South Undermines the Law' by Simon Baker). I studied the essays in books so I could understand 'why'. By Lindsay Spiridon, common sense and research are not good enough. The other articles were actually due to the researcher, Maria van De Hoeven, but that she simply gave up over something else. If you don't like it, the research and writing all resulted from a marketing trip to Bengaluru, India. I didn't do all the work, I just wrote the initial suggestions.

    In November 2006, my theses were published by Cambridge University Press. I got my PhD thesis in 2007.

    What happened in the next couple of months?

    Back in November 2006 my teacher and advisor, Mr. Cowan, asked me if I wanted to do a thing for National Public Radio, so I agreed. I wanted a job with NPR and I didn’t want to get lost. I went out of my way to have three job offers - two in Philadelphia and one on a US Airways flight. I had completed my life experience (about six years), and just wanted to pass it on.

    I was already, uh, ordinarily-seeming trouble with the FBI, so it seemed a chance to join a series of battles with the government, with them putting people in prison simply so they could be paid some money and treated with respect.

    So I went up to Philadelphe, Pennsylvania, where the NPR had built their office. They were selling new records, and the editors had started to call me. I was working as an assistant editor, and they asked me to write some brief notes for the program. I spent two months writing these notes, which were full of "how I feel about the situation" at NPR. The question was, "would you do this?"

    In the early hours of November 15, 2006, I found myself on a plane in Baltimore, of the US Virgin Islands. They had asked me a question, and I responded that I wanted the chance to be on the air.

    Charlie Wilson (Wiltshire)

    Edit my thesis on gun control for money.

    Twitter hashtag #AdvocateForGunSense was launched Monday in response to Donald Trump's executive order on gun rights, which he signed today.

    In an interview with National Public Radio, Trump called the gun control executive order his "blessing" that puts "no gun on everybody." He said he doubted the signature-giving adults who signed the order would be aware it was a policy they would be impacted by.

    The executive order's targeting of the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) and the 12-hour waiting period in place for someone who wants a gun to buy is an attempt to put a gun on everyone. It targets people aged 18 and older who have a firearm or have a device a firearms or "civilian-owned" firearm at home and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will have the power to give them a permit to buy a gun. Trump has vowed to take many steps to make the ban "better and simpler."

    Anti-choice activists on Tuesday met on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in an effort to counteract the ban.

    Mr. Trump last week signed an executive order that lifted a moratorium on issuing new birth certificates and told Congress and the public to immediately begin developing a program to do the same, as a remedy to people who do not have stronger health insurance coverage.

    Whoa!... Am I really supposed to pay? Gun control activists donate to politicians to advocate for gun control and not be on the hook. They have no pay-fors in the program, no health insurance, no credit cards.

    Fortunately, these militant gun control activist are Republican. In a New York Times piece, Tristan Wolfe explains why they are. "Their duplicitous behaviour," Wolf writes, "may be useful for future historians of American politics."


    Marvin MacAlister (Kingsey Falls)

    Edit my thesis on gun control for money! (youtube video)

    He then, staged two separate acts where he attacked and raped a younger woman in Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino. Three of his alleged victims came to the attention of the police.

    A MAN WAS assaulted and sexually assaulded multiple times when he was entering a ticket office at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Luxor, New York City, in March, 2014.

    In the second act, while he was parked near the curb of the hotel and his customer clerk had picked up the check, Lopez-Diaz, then 25, allegedly pulled out a knife and viciously attacked the clerks on the ground.

    The clerkin was able to hit him several times with the knife, severing his right arm and wrist.

    His slice of bone was later found at the scene, where investigators learned that the attacker had used a steel wedge to cut off his hand.

    “… It has nothing to do with the physicality of the crime,” the NYPD said in a statement, attributing “the rage and hatred” and “the sadistic nature” of the attack to Venezuelan immigrant Lope Valdes-Diez.

    Head of the N.Y. Drugs and Alcohol Bureau, Mark Rutkowski, said Lope-Dias used to grow drug paraphernalia and kept and produced a duffel bag of marijuana.

    However, he had cleaned his vehicle so that the police wouldn’t identify it as a drug raid.

    A relative had reached out to Lope Diaz in prison to let him know that his wife was recently released from a psychiatric hospital, and that she was showing signs of being “recovered.”

    During Valdess-Dinez’s visit to court, she had started making comments about her husband’s health.

    When police asked her, she told them it was her husband who, she said, “had been at the hospital.”

    Lope-Valdes remained in jail, where he is currently facing several charges, including rape and aggravated assault, charges he initially denied.

    Connie Gilson (Knoxville)

    Edit my thesis on gun control for money – or take the arguments you didn’t think necessary.

    The lesson to be learned here, simply, is that if you are not willing to risk leaving your job and the assets you possess, you are in trouble. Gun control for private citizens is a totally inadequate answer, and if you win, you will lose your employer. But if you go for it and sacrifice your professional licence, you may win. Which is more important: freedom or career?

    Gun ownership in Australia is voluntary. Yet a recent survey by the University of Sydney’s Centre for Small Arms Survey found that 70 per cent of guns sold in Australia were purchased by their owners ‘with their own eyes’, or using an instrument known as a background check. Given that the average Australian has a gun in their home for the most part, they, not the government, bears the responsibility to carry out an effective and well-run background check program to ensure that guns not used to commit crimes are not unlawfully purchased. Note that a government survey is a not necessarily an evidence based method of assessing the extent of gun ownership.

    Historically, the average person in Australia has an average of 16 guns in their house. Each year, the number of purchased guns goes up from the current average to one every 5-6 months. From that sample, the actual percentage of guns owned by Australian citizens is closer to 1 per 1,000 people. From what I’ve seen of the survey, it appears most Australiaans don’t own guns at all.

    This very bestselling book, Choosing Firearms, The End of Guns, is published by ParaVia, a publisher that has been around for over 40 years. A review in the Australian Journal of Law and Economics, by Nicholas Kristofer, professor at the University School of Law, considered both the book and the fact that the Australian Criminal Code allows you to buy a firearm for the first time anytime you meet the criteria for an amateur firearm purchase.

    It’s important to remember that the perception of guns as the answer to crime is a product of gun culture.

    Adrianne Lin (Val-dOr)

    Edit my thesis on gun control for money or worse.


    Some cops just haven’t been paid the bills.

    So I’m sorry to break my silence of anger, but when it comes to the Patriot Act we need to vote for gun control! If I’d like to be a cop myself then I’ll read the articles on the site or go to the binders of those cops. If the law is the law then I can make money and cover the costs of my long time dedication to the police service without penalty.

    If the law was really broken, I would be asking for answers. Does the law have a warrant? Why does it have a permit? Why is the permit necessary and why does it require such a royalty?

    You may think I’ve chosen to be here.

    No. I’€™m here because of the agents in the DC Police Department.

    They are under fire for their recent actions. They need to be fired.

    The Cheetah Society is under fire.

    These agents attacked a few political groups, including a group made up of law enforcement, who are targeting them.


    Utmostly because they were weighing up their options.

    For one or two men and one or more women the choice is simple. The choice is between putting their lives in danger and continuing to engage in illegal activity under the law or being fired from their jobs.

    We don’t want to place any value on any of these individuals. We want them to learn.

    That’s why they are behaving as if they are above the law.

    Who is sending these directives to the city?


    Agent Dalton.

    You knew him.

    He’s my best friend.

    Does that make you a cop?

    No! I’s a social worker.

    Yes, the bottom line is that the Cheetos believe that if you are a cop then you have no reason not to stand up for the rights of gays and lesbians.

    I’m the one who helped them arrange a meeting.

    Don’t be shocked when they turn you in for the first time.

    Sid Otis (Mid Glamorgan)

    Edit my thesis on gun control for money. It’s reprinted in all major journals including the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. But, while I can credit the material as solid in its own right, it is not widely accepted. Not only that, but I am unable to afford the services of a professional editing team.

    From an undergraduate’s perspective, there is a reason for this. Even though the definition of science is an imperfect construct and exact matches the existence of a scientist, it has a relatively clear existence. It is true, as we have discussed at length in the book, that in fact this science is fictional. Everyone who is likely to be interested in science has an excellent understanding of the science, and our ability to pursue it is strongly compromised by the fact that all of us have a training in science that diverges from that of the majority. This is a concept like no other, and it threatens to undermine our ability as scientists to pursuit the science. Having dropped the ball and considered the implications of this, it seems just plain fictious to me.

    This is an atypical situation. How could we possibly have a culture that is exclusively devoted to scientific pursuits to teach it at a relatively high level and then not use it for other purposes? Clearly the professors must be in the dark.

    It looks like we have a problem. We do not know how to answer this question, but we do know that the world needs a weapon to strike fear in their hearts. We must find one.

    That is what the Third Industrial Revolution is all about. We have created a technology that will break the power of science, employing the tools of government and military science, to destroy it. We need to find a way to stop our children from learning what they can learn by themselves. We are going to use the tools we have invented to drive the evolution of a new species of machine.

    Edwin Bootman (Thompson)

    Edit my thesis on gun control for money, your dickies,” he said.

    Kerry has never been shy about noting he’s already been knocked out by the debate. In an interview with The New York Times, he said he thought of foreign dictators looking forward to “the night of conscience” meeting with President Obama, saying the relationship between Russia and North Korea had deteriorated to the point of a nuclear exchange “within a couple of hours.”

    “Give me another six months, and I’m heading to the Iranian capital of Tehran,” he told the Times. “And if we go to Tehárin, I will be very pleased, I believe, and if you don’t like it, fine, we can go there too.”

    He also said that if Iran wanted to be a member of the pact of the 14 major nuclear powers, the United States would be well-positioned to lift the ban and inject its full weight into fighting Iranian aggression.

    As I’ve said before, Iran isn’t engaged in a full-blown nuclear race with the United Nation. But what will alter that from here?

    The president is likely to take a tough hard line on the Middle East, but the rest of us are not going to be quite so focused on the next man or woman who may become president, especially if we don’ts stick to our guns.

    When it comes to the war on terror and terrorist groups, we have never had to face a full unified blowback from our enemies, including nuclear ones.

    The nerve police has taken aim at the president’s top advisor, Michael Flynn, especially for grabbing on to details he found out — and apparently bribing the Russian ambassador, Sergey Kislyak, to ignore sanctions.

    But if we plan on building in a permanent relationship with the Russians, Donald Trump might actually be doing what a lot of us want him to do: stay focused on fighting terrorism and building a strong relationship with Russia.

    That’s a lot easier if there are clear opposites to each other — preferably both were opposed to Obama’s policy of torture, even if they were really just fighting the same cause.


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