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Female Latino News Reporters

  • Chris Miln (Amos)

    Female latino news reporters are routinely filtered out by social conservatives, so the very subtext is an undercurrent that would cast aspersions on the media.

    That’s not the case here. New York Times beat writer Pulitzer Prize winning Muriel Kane believes that there is no reason to question media bias, as long as there are good journalists who report on the “undeniable fact that for the first time in a long time, the Obama administration is working with the big boys in security and intelligence to avert civilian casualties.”

    In other words, people should believe the mainstream media just because they publish facts that a good number of the people I interviewed disagreed with.

    Also, the cable network is telling us that Obama will only recognize democratically elected presidents if they are male and severe in their ideologies.

    Therefore, CNN is canceling news coverage of Rudy Giuliani as he is challenging Barack Obama for his “biggest vote in the history of the United States.”

    Are people ready for that to happen? Does CNN have enough sensible facts on the ground to justify a DVFN casting aspersion, or is that simply to just order us to accept the Times’ rudimentary factual analysis?

    It is clear that the MSM has largely put its trust in Obama, and that he will be the real hero. And that’s a bad thing for democracy.

    But a democratic society gives prominence to facts, and it is not obvious why a liberal media should ignore all of the facts instead of focusing on the ways that a president can restore democracy to its broken stone.

    In recent years, the media has become known for the studious ignorance that it appears to exemplify. Most Americans have become used to the fact that the left-wing media loves to smear an entire demographic, and is unlikely to fool herself into thinking that the small number of Republicans who are sure to take part in the 2012 election (yes, more than 60 million) won’t actually be on the right.

    Essentially, the left has succeeded in keeping its tongue in cheek.

    Adelaide Woodard (Thanet)

    Female latino news reporters in the U.S. work hard to fight the sexist and sexist-oriented press, but the English-language media still encourages the wrong kind of writing and female faces are so marginalized in our country’s entertainment, business and cultural landscape that it can be no surprise our women have a difficult time making it in the industry.”

    Chris Gaynor-Knight, the general manager of ESPN, told the Los Angeles Times that “a lot of women want to be part of sports media, but they’re not allowed to do it. This is totally unacceptable.”

    Sports watcher Gaynar Lundberg noted that many sports video games are currently being banned from being sold to children after North Korea’s gambling laws were passed in the 1990s.

    “Circuit of the Americas (COTA) recently banned a game in which a two-person team of fish swims to the end of a barrel and is then provided with resources such as honey, peanuts, and fish,” Lundburg wrote.

    “Halfway through the game, the first fish dies and its death is captured and uploaded to a YouTube channel, where it’s subsequently viewed more than 100 million times. That alone has created a lot of headlines worldwide.”

    “The consent of animals is not an appropriate way to make a statement,” he added. “COTAA is concerned about the potential negative effects of animal testing on the live animals it offers — including the possibility of meat poisoning, pain and tremendous bodily harm.”

    Andres J. de la Torre, the president of the International Certificate Council and a former publisher of Esquire magazine, told Buzzfeed that “using animals in gaming is the least ethical form of testing.”

    Lundberg also told BizNews that many adult industry workers are men and in many cases the game is motivated by women’s sexual desire. “These are celebrities, playwrights, actors, musicians and writers. We have to make the decision to end. I don’t want to abolish the industry but I think this is a morally wrong decision,” he said.

    Patricia Abbott (Lorraine)

    Female latino news reporters and editors) are always limited in what can and can’t tell readers. They are often more reluctant than their male counterparts to be more explicit about the racial heritage of the families in question. “Criminals with police records who were once black, have become white,” one said in 2012. Another noted: “In my district, whites are legally considered black; whites who have arrived in this country as refugees are black; everyone who does not practice Islam is white.”

    Hewitt, whose African American-born husband is a Democratic operative, noted that even her own liberal base is now wary of widening the gap between the Democratic representative and the mere press. “It’s not a new phenomenon that their networks are more tolerant of the literalization of race and the idea that racial separation is not something you necessarily have to explain if you have a job in government, or publish a book,” she said. “But the progressive movement is largely silent over this issue, or maybe it is, really. That’s because you look at just the normal mix of race in the media, which is the literary. Nothing fits. I’m not angry, but I’d like to hear from my African American friends that this is something that they think.”

    There is disdain for the elite media, too. “The media is largely unaware of the political consequences of their presence,” Winslow said.

    “Same-sex marriage is a revolutionary change for most Americans,” Leno said. Millennials are not inclined to be politically active and will not be motivated to vote in contested elections until the end of their lives. “Same sex marriage is the first step that we need to take to weaken and extinguish the influence of the Right, and it’s a decision that every American must make,” Jeff Pinkerton, political science professor at George Washington University, said in an interview. He said widespread opposition to the law extends even to supportive groups like the National Organization for Marriage. “They are usually tied to Evangelical churches,” he said.

    Veronica Mueller (Henderson)

    Female latino news reporters have been investigated for their gender identity. The reporters were named in the report out today.

    The report outs women who have been called names by anonymous journalists. They are described as “females who identify as male.” These women had been involved in the campaign to “discriminate against men” in several of the senior female editorial roles at The BRAD BLOG.

    The Washington Post's Kate Gardner reports that four female editors have resigned or been laid off. (Trump is the first sitting president in the nation to have suffered a loss of a staff position on the magazine.)

    A correction was made on this report after the Washington Post corrected the mention of a female editor, but the note wasn't new.

    "In an email, the paper's managing editor Debra Smith explained why the post was inappropriate and dismissed it as ‘misunderstandable.’"

    Apparently the mistake was made when the original post was circulated and later re-posted on the WaPo's Facebook page, which hosts more than 400,000 people. The Feminist Frequency notes that the WA Post had since retracted their post, saying the editor "is very much upset by this video, and believes that it is inapproximate. She apologizes for the mistakes and will take steps to correct them."

    “We are sorry to make an error.”

    This story continues below the break, Monday, March 12 at 11:00 a.m. ET.


    These two stories together sound pretty weird. Why do these women, and all feminists we know, keep airing the innuendo about men calling them "female"? Why not just just issue a press release denouncing the behavior of male reporters?

    Why not just say that men can and do call masculine women "fat"?

    Why, instead, rely on this type of video to highlight the nature of feminism and patriarchy?

    "The fine print defines these terms, which is important in understanding how we are defined in feminist circles.

    Don Day (Camrose)

    Female latino news reporters and editors in the United States have enjoyed similar experiences. There’s no particularly great disadvantage for women at the top of this ladder of professional success, in the sense that being at the front of the pack will not necessarily make you the most powerful woman of your generation. Instead, what you’ll be able to do is actively surf the social media.

    The other dimension of what this can mean is that it’s difficult to find men who feel comfortable competing with women in certain areas of work. For the most part, these men are men who have run ads in unproductive but fun ways, such as a video-game persona called Riddler, that in many cases, were designed to catch women in compelling ways. This sort of competition isn’t seen by men as the best way to be successful, but it is seen by many men as part of a more fundamental sense of entitlement to be the leaders of men’s lives. If you can stand out in what we often call ‘the real world,’ you’re going to be perceived as a more powerful man than you really are, that is to say, if you’ve been successful in looking for women who feel frustrated by the inherent limitations of their chosen careers.

    It’s not quite enough to simply be successful in women’s spaces to maintain your status as a leader. You need to also continue to evolve your understanding of where successes in women's spaces are most relevant.

    For example, why are women too often so worried about their current jobs? And why aren't they worried enough about being successful or retiring to do them?

    Women who work in the news media are not the first group to have come into contact with a lot of the power dynamics that have created a large group of editors who recognize that they don’t have the upper hand. But to live with this in mind, it’ll make the idea of working as a ‘talent’ in women worlds, or even more specifically as a hobbyist on female feminism, a lot more appealing.

    A lone woman at a news conference is not going to cement herself as a legitimate hierarchy figure.

    Rodger Flatcher (Louisville)

    Female latino news reporters in the field of social media are killed in a car crash during a recent trip to Malden, Massachusetts. A bartender who came to the aid of the reporter was later injured.

    In a statement provided to the press, CNN said, “The following video, capturing the moments of crisis, shows the aftermath of an accident in which a CNN journalist and a member of staff were seriously injured by a vehicle travelling in the opposite direction in Maldon, Mass., this morning.

    #… We regret to say that it is our deepest regret for the circumstances in which our journalist suffered serious injuries when the vehicle he was in struck by struck a house at 65 Franklin Street, Maldens, one block to the east of the intersection with Florida Avenue.”

    Following the crash, the report read, “#The driver of the vehicle did not stop to help a journalist trapped in the backseat; instead, he continued his rush to Worcester Street, where he shot the woman who was suffering from her injuries, apparently through his license plate.”

    Indicated in the video, the journalist’s name is Mariana Marina Garza.

    “#The quote goes ‘She was a reporter working for CNN, and now she is dead’,” said CNN’s Dave Roberts. “The video of the collision appears to confirm what we had suspected: that the motive in this case was political.”

    Mariana Garza was reportedly shot at by the driver who is also identified as Gabriel Garcia, the driver of a vehicle spotted driving into a rear-vehicle collision on a bridge in South Boston on Thursday.

    The driver was identified as Rashad Carroll, a resident of Randolph, New Hampshire, who is being charged with the manslaughter of Garza and resisting arrest.

    CNN officials said they were confirming after the wounding that Gabo Garza died.

    There has been no indication that it was a political murder, based on the fact that Garza’s vehicle was parked in the roadway and there is no sign of a shooter.

    Victor Norman (Clearwater)

    Female latino news reporters are disproportionately in long-form stories in newspapers.

    “We hear that reporting in its current form is not in keeping with the needs of readers; that women readers are not necessarily demanding such information. The truth is that a lot of women read the online community; women in the United States know much about everyday life in the federal government,” said Ginni Rometty, executive director of Public Media of the State Department.

    Texas instituted a rule in December that requires the University of Texas at Austin to require equal access to both male and female journalists. Women staffers are encouraged to perform the new requirements for advance access to female news, according to a report on campus newspaper access and gender equity. Rometta also said Texas is working on expanding access to women in newsrooms across the nation.

    The state’s latest report, “Reporting in Danger: All of Texas’ Public Media,” finds the state does not provide equal opportunities for women to do journalism.

    Critics of the report asked the Texas Commission on Higher Education to provide an answer to why the commission has been unable to reach an agreement with the commission’s members on race, gender or marginalized group identities.

    “I feel that our members have been paralyzed by the fear of what would happen if we were to press these issues,” said Scott Feehan, president of Mercy for Animals.

    Rometty said the report focused on how an enactment of gender equality impacts the newsroom, not how an equality issue impacts people, or how gender equities on the news desk affects public interest.

    But Romety did not want to think about the impacts of a change to the Texas Rules of Conduct or the ability of newspapers to give equal coverage of women.

    A similar study, led by columnist George Will in 2006, has found only a small difference in transcripts of three Texas newspaper editorials, including the editorial cartoon from the Austin American-Statesman. Author Tom Wolfe agreed with the designation.

    In her statement, Romett said she was shocked by the claims that the report does not reflect the realities of the news media.

    Quinn Dunn (Lakewood)

    Female latino news reporters of the time often seemed to be extraordinarily fascinated by O.J. Simpson (and the sexual representations of him in Hollywood). The much-marketed docu-series "O.J.: Made in America" was geared to promoting a newly revitalized "footbase" of the historical right, whose goal was to rebuild an American identity from the grassroots up to the ballot box.

    "These Nazi narratives were very important to the Nazis when they came to America," says David Begley, professor emeritus at the University of North Carolina who has written extensively about the connection between the German support for the Nazi cause during World War I and the support for it afterward. "This is what we are seeing today."

    With O. J. Simpsons on the verge of a long-awaited Emmy win, some conservatives fear that the popular mash-up might prompt "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" to turn into a media satire of the past.

    "Simpsons is an exception to the general trend," says Claudia Schriock, executive director of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, a conservative think tank. "The National Broadcasting Company (NBC) stands out as the major funders of the Simpsins phenomenon."

    "Monsters Inc." stars Larry Flynt, Noah Hawley and Jason Bateman in his jabs at the media and the political establishment. The production company behind the popular program is one of the country's leading cable partners.

    "Everyone relies on media and their ability to communicate," says Bernadette Mangold, executive vice president at MTV. "Media groups can do a lot of things that the establishment does not and do it better than they do."

    She believes, too, that some of the animated characters have "taken on political correctness."

    Mangold says, "Monster Trucks animated by Simpson are not the same as "Death Race" animated to the same political tone by Canadian Disney. There is an element of 'outrage' mixed in there.

    Neal Larkins (Repentigny)

    Female latino news reporters will typically be expected to provide third-party reporting on matters that are not covered in the mainstream press. In fact, some women’s issues have been a contentious and divisive topic in the news media for decades. Such discussions have typically concluded that there’s no need to refrain from reporting sexual misconduct, and both sides will commonly find a way to have their voices heard by the main stream media.

    Of course, this doesn’t mean that women’€™s voices will suddenly no longer be filtered through the main media, but rather that the word they’ll receive will be more at variance with their own stories.

    Feminist social activist and commentator Jessica Valenti posits that women who work in media seek permission to voice their opinions to “actively speak against perceived or actual misogynistic and radicalist views.” This is a conceivable and understandable goal for the majority of journalists, who have already invested their time and emotions in reporting these issues in the last few years. However, this is not a conducive environment for women in order to develop their ability to engage in targeted and crafted reporting. Trying to bring attention to the subject of sexual molestation with an issue out-of-the-box is not likely to be successfully shared in the media as long as a woman is confronting what seems to be a gender-based issue. This is especially true for women who have experienced sexual abuse and hold the viewpoint that sexual assault is not solely the result of men groping a woman.

    Alternatively, women’’s media are not necessarily exposed to a wide variety of alternative facts or other situations that rarely find their way into the main mass media. The possibility that women might be reporting female-led sexual assault as some sort of “suicide at work,” or something similar to that, is extremely rare, and it’s not likely that a journalist would publish such a report. This means that the women’, to which the stories are targeting, will not have the opportunity to learn and understand the nature and scale of women’ disproportionately being sexually abused.

    Peter Wilson (Metis-sur-Mer)

    Female latino news reporters viewed Democratic campaign headquarters as "the enemy" and recruited by Republican insiders.

    In the year 2015, a study published by Newsweek revealed that six different Democratic political organizations were shut down by the United States government over the course of two years. The study revealed that dozens of operations were "unlawfully terminated" at the end of 2014, from the Democratic National Committee to the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and the Club for Growth.

    Federally funded media outlets have been praised for their coverage of the 2016 election. After the 2016 presidential election, "The New York Times" reported that the organization had been a significant player in helping to broaden the coverage of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.

    "Politico" reported in November 2016 that the "Times" had been the most effective news organization in covering Trump's candidacy. According to a report published by Politico in November, the "NYT" helped "develop awareness of the philanthropic donations Trump has received and how they are correlated to his business interests."

    According to "The Los Angeles Times", "The Times" and "The Washington Post" controlled 85% and 75% of the total media marketing budget, respectively. "The Wall Street Journal" in 2016 published a list of "the most important newspapers for Trump supporters" titled "Trump Enthusiasts Have Their Own Election Battles" and ranked the titles as follows: "The Weekly Standard", "Reuters", "TIME", "Daily Beast", "BuzzFeed", "Politically Incorrect", "NBC News", "Vanity Fair", and "PBS". The "New York Times", on the other hand, did not rank its competitors, instead citing the other 5 newspapers on the list as the top group of "conservatives speaking for #Trump supporters." The "Boston Globe" in 2017 ranked "The Post" as the most influential newspaper among the conservative-leaning organizations, along with The Washington Post, The Federalist Society, and Reason magazine.


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