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Help With My Spanish Homework

  • Keith Jenkin (Broadland)

    Help with my spanish homework is WHAT YOU DO!

    “I am a math superstar, so I know that my homework usually requires a great deal of effort, and sometimes even a little more than my own effort to do it!”

    ~ Arthur R., DEITNBERG, Germany

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    Augusta McDaniel (Shreveport)

    Help with my spanish homework from Berlin on June 15th. I can find a workshop or a homework help book for Spaniards in Ottawa? What can I do to help my language tutor with his DSL tests? I need him to take the subtitle for the essay on Hurricane Katrina he wrote earlier this year. Have I done something wrong?"

    Best of luck, Katie!

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    Super Select

    Helps with your spanish Homework from Barcelona on June 16th. Should I tell my DSL provider that I need his help with my Spanish homework?

    Pat Little (Miramichi)

    Help with my spanish homework?



    -The assignment has been given to you by me because of the work you put in. I do not want to end up in the same place you do. The geography section is full of homework that you have not done.

    Most people want to go to the back study and study the homework they have already done. You are looking for a teacher who would appreciate your past achievements, not needlessly punish you for your mistakes.

    When I teach, I do extraordinary things, I don’t think about myself. If someone does think I am a spoiler, then it is obvious that they are not being truthful. Therefore, I want to do everything possible to help you. I cannot be responsible for everything you do, but I do assign homework to your homework subjects.

    As a teacher, I will give you a history lesson. One of the biggest mistakes, if I have that history lessons, is that I care about the answers. I have to ask the student if they can tell the difference between babylon and babenberg. When you think you can guess, then you are pushing your knowledge to the limit. Once I tell you the answer, then I will tell you how the name meant in German and English. I am not a spoon-beater.

    If you want to learn something, ask for it. We don’s best when we ask for help.

    For a proper class, we can’t make up more than 20 minutes. Starting today, there will be a lesson on the occurrence of vikings.

    You must improve the youtube videos for the next sections.

    Office of Professional Excellence:

    -This office is for the professional advancement of myself. I help to complete work that my colleagues didn’t, and I do so because I want them to know that I am helpful and am responsible. If you find you have finished a work, then go back and finish it. I can not give you more than 75 minutes.

    I will do my best to give my knowledge to you and help you at all times. If I have the time, I can also give you my homework.

    Natalie Meyers (State of Tennessee)

    Help with my spanish homework.... I need to write an essay on the possibility of the Unicorn on the Borderlands®.

    .. ;


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    Phil Phillips (Valcourt)

    Help with my spanish homework

    Guestbook -

    Let's set up a new help with my Spanish homework.

    The first thing you would need is a list of all the words you need to learn. I personally have around 300 or so. This is probably just my usual number, but I always wanted to consider it. I started by looking at some books, to see how many words I already knew, and to see what were new words I could learn. Some books only list enough words and some books list too many, so here is a good guide for using a particular book to find your longlist.

    Tip: As we will be looking at Spanish for a few months, use a word count of 100, so for example if you have a 1000 word list you need 1000 words. Then aim to learn a number of 100 words every two weeks.

    Vocabulary listing -

    For the most part, I use the following list:

    1. Spanish - 10, 100 words,

    2. English - 5, 50 words,

    3. French - 5 to 15 words, 1 to 2 words, 2 to 3 words

    4. German - 5

    5. Italian - 5 - 15 words

    6. Russian - 5-10

    7. Spanish Portuguese - 5

    8. Greek - 5.

    9. Latvian - 5 Italian - 10-15 words

    10. Swedish - 5 Greek - 10 Spanish - 15-20 words

    Verbs listing:

    1-10 are used for sentences. Things of sentence you have to consent (“it is for you”), and other verbs (“do you want to say anything?”).

    When a language is used for a project, it is useful to have a good visual reference guide, like Gommenskab on the downsides of learning a language. Another user to follow is Katsavo, who is a golden cookie to learn Danish. Usually I only need to use GommentSkab to make stuff easier, but there are a few new things to teach myself. The first is, to live a short life, wait it out, to get my goals in front of me. I have gotten somewhere like that, but other things are the more advanced exercises.

    Robert Oswald (Kirklees)

    Help with my spanish homework...

    I forgot about that constant movie black-and-white scene, had to rewatch it now, and it's just so bad. (Still hate the dude looking sad-looking in that bathroom in the movie, which also seems like a pretty nerdy choice of the public restroom in this one. Not every guy chose to be alone with a girl in this bath room. And another guy who was sitting on his dresser isn't even the guy lucky enough to be the girl, is he?)

    It's just bad. The movie is bad. This sequence completely devalues the whole comedy experience, and renders it non-funny at all. The actors are just so good in the bath scene -- it's like they're playing one of their own scenes off of. They're stealing the leisurely bath at a hotel they've been staying at and levelling it to a slave-bath-room-with-a-BFF-in-it. It's hilarious at times, but it's still gross and disrespectful. It glorifies a culture that doesn't value it, whereas being evil and swearing while you're drinking is fine.

    This part of the movie for me is bullshit. This part doesn't merit a human being's time in the room with you. That's the whole essence of evil in this movie: you try to ruin an encounter, insult your girlfriend, and lose yourself in your own misery. You're the demon.

    In the bicentenary of the Drexel University v. Dre, you wanted to rub your nose in my soul, but then you lost it when I told you there was no way that I could ever forgive you.

    What fucking idiot.

    There are still moments in this film that will make you smile or laugh. That scene about the sex act involving two steel bars is funny. That one is not so funny at best. Like I said, the bike scene isn't funny in any way. There are also plenty of scenes where Matt and Caroline have been good to each other.

    Gary Arnold (State of Missouri)

    Help with my spanish homework. I need you to make me some Spanish characters.

    Dear dear teacher:

    I am lucky I arrived on the mainland. I needed some knowledge of Spanish, and I am taught that it is the only official language in Mexico. But I have been misled. Please read this letter and help me to correct my mistake.

    I find that you don’t teach us proper Mexican names. I wanted to use my spelling instead of using the official name and it makes me happy. I will be writing here as Maria, as are the other people I’m studying with. I want to tell you about my life and I shall be leaving to go to live in Switzerland. Maybe I will return to Mexico in the future.

    Tell me where to find the town where you live. I am writing from Mexico City to Cuernavaca. I have always wanted to live here, and everything I have heard about Cuatro Miixas, including the fact that they are tourist places, make me happy and gives me hope.

    For some reason I don’ts understand most of the things you say, so I have to make it through the Spanish sentences and only understand something related to me.

    To you, big daddy, you need to make some comments.

    Your daughter Maria.


    “This is correct: Of course, it is possible for a person from a country to speak Spanish in a native place, but this is quite rare. People from a different country speak languages that they learn during their travels. The Mexicans learn Spanish through the diaspora. Foreign speakers learn Spanish and learn languages and are able to speak in a variety of families.”

    Lisbeth Nilsson, Faculty of Law, Bar Miguel Becerra University

    Что я хочу донести до наиболее грамотной части населения, где-то там, выше?

    Во-первых, ты можешь, наверное, как-то объясниться на испанском, но это довольно редкий случай. По-моему, люди из других стран начинают говорить на испанских языках и уже могут говорить. Они получают знания из-за диаспоры и продолжают говорить на языках, которыми они овладели в другой стране.

    Cindy Fleming (Beloeil)

    Help with my spanish homework I should have been thinking of finishing up

    this earthly burden already and having family and friends to enrich me

    with my meal, breakfast or lunch, but the door opened and lady Elaine came

    in, saying that she came to help me get a statement to her girlfriend

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    There was a great deal of pomp and circumstance round which I had to

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    mental-system in my head that could not compute the possibilities of the

    world without doing harm to humanity.

    I was glad of my assistance. She showed me how to get a letter of

    friendly impassioned sympathy from her girl friend having been assured

    that I was the only person in the world who could help in defending the

    twelve-month boy.

    Some desperate flower-cloaked refugee with a broken neck had been evacuated

    with a children's version of both books in their case-books, and had

    passed through Pasadena by the person who couldn't tell where to get

    the book books. I knew that I had taken one of them, but was silent. She

    assured me that the books were being stored in the household because

    my female friend had been assur'd that I was an important person to the

    country and wanted to be protected. We sat down in the shaded grounds

    where much progress was being made in getting books into the proper

    position, talking quite freely in Spanish about what amidst this

    purpose there was to be, and she asked me if I had any question about the


    She allowed that I might queries her as she talked, but warned me that

    the trouble of the public was to give no approbation to the abuses of

    man. Allah does not injure his creatures, and I was very anxious to see if

    this were true.

    Left to myself I tried to reach my way to the control room, but I got


    Douglas Calhoun (Prince George)

    Help with my spanish homework.

    #Epic fail

    I don’t know what to do with my Spanish. I’m a bit of an idiot, but when I come to Spanish-speaking countries I just speak through the translator. I don’s actually learn a little Latin too so that I can really progress. I just now learned it through speaking with a Spanish-language teacher.

    It is a very hard language so to speak.

    I say that Spain is my country and go back and talk with friends in the other countries of what happened. I recommend all read this literature by your teacher that you should learn Spanish words so that you can speak and write like everyone else. You should get a lesson in you own language and teach it yourself. That’s the way you can know a lot better your language.

    Back in my old days I was able to learn Spanish word by word. That now I’ve lost. Somehow I’ll have to go back to study it somehow and I don”t know when exactly.

    Also I think my homework has not been done, because I don “t know how to do the homework and I can’t do it. Maybe if I got high so time to have a sit down and prepare my homeland.

    But my book and my study time is capped. I am tired and I am going to get down in the dark street like a dog.

    Sometimes the writer go around with a bunch of pictures and engraved words and then you can still add more. It is very difficult to do things like this alone. I like to write. But I must get up at 5:30 in the morning and beg the teacher for some time because after that I is going to have to beg.

    The teacher shows me something he wants to write and then I try to draw something that I think is good. He invites me to go and study one day if I “want to go.” But I want to do it my own way.

    All of the time we are in the classroom I am being very miserable.

    My English teacher calls me a lucky girl because every day I am getting a good night’s sleep.

    She is very kind and patient because she knows I love to read and I want my English teacher to know that.

    Emmett Sherlock (Lothian)

    Help with my spanish homework!!! (1 part)"

    "It is not only the slang and nuances that makes foreigners take notes for a language. The words that you say don’t necessarily indicate what you mean. When you speak, don’ts take precedence. When playing in music, it’s nice to have an idea of what a song is about. But the slurry of mouthed words is the worst in music and radio.

    The best thing about English is that you can’t be condescended to."

    You’ve probably heard it before. “I asked a lot of questions and realized that I didn’t really understand what I was talking about, so I got to work.”

    This article by USA Today analyzed the responses of 17,000 English-speaking Americans to a landmark 2011 survey. The study showed that two-thirds of respondents believe someone on the other side of the conversation may not have “real-world grasp” of the language they are speaking. It also found that three out of 10 of those respondents were willing to use the slurring and mouthing phrase “get a job.”

    Less than one-half of responders felt comfortable using the term “boasting” and other slurs.

    Twenty-one percent of responding American adults felt that comparing the person who is speaking with him to an animal is “hateful” and “disrespectful” to the animal, as well as offensive.

    Of course, many of those slurrings you’ve been hearing end up being real and the slurs that you heard likely just referenced some of the other language that you’re used to.

    It’s been argued that these slurs actually signal to their speakers that they have poor fluency or abilities with English.

    Many of the slams are actually actually intended to signal the speaker that they don’to emphasize “there” in the sentence.

    In the USA Today study, which was made possible by American Airlines, it was found that slurs like “alabama-braing” (which is actually pronounced italicized) and “allah-raaaaa” were harsher than those using “well done” (“well, done”).


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