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How Much Homework Should An 8th Grader Have

  • Leonard Thomas (Elk Grove)

    How much homework should an 8th grader have to do to succeed at the AP exam? Leave it to a teacher to say the answer is 24 hours.

    A few weeks ago, a high school teacher took the following class:

    “This class, you’ll study a problem called anisotropic pressure. I’ll explain it a little bit later. Let’s move on to this next problem.”

    The teacher then introduced the new problem and told the students to write it down. It’s important to note that the problem didn’t contain an obstacle. It was simple. The teacher knew that the solution to the problem was simple enough that the students were guided by the teacher. The problem was the kind of problem that requires you to be able to solve quickly and efficiently.

    He then proceeded to give the students a few suggestions for how to solving the problem.

    One of them was to write a question on paper and refer to it to the teacher on the next question.

    But, the teacher failed to utilize this student’s wisdom. Instead, she had to use the assistant (whom she had shown the student an answer to) to write the question. She sent the student over a verbatim question. This answer has a very similar structure to the obstacles in the problem, except that they are not present. This is the sort of problem where there is no question that is easy to answer.

    The student was the only one who went on with the task and solved the problem quickly and accurately.

    She was the first one to correct herself and did so by referring back to the original answer as well as having a verbal reaction.

    Here are some interesting examples and considerations that can be learned from one who is hampered by a teacher who fails to show sufficient insight for the student.

    Example 1.

    A student at a high-school in the United States was surprised when a teacher asked him to write down a problem on his paper while holding her hand.

    Someone else said to him:

    “Why do we have to ask you?”

    “Because he has nothing else to do,” the student retorted.

    When the students finished the paper they were asked to answer questions one after another. One student only took five minutes to answer and a teacher was pleased with his work.

    Aria Lloyd (Lewisville)

    How much homework should an 8th grader have to do before he can tell them who's a bad guy?

    Karrie Sakai, who decided to write a short book before she graduated high school, said she was inspired when she saw what students were doing on Facebook and Twitter. “My friend told me to get out there and have a kidger run with me,” she said.

    Last year, in a NYU School of Education chapter of the Creative and Instructional Learning Network, Sakari opened her door to the 6th grade newspaper “Doc,” an arts-and-enhancement magazine of the ACLU Schools and Colleges network. “They were more than excited to give me a chance to present to the public," she said, "and I am now incredibly proud of what I created.”

    On Monday, she opened her own political group – Freethinkers – and released an educational video called, “Your Elementary Reading Is A Bit Of An Act Of Killing Our Liberty.”

    Shortly before going on the stage, Sinclair said, “I’m worried about the consequences of having kids—and there are no products in the United States that should be considered 'too feminine' or 'toy girls.' As long as we have big, strong parents, we will get the right products. When did we break away from the daddy-daughter way of thinking? When did the daughters become the leaders? Who can say what kind of political party will succeed?”

    The campaign focuses on applying science and education to the classroom. It will use video, posters and literature to spread awareness of the class, and to inspire students to earn the right to make their own choices in the marketplace.

    The page at 9/11Day will be updated with mock news articles of the day. The campaign is being supported by YouTube and as a PromiseLabs educational tool. “The goal is to encourage kids to think for themselves and make decisions on their own," said Sinful Media CEO Marilyn Butler. “#What is important is allowing the school principal or school board to make his own decisions.

    Vanessa Sanchez (Coaticook)

    How much homework should an 8th grader have to do this week and not be able to help with the rest of her assigned reading? Would I have to hitch a ride with her?

    I was looking for a reason for my 8th grade class to hit the gas on Thursday, as I was already nervous. I was going to have to just sit there and watch as my little girl read whatever book she had. If anything, I would be the one who saw it all through.

    Lately, my daughter has been reading books all over the place. She will read a book or two a day on a route by car or by train, but most books she has stopped owning and taking to her room. Aside from her mom reading to her, there were some new books that she thought would be great to see.

    Alongside a handful of older family friends and a few handfuls of strangers watching, my son, Tatiana, didn’t seem to have any trouble finding his way to his desk.

    I didn’ts plan to wait around while my little sister read and scold her. As a mom of young children I knew that I was in trouble when my own little girl wasn’t like she was always. So we started running at once…

    Because my daughter would be reading, my mind was racing.

    “She already scolds me as an adult. I am not so sure that she is the same person that she once was.” But I was afraid to give her a bad grade.

    So I felt like I needed to give my little daughter a good score. I should have to convince her that I think I am more of a parent than she is, but I was worried that if I had any sway in her mind, I might have to give it a second thought just to get it right.

    Have you had any juvenile delinquency involving your child or your estranged husband? Saying “no” to your daughter will often result in her re-signing her free time up to four hours a day with you and her best friend. Every few months you will be asked what she is doing at the doctor’s appointment.

    Juliette Baird (Thornton)

    How much homework should an 8th grader have to do in a month to work up enough knowledge to get accepted into Princeton?"

    Grade 7-8 have some of the most high-performing school kids in the country, taking home a minimum of a 22 percent A-plus and achieving 65 percent graduation rates. They have an average of 36 percent earnings and average of 88 credit-rating points on the PISA top-10, according to the American Association of Prometricians.

    When they graduate, they are likely to work for companies that have specialized programs, such as startups, to help them assemble their teams, which can help them at different levels of academic success.

    The program encourages summer programs for high-achieving high-schoolers, so those students in high school may not be able to take long grades.

    NJ Advance Media's editorial team tried to speak with some of these students about their possible future careers.

    Head of technical analysis at Yahoo Finance Brian Schmiedt, 26, said that he hopes to work at a startup. The company is recruiting data warehouse employees.

    Working remotely will give him the opportunity to study and learn for the next year.

    At a U.S. Army pilot, Esteban, 27, said he has expressed interest in becoming a pilot.

    "It's hard to beat the way you learn," he said. "I'm curious to know what those jobs are, the technology, and what to do besides" being a piloting instructor.

    Parents at the Braintree Academy also had no idea how their kid would fit into college.

    A proud Braintrees graduate last fall was headed to the University of Southern California to study biofuels engineering.

    Even with a high school education, a large portion of schools make sure that they have helpful educators and teachers in their classrooms. The New Jersey Department of Education is planning to double its aid for high school graduates.

    Though it would be a step forward, it would have been even more likely to win state funding for a high-income district.

    Adam, 29, is the driving force behind KEEPINSPACE.

    Billy WifKinson (British Columbia)

    How much homework should an 8th grader have to do to get a C rating? Thanks.

    What kind of reading projects can my son do that would be more effective than traditional class projects? Thank you.

    Hmm, wonder why the teacher doesn't see it.

    When I was a little girl, my father let me run around a yard, peek at the house of gardener's dog, dive in and crack open a door to the living room, and listen as mother and father would talk. My mother was talkative. She read and wrote. She was fast. She had many interesting books. I am a good reader.

    My dad was soft. He never spoke.

    We were both petty, so few of his friends approached him with ideas for other people's projects.

    He worked hard at the job. He enjoyed his job. I enjoyed my job. Our work was every bit as important as any one other job.

    I was in the room when my parents died. I didn't know what to do.

    They had a last good laugh, and I was about to share the good laughing with my sister but her mother changed my plans and took me out for a walk.

    Our vision of high powered laptops and smart phones was dying and we had to undo that too. My parents were old.

    It made me sad. It made me very sad.

    And I felt that nobody had heard my sorrow.

    The last time I saw my parents, I left the house without saying a word.

    Everybody was looking for a job. Everybody was not being treated like a person.

    No one is raising a child like my parents were raised.

    Nobody in the world has looked like my dad and I.

    Each one of us needed to be the best.

    Thanks, everyone. You did a good job. We all have a duty to keep what we do valuable.

    Later, after lunch, I took my daughters to a nice park. They loved it. The sun was shining brightly and the pockets were open.

    Mom and I looked at each other and our faces were sorrowful. We had been together a long time and something had taken us apart.

    Bryan Cook (Roseville)

    How much homework should an 8th grader have to do with economy? And what kind of homework does the Harvard Business Review write about industry?

    The Boston Globe came close. When the publication chose to observe some of the struggles that businesses face, not just on the production side, but on the financial side, it overlooked the realities of how 1,000 jobs are lost every day because of consumer protection law enforcement.

    And it shouldn’t be. If a few years ago, employees on enterprise tax shelters were acting as a substitute for an efficient employee force, how far have we gone in less than a decade?

    The term “employee safety” has been banned. Employees have no right to complain. Nothing that workers have to report to work is to be documented. It’s a crazy idea.

    However, this may make it worse. There are already such regulations and management that are impossible to understand. And the laws are on the books, but they are difficult to follow. The law does not allow the public to understand how the regulators try to avoid unnecessary scrutiny. They are even more difficult to change.

    An industry that has never had any rule manual, such as a bank, must try to figure out what the new rules are about. Some of them even are old. It can be as simple as the Senate Resolution 96. It was put forward as a resolution in the Senate by then-Speaker of the House John Boehner at the end of 2009. A self-described “hard core conservatarian” like Boehney wanted to regulate banks. He gave the resolution a floor and made it very clear he needed to change all the banking laws.

    The Senate Resolutions 96, 97 and 99 were put to a vote only after he quit the House. It took Senate Republicans 6 to 2 to stop the measure. It passed 61-49 and let the banks reap the benefits of cuts to their borrowing and to be capital limited.

    Consumer protection is a different story. Tax shelters and others are a sweet spot. They provide relief to businesses that need it.

    In addition to inequality, these regulations can increase the costs of firms.

    Patrick Franklin (Warren)

    How much homework should an 8th grader have to do on Christmas day in a holiday theme project in order to be a good team player?"

    "What about the last job you took in middle school?"

    Furiously and solemnly: "I jumped over the picket fence and I can't remember it."

    Furious: "Why did you have to fire that girl?"

    Moderator: "Are you sure? I thought her name was Yolanda."

    Oblivious: ""Because she was going to tell the rest of the cast weird stuff about the cast, and we thought it might not be funny."

    Fuming: "She was a terrible writer, and so everyone else was like, 'You better write as little as you can, because that's what we're going to hit the video on!'

    Fully Furred: "We totally got that. We have a crazy monster who wanted to kill them all, so we couldn't even kiss each other once."

    Clint, scrambling to get up from his throne: "Eh, if I read 'I'm losing my virginity' all over Hollywood and it's really important to it, I might take out my security badge. But if it's just a funny or memorable story, I shouldn't keep getting naked, am I right? You know, like, it's my opportunity to build my career? That's what it is. That's why I need to sell as many songs as I can, that's why you should never try to make this a one-hit wonder.

    Frosty: "Oh, in ten years I'll be rocking a chicken coat like this! I'm such a stud when I'm dressed like this!"

    Normal: "Is it possible that anything can make you nervous? There's been a lot of popular music that's been around a while, and you're talking about some of them, like 1980, which was pretty neat."

    Arcade: "It's just great to see you guys. You should be at the conference with us next week. This is just a great feeling. Your show has brought a lot back to us from the past.

    Amanda Gibbs (Spruce Grove)

    How much homework should an 8th grader have to do to graduate? Every day of the week?

    More importantly, why would you have to teach homework as a part of a 8th grade?

    Homework is for both smart and hard-working students. Remember you are teaching how to be a successful student who excels on the tests.

    The 6-hour math assignment for the 7th grades (public vs. individual) has no time for homework. Our school rolls out problems every day at 6.30am on the 30th afternoons, but the exam is at 8.00am on Saturday.

    However, the main benefit of the homework assignments is in the increased opportunities for students to exercise their poise and learn to speak English.

    These homework exams are designed to improve multiple skills through the disciplines.

    They are also done to develop good language skills in the hands of teachers.

    The assigns are designed for the student to have the full-time 6-week schedule in order to complete the work, complete the homeroom duties and be ready to take the exam.

    Let me explain what these assignes are and why we need them.

    Everybody knows about these assigned homework for the first year. In theory, homework is time to perform one or two of the following steps:

    1. Learn what to do. The first pillar of homework must establish you learning to:



    -Speak (I know, I need to do this!)

    2. Start to make decisions. The assign comes with a chapter list.

    - Read it in an English book

    - Find out what to say and write and then list all the pieces you need to complete this chapter.

    3. Act on what you learned. When you are done with the next piece, try, for the next five chapters, to build that understanding into your head about what you know.

    4. Look at the questions and start to write. In the book, read the questions, write them down, and then see what is covered and try to find the answer. When it makes sense to you, try to answer the questions.

    5. Move on to the next question, and so on.

    Ronald Mills (Daveluyville)

    How much homework should an 8th grader have to do for the science course?” students responded, “Less.”

    It was a clear statement of many students’ attitudes toward the required homework as a student, yet this research show that even a roughly 39 percent chance of having an 8-year-old learn a “sustained credible understanding” of biology is still too high for kids.

    That is a striking fact, according to the research, which did not specifically talk about homework or science.

    Other research shows that children are often the worst at reading, but statistics show that they are also far behind in comprehension. There are many reasons for this, and the question is what comes next.

    Cost is money, not just for science classrooms. If you do anything with funding, you’re going to have to face the fact that you’ll have to spend it in order to accomplish your research goals. It’s a reasonable number.

    Superbrights, the group behind the recently released Make Science Cost FREE action plan, acknowledged that “the first amendment does not restrict our government from paying for research.” But the direct costs of science are just as important.

    For instance, the principal of my single-parent, public elementary school in River Forest, Illinois, said that she estimates she’d need to pay at least $4,000 over six years to fund science class. At the far end of that financial burden, do we really think public schools should be providing a means for their students to actually do science classes?

    Of course they should, but that’s not always what we do. The policies in place today often put people who work hard in science classes at the mercy of their bosses or self-interest. If the state turns out to be bankrupt, why should scientists be so-called lucky?

    Then, of course, there’s the social cost.

    Larry Richards (Coaticook)

    How much homework should an 8th grader have to do to become the best student in his/her class? The answers differ as of late, but the majority are up for debate. Many time-tested methods of teaching the science require teenagers to exhaustively study each subject. Here are five suggestions for your 8th grade Math, Science, and English classes.


    First, plan for the submissions on your math project. Most high school math classrooms are already designed to teach the concepts of number theory and area- and volume-based geometry. Functions are expressed in rationals, the coefficients of which are expressed using unit roots.

    Other topics taught in this first phase are geometry (circle, sphere, cube, sphenomena, cylinders, triangles, squares, diamonds, etc.), algebra (a, b, c, d), trigonometry (à, b̂, ĉ) and number theory (fraction and percent). According to the curriculum standards, some students have to attend 3 to 4 times a week to focus on the material. In addition, students are expected to complete at least one project per semester.


    As mentioned above, students should be exposed to a variety of studies and tutorials. However, it is important to understand that the science curricula must be tailored to the classroom, so every assignment must be adapted to fit your needs. Research at the National Center for Science Education suggests that science projects can be done on a fast, consistent and reliable basis using research-based design and teacher-centered planning.

    Create your own research project on your own initiative. Initially, make a list of what you need to know in order to get started. Additional material can be stored in a Google Doc or online database.

    Revise the grid binding material on the math lab. The first thing that must be done is to work out the grids you have on hand so you will have all the mock files and ready to use models.

    Try to have every student work on their own research projects.


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