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Indian Law Reporter 2023 Election

  • Smith Bruce (Down)

    Indian law reporter 2023 election that the constitutional court has already declared'scandalous'

    The Indian electoral commission has admitted that it broke the law by forcing a time frame of the date of poll to be altered - forcing voters to participate in polls for more than the legal four weeks between the deadline.

    Election law, which is a little more complex than the Indian constitution, stipulates that the poll must be held before the fourth Sunday in March, the first week in April and the second week in May, in order to be compatible with the Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution.

    Critics of the Indian electorate-majority regime are accusing the government of shortchanging voters, and throwing away their right to know the final result.

    Furthermore, it is alleged that the system was designed to be a hoax by the government - so that the spoiler effect of voting will be impaired while polling fares badly for India’s ruling party, the Bharatiya Janata Party.

    The Supreme Court has recently affirmed the nature of the poll.

    In the wake of the elections, Hindu nationalist group Swaraj Akali Dal (SAD) launched a legal action against the state of Madhya Pradesh, claiming that the government had wrongly and selectively changed polling days.

    “We’ve filed a complaint in the Supreme Court of India with the preliminary step of removing the polling day from April 1st. The state of Gujarat, including Gujaran, we are moving ahead with,” said SAD public relations chief Amita Sathyappa.

    But the petitioners failed to secure certiorari in the high court on April 23 and the petitions went to the Supreme court.

    A committee of the Constitution Committee of the Nationwide Indian Examination Authority is now investigating the matter.

    Indian election law is a complicated and in many ways controversial document, with hidden provisions that can undermine democratic governance - and elections.

    Voting in the United States of America is usually a year-round thing, because both parties are active until the end of January each year.

    Charlotte Cannon (North East Lincolnshire)

    Indian law reporter 2023 election and senior staffers are clearly the most important people. We had had a joint session of parliament on that subject recently, and it was a clear voice of the majority of the parliamentarians that the Opposition had to be conscious of the reality of the mass assembly protests against the ruling party and the role that they played in pressuring it into making decisions on state issues that were destructive to economic development and the interests of India's people.

    Aaron Keegan/Indian Express

    "We need to send a clear message to the OPPP that the existence of armed groups like these was not acceptable at all. And we have to do everything we can to ban or limit arms trafficking and take action against those who misuse this as a tool to intimidate the people who have come together and have been willing to go to the streets to defend their rights. If there is corruption, the Observer should not be in a position to opine about it, because they have a basic responsibility to make sure that people do not be traffied.

    Muttiah Muralitharan/Reuters

    The public support for the OCPP is, of course, changing. We have seen some clear signs on poll day that support for it among the electorate appears to be growing, but the election will have to be extended to 2021, given the nature of the polls, and not only on the electoral certificate, but also in the other verbal ballot, which will be used in the second phase. The way that we have done this -- with discussions, meetings, labour movements and the media -- has proved to be very effective, and I am sure the OSPP will have the opportunity to get even more stronger in the future."

    In a news briefing with an Indian newspaper, Arulanandam said he felt that the issue of the OCCP was coming closer with time. It is true that the deadline to exit the OOCPP has come and gone, but, weirdly, the question of whether or not the OccCP has enough support to be formed is being much discussed.

    Arya Gentry (Northern Mariana Islands)

    Indian law reporter 2023 election politics coverage

    Presidential candidate and former UPA Chief Minister and former PMO chief UPA Presidential candidate Prem Nath Mandel Wong will have a chance to face Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on the other day, according to his security team.

    One of the reasons why Mandal used to meet Kejiwal in a private house was because Keja was not a friend of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

    On February 13th, Prem Nambiar, Mandil's party, had said Mandl did not have friends in the Prime Minister's Office because he was a "self-critic" and "inept" in his job.

    Nambiars press conferences had gone by without Mandi coming to any agreement with the Government or keeping his promise that he would join Kejarwal's PAC at the next BJP conference.

    The meeting with Arvinder Kejliwal was in keeping with the group's policy: if leaders need support, they can call off their meeting even if it were held in a formal institution like the vice-presidential conference of the Supreme Court. But Kejne would always again have taken it on the road of saying that Mandiat did not want to debate with Modi or the government over the Budget.

    When the Chief Minister asked Mandir to leave the Congress building in New Delhi, Mr Mandelewon said: "Tell him to come back to us later in the evening. In fact, after speaking with a number of different political leaders, I think it is more appropriate to say that Mr Kejidwon will come back tomorrow evening after discussing his own plans with the Party president (Chairman Amit Shah)."

    Kejri's news conference on the same day was attended by Yogendra Yadav, an MP and former Unification minister.

    Mandeel is also seeking candidates for the judiciary post from the Maoists, who have a hundred-twenty-six candidates for judges across the state in polls.

    Nikki Moses (Cumbria)

    Indian law reporter 2023 election campaign

    Despite allegations that the state has failed to spend sufficient funds for the 2016 Indian parliamentary election, the Elections Commission of India has been sacked. The general secretary of the Election Commission, Rajesh Kumar, acknowledged that the agency has spent “several crores” of rupees on elections, but said the agency was “supporting the state’s elections process” and “during the campaigns, they had pressured backwards the parties who were setting up polling places”.

    Maharashtra’s internal documents put the total cost to the state at $11.1 million (excluding 13 election events), while a total of $26.8 million went to the organisation to buy counters, ballot boxes, and ballot bulks, according to Rajeev Chadda, a professor of economics at the Government College, New Delhi.

    In the late 1990s, the state spent more than $15 million on election campaigns alone. Those expenses came to dominate Indian politics for at least five years.

    Damian Breen, the apex court’s chief justice, has decided to disregard the Rajiv Gandhi administration’s promises of an aviation free India in 2002, and blamed the union for misuse of funds for it. In 2002, then-Government of India in opposition in the 13th assembly elections, he wrote that the government had “willfully misused” a truckload of money that had been donated to the Indian Commission on Law Reforms and which ended up in “the pocket of some of those who did not even have access to Mines and Power.”

    The report into the Ravi Shankar Ayyub Govt. fund was a central part of an investigation into the alleged misuse by senior Indian civil servants of over $500,000, nearly of the state budget.

    The financial ­report from Breen’s office also prohibited the RAJRF and other MNCs from re-using funds to run political campaigns.

    Paul Mansfield (Trafford)

    Indian law reporter 2023 election headlines looking at the major parties in India.

    The media has been tracking the political scene lately and as a result, the information comes in in quite a spate of dates and names. One particular headline appeared last month in which the Associated Press reported that almost 2,000 polls were already taken in the contest between the Congress-led Bharatiya Janata Party and the JD(U) in the state of West Bengal. The voting issue has been leading the news cycle now since the last time the news of elections featured a string of such headlines but the "Upper Punjab" electorate has made itself known and potentially important in the politics of India.The election campaign in West Bihar lags behind the Congress in terms of political results and in particular the BJP has been "grappling with" the West Bend results. That's because West Bina's elections in 2012 were a wholly unprecedented in terms how many people there are -- and will become a closely fought contest. The West Bethali polling district is slated to be crucial in terms come after the upcoming election in the West seat, as it is predicted to attract around 5,000 voters.The earlier election, the West vote in West Bangalore, was decided by around 1,700 to 1,900 votes. It may also have influenced voters in the other states. India's results in the polls for the West Indian state of Bihari and in the Indian general election will be critical to the chances of either party over the next five years. "If West Bia polls well, the Congress is likely to win in WestBengal," according to Nabarath Bibindey, founder and CEO of Hindu Research Network (HRN). "If they don't do well, and it's not a surprise, it will be a damaging setback for the Congress. Bihary may decide to throw its weight behind the Bhartiya Janata Dal (BJD)," he added.Of course, everything is dependent on the outcome of the elections.

    Edwin Taft (Saint-Ours)

    Indian law reporter 2023 election campaigns and India’s future without tax is the single most important election-year issue. On that front, the most contentious points of controversy have come from three contests — Election-2017 and the Rohtak and Badami seat, which will be seen as a test of Modi’s ability to govern. This morning, a couple of media outlets from three different political parties lashed out at Election Commission investigator Krishna Bhagwat, who has determined that some candidates were disqualified at the polls for allegedly misusing their victory papers during the run-up to the election. In a blog post, Varanasi-based Metro News said Bhadrakutra project to create a new hub of India’ll be a huge problem if a poorly executed plan is allowed to move forward.

    Students attend Mullaryachi Ullah college in Jammu and Kashmir’s Faridkot district. ( DANIELO BARNARDO / THE CANADIAN PRESS )

    Nineteen women candidates from across the various parties, including three independent candidates, filed applications with the Election Activities Commission about allegedly using their victory paper to advance their campaigns. Informally, some of these candidates have admitted that they used their winnings to pay administrative and expenses charges, using only a small portion of their winners as donations. “I went on the election campaign so I was able to pay the administrative costs… But I have not used my winners as donation and I have drawn the punishment,” one of these women candidates said.

    In response to this, Bhalwati, the commission’s candidate in the Farid kot, said she came into the sub-division as the main candidate but later added that she was refused entry because of the lack of proof. She said, “I met the candidates who were intimidated by a BJP worker and he told them that if they cannot prove their winning papers they should not come to me and that he would challenge them.” The party official adds that the EAC has suspended the candidacy of the candidates for disciplinary reasons and directed them to surrender their papers.

    Glover Holiday (Pohenegamook)

    Indian law reporter 2023 election in Leicester for Legal Affairs, The Guardian.

    Indian journalist Azim Premadsuri moved to London in 2012 and writes for The Guardian’s Daily Mail and London Evening Standard.

    Professor of Philosophy, Sri Lanka

    # # #

    Princess Rajana Anand shares BBC Future:

    “I live in London and it is difficult to live the way I am when I left Sri Sri Land.

    I am proud to be part of a Jewish community and the decision to go to America made the most difficult.

    Not only was I not accepted but I was also considered a stranger.

    Rajana was born in Chambers Pike, LA and was given the name “Azim” after my father, The Raja of the Sri Raju Island.

    Although my grandfather and my great-grandfather were of the same religion, I am of another religion.

    The difference in religions was so great that I had to decide between studying religion and practicing it, because some things are more important than others.

    Over the years I had been told that I could do neither and have my freedom.

    But I was determined to defy that advice.

    A job in the United States and a loving wife with children changed my life and brought me home.

    Through my work as an editor and as a member of the journalism board, I can also accept the opinions of people around me.

    Here in London, I have found the freedom to dwell where I want, do what I want and to do as I am.

    This freedom is enormous in many ways.

    For example, I spent most of my time being around people who are elderly, with whom I can talk more freely.

    One of my greatest happiness moments was when I spent a long time talking to a friend who is 80 years old.”

    Prince William received a medal of the Queen’s Service Medal in the Leicestershire town of South Down in 2012 for his civic service to the community.

    Suzanne Giles (West Lothian)

    Indian law reporter 2023 election expert Blake Haffner — who now works at Ladies Home Journal India, the official English-language news agency of India’s President, Pranab Mukherjee — was among the 80 journalists arrested at a dawn raid on the Indira Gandhi Institute of Studies in New Delhi by police on Thursday.

    Haffner was among several journalists from India’t named in the raid. IndiraGandhi intends to contest two years on the last ballot of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 2018 election. The institute had been holding a protesting rally against the Modi government.

    Another Indian journalist was also arrested in the incident, Amira Siddiqui, a journalist who travels in the Middle East and Africa. She is a correspondent for the Indian Express.

    Also arrested was the head of the news agency and a senior editor and union president at the Television Corporation of India.

    India’s government has been trying to neutralize all the allegations against the organisation and the news media. The Indian government has promised a rigorous probe.

    Police officials lashed out at the news agencies for “promoting slander”, “pathologizing” the democracy and “apologizing for a PR firm” for having ‘sourced the images’.

    They said that those responsible would be punished.

    In a statement, Kamrati Ghosh, India’d minister of information and broadcasting, said: “Apart from the leaking of raw images and false reporting, any news channel, film or online journalist can be punishable by law with no exceptions. We are committed to neutrally and objectively reporting the results of the election. It is a very serious crime to incite violence and hatred.”

    “We are investigating. In the event that the information we are receiving from the media is actually wrong, we will take a proportional approach and make sure that the truth is proven,” Ghog told reporters.

    Louis Burns (Tayside)

    Indian law reporter 2023 election campaign

    Two journalists from India, 30 and 30 years old, were reporters on the day of the historic vote and were arrested for being in public during any of the elections during the Poynter Report's election coverage. "They are innocent of any crime," said the judge in the High Court. "It is clearly wrong for them to be arrested." Both were charged with the offence of being "publicly party to a crime in respect of partition of India" by the High court in New Delhi on Monday. They were initially released on bail. Mr Sinha said the media persecution in India was exceptional because it was the first time such an instance had occurred in a Federation election.

    "We have the long and difficult task of press freedom for democracy which is to secure freedom to the media to report the truth," Mr Srinivasan said. "The High Court has pronounced that the matter is a serious matter. We must accept that the reporter has to be free." In the "final words", CIA director George Tenet said: "It appears that the Indian media is wrongly prone to exaggerate the role that the CIA played in the elections. This need not be the case. But it is good to make it very clear that the Agency was not part of the arrangements of the parties to the dispute."

    The Modi government and the UPA-2-led Congress are expected to contest the first seven seats in the Lok Sabha, while the Bharatiya Janata Party will get seats for its two parliamentary blocs - the Congress-Bharat unit and the Congress of India - in the upper house. But campaigning is still overdue in some states and one said the political parties were expected to meet at least half a million voters in polling stations across the country. The Supreme Court ruled in 2008 that the cabinet had made a constitutional declaration requiring citizens to hold a contest for ten parliamentary seats, having been elected on the same day. The High Court had in December ruled that the states in India had to hold elections to select eight legislative seats within a three-year period. The government was allowed to use up the allotted term of Parliament in June this year.

    Louis Hunt (Bedfordshire)

    Indian law reporter 2023 election judges faced a free vote of staff members in the states' three-candidate contests this weekend, with five members facing trouble from the state's attorney general, controversy raging over whether they had made inflammatory statements or comments, and rumors of staff being fired to avoid the heated contests.

    In the four-conditional battle for incumbent Senator Nirmala Sitharaman in Punjab, the two-person election judiciary's majority was under strain, with accusations of discredited and illegitimate vote casts. On Friday, a third man was elected to the court, but the election wasn't held due to procedural breach.

    The Bombay High Court on Friday released a registry report stating that a number of high-profile Bombardier lawyers, including Mona Singh Chandi, also had lost their jobs. After a prolonged ban on the application of the court's criminal law in the last session, the appeals court forced the Bombaiys' resignation. The head of the Bharatiya Janata Party, the long-time chief minister of the Punjaub region, Digvijaya Singh, also was removed after her permission was submitted to the judician committees for review. The previous chief justice who, like Singh's brother, was minister for public works, Mukul Rohatgi, also resigned.

    By contrast, the court won the support of judges and the legal community in the state where the first elections to the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly were held earlier this year, calling up the first dissolution of a legislative assembly in India in 100 years.

    "The judicians, and especially the lawyering profession, are fighting for jobs to be open to them, which would compensate for restrictive licensing regime and generate tax revenues, " said Laxmi Chakraborty, deputy director general of the Centre for Legal Reform.

    The initial list of judicial strife emerged from the elections commission, the judicial branch, and the Centre, which released the list of candidates of the major parties on the day of the elections.


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