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Isis News Reports

  • Maurice Mills (South Ayrshire)

    Isis news reports that the military operation against the militants is expected to be tough — a sharp contrast to the fierce support for the fighting that led to the overthrow of longtime President Moammar Gadhafi.

    JUST WATCHED Airstrikes at Ansar al-Sharia captive Replay More Videos... MUST watched 01:19

    Syrian officials and the US and Russian foreign ministries would not confirm the report, which has been reported by many media outlets.

    The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said early Saturday that the opposition-backed United Nations High Commissioner for Human rights, Navi Pillay, was meeting with government representatives in Amman to discuss the situation.

    On Saturday night, a statement from the Syrian Opposition Liberation Front said that the "campaign to remove President Bashar al Assad from power has reached a critical stage," citing sustained attacks on the country's chemical weapons facilities.

    Sami al-Hara, a spokesman for the rebel group, said that Syrian forces "are approaching the site of Syria's central weapons cache," which is in rebel-held Idlib province.

    He added that the attack "is the only way, completely without interference, to capture the gas equipment and restore legitimate control over Syria's chemical gases."

    "If Mr. Bashir Assad can't handle it, then it will go to Assad and he will be responsible," al-har said, according to a translation by Syrian TV.

    "The situation is madness, and when we demand restoration of the Iraqi border #with Syria, it will not happen."

    The US says it is avoiding military action against Islamic State militants, although air strikes have been carried out in support of Kurdish forces battling the group.

    In a statement issued to reporters, The State Department said that "Syria is playing a critical role in keeping the world safe. The US and Russia have worked together on urgently needed steps to stabilize the situation in Syria and to act against the impacts of the conflict. This includes both military and diplomatic measures.

    Janet Frederick (Estado de Nuevo Mexico)

    Isis news reports, Ahrar al-Sham claimed responsibility for the bombing and said it carried out the strike to upset the Qatari government.

    A Syrian official said the government and its allies shelled the border city on Sunday in response to the advances by Islamic State and other jihadist groups on the city of Raqqa, and that their forces had brought it under control in an operation.

    The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which monitors the area, said that rebels were trying to link up with their resistance fighters in the town of Masmara to attack Islamic State forces in Raqfah and Raqwifa.

    In the rebel-held rural area of South Kurhu, Syrian troops also attacked and entered the town on Sunday, but the Syrian Opposition Protection Units said they were unable to hold off the advance.

    Yazidi, Christians and Yazidi refugees have fled to neighboring Kurdish-controlled areas as terrorists have poured across the border.

    Capturing of Ra’qqah and other towns of western Syria may already be a very short-term goal in terms of achieving the main objectives in fighting the Islamic State.

    However, the huge number of jihadi fighters moving through the border region could well prove to be a great strategic factor in deciding to pursue further offensive operations in this area.

    Breaking with the U.S.-led coalition and allowing Sunni Arab rebels to take the lead in fighting Islamic State in southern Syria would allow Assad to attempt to start a new offensive offensive on the capital, Damascus.

    Assad’s objective would be to secure resources, weapons, and loot in order to lay siege to the city that would eventually allow the Assad regime to seize control over huge swathes of Syria.

    Analysts, however, say that his strategy is unlikely to work because the UAE-based al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has become far more aggressive in Syria following its capture of strategic towns like Deir Ezzor, which also had lost control of its Iraqi border on Sunday.

    Gemma Stafford (Elgin)

    Isis news reports, the organization is effectively fighting ISIS from a distance. Baghdadi made repeated statements calling for all who support al Qaeda to return to Syria and fight ISIS. A phone call to al Qaim, the group’s Syrian-based propaganda-collecting arm, did not reach. This is the reason the Islamic State has not been able to launch attacks on Sunni soldiers in Iraq or against any number of western interests, including the U.S. Treasury. The group itself is facing a resurgence among its older combatants, some of whom have not served in the Islamic Army due to gender, sexual orientation or other barriers, and a rapidly changing Iraqi population. As a result of this resurgent population, the Islamic Self-Defense Forces will be tasked with its own recruitment and fight against the Islamic state, while the Iraqi Army will be in their main battle to put an end to ISIS’s rise in the country. This forces the Islamic Jihad Movement (ISIS) in Iraq to make its final effort to reestablish itself in Bagdad in either the coming weeks or months.

    Right now, as the Islamic Front is trying to re-assert itself in northern Iraq after a devastating 10-month siege by the Iraq Army in Deir al-Zour and the area around Fallujah, the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA) is attempting to reclaim large areas of territory left vacant by ISIS and continue operations in Idlib, Eastern Syria. The FSA is going through a similar situation as the ISIS, which is attemptting to thwart its opponents while nurturing a new army, police and a kind of political party capable of controlling and emancipating local communities. This means the FSA’s fight against ISIS is being split up among a pro-government army, a probe force and possibly some local militias. Therefore, the FFA will likely fight both ISIS militias and the Islamic Artillery Corps, and cannot rely on the FTS for their reinforcement, as they are trying to turn the Tigris River to the FSAF’s advantage.

    Fiona Wilcox (Rochdale)

    Isis news reports and photo manipulation

    One of the most prominent propaganda videos produced by the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq is a weekly documentary series depicting images of Syria. In this series, some of those on the video released to a media outlet in Germany (Associated Press) claim that they are from the Islamic state itself and that several of the people do not recognize them as individuals.

    The series typically states that the images are "provided by the Arab Media Center, the leaders of the Islamic Army and the Islamic Fatwa Institute of Iraq," which is reportedly a front company of ISIS.

    The videos contain narrations that put the group in the prominent position, such as the following:

    "Fatwa advocates, like other ISIS commanders like Abu Mohammad al-Kabir, have attracted the most attention as propagandists. Al-Kabbir, who also known as al-Salam ("freedom"), is widely seen as one of the ideologues behind the Islamic Emirate of Syria, Islamic State’s second largest and most powerful military force. Al Kabbir spoke to AP on May 6th in an interview recorded prior to the video's release. "We are the free men of the world," he told the paper. "This is our country and we will accept a condition. We will accept the laws of God. But we have to be able to fight a war, so we are going to lay down our lives for this cause."

    Al-Kammasa who said the producers were giving "Kabira" the ISIS name, also said:

    "They are trying to sell an image of the organization as part of a mass media campaign, but that's not true. The media have understood their role because they are our tag of honor, and that image is our image."

    The author of the article also notes that there have been a number of attempts to link the video to the organization by several researchers. The researchers include British writer and journalist Gerard Veal, who believes that the pressurized language used by the ISIL "footage" on its propaganda website is a reaction to the sectarian religious tensions that have increased since the US-led military campaign in Iraq which began in March 2003.

    Charles Abramson (Burbank)

    Isis news reports and videos are available from the right guard.)

    Denis McDonough, president of the gaming industry trade group, told NBC News’ This Morning host Melissa Harris-Perry that widespread recreational use of the virtual currency depends on its ability to be interpreted as money.

    “I’m concerned that your organisations are acting as legalised shadow banks,” he said. “This is gambling, but you’re acting with interest in profits.”

    Regulators, government and the financial industry have joined together in fighting the black market-like market for virtual money, including the exchanges BitCoin and Poloniex.

    Providing a safe haven for online entrepreneurs, it is estimated some $500 billion worth of virtual assets and crypto-tokens are traded on the virtually every cryptocurrency exchange.

    Russian Pirate Party co-founder Alexei Navalny said it was a “game-changer” for Russian citizens.

    PolonieX has been closed for more than two years, but Krasnodar-based Piratparty recently took part in the trial there, and reportedly ended up winning over 200,000 new customers.

    Christine Appelbaum, spokeswoman for the US Department of Justice, said the banned sites were not necessary, saying it was up to individual states to establish how their citizens should be allowed to buy and sell in the virtua market.

    “There is nothing in the U.S. law requiring that these markets be operating in and for the purposes of honest, legal trading,” she said.

    Under current U.N. sanctions, internet sharing technology companies such as BitCoins and Polozeniex are banned from accessing U.K. assets, such as U.C. Berkeley.

    Disruption of these operations is unlikely to block any legal use, though, said digital rights activist Matthew Cohen.

    Simon James (Bedfordshire)

    Isis news reports allow a glimpse of the real state of affairs in the Middle East, and it is startling to see how gestures such as those made by the Trump administration, and in turn support for their allies, have raised the cost for Western interests. Those allies had a relatively small role in defeating the organization, but now they have been wielding considerable power in the region.

    The intra-Arab struggle has also played out in the West. At the same time that the United States has become embroiled in the Syrian civil war, Europe and the United Kingdom have been compelled to take on more pressing issues, including refugee and migration crisis. The French government intervened in Libya in 2011 in response to rising Islamist extremism. It has not been able to rectify the situation, and since then the threat of Islamic State has increased in a variety of forms.

    It’s not hard to imagine how the flow of migrants from Africa to the Middle-East would increase if Europe is not able to deal with the crisis, and that is potentially making the whole region unstable and unsafe.

    The Trump administration has taken care of the problem, by initiating sanctions against Russia in response for its continued involvement in Syria, as well as rejecting a UN Security Council resolution requiring the government in Damascus to stop its operation against the opposition. That pressure has spurred a political process in Syria that will take decades to complete, and a national unity government is unlikely to emerge. The West needs to be more cautious in its support for various groups in the country.

    At the same fateful time that Europe is unaffected by Russia’s or Assad’s involvement, the United Arab Emirates, the main actors in the fight against Islamic State, have been more concerned with meeting their own security needs. At a time when the UAE’s foreign relations are extremely strained, and the U.S. is dealing with its own election, it is hard to see what the Uahdab as a shield for its citizens could do.

    While the Urahdab plunged into civil war in 2012, UAZ has sought to bolster its self-preservation, buying a helicopter, and deploying special forces.

    Fuller Day (Pueblo)

    Isis news reports that there was a ‘strategic reduction’ in the number of terrorists that were killed over the last year: some 300.

    This is hardly sobering news. It is telling, because the terrorists who are killed are coming in all sorts of abundance.

    On January 5, 2000, some 3,000 terrorists surrounded the Pentagon and started shooting at soldiers. The attack on the US was carried out with 26 people killed and 43 wounded.

    At Christmas 1999, around 2,000 people were killed in Cairo during a mass mobilization that has often been referred to as the “black Christmas”. The 6,000-strong protest was organized by the Arab Democratic Front. In February 2000, the mass march ended when more than 5,000 criminal suspects were arrested.

    The most recent mass slaughter was in Paris in January 2015 at the offices of Charlie Hebdo. At least 129 people were murdered and another 106 wounded in the attack on Charlie-Hebdo, which the magazine was publishing on January 7.

    All in all, the world has seen a great deal of terrorist attacks involving suicide bombings and explosions. There are over 2,500 terrorist bombings on the roads of the world so far this year.

    There are no easy answers to the terrorism issue: But there is one thing we can do at least: that is to learn to better understand terrorism, to be a little more circumspect about discussing and proposing terrorism measures. Unfortunately, that seems to be what most people are doing, and it is the example of terrorism that most people see the most.

    So what are some of the ways we can deal with terrorism in the 21st century? One obvious way is to be more circumspection. The terrorists can find out more about us. We should not allow ourselves to be drawn into a debate over the right or wrong of terror and its methods. This is a more effective way to deal with the problem.

    We should also discourage ourselves from condemning the terrorist organisations who kill people by committing attacks on peaceful, law-abiding citizens.

    Eliana Branch (British Columbia)

    Isis news reports seem to confirm that you’ve been in contact with senior ISIS officials. What do you think they tell you?

    Rogers: I’ve never spoken to senior members of the ISIS Jihad, which is also known as ISIS. I’m just regularly connected with people in the front line. During the campaign, sometimes, that was one of my main jobs and I would track down these specific individuals and organize meetings.

    What’s the problem with any targeting of media?

    The newspaper industry has been heavily criticized for not covering the war on ISIS as it is in Syria. And the Birmingham News says it’s being used to propagandize anti-American sentiment in the UK, including targeting editors and journalists.

    Birminga is a small town outside of Baghdad and large sections of the population may well be right-wing. What would you do about that?

    I would be embarrassed if I became aware of such blatant anti-Arab and anti-Islamic harassment. Regularly I try to get the negative stuff down. I should be able to do that if I saw something I was concerned about.

    What has been the response from the British government to the BFI’s report?

    We’ve heard from some senior officials that the government is very concerned and is trying to comment on it. But we haven’t heard anything definite yet.

    Do you think the government will take any action in the future for the Belfast-based news organisation?

    That depends on what the government does with the new law. The law allows the police to target anyone you think is at risk of committing a crime.

    You’ve campaigned against Uncut’s expenses claims for two years, spending a huge amount of money on weddings and fundraising for your campaign on Twitter. Isn’t this personal if you spend so much time behind the scenes to arrange fundraisers?

    If it wasn’t, what would I do? We’ve lived in London for a long time and haven’ts been with Uncut for several months.

    Steady rise, easy change, no stay in touch forever?

    Yes, I have the ambitions to be a very high-profile figure.

    Graham Blomfield (Norfolk County)

    Isis news reports claim that US special forces have carried out airstrikes against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant-held town of Al-Masriya, amid reports that at least 80 civilians have been reported killed.

    The Associated Press reports that the warning came from a US Army spokesman, Major Nicholas Kurney.

    YPG has launched airstrip bombing missions in the past, but the US is refusing to commit to the military’s ability to take up those missions again.

    According to the AP:

    US forces had previously expressed concerns about bombing operators following attacks on military forces and those helping to protect them. But when pro-Assad forces launched a bombing campaign against ISIS in September, the US claimed that US military warplanes would not fly this way. As part of a peace initiative, US officials told Kurdish officials in Ankara and Washington that the Pentagon would not be conducting airstrakes in Anbar province, a territory of the Islamic state. “So there are no #Assads coalition forces playing any role to support air strikes by the YPG,” US Lt. Col. John Kelly said, speaking to reporters at Camp David on Monday. “We’ll just be doing our job, but obviously, they’ll be doing their job.” YPG fighters captured the town of Tal Afar on June 23, ostensibly after massacres by the Islamic militants, although the situation was complicated by the fact that ISIS had already captured the city the day before and had taken a significant piece of the battlefield.

    British Defence Secretary Liam Fox said that British government watches closely to see whether President Barack Obama inspects the action or not. “I will be very clear that the Secretary of Defence has to be briefed on any moves taken by the government at home to monitor how that is being carried out,” he said.

    ISIS’ capture of Tal-Afar was one of the major reasons why the US has been silent on military strikes in Syria. But the fact remains that IS has also lost the port city of Hawija to the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), who overran and held the town for three years.

    Michael Porter (Gilbert)

    Isis news reports claim multiple Tornados are in operation, but the US coalition says the aircraft are having no impact or are not being used.

    Instead, the US says that the air strike on the Palmyra airbase was the result of a Russian air attack on the ISIS oil-field.

    17:47 - The US coalitions says they are sending the wreckage that destroyed two of the airplanes seen near the Palmiye airbay over Syria to the UK.

    The US air a lot of photographs of the wing damage to the aircraft after the strike, which are now being sent to the aid of investigators.

    US coalition warplane image has been repatriated to UK.

    17 July 2017 01:06

    The British Government has confirmed it has received an undisclosed number of photographic images that depict an alleged Russian attack on a coalition jet which has been downed in Syria.

    "We are sorry to inform you that we received an unknown number of images which appear to show an alleged incident related to the operation against Islamic State bases in Syria."The images document "fatal crashes of two aircraft over the territory of Iraq" and show the damage done to the jet.

    Syrian authorities have said the aircraft had been the target of Russian fighters while a coalitions spokeswoman said "no target" was associated with a strike by an American jet on that airbag.

    Government spokesman Ian McFadden said the images released by "too-liberal" media "are attempting to distract us from the true purpose of the strike" and that the attack on Palmyria was "the result of fatal air strikes on enemy oil facilities".

    He added: "The correct course of action is denial and denial should not be interfered with in this situation. We are currently working with our coalition partners to investigate the incident."

    Senior officials said the Australian plane did not fly in the area.

    On Sunday, US Defense Secretary James Mattis described the incident as "a terrorist attack.


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