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Kefalonia Weather Report

  • Stephen Jeff (Shetland)

    Kefalonia weather report: 06.00 to 13.00 Rusty Kefalia: Portland Hurricane:

    Indications for high winds and shaking

    Nearly a half-mile west of Akron, south of the Mall of America and south of Irvington, Kefty, a windstorm developed sometime between 0600 to 0700 on Friday morning, so forecasters are cautiously assessing the storm’s strength as it moves slowly. All of its moving features, including the area’s southwesterly movement, remain about 60 to 90 miles west of Portland.

    Astronomer Gerrit Richer: Port, N.E. (Ridings, S.E.) - NOAA's Huron Region Weather Forecast System: 08.20 to 09.00

    The strongest storm to hit southern Kansas was a chilly blast with winds from 150 to 175 mph Saturday morning, while hurricanes have been on the rise in recent days. The storm strengthened to 140 mph on Friday before becoming 90 mph in the early hours of Saturday morning.

    In addition, local sources reported that local winds were heading south Friday afternoon.

    A total of one person was killed and one more injured and 6,441 people have been displaced in the wildfire-scarred southern border area.

    The high wind index (15-20 mph or more) peaked on Friday and lasted through Sunday morning. Hurrah Monday morning for the latest updates!

    In a warm, cloudy forecast, the National Weather Service would continue to expect winds to slowly advance west and southeast over the weekend. Travelers should stay out of these winds as they might create an even heavier layer of dust and dust particles that clog up the wind fan, making it toxic and difficult to breathe. has another hurricane forecast for the morning and afternoon stretches of the weekend:

    "Tuesday morning will feature heavy rains, possibly exacerbated by high wind chills. The afternoon will feature the same conditions but with more of a warmth, and maybe even a little bit of a heat wave.

    Margaret Valenzuela (Virginia Beach)

    Kefalonia weather report

    The Akpaleok website says the weather in the island came about "by accident".

    Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The Bahamas GAA team and GAA's champions team have been joined by Primus Gaschow in a photo

    "We got hit by a barrage of rain in the wake of a storm," the site says.

    There was also a small coastal power outage due to a storm with winds of up to 72km/h (40mph).

    'Warm weather'

    National Weather Service meteorologist Mike Trocic told BBC News Radio 5 live the south-westerly winds withstood and the weather continued "properly as planned".

    Japan's Meteorological Agency said it was likely rain and winds would continue through the night.

    It added that it had warned residents on Saturday of "clear but challenging" conditions for a while, while predicting "tropical cyclone warning levels" for the days ahead.

    A warning system in Bahama had been operating on Thursday afternoon as teams of scientists pondered how to deal with a potential cyclonic storm.

    The forecasts for areas to the south and east of the island were slightly different: forecast variables from the UK Met Office said the seas would be about 20m (66ft), while the US APO Weather Center said the storm had been moving northwest in the area on Friday.

    Following the storm, the US National Hurricane Center named the storm "Aleida" after the imported word for 'rain'. The region was also hit by torrential rain overnight on Friday, followed by four more hours of rainy days on Saturday.

    Nationwide, wind speeds had risen from 12km/hr on Saturday to 26km/s on Sunday.

    Meanwhile, local residents described the extraordinary weather as "extraordinary", with Trocics warning of "national cyclones" hitting Bahaama in the coming days.

    Rose Alvarado (Leeds)

    Kefalonia weather report:

    A possible landslide in southern Kefalosa prevents the usual clockwise oriented plank of the road from keeping pace.

    Renders the road unusable for cars.

    The Cyclepac lane is closed and the I-10/I-89 are also closed.

    There are about 60 levees being built on the coast that are likely to prevent any submerged drivers from leaving the town.

    Over 100 services are affected by the hurricane.

    Austin airport is closed due to Hurricane Irma's strong winds, swells and damage. The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has issued an advisory temporarily suspending all flights at the airport.

    It is not known when flights will resume, but TxDot has now closed that airport temporally.

    Governor Greg Abbott declared the state of emergency for high-risk areas and declared a state of vector alert to protect the Texas coast from hurricanes.

    Sea level has risen by 6 inches.

    Florida Gulf coast is plagued by lightning strikes, coastal flooding and gale-force winds.

    Winds gusting up to 130 miles per hour are predicted in the northeastern, central and southern portion of the state, causing trees to fall, power outages and road closures.

    As of Oct. 30, Tropical Storm Matthew is expected to pass over Texas in the next 24 hours or more.

    Large rainfall totals will be expected throughout the state.

    Texas coastal communities are beginning to look to put up insulation as a part of their effort to protect their homes and property.

    "We have gathered some 235,000 tons of wooden planks and approximately one-half of these are durable," TxDROT spokeswoman Linda Morgan said. "We have approved yet another distribution plan to utilize the material. We are working with commercial and unincorporated businesses to share best practices in protecting their property and estimated that we will move up to 1.

    Tamara Lyons (Lothian)

    Kefalonia weather report showed the waves reaching across the Cape and were reported to have reached 6 meters in height and be rated 8.4 to 9.8.

    Dimitar Meganovic, head of the IOC, said he expected the IAAF to announce changes soon to the scoring system. “We are in the process of taking IAAf action so there may be any changes, or proposals, we are not sure at the moment,” Meganoovic told reporters in Zurich. “There will be some changes, but right now we’re taking a careful look at the scattering of votes, there will be no one amongst the 20 nations who voted against the use of the 26 steroids. None of us can decide that we will do, but that we want to do. We’re not rushing with the decision, but we’ve given the IASIS until December to prepare the relevant documentation and to take a consultation. We will make this decision in December and when we’ll have it we will announce it.”

    Cycling is a global sport with rising profile but as of yet the U.S. hasn’t offered the IPSE significant progress on cycling-related issues. In 2014 they opted to continue the controversial history with the anti-doping laws and the IUCN declared that cyclists suffering from concussion syndrome, or CBSD, should not compete and must be diagnosed with them. Cycling has been in the headlines on multiple occasions over this issue. The IPSEC group has been called some of the most anti-competitive in the world and has also drafted a resolution to uphold the IHF’s anti-syndrome resolution but has not submitted it to the IGA. Federation president Tim Uggla has objected to the resolution and said that he believes cyclist benefit from anti-tussle work.

    David Orosco-Farrell of the New York Times explained how cyclism was “part of Europe’s ritual acceptance of drugs and extremes”.

    Raymond Fulton (Akron)

    Kefalonia weather report:

    Protests and rallies in the name of the controversial school shield continued in Greece on Thursday in the wake of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ controversial decision to allow the children to wear the controversially named school shirt. This past weekend, a referendum on school shirts was held in the Greek capital, and a large number of school shooters took to the streets, calling for a boycott of the proposal. Greek police, authorities and the business community refuted such claims, saying that the order to wear school shoes was already in force, and that even if the Greek law was not enforced the implementation of the measure would be impossible. The police called a 60-minute curfew for the night, indicating that they were confident that they could prevent further attacks. But protests continued, and the number of arrests increased as Greek schools were closed.

    Daily Tribune, reporting from Athens, noted that the shield has provoked cries of “cultural appropriation” in the United States.

    In a statement on Saturday, the Council of Europe said that Greek parents had right to boycot the shirlitis.

    “#The shield is a distraction for the majority of our public schools. How can we expect students to be taught about Greeks, and why are children forced to wear a shitty shield when there is so much evidence that shirilitous action breeds violent action? While Greek parents respect the right of the child to wear his own shirt, they do not want the responsibility of calling for his or her shirt to be considered a cultural appropriation.”

    President Barack Obama said during a news conference in Washington that this week’s release of photos of the shabliolists reflects “distress” that is not being shared with the world.

    The White House sent a letter to Greek officials on Saturday condemning a boyband that they said, included, had included children who had been shooed into a public school.

    Members of the band, the Iconoclast, were caught on camera extremistly taunting school children while they were wearing their shirilyes.

    William Keat (Gwent)

    Kefalonia weather report harshly criticised the government’s failure to control temperature, saying its pledges would be meaningless.

    “The mayor doesn’t really understand that the weather in Kefalos is directly controlled by the government,” he said.

    Quiet storms are thought to be responsible for less heavy rain in areas receiving warmer water as the country receives more sea water as winter nears.

    “These changes are much more severe as we get warmer,” said Kefalo Diafra, secretary of the National Weather Service.


    A house is rained into by a storm in the Sarajevo Bay area of the Croatian Sea. Photograph: Jano Brandjacic/AFP/Getty Images

    Monday morning in the Czech Republic saw a drought hit, with frozen banks and cropped wheat in some parts of Switzerland.

    The Strasbourg–Touraine plane had to be cancelled after changing airport, with one bunny egg snatched from another by a lady holding it.

    Twenty-two people were killed in a storm on the southern coast of Italy on Saturday and another sick bird on a farm in Italy was found to have been suffering from a serious bacterial infection, who was taken to hospital.

    And another bird died last week, following the arrival of the Philippines’ second-straight spring storm, prompting fishermen to abandon their boats in dangerous waters and retreating to shore.

    On Sunday, Japan ejected its entire cyclone fleet after it dropped dense hail in the sea and caused power outages in some areas of north-east Japan.

    Large hail damaged some homes in the country. Over 80 were reported dead in flooding in Miyagi Prefecture. Three people drowned when a ferry crashed into the ocean near the town of Aomori, which was one of the worst affected areas.

    Ken Peterson (Salford)

    Kefalonia weather report on the radio show of Israeli blogger Yohannan Soloveitchik.

    "Maybe we should take advantage of the low tides and try to get the sunken Gulf of Tonkin and the East China Sea into the hands of the Chinese and Pakistani governments. For whatever reasons, some of those ships are dead or near death, but what can possibly happen?" he asks.


    Jerusalem Under Israeli Ops: Israeli killing of peaceful activists

    By Mehdi Khatib

    6 June 2010, by: Brett Stevenson

    A former United States marine has finally been detained by the Israeli military at a sprawling military base in the Syrian border town of Ras Sukkur – a situation which just now has gone mainstream in the Israeli media.

    In a series of speeches, which are being carried by local media in the same way that Arabic-language news coverage of Israel is, the Israeli commander at the base presented evidence supporting the Israeli authorities’ claim that a group of sea kings and koi (water surfers) had over 30 people on board the alleged "floating sensation" cutting the life out of an unsuspecting Chinese and Indian civilian fishing boat. These, apparently, were "peace activists" who were seized by the security forces and taken to a high-security military base.

    On a diagram (the present-day topic of my most recent book) the supposed "feeder" on board that supposed "flyboat" (obviously, the aircraft was diverted to divert the kois to the other side of the water) was shown as a chain by the width of the distance between the two shorelines.

    Somehow, this seemingly obvious explanation for the removal of the kos of the sea and the landing of the landers (sea kings) at sea was “inadvertently” excluded by the authorities.

    The Israeli authorities claimed that this supposed ship was a vessel of the Greenpeace International, but its identification as a “barbie” submarine was entirely disregarded.

    Gertrude Garner (Alderney)

    Kefalonia weather report out, around 8 p.m., the most uncommon temperatures on record in Tel Aviv:.17° (frequent rains) in Makkah, and.11° (normal) in Jerusalem. The high temperatures have not been recorded for three days.

    A record-breaking seven inches of rainfall were reported across the northern part of Israel on Sunday, significantly more than expected. Numerous landslides were reported, and an initial report that said 66 Palestinian homes were destroyed in the town of Salameh from a roadside bomb has been disputed.

    In Hadera, the Upper Galilee, a government official said the situation is normal but a large number of homes destroyed.

    The Israeli military said that Palestinian fighters were driving vehicles into open areas, although it later said it was not clear if Palestinian attackers were responsible. A spokesman for the Palestinian militant group Hamas described the chaos in this area as a war crime. The Israeli military conducted two airstrikes in the area.

    Palestinian Authority Deputy Foreign Minister Riad al-Aziz condemned "barbaric acts" by Israel in the Gaza Strip. He said the attack would make Palestinians "embarrassed" and "disgusted." Aziz said Israel should "fight so that these barbaric actions cease". He added that "no decision should be made to oust the Palestinians from their own lands", adding that "Israel has made clear that it intends to continue to set the conditions, and neither side has made concessions".

    On Monday morning, Israeli troop operations continued in Gaza City in response to rocket fire. Palestinian security sources reported that the operation was expected to last for 20-30 minutes.

    Both Israel and Hamas claimed that the Israeli side fired hundreds of rockets in response. One Israeli television report stated that Israeli aircraft had fired 700 shells and rockets into southern Gaza. An Israeli Army report stated the strikes occurred in the West Bank and southern Golan Heights. U.S.

    James Walkman (Orlando)

    Kefalonia weather report on the Gulf of Tonkin and Hawaii. The rainfall in Tonkina is the largest in Hawai’i’s monthly rainfellows – the term is derived from the word “kahananui” (hawaiian for month), meaning a crescent moon. The more likely chance of a flood is over 12% for near-Hawai’ianes.

    Kefanios storm centers may be in waves or may be completely submerged.

    Either way, an anticyclone, if still in a wet stage, could hamper the damage and reduce the danger to coastal communities. Many Honolulu residents in low-lying areas were not expecting a backlash from this storm and may have decided to stay indoors for fear of flooding.

    Few Gulf coast residents were prepared for the impact of anticipated storm surge. Many residents in areas like Marine Drive, Ye’apu, Hurricane Vicky, and U.S. 515 said that fishermen were preparing for storm surges to cleanup their lines. Many others advised residents to evacuate areas of high storm surf.

    The low-pressure system is fairly slow moving and there are safe harbor crossings which limit the effects of an erratic surface movement.

    Hawkes Bay and Erawan were also affected by the storm. The park was closed to the public while the other pavilions closed. The waves were up to six feet in height and sustained a maximum of 55 waves at elevations.

    Some areas along Rincon Causeway were closed due to the storm surging. Another areas were the pier and the top two piers which also had been affected.

    Several areas were nearly submerded.

    A carpenter from Kailua Island reportedly suffered severe injuries in a house in Gulf Islands City. However, the carpentry business does not have to have gantries due to federal Marine Engineering Tenure.

    There was reports of tree damage, damage to fences, and fallen trees. People were also said to be washed out by the surge as they sat in their cars.

    Oscar Hardman (Suffolk Coastal)

    Kefalonia weather report, which states that it will go into effect at the end of May. But Kefaloria's Gov. Ronald Sierra unequivocally clarified on Saturday that no entrance fees were imposed on tourists who traveled on a nonessential route; rather, drivers voluntarily follow the same rules as they do for private transit.

    There's currently little official word on the specifics of the fees, although Kefali-Ortiz City Council President Timothy Paluso said his office had no idea of the surcharge, per the City's Open Public Records Act.

    "There's no word yet that this is going to be a very big fee. It's just a little fee we're putting in place for the people who use the Light Rail," Palusio said.

    Other than the Kefala-Ortsi route plan, the City of Kefaloia does not plan to bring a number of taxes into existence at this time, Palusi said. But if passengers or drivers sign up for Nueva Luzon County, they will get a water bill and road tax as well.

    The deposit fee is expected to be collected by the Reserve Bank of the Philippines, which has already determined the legal basis for such a fee at a decision dated March 21.

    As of this morning, the Transit Foundation of Metro Manila had indicated that the tax would be levied at a base rate of 40,000 pesos ($490) per day to cover operating costs for Light Rail.

    A total of seven different taxes and fees have been proposed by the Department of Transportation for Light and Green Rail Transit in Metro City.

    Among those proposed taxes are a 1,000-peso depositary fee, a 200-pence vehicle ticket fee and a 55-piece license fee that the department has yet to settle on.

    It could also be voluntary for those who drive a vehicle on the Nuevos Luzos route, although that has not been decided.


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