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Online Strategy Writing

  • James Anderson (Santa Clara)

    Online strategy writing

    “Even knowing that Google had brilliantly achieved it last time, and that there’s probably intense competition for them, it was a little tricky to see how to execute the same approach for them.”

    In her new book, Bannerheaded, Lindbergh outlines the “Raw Stuff” approach, the most widely used method of Site Optimization that she refers to as the Raw Storyful approach. The article tries to expose how the technique is used by Google to “once and for all” take Google off its game—their competitors, not their own methodology.

    A pre-alpha version of the Site Optimization methodology which Lindberh calls the RAF style is now available in the Google Play store.


    On October 7, The Atlantic shared a story titled “Google Tried to Play with Chrome Devs” in which we explain the significance of Google Product Management. All three browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and Safari) use a different set of feature-defined features, and different sets of features would be useful in different ways.

    Lindberghe adds that this made it harder to decide which features to use in Chrome, because it was difficult to just redefine the defaults—a process that Google took over.

    A similar process happened with YouTube, where Chrome’s default video player uses a different default video view and the set of video subtitles used by YouTube are different depending on the version of Chrome.

    Banner header tags are hard to define because they are not only optional, but are not visible on the main page of a browser.

    And of course, HTML, CSS and JavaScript are all required to get your website working, and all of these vary depending and on the architecture of your website, and on how it sends information to a browse.

    Eliana Serrano (State of Wyoming)

    Online strategy writing can be quite scary, overwhelming and stressful. Not only do you need to know it's not the easiest (and sometimes non-existent!) decision to make, but you have to invest in a truly functional and compelling artifact that'll help you in the long run and whether or not you write something meaningful or not depends on how well your learnings will lock in your strategy.

    Because the theory of strategy is very complicated and the practice goes horribly wrong, it's nice to know that there is support for providing a process that actually works. This is a much more reliable path to genuine success than you could get from a flawed theory that is being practiced just for the sake of practicing.

    The powerful tools we'll use in this article may seem like a non-issue to your current knowledge, but be forewarned: while the rules and requirements for planning online strategy are pretty clear (and there is such a slew of books and resources online on this subject that you will want to read them all), it is also surprisingly hard to write a structure that will actually be useful. Here's why I use this article as a place where you can get detailed and consistent advice on how to write great strategy writing.

    If the goal of a good strategy writing forum is to make a steady but positive income, then:

    Completely ignore the disclaimer about that because your subscriptions are simply going to be your bread and butter!

    The goal of this article is to teach you a way to write strategies that will work, but it should be be a good practice (and it is!). It's really important that you understand how to do this, so I feel that posting here is a good start.

    Prerequisites for writing great strategies for online games

    If you are serious about your online strategy writing career, you should be also serious about following the rules. You'll learn a lot about content and design ideas, but these are not the only things you need.

    Are you a professional gamer or just being self-taught? Am I referring to specific titles, games or strategies? (It's not too hard to find some great existing knowledge on this topic, so don't go with a specific product.

    Wilma Mathis (Sherbrooke)

    Online strategy writing is not a real problem. When I use random numbers, I only care about tempo. Having randomness for generating a dictation, setting rules, and assigning things out, for example, gives me freedom to change the tempo as needed. However, the temporal boundaries are still set up, and not just by random numbers. The algorithmic limits that I need to know about are made up by the dynamic characteristics of the input. After all, what I want to get out of this solution is not just the sequence of the letters and a random picker that draws the letters, but the dynamical characteristics.

    Table-based learning is similar to learning by endpoints. All we need to do to change an endpoint is to assign a new value. The same can be said of the design of a learning scheme: the input is that which is used to generate the pattern, and we need only know how it is being used by the algorithm. It would be easy to say that table-based methods end up with several stages of the same problem, each one involved in solving a different way: to figure out how to remove the functionality or to improve the generation of the pattern. In a sense, the same state of mind would apply here.

    It is important to realize that the most important category of things that are set up in computing tools is by reference to generators. I’ll look at a method that falls under these two categories first.

    A “generator” is a value to be used to model or scaffold a stored or processing process. Most systems are able to model logical, digital and physical, can have filters or have built-in intuitive interaction with objects. A set of generators will have corresponding values for all these values. Thus we will find a set of values for every process, and generators for each process. In my example, when the inputs are the word “you” and the letter “e”, each of the values for the printing and handling of each input have an equal denominator, or a limit value.

    The algorithm we’ll use to generating the pattern that I will describe is called “LabelsLab”.

    Matilda Spears (Lorraine)

    Online strategy writing – landing sites have properties that they can display on their own website. However, this leads them to only produce one or two pages (10-20 seconds of page load time). If they want to have an effective strategy they need to include multiple pages (30-60 seconds of pages load, typically).

    If they want the effect of their website to influence their readers or customers then they should consider ways of effectively organizing their pages and by using multiple pages to provide you with multiple styles (invariably).

    Learn to use the heat maps of your search engines to identify if your pages have been effectively organized.

    5) Get the most relevant SEO results for your keyword

    Once you have the networking stage of search engine optimization (bringing your first results, listening to feedback, and getting advice from your colleagues) you should take a good time to identify the key words to optimize. You will be making a content strategy, and you will be trying to get those results. You should also be learning how to update the content like you would if you are making a new website.

    You should find the most interesting key words for you and then make a page dedicated to them.

    This is where your server is going to have to work to optimise your page. This is where you should invest more and more time and effort because this is what your website should look like on the Internet.

    The best way to get the most concise seo results, is to create a website using short CSS utility like Sass and get the least possible information from the underlying code. This makes your seo pages as more readable as possible and gives you the best chance to get maximum results.

    Read the final result page. After doing this you will have a good handle on the keywords used in your pages for your optimisation. If you just look at the result page for this keyword, you won’t be able to create effective content strategy.

    If you are looking for the best SEO results then you should look to the content site and ask them to rate your pages on a scale from 1 to 5. This will give you a great insight into which pages the search engine will love and which pages won’ts.

    Pete Parkinson (Brampton)

    Online strategy writing classes may be as useful as other online learning tools, for example, Codecademy in games.

    In the above video Lilith is examining her writing. She’s currently unsuccessful. She just has to work harder and succeed.

    There are dozens of small ways to writing and show your writing skills.

    I dont know if this is necessary or not, but it is useful when you have a small writing project because it allows you to show your skills in small group settings.

    You have the same role as a writer; you can write in both public and private settings but the mindset is totally different.

    Writing is the same as anyone else’s writing, but you are forced to write a different way if you are a consumer.

    What I like to see in person is a little bit different than a second person in a room using whatever tools they have.

    For this purpose there are several tools that my daughter has used.

    1st person is basically looking at one thing rather than a whole scenario.

    2nd person is looking at lots of things and also and is taking active part in the actions of the actual person in the scenario in contrast to the first person who is more focused and observant than the second person who are more passive in this case.

    3rd person is more often active, but still is passive.

    4th person is the leader of the group, but not the individual.

    5th person, at least as far as I can tell is more active in this scenario, but is still passive as the group is the active segment.

    6th person has a much more active brain, but can also be more passively observant, despite the fact that they have to take a lot of active role.

    7th person are more in control and are more active when they are in the role of the active member of the team.

    8th personis more passionate, but then passive by necessity.

    9th person need to be passive even if they are performing a major role.

    10th person should be the active spotlight, but they are passive when it comes to the outcomes of the scenarios.

    11th person with only the generic capability of writing, can usually be a little more passimic than the others.

    Jerry Philips (Donnacona)

    Online strategy writing framework It’s simple: we have a player, a game, and a strategy for each role. These are all connected via an interface. The player can send out messages to the game in the “Role #” system, and if there’s an issue, an action will occur to fix it.

    What is “Social Duty” in the App?

    Social duty refers to human actions which are not only seen as important, but are praised as necessary. There are other social duties which are clear and few, such as the one to your neighbor in a town in a dirt road to take care of his property. These might include receiving his mail or check on his behalf.

    The idea behind Social Duty is simple: once you get one, you’ll do it all over again whenever needed. It’d be a nice sound bite given the number of people who take care about everything on the world.

    So the idea behind social duty is not really in the gameplay, and we are not trying to be the developers of an update.

    It’s in the way the game is designed. It gives us something to work with, and that is what we’re trying to accomplish.

    “Mercy” in TCG

    TCGs are miniatures games that are played by fewer than two people. This makes it very easy to give orders to the player and control the game as a whole. The intention behind this is to give the player freedom to react. If a player wants to kill another player, the player can do it. If an opponent decides to attack yours, you can execute any action necessary to stop them. A fantastic game.

    TCGA are a school program for new players. In TCGA players learn how to play miniature games, and figure out how to get on the team to play more of their favorite games. These days there are many online games in the gaming world which are similar to mini games. This is something we tried to do in Total War as well.

    Our goal is to make our game different. It combines AI and human with mechanics. We have a great team, and our goal is not to be like every other game that we have tried.

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    Owen Hawkins (Tallahassee)

    Online strategy writing is a rapidly growing field, despite the fact that frankly, it has a long and sad history. At its most basic, it is an art form. Perhaps it was inspired by ancient architecture and was once used by the Roman emperors for their political affairs. Confusing and complex theory, moreover, and largely unknown to the general public. People generally don’t want to deal with theory, so they prefer to read easier and straightforward books on a more immediate, pragmatic topic. In all likelihood, though, people don’ts keep up with practical strategic writing. The main problem is that most societies have no business allowing people to “know” their strategies, nor do any prediction markets, so it’s no use worrying about their future models. There is simply no true “knowing.” Also, most people don't want to “create” a strategy. It’s a much easier job to criticize. When was the last time you heard about a famous, ill-gotten bucket slammer? They never sell. And they will also never get famous again. How do you “reveal” an orbit for a primary target to another primary target? Sometimes they will have to spend time in tandem. You probably don’to spend lots of time in a tandeman for a long time. A simple, and very common, mistake is to read traditional strategic planning over complicated rather than simple models.

    When one’s read through the marvelous book RRACLASS you will quickly recognize one of the reasons why this field has never been very successful. There are a lot of complex, inconvenient problems, and it is not obvious that everyone should be able to master them. Despite being overstretched and barely paying attention in the first place, very few people have begun to investigate the warning signs. They have probably assumed that the world is a small world and there is simply a finite amount of space, after all, and so they can just duck behind a foetal position in their home country. In that way, you are playing against the system.

    Ivy Hebert (Bath & North East Somerset)

    Online strategy writing

    You can type onto your mouse the Word document or scroll down your screen as you’d normally do in another program. You can type your project code (using the appropriate command) into the Word file – and then do a variety of things with it. You could open it to the internet to search for document reference information, view your project in your favorite web browser, add your project as a condition to other projects, add a new event to a project, or submit a project to the open source community.

    Of course, you can just check out the current documentation (which we’ve included in the tutorial).

    Your own online tomes

    Keeping your project online allows you to monitor the status of your project – and documenting it during the development process can save you thousands of hours of development time every time you open your project. By using an in-house online text editor such as the WordPad, Office Online Toolbar, or a combination of these, you don’t have to look at the documentation and carefully manual work through its bloated codebase.

    Instead, it’s easy to just create your own webpage using a text editor: just type in the code or documentation you just need, then edit it using the Wordpad, Orsinus, or Wordpocket tools.

    Which outline text editor gives you the best return on investment (or that makes the most use of your time)?

    Here’s how to use an on-line tool for writing your own texts:

    How many hours will it take to write the outline for a book?

    For the mythical book on accounting, you might think it would take a year to write an outline, but it would also take an estimated 150,000 hours, according to the work of Timothy Anderson, an engineer at Microsoft, who in 2002 published a computer simulation that puts the time for an outlined book on the market at 1 million hours.

    *In 2005, Timothym Anderson published a book on write-ups, titled A Manual for the Cutting Office.

    **In 2003, a number of companies announced partnerships with Microsoft, and headquarters manually manuals were designed and developed in the Office of Management and Budget.

    Howard Mansfield (Farnham)

    Online strategy writing required. And was a daunting task, which, in other words, could have caused a hangover.

    I pronounced myself a “small” strategist and in the end went for larger, more ambitious goals. I will tell you this. The bigger you are, the easier your enemies will be to fool. The fewer you have to worry about (you can sleep a bit better because, well, you and your sons aren’t worried about each other. Besides, if you go and get tired and sleep till eight at night, you’ll have a good time).

    1. New Mentor & Understanding

    Fifty years ago I was in a discussion group about the Basketball Hall of Fame and how many basketball players are still alive. The discussion group was from another school in the same city.

    The small group discussed the case of Shorty McBride, who shot himself in the head after being kicked in the butt by the referees. The time was 10 o’clock in the morning, and the on-court nerves were still a bit of a thing to begin with, not to mention that he was a relentless possessive father. Some one in the group said, “You’re not going to let guys walk out of your room, ’cause there’s an opening. You ought to get to know your guys better.”

    That was the first time I had ever heard the word “medium.” I thought the hell of it, and I decided to try it. I came to a local community college and met a bunch of guys from Nevada. I decided it was a good idea to meet with them one on one. I went to their office and sat down, put my hands on their desk and explained all my goals. After a few more questions, the group decided we should meet up.

    I met with four of the boys and I got a very good feeling. They seemed reasonable and sane, and they seemed to believe that we were going to succeed.

    We bonded and started training together. We did something that really hasn’t been done in basketball or any other sports in the world: we started speaking among ourselves.

    Andrew Laird (San Buenaventura)

    Online strategy writing works by asking the inner-most-intractable questions of how much you can cut from the situation/opinion you’ve come to value. That doesn’t mean you should use all of your inner experience to inspire or accentuate your point of view. You can keep your boundaries, your heart, your integrity, your conscience, your reflexivity to your core. But what you need to do is start thinking outside the box and making your statement contrary to the other side’s views.

    Traditionally, people are willing to buy into our perceptions of what others think and how things work. This is why arcane black magic can be used to create an experience of existential crisis, but it’s also why it’ll work. A person might not want to give up her day job in order to become a pseudo-soul maker. But she can know that in the long run it will pay off.

    He taps into the underside of what many people would consider a successful life.

    Emotional music helps people feel amazing

    There are people that can always relate to the feelings of those in the group. Successful people have their own way of explaining and expressing their experience and feelings. These people know that these emotions can impact their plans, their ideals, their decisions. They know when to put on the tights and put on their headphones and embrace whatever grooviness those behind them make of it. He’s another example of one of the most important minds in mainstream music, who has to express the feel of his heart, rather than the feel at the other end of his communication channel.

    Self-understanding is based on taking self seriously

    When we are confident in ourselves, we can take responsibility for our actions. Self-knowledge is also based on getting comfortable with what we believe, and how we feel.

    The world is a product of our ideas

    If we think deeply, we will find out that our lives reflect our ideas about the world. This idea creates a channel of connections that allows us to be completely alone when we want, and to be social when we don’t.


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