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The Israeli Palestinian Conflict Essay Topic

  • Phil Green (Calderdale)

    The israeli palestinian conflict essay topic

    This is the last entry in my summary of the fate of Palestinian and Arab Palestinian islands in the Mediterranean Sea. The situation has been fairly constant since 1970 when Israeli forces launched an operation to take over Palestine. In 1981, Israel was invaded by a combined Egyptian and Syrian army in response to the student uprising in Egypt. Israel had also invaded the Sinai peninsula following the 1956 United Nations-backed Egyptian coup d'état that usurped the Egyptian throne. Palestinian refugees fled to Israel, with the exception of the Alawite minority in the Gaza Strip where the Suez Canal had been demolished. The latter group mainly lives in a "Committee for Expansion of the Settlement of Al-Aqsa" (CASA) and would not recognize any future Palestinian state.

    Following the failure of Israel's 1982 invasion and later the 1982 Egyptian invasion of Jordan, the region was divided between Israel and Egypt, with each of the two countries becoming an independent state. Israel's occupation of the Golan Heights, while loyal to Israel at the time, was never legally recognised by either country. Furthermore, the Palestinian Authority continued to pursue the so-called "two state solution" with independent states Palestine and Gaza. The first Palestinian states were unrecognised by any of the countries involved at that time, until the 1994 Gaza War when the Al Jazeera TV channel broadcast an interview with Yasser Arafat.

    In 2005, most residents of the small Gaza-Israeli, but unrecorded, territory in Palestine were moved from Hamas controlled areas to Palestinian territory.

    For more than a decade, Israel's violence against the Palestinians has been the main topic of international outrage. In the Gazan conflict, the Israeli occupation has been seen as a direct violation of international law and a justification for war.

    Gabrielle Harper (Lorraine)

    The israeli palestinian conflict essay topic is likewise considered extremely sensitive. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s effort to renegotiate the Camp David Agreement on settlements has had a profound impact, in the short term at least, on the Palestinians. In the medium term, many Palestinians are struggling to understand why the Israeli government’s outreach to their relatives in the West Bank, and the local Israeli government in Jerusalem, has repeatedly refused to recognize the right of return in the Ramallah-based Authority of Religious Affairs’ (Arabic: Ḥarqa’a al-Haqa) settlements.

    The book also makes a strong appeal to the knowledge of the Palestinian people as a whole. Respecting this more broad variety of views, Rutter defers to the conclusion that much of what is currently happening in Palestine is largely due to the actions of Israel, rather than to Palestinian actions. The view that the Palestinios are merely trying to preserve their status as a people is critiqued and maintained by the book. In contrast to recent debates in academia, Razi’s approach uses a greater multiplicity of facts, whereas previous scholars invited only some or no information.

    One of the major lessons of last year’s European Parliament elections is the fact that independence movements in recent years have found it harder to gauge the strength of their electoral support. The profound contradiction between elections having an unbound content and having no concrete meaning has made political scientists consider how much is lost by focusing on the ethnic component of this election campaign. Something similar has happened in France, where legitimacy, particularly within the public sphere, has been influenced by a similarly contradictory movement. This often leaves the impression that a much stronger effect has occurred when people are willing to value objective realities and, especially, the quality of their current governments. The election of Donald Trump, for example, has resulted in a deepening sense of demoralization, and many supporters of the political parties that went into the election in the hope of winning say, for the first time, that their political parties are no longer worth their support.

    Jane Stewart (Chattanooga)

    The israeli palestinian conflict essay topic is a vexed one for many people. Aside from just being a topic of conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, the occupying power lays a multitude of other blame at the feet of the Palestinian people: colonization, terrorism, and now even Jewish Zionism.

    This post is a bit different than many others in the Jewish/Palestinians conflict. This is a biased piece in the belief that the Palestincans deserve the full amount of justice at their disposal. All of the parameters of justice are determined by Israel’s history, luck, and desires.

    The picture painted by the Israeli occupation is of a complicated realm between the Zionist project and the Za’atari movement. Essentially, the latter is deeply concerned with their ability to organize the Palestinish people into resistance force (SAF), and the former wishes to bring them back into their homes.

    With the talks between the Israeli prime minister and PA President being stalled, it seems like the foreseeable future is that Gaza will not be able to progress forward. Even if Hamas secures survival, the ZA’atar will not have the support needed to continue the struggle against Israel. And the freedom struggle in the Palestininian territories will inevitably continue.

    This is a tough equation to pick out, and this issue is largely because of Israel’t own history and luck. The first thing one does when dealing with an equation like this is to make it simpler. The parallel structure of the conflict between the former and the latter, those who have lived under occupation and those whose lives have been affected by it all, is not something of a straight line. Being able to pick up the story of the Israeli colonialism in the West Bank and Egypt is not a path to be taken. An understandable one too.

    But the criticism that I express in this article is not that there is no justification for the Zanjani families and families of Jews in Gaza to struggle. Yes, there are some implications that could make it difficult, but it is within the control of the Zalqani family that Hamas can obtain support to continue their struggle.

    Aurora Maxwell (Lac-Brome)

    The israeli palestinian conflict essay topic with a Jewish eye

    This is a great series of writings about the conflict in Palestine from an Israeli perspective. It is a complete portrait of a very complicated conflict, concerning both the Palestinian leadership and the Israeli public which is thoroughly foreign to us.

    David Carr

    Israeli Spokesman Rejected as “Bald Chess”

    My last article was based on a conversation I had earlier this year with a Palestinian journalist, an intellectual whose ministry was apparently disliked by the Prime Minister of Israel.

    He was defending his country’s actions to the point of likening the path the Palestinians are on to a chess board.

    At the time, I could not turn back the tide, if it were even possible to turn back, as the Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs was exhorting. The rumour of these words had, on the face of it, little basis, but they were his words in his own estimation, and they came from his hands.

    I was not able to refute them. When I called him afterwards, he turned me down and claimed his words had no impact. The next day I again called him and he accepted my invitation, but he turned it down again. He is a talented writer, an exceptional personality and a very good journalist. He remains an irritating presence in my life – at least until today.

    The real reason that he hasn’t gone public with his words is that Israeli journalists hate him. They hate him as a forcible enemy. They will keep calling him as many times as he refuses to give them a platform.

    But this won’t matter to me. I remember that I once used the phrase “Palestinians are chess players" in a conversation with a very powerful Palestinian official, and he was not displeased.

    In this article, I am focusing solely on what I have learnt about the conversation between the Minister of State for Foreign and Related Affairs and a journalist in which he flatly denies the existence of a cheat system. I am quoting only what the journalist believes, and I am not using any Palestinian rumors or rumoured statements.

    Daniel Aldridge (Wrexham Maelor)

    The israeli palestinian conflict essay topic appears more frequently in a number of novels, including Inara Azoulay’s “The Journey”, and Antonio Sastre’s novel “Fu Amar” (The Survivors). The latter entitled “The Rise and Fall of a Palestinian Tragedy” is a lucid and forceful portrayal of events following the 1967 war on the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, and includes a sixth edition of the theme from the Rabin Diaries and the periods of the Israeli revisionist and military occupation which occupied the West bank. According to Sastres, it was Israel’s suicide bombing of Tel Aviv airport in November 1967 and the subsequent Israeli military offensives that started the current long-running violence.

    Jean-Marie Sanchez has also written on several conflicts – the Vietnam War, the Somalian civil war, Sri Lanka, the Palestinian conflict, and the Kosovo War – but the book on the Palestine conflict does not attempt to recount the timeline or focus on the story. Instead, Sancchez elaborates on the historical background and anchors the book with an almost exclusively analytical style. This style is marked by a concern with humanity’s capacity to assimilate and adapt to the pressures of new and rapid developments, particularly those that occur in poverty, confusion, and political instability.

    As I wrote in my essay “The Imagination of the Nation’s Question: The Palestinian Conflict”, “Sanchezean focus on history as an ontological and epistemological premise extends to the debate over Israel’twhat it is, its places in the world, and its roles in the conflicts of today. In some ways Sancezean exposition is at home in the context of his emotionally-driven/visual novels (Politica, The Despair of Zion, Seven Days at Quetta) and in the hyperperformance of his novels.

    Tom Wayne (Shropshire)

    The israeli palestinian conflict essay topic. When Israeli Cabinet Envoy Avi Eitan, who has been given diplomatic immunity by the US government as a conduit between the Jewish state and the Obama administration, visited Washington in August, he was met by questions about the UN resolution, rejecting US efforts to push for the Palestinians to withdraw from militant-held areas of East Jerusalem.

    Israeli officials were told that the Israeli premier, Shimon Peres, and Haaretz newspaper editors would be invited to testify before the US State Department, but the plan was derailed when Eitang refused to take questions from US officials. “I had been waiting for a session on the world,” he said, when I asked if he had been invited before. “No, for the State Department I don’t go.”

    The room was filled with disgruntled US officials, frustrated that Eitany did not take their questions and jeered at him. One officer, a US diplomat who refused to give his name, said Eitian had held an “exclusive” meeting with Israeli leaders on the subject of the armed struggle in the Gaza Strip, not the Israeli crisis. “He has a point,” the diplomat said.

    The Foreign Service Club withdrew from discussions with the US on the Golan and Naqoura hills “as a very important principle.”

    Several attendees related stories of treatment from the Israeli military when the US side of the Israeli-Palestinians conflict was negotiating on settlement concessions. One recalled a confrontation in Beer Sheva, Israel, on the parallel highway between the Gilad Shalit and Ben-Gurion Airport, when an Israeli army vehicle pulled up and fired on a civilian passenger in the country’s capital. The passenger, a woman, struck by the bullets, was unharmed. The Israel army allowed a medical team to attend to her, but it refused to tell them the extent of her wounds.

    Later, the British Foreign Office reported that an Israeli air force unit shot a Palestinian man over his head at high speeds and continued racing to Gaza to kill him.

    Roland Watson (Albuquerque)

    The israeli palestinian conflict essay topic has become increasingly cryptic in recent years. Such is the self-regarding disregard for facts that many Palestinian viewers are now fed into the situation by Israel. In response, many Zionists have been questioning the severity of Israel’s suffering, or assuming that the issue is for television viewers to decide as though it were a reality-based issue.

    This media propaganda is very easy to work with. A conspiracy of neo-Nazis exists in Norway with the Jewish website Dagens Nyheter having a monstrous influence. The individuals behind it claim that genocide could be for sale to Israeli Jews and have agitated to have the newspaper ban the Right-wing Norwegian Radiosen. On the same platform they are calling for a boycott of Israeli goods and services.

    The Israeli propaganda machine is the most powerful, but there is a commonality within the Palestinian language advertising campaign and news media. There are only a few western media outlets openly concerned with the Zionist and Israeli acts of crimes against humanity, and we can count on the moral support of most Western media.

    With the recent example of Israeli authorities planning to begin the population genocides of the Palestinians in the West Bank, a number of western media such as the Dutch Daily De Telegraaf and the British Guardian are in the story, which is predominantly covered by the Israeli media. For example, they can be seen all over the world.

    It is easy to see that the West is the target of the ZIONIST media machine. Journalists write that they have been caught up in a “troll war” in which they try to catch up with the Israeli news media while having no idea that their own coverage is being held up by an Israeli propagandist machine.

    But there are other media outlet and I’ve been in contact with them. They are more supportive.

    To allow the Israeli propagans to use their funding for a propaganda campaign that they already claim is representing their interests, is not by contrast and is not in general mean-spirited.

    There is a difference between media coverage and those guilty of war crimes.

    Patty Brewer (Huntingdon)

    The israeli palestinian conflict essay topic is the continuation of discussion of an ongoing cross-border political resolution. Erected on 28 August 1994, the 8-meter high inflatable memorial was erected by the top-secret Israeli military cemetery and opened on 19 October 1996. The memorial serves to remind the world about the Palestinian insurgents' anti-Israeli, anti-American, and anti-Jewish activities; and to commemorate the memory of those who had died in the conflict. The clergy have expressed concern about this structure and its role in promoting Israeli cultural (as opposed to religious) issues, and the al-Quds Council has commented that it is not suitable for use as a memorial.#39


    In 2001, Anne Barkan and Anna Mirman published The Downward Spiral, a documentary film about the events in the Israeli-Palestin conflict. It was written and produced by Anne and Anzelika Mirman. Anna gave this film to the State Department in 2004. This film won the AFI Picture of the Year Award in 2006. Anne's other films include The Search: Israeli Forces in the Gallipoli Campaign. It is directed by Milan Primi.


    The establishment of the (international) organization of allied nations against the Israeli state in the Yom Kippur War ("Fatah") was announced on 16 July 2004. The Al-Naba Association is a non-governmental organization.#4

    In July 2005, the organization was granted a charter by the Mahmoud Abbas High Court in the United States. The charter defines the aims of the organization: "To interstate co-operation between the states, between the States and the communities, among the nations and between the communities. To support the United Nations as a means of promoting political co-existence, political and economic reconciliation, and permanent peace. The object is to realize these goals through a formal foundation, by registering on behalf of several major international organizations and agreements, and by joining together existing organizations".

    Carlos Hill (Central)

    The israeli palestinian conflict essay topic or political thesis, the proposed annexation of East Jerusalem or martial law in the south was or is anything but a ripe nuisance to Palestinians. Such annegotiation is based upon the need to make the Palestinian state stronger. The desire for this state in the West Bank is not so much of a political demand. It is a rooted entitlement. The Palestinians want a state that reflects their values and their culture.

    Muslim extremist groups and their supporters have long sought a bid to seize Jericho, the last stronghold of the holy city of Islam. The purportedly anti-Palestinist ruler of Kenya Mr. Chirisala announced his intention to grant the “right of return” to the Western Wall, the site of the Jewish Temple, and the West Jeroboam, or Mount of Olives.

    He said that he “can’t decide whether to give the right of return to #Jerusale to the residents of Haredi communities, or #to the Muslim and Christian communities” and the Western wall and the hill of Jerusamim (the ancestral home of Christian babes).

    In March 2012, Benjamin Netanyahu accused President Obama of “tearing Israel apart.”

    The Arab League, which has a large Palestinian population, voted to prevent the demolition of West Bank settlements.

    In response, Hamas mounted a terrorist attack in Gaza.

    Many Israeli intellectuals called the Muslim-Protestant conflict unfolding in the East as an “Islamic Holy War.”

    This nativist and politicized narrative no doubt influenced the view of Israeli policy in the face of the seizure of East and West Jordan by Palestinian militants in 2005. It has also influenced Palestinian and other non-theist voices, especially those in the Israeli political system, who seem to wish to reframe the issue in an Islamic and jihadi context.

    According to the “Israeli Poll Table,” conducted by the left-wing Jerome Pollack Center, Israeli support for annexeing East Jordan dropped to 31%.

    Carl Brooke (Mississippi)

    The israeli palestinian conflict essay topic.

    Today, the global world is being wracked by the seeds of a world war. The protozoan "E. coli" was bacteria from which the first world war sprang. It is now a parasitic organism that has ridden out other civilizations like ours. It infects people, and it sets up social movements and confrontations. An angry people can and will use the shortest possible path to social change. Israel's war against Iran was a prime example of the advent of this new social movement.

    Since the outbreak of the war, the Israeli left has received disturbingly little media attention. The left's ignorance of the history of the Israeli conflict and its social and political context is a stunning display of minimalist thinking. The entire Israeli left lacks a basic understanding of the paradigm underlying the conflict that has helped the Holy Land win the first battle of the real war.

    The Tel Aviv slogan is “No Palestine for All” which was an expression of a strong nationalist movement. All this foolishness doesn't go unnoticed by the international left or the American left or any western movement. Where does the attention of the world go? Well, it's certainly not to Israel.

    I recently visited Jerusalem, my homeland. I have been there for almost a decade. The Holy See has declared the city a “Holy City” and many people there, especially the young, see themselves as the “spiritual guardians” of this Holy City. The Idi Amin regime often named the people of Jericho “the spiritual guardian of Palestine” – an illusion because Jerucho is a small town at the foothills of the West Bank. At the same time, I felt that the state of Israel’s occupation of the Jewish state was an attack on the spirit of our religion and the legacy of our struggle and the “foreign and invasive occupation” of Judea and Samaria. Yet in the right wing media, neither politics nor science are mentioned in this context.


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