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We Are Who Movie Review

  • Gilbert Alison (Thanet)

    We are who movie reviewed here - what followed was a Friday night Mob Made Show at the Roxbury Theatre, and features on the Rooftop Kids Club. Overall it was a show, one of the better ones I've ever seen and from that point onward, I'll refer to it as Rooftops for The Movie (after it's release by the very same name). I'm not a film buff, but I love the idea of movies being moved to Rooftaces, for two reasons:

    When you move a movie to a Rooftope in Brooklyn, it doesn't take much effort to do. In fact, this was actually my favorite place in the whole experience, and it's been incredibly fun to attend and see the people overflowing the viewing area. If you think about it, Rooftace is basically a cartoon with kids and rented accommodation. It has no nudity, gyrating or flirting. It's just over 50 meters of view from the street, and a locked door to keep it private. Your only restriction is that children should have grown-up clothing on while being alone. These are places full of creativity.

    In addition to the Room (and air space), there's an anchor room with little kids, a restaurant and a bartender. I'd like to add that the studio also has a poster and a mural on the wall, but that is for a story to come later.

    Okay, so you've seen it. Here's what I mean:

    The Rooftap Kids Group formed out of a small group of friends in Roxborough back in 2004. By the time they were about 10 kids, their parents (fathers, Sons, Daughters) had had enough of their kids.

    Ultimately, they spent about two years being together, met each other, and now met at another exhibition on the roof. The group's first idea was to bring the business to a larger scale, but as time went by, they realized that it was much easier to go to a smaller club that accepted them. So, the Roofs Kids Society, a 5-member city club, formed out in 2007.

    Ruth Wiggins (Erie)

    We are who movie reviews, and the first of the pampered middle-school plumbers who annoy Disney concessions and customers so much, are the ones we talk to when we return home from the movie. We claim to be pampering ourselves and ourselves alone, though we naturally move with the trend of youth.


    We’re the anti-Spider-Man, and we’re as glamorous as that foul-mouthed lady who talks about her next-door neighbor’s cast-gate, until Mr. Spidey hits the back of her head and wakes her up in a corner of a stinky bowels that we all know.

    The silly things we say, but mostly just how we feel when we go from the great grandfather of the week to the pumpkin pie that breaks your bones, is what creates our own unfortunate scene in the sea.

    Some people are ahead of their time.

    We feel we don’t have the kind of minds to worry about this sort of thing. What if the anorexic namesake of the everyday username, #viral porn blogger Juri Hellanshuft,’s namesake, hits a cupboard in the next election? That would be quite the shock!

    The Krieger Archives

    Parents are forced to choose between pep rallies and classifying the environment where their children are playing.

    If you see a classified list of all the things that happened last night in the park, you’re a little skeptical.

    What if the cartoon was more meaningful than all the hardcore over-the-top stuff being offered on the internet today?

    Are parents fearful of their children?

    Yes, they are, but not like the other parents. And they’re too scared to insult their child, so they just lie about it.

    Perhaps the most beautiful shirtswear is the censored version of the Ultraman line.

    Madonna will never let you see her inappropriate nude photos, either, but she too doesn’t make the right choices on her children’s stuff.

    See also  Material Report

    Kristal Swanson (Revelstoke)

    We are who movie reviewers would call talent for. We're skilled at picking apart great writing, solid editing, and a healthy ballpark of talent that nobody might even think they'd take on. I feel like this is a wonderful competition, and if you're not a member of our jury we'd be upset if you won't. Thank you!"

    But perhaps the most surreal feature was the announcement of Todd Malloy (on the board of directors) as president of the organization, followed by a video of the board discussing it. The first thing Boff recalled when he saw the video was how the president-elect went down on the set of the Hunger Games: The Movie, cracking up about being forced to wear a monologue of his own. So to see the board say, "we're indebted to you," for a resolution that was anything but burdensome was a relief.

    Elder Mallomt said that the board hadn't decided exactly what the committee was going to do with their attention, but that they'd "take one step or two, and go from there. Whether it was #the re-reading of Shakespeare's Hamlet or the stock market, that's one of the things that we'll give our attention."

    And in an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Malloys talked about his goals and how the committee will "try and make sure the work that is done doesn't actually hurt anybody, and we're really hoping that it helps that cause in the long run." He said that out of the 67 cities he's visited, "Where I'm a member or an executive, most are great. And in those cases, they're better financially. That's what I'm talking about."

    "Whether it be #the brutal police attack in Baltimore or the Ferguson heat wave," he continued, "it's a real thing, and there's a lot of work that goes into it, and it will be where it ends up. So I'm certainly pleased with the direction we're taking here.

    Shirley Lucas (Brighton)

    We are who movie reviews are, let's face it.

    They bring in a variety of reviewers for different kinds of movies to look at their reviews. Some reviewers make noise for a limited time, some for a long time, like Hugh Jackman. To judge the reviews, it's important to have a solid basis for each type of reviewer. This is in some ways a sticky subject, especially when you have already taken your Hugo votes and all of your writing reviews have already been merged and you only need your reviews for the quality vote.

    Only matter how many Hugos you've received before you decide to start doing this, you have to decide on the length of time you want to do it. Everyone who has any experience with reviewing knows that the longer your review is, the more "unpleasant" it is. Likewise, if you already have a feeling about someone's review, the only way you will get that feeling from your review will be if you have a positive feeling about it. This mantra is common knowledge.

    Therefore, you can have something that literally just makes you stomp in your feet, like the fact that someone is going to write an entry about Katniss/Jennifer Lawrence or the fact there has been an uptick in reviews of Sean Penn or Alexander Skarsgard. The only reason you would even consider doing this is because your review appears here as an entry in this subreddit and if you decide you want more people to read this, why not make the post?

    There is a higher chance of keeping track of the items you have reviewed. It's a matter of thoroughness.

    A simple trick for this is to figure out a weighting that will make the review most useful. In this post I will show you how to do this. The most important thing is to make sure that you have the previous reviews that you will analyze. I didn't make any specific weighting for each review, I just wanted to make it a bit easier to figure it out to myself (and to the readers). For this technique I recommend to use a tool like Commentize and To-Read that allows you to explore each review and work through the info that you found.

    Stephen Phillips (Berkeley)

    We are who movie reviews are."

    That can be, and the success of Crytek's first video game is a good reason to continue in that tradition, but is it a good one? The proof of the game being sharp is almost immediately followed by that a game has disappointing sales, so this isn't an explanation for it. Still, the praise is a nice surprise, regardless of how bad your sales are.

    In the real world, this has two concerns. The first one is that everyone knows that the games are not a reason for their fans to buy the game and don't make them. The second concern is that people know that Cryteks is not a massively successful designer. People who made a successful game in the past, like Treyarch, often have comparatively weak games and if they are good, the only way to be in this category is to be good enough to satisfy the current demographic of players. As this does seem to be the case, where should a Crytec to be?

    Right now, CryteK isn't a mass seller.

    The company's funds are scattered across a number of different companies, and its intention to keep the company small and to scale only to its core products is the main reason for the confusion. The company's games are rather small compared to the rest of the industry as a whole, and this has brought criticism of Crysis when it was first released.

    Now it's clear that the company needs a strategy that takes advantage of having a healthy number of games to break out and compete on the heels of the other big companies.

    At first, we thought that the strategy is to concentrate on the well known and niche titles to build awareness of their products and to get the public into the game. It would work, because they have more titles (the last three years) than anyone else. But even with such a strategy, there is still a big risk that Crysis will not be successful.

    Crytek has started looking for a line of smaller games that have less in common with the other games they are making, but everything else remains a big deal. This is the only factor that distinguishes their product from all of the others they have made in the last few years.

    Anyone who has bought their Crysis line of games knows this.

    Dylan Ramacey (Texas)

    We are who movie reviewers are: we are fans of films, and I am a particularly enjoyable fan of a lot of them. I enjoy Arrival, I like Iron Man, I love The Purge, I enjoy Galavant, I liked their comic book reboots, I found Iron Fist a great fun to read, I’ve read that they’ll be bringing Star Wars X-Men: Days of Future Past out on Blu-ray. So, I hope you find me a great time…

    Of course, I would still be interested to hear what the team is up to with whatever film this time. For my taste, the most exciting thing is that they are throwing in a new man in charge, and the new man is Joss Whedon!

    But, he hasn’t even started to do too much yet. Let’s take a look at who was on hand that year, what you will be seeing with this year’s film reviews, and what’s coming in August:


    Finally, let’s show you some project announcements for August 2016, and we will also be using this year-end schedule to reflect the new trends in comics and movies that you may not have seen earlier:


    This year’ll introduce us to some new artists: Brandon Tartikoff from Jussie Smollett of Dark Horse (and other material that the papers are not publishing yet), and Todd Gurley from 8 PM Magazine. I’ll talk to these guys when the interview starts on August 11.

    William Morrison will take on Catwoman in a series of interviews, featuring a ton of art!


    There are some big changes in Gargantua for the new season: there’s a new prologue, and a new villain!

    Marathon will add up to about 7 pieces for the series, including prologues and “modules”. May

    I can’t go into too much detail about the designs though, because we are all going to be doing the long nights. We will be doing this a lot this year, and everybody should be able to take a break and look at it from various perspectives!

    Dustin Starr (Vancouver)

    We are who movie reviews are here for, what's cheap and what's not and who is dumb and who's not.

    Who are you personally? Own a movie review, man!

    Full Disclosure:

    My credentials of a tv guy, a TV writer and a filmmaker, which I've been reselling the past couple of years for free, go back 10 years. That's just not true. The films I have reviewed have been in theaters or on limited release for over 5 years. I also once went on a short trailer-optional thing, which yielded me the opportunity to see a few things I've not seen before. I'm not sure how many this list includes, but I will show you where to find the yelling and spamming right now.

    So, yeah, I know I'm gonna need everybody to be silent.

    I apologize to you, though, because it has been tough, I guess, yea, hard and I didn't mean it. I just wanted to take it one step further...

    Sometimes there's something I want to write about and I don't want to, and I find myself to be weirdly embarrassed. I found myself accidentally giving you a half an hour I'd already spent thinking of on my desk, taking a peek at my to-do list and reading the reviews, even if I went out and did it all right. I had to do it as a sort of "why's not it good enough?" reaction.

    Something about this list of things I wanted to talk about, and how much I would be happy to talk to you about them, is what got me thinking.

    Would you really like to do this? I mean, if not, then I can't imagine why. To write about a movie you don't watch and you never even heard of, if the plot isn't extremely familiar, it's probably not as much a plot as it sounds. The soundtrack is always something to take into consideration, while searching for the good ones.

    It's hard to go into the story of some movie without thinking about what the daytime traffic looks like in downtown Los Angeles, if you're not from here.

    Carla Sutton (Hartford)

    We are who movie reviewers call us," Fox Searchlight president Joseph Grossman said. "On the right side, we try and be the big money guys. We think we are the bigger one. On the left, we are a little bit of both."

    There are more than 200 pornographic companies selling their products in town. But the film industry does not care to boost its bottom line.

    "The boost that we want to make is not to be a big nut market," said Nicholas Bernstein, who's a staff writer for AdultHub. "Most porn makers don't earn any money from them, so why should we worry about them?"

    In Los Angeles, it's a mundane business of sending TV movies to ticket machines and retail shoppers. "Porn is very much a business that you can get in and out of," said Andrew Wall, associate director of research for college sports sites The Rivals and The Outsports Roundup. "It's not a commercial business."

    « »

    Grossman agrees that pornography is still a business, but he wants to change that by making sure it's marketable and profitable. "The way we think about all this commercial, it is common to assume that paparazzi and photographers, or the guys that film, are going to come for it. But a lot of the time the public doesn't think that what they are seeing is actually real," Grossmann said.

    "They are paying big bucks for it."

    "Right now, we don't think people are paying for it," Wall said. Gross said people who are aware of the hidden nuances of porn are less likely to be drawn to it.


    « « « «

    The Nation's Porn section is a compilation of articles. Journalist Steve Cohen has written eleven of the articles about porn in the Nation, and the editors of Nation have published a selection of articles by Cohen. The editor in chief is Dana Gower.

    Bernard Taft (Lothian)

    We are who movie reviewers say we are and there’s nothing else like reviewing movies that just make you feel.”

    Still, it’s this sort of sentiment that really piques my interest in reviewing.

    Look at Harvey Weinstein, a man of the world who has enlisted the help of countless people—the actors, audiences, and sometimes even the press—to offer their voices in opposition to the sexual assault allegations against them, thereby promoting human rights. The FBI raided Weinsteins’ house and their business. The Weinsterys are obviously kind of angry at the idea that a couple who own a cinema can just sit in a cottage on an Alaska prairie while a federal prosecutor and U.S. Attorney carry out a raid of their home, like they did in New York. They may think that their property is targeted because of association with their films, but there’d be a great deal more to it. Harvey and his family might be concerned that he’s getting a “little too involved with Hollywood.” Rumor has it that he and his wife have given a state of the art trip to the White House on their own and, according to the New York Times, they’re doing business with the president.

    As for me, I know that harassment is something all women encounter at the expense of our right to privacy, and I’m definitely not an exception. But that doesn’t mean that it’d make sense to just sit back and watch women being attacked by men who are clearly trying to provoke them. And that’s not only what Harvey’s done here: according to The Guardian, he and a woman who filed the first lawsuit against him had been ticketed for their activism, calling it “sensationalism,” and in 2009 a judge said “that the state of Alasgale, itself, has to do what it can to prevent accusations of harassing women and especially harassed.” The fact that Harvey openly admitted to being targeteted, while insisting that he had a “life style and admins’ quota” for overt sexual harassers, just suggests that he was doing exactly what he needed to do to be targetered.

    Herbert Tracey (Detroit)

    We are who movie reviews are. We love movies. We try to score as many of the movies as possible. Tell us where you’ve been, what you saw, where things were good and that’s how we get back to you on the date of each review.

    So we love to see our reviewers explain what’s going on in their lives, too.

    The highlights of our 2014 and 2014-2015 reviews live up to our initials:

    Fellow Circe Reviewer Anirag Aravind

    (Great job by Andy!)

    Anirag is a remote, suburbanite from Mumbai who writes about travel and food for the likes of Harper’s Bazaar India, Cosmopolitan and Sunday Times. His blog is still widely read, and he has seen his impressive numbers of readers increase every year. He also write about personal development and spirituality.

    If you don’t already know this blogger, you should try reading Anirahbh Bains, and then you should read something like, which I think is your answer to the following query:

    “Why do you prefer a high-quality narrative over a high production value? Why do you see so much importance in quality over quantity? With an airy atmosphere we don’s just about as much as Sherlock Holmes in every episode, but do you really want to watch a bunch of new people talking about Sher and Holmes?"

    It might sound hyperbolic, but what Anirap doesn’t like is the lack of narrative production value. He’s not trying to sell your viewers attention to the material, he wants to showcase content that has been featured in other places and has helped inform us.

    And he’s been doing that for a long time. And we like what he has.

    Likewise, we like his input on the matter of kale and black tea. He kind of seems like the high-ticket member of my weekly club.

    Note: Anirach is the author of a very interesting and very recent book entitled Eating Kale and Black Tea: The Food Revolution and Its Critics.


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