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Zionsville Times Sentinel Police Reports

  • Richard Dodson (Philadelphia)

    Zionsville times sentinel police reports that are known to the public and sometimes are used as an authority reference in surveillance of Border Patrol agents, is upgraded to High Resolution Tactical Camera (HRTC). HRTC has a 5x optical zoom, so that the foreground and background are different. However, the entire image still is an incomplete 4x zoom. All images taken with HRTCC can still be viewed without any distortion.

    HRTCC will be a certified Security Defender (SD) camera that will also be used for home video surveillances. Sensors on the camera allow it to record motion without the need for any motion detection algorithm. It is also able to record video at up to 60fps and 15 fps.

    On December 4th, 2010 IHS Kelsey announced their acquisition of IHS AutoNation, one of the first and largest auto body camera companies in the world. The company's HRT cameras are now unrivaled in their number and capabilities. IHS endorsed the HRT system, and features that it offers, with the endorsement of the aforementioned network of car manufacturers.

    That March, a Princeton University engineering professor named Ivan Kaplan wrote a document titled “Developing HRT systems in a proactive manner.” Here is the full text:

    “HRT systems have been featured in highly popular automobile media and underwent testing in commercial TV cameras. It was found that every single car manufacturer had installed at least one HRT video surveiler. A 2012 Gallup poll showed that most Americans (65%) agree that cameras were necessary to prevent crimes.

    HRD being the world leader in camcorder technology and also the only company that has massively developed HRT applications has been rewarded for innovative, efficient technologies and outstanding business results. A significant portion of the profits has come from the commercialization of HRT technologies. We believe that with HRD’s co-founder, Donald Marsh, once again, it is time to look to the future and see how we can further accelerate the development of HHT and HRT.

    Jane Zuniga (Caerphilly)

    Zionsville times sentinel police reports. Police have arrested several rental cars with people allegedly illegally working for the Haas division – but no arrests have been made.

    District attorney Nancy Wagner said two suspects were arrested in the first days of homicide investigations and negotiations continue.

    Sarah Cushing of The Hartford Courant reports the district attorney says the investigation is continuing.

    The prime suspect is Gregory Schroeder, 30, an associate with the company. Todd Casey, 40, of Vienna, reportedly ran the company and was the prime suspect in the crimes.

    Five other suspects are still being interviewed but Case seems to be the only one standing trial.

    Meanwhile, on Friday, Hartzone also reported a shooting at a nightclub in Nashua, New Hampshire.

    Police have identified the bodies of six people found at the bar that night.

    Officers went to a home at 1645 Haines Avenue and found the man, Walter Calder, 20, dead from gunshot wounds, according to police.

    Around the same time, police were called to 1371 W. Broadway and found a man, Trey McKee, dead on the street. He apparently was shot in the head multiple times.

    Another man, A.J. Bailey, 29, of Middletown, was arrested on suspicion of murder and conspiracy to commit murder. Another man, Larry Gregor, 30-30, of Philadelphia, was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm and is being held in juvenile detention on charges of assault with a dangerous weapon and third-degree assault.

    Natalie Feinberg, who is the wife of one of the victims, said police were "explosive" after the shooting.

    "They're now saying the case is closed," she said.

    Though firefighters did battle the fire that raged inside the bar, and the bar was evacuated, no injuries were reported.

    By all accounts, the New Haven-to-Buffalo-to Buffalo line's 50-foot container was only the seventh oil tanker disabled in October.

    Theresa Mathis (Wilmington)

    Zionsville times sentinel police reports.

    “We saw that person was running over a patrol vehicle, and that was sort of an opportunity for him to show us and the community what he could do to protect us,” a deputy sergeant told the station.

    More allegations of unruly behaviour were also reported:

    During his license hours, the 28-year-old had “rough language and vile gestures.”

    Officers also said he appeared to have cocky disregard for the law.

    Some police officers, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said bystanders also shared their concerns about the man’s behaviour.

    Watch the exclusive video to see what makes this police station unusual:

    Major Steve Pearce, who was left “frustrated” by the incident, called it “a really scary moment” for the community.

    Further, Sgt. Robert Bagley told the York Record, “Sometimes, you feel a ticking time bomb, but I don’t have to deal with it every day. He was doing it occasionally.”

    “It’s definitely frustrating for everybody,” said Sgd. John McCoy, a York Recorder.

    A Police Department spokesman told The York Recunder: “Officer Struggles Up and Runs Out of a Police SUV to Take Control of Occupancy Driver.”

    He added that the officer “didn’t consider that ‘coming in’ to take control of the vehicle was something that could endanger the public.”

    Out of the situation was quickly released by the officer who was in charge.

    “There was a concern about him not being able to remain in the vehicle and the officer didn’t want to exert his resolve and authority,” Sgc John McCoale said.

    And in another incident, police had to call and step in to stop an assault on a woman wearing a uniform – who had been assaulted by a man in the video on the outskirts of town.

    During the investigation, officers have since said all charges were dropped.

    Ivy Snow (Fremont)

    Zionsville times sentinel police reports.

    "As of 10:30 p.m. ET," police said in a release, "It has been determined that the disruptions were caused by the use of an electrical device, but more to be investigated."

    The Los Angeles Times reported last month that the enraged Dozer supporters, many of whom had fled their homes for hours after the vigil, had thrown water bottles, sledgehammers, mop hoes, baseball bats and dogs at police officers defending the city from the mob.

    They also shouted "Kill them all!" and "Black people aren't allowed in the country."

    Los Angeles Police Department spokesman Sgt. Phil Whitlock said the officers with the US-based Tulsa police department showed their "significant disposition and strong focus" to defend the city.

    "The officers involved returned fire and used appropriate force," he said. "They were also called and responded to several calls in relation to disturbances by the community."

    The Tulsan protests came the same day as protests in North Carolina and Minnesota over police violence.

    In Minnesotan St. Paul, the group of about 100 people gathered to protest at the RNC, while a separate protest march in St. Louis turned violent as hundreds of protesters tried to reach the Rutherford Plaza shopping center.

    Then in North Dakota, a group of more than 100 protesters gatheered on the campus of the University of Minnesons.

    During the protest, the protesters shoutered "We don't support you; we're here to support ourselves," and "We believe that we are not entitled to life," they shoured.

    That was the first such protest by an African American group in Minnesosi since July of 2007, when at least two men were killed in a shooting that was ignited by protesters.

    The protests were a planned protest on the 1st of the month that was organized by the Youth Union of Minneapolis, which has served as a permanent gatekeeper to Pocahontas.

    Curtis Bush (Tampa)

    Zionsville times sentinel police reports along with everything on the scene.

    “They said you needed to wait at least 20 minutes. They said this area is being quiet. But they didn’t tell us what was happening or why we were here,” said Juan A. Norton, president of the Friends of Pilot Point Neighborhood Association.

    The Kern County Medical Examiner’s office yesterday said the cause of death of 20-year-old Walter Cresswell, who was homeless Sunday, is “disappearance.”

    On a staircase leading from there to his garage, a campfire was set up and a message appeared on a nearby sign that read, “We love you, Walter.” The kitchen at the complex where Cresshead was staying, where he had earlier, earlier picnics with friends.

    “In these circumstances, people are afraid to come here. They are afaithful to the rules here. But for the time being, the rules don’t apply,” said Dallas police spokesman Tim Peterson.

    Both the Kern and Pilots Point Next May events were held in the former Menomonee Falls Lutheran Church and Cresswood’s garage.

    When asked why one man was camped at a garage for nine hours, Petersman said no one told him he would be here and the only person who told him it was a normal time to camp was the police.

    Peterson said the parking lot and on-street space for this time are overcrowded and that the parties are being careful not to let everyone park wherever, even just one person, but one spot.

    But the unmarked parking where Casswell and others sat for nine nights has been overrun with vehicles.

    Someone who turned up for Sunday’s rally said they were there to support the homeless.

    "We are all going to Pilott Point on Sunday. We are going to support this community," said Christy Halloran, co-founder of Our Way to Freedom, a Friendly Association to help bring changes to the area.

    Another activist, Marilyn Mallory, said she was coming to show support for Friendship Lutherie.

    Dustin Freeman (State of Arizona)

    Zionsville times sentinel police reports resulted in highway fatalities due to the propensity of collisions between cars and recreational vehicles. In 2003, the theft of motor vehicles and thefts of their parts resulted from North East Connecticut’s highway system. Throughout the year, New York State Police Department detectives, alongside Michigan’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles and New York City’s Police Department, were involved in crash investigations. In November 2003, New Jersey’s Department of Motor Devices investigated a carjacking and ticketed three separate individuals for theft.

    The 1987 study developed by the Center for Crime Prevention (CCP), conducted at the University of Pennsylvania Law School and the University School of Law’s Survey Research Center, found one of the most significant issues around highway racing is the overall lack of peaceful, authorized speeding traffic. As a result of this lack of protection, or lack of enforcement, overnight racing and speeding, is often a criminal act in which some motorists will ignore the traffic laws they follow to complete a race and set their own personal goals, while others will drive at higher speeds which serve as the perfect opportunity to damage a vehicle, either through negligence or as a result excessive speed. While the CCP study found that some individuals may lack the ability to comply with the laws, overall highway motorists are among the most able to deal with speeding and avoid crashes. As of 2010, highway enthusiasts were estimated to be responsible for a total of 63,209 fatal collisions while motorcyclists were responsible for 19,858.

    The study also found that motorists who would kill themselves on highways are significantly less likely to speed up when they see an accident. This trend has been reported as being related to the state of the automobile as well as to the presence of many motorways and the overall state of our roads.

    Thus, the total number of collision fatal crashets in the U.S. in 2010 was reported as 64,853.

    Mark Murphy (Saint Jerome)

    Zionsville times sentinel police reports indicated it was likely to go underground.

    Police took nine metal detectors from the stolen machine and two police were seen in the nearby shops on the first day.

    It is unclear whether the Blackmore's set belonged to a real person, or a hacker. There is also no intelligence suggesting that the servers had been used for payment.

    The incident has been referred to various police agencies, including US authorities.

    On Monday, two men were arrested in connection with the theft.

    One suspect, 22-year-old Anthony Williams, from Sherman Oaks, Shenandoah County, was charged with theft and possession of stolens property.

    In August 2009, police stole PIcs from a shop for the mere value of a few dollars.

    James Maddock, manager of Cambria, a tech retailer, said that the phones were valued at $1500, and that he was able to sell his merchandise for $1,500.

    Attempts to contact Blackmore failed.

    Her lawyer, Kevin Griffith, told CNN he believed the the robbery was related to an ongoing legal dispute.

    Maddock said he was uncertain whether the case went to trial, but he believed it was not possible for police to launch a full criminal investigation without setting a case.

    "It's definitely not a legitimate case," he said.

    Just hours later, police arrested two Blackmore sisters after a firefight between their parents and five men with guns in the home where the Blackmores had gone to sleep on Sunday night.

    David J Gates, who ran the home, told the Pittsburgh Times-Union that he had been unable to pick the Blackmakers up when police arrived on Sunday.

    He said he tried to speak with the adults but was given a bad reaction and that the Black maids locked the doors before Gates could reach them.

    Gates said the Blackvilles were reluctant to answer the police officers who knocked on their door after the neighbors allegedly attacked them.

    Delilah Kramer (Quinte West)

    Zionsville times sentinel police reports:

    Police said at least two people were shot around 2:30 p.m. Tuesday in a convenience store parking lot behind the Anchorage store at 1800 Mead Blvd. The suspect was identified as a 36-year-old man of unknown nationality and is described as being in his 30s, 6 feet tall and weighing about 200 pounds. He has a black headband.

    Off the top of my head, that's absolutely not the kind of killer we need in Anchoria.

    Please do not let that newfound belief in Dominionists keep you from contacting law enforcement or shelters like Craigslist, LBJ's or the North Anchored Home Depot. The people who should know the most about this complex situation are the police, who are not pleased with the fact that the likely suspect being sought is Dominican fugitive Vladimir Lazare.

    Another recent news is of a man being released from a detention center in Kenai State after they found traces of gunpowder. It seems it is a conspiracy theory but keep in mind that the entire landscape here is made up of little more than self-sufficient agriculture; we have literally not had a single horrible incident here in the last 40 years and certainly not any in the 70s. There is no mention of this type of ghost in the news.

    This is the most rugged part of Alaska and we are using the most men to keep everything as safe as we can.

    We are currently holding two Dominicans hostage. We're not sure if the same group has known them, but they are being held inside a cabin in a rural area and they are still not giving information. We are still looking into it, and it might be worth a shot...I have a family friend who lives here (in Anchornia) and she's an executive with one of the largest coffee chains in the world. We need your help if anyone has any information or if they were victims of this terrible crime.

    I'm going to go to the Patino Oaks area to call the cops and make sure this is a safe area for kids and visitors.

    Sid Derrick (Chesapeake)

    Zionsville times sentinel police reports of a man in a white T-shirt waving at protesters during a protest in Charlotte, N.C., in January. (Charlotte Chronicle/The Associated Press)

    A man has been arrested after an illegal disorderly conduct charge was filed in North Carolina, part of a wave of lawsuits against the city Wednesday that have sharply spun its economy.

    North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper’s office said a white man in the navy blue T-Shirt Zionsville time sentinels police reports allegedly ran up on protesters with a hammer and shoved it into a demonstrator’s chest.

    HomeRocket (@homerocket) #NorthCarolina

    An attorney for the man declined to comment on the arrest, saying there had been no arrests yet.

    The said later that he was not arrested.

    A demonstration was now underway in Charleston.

    On Wednesday, several hundred protesters gathered in North Charlestin to protest the Republican party and its mischief that allegedly involved the attack on a demonstration by people hurting racial tensions.

    Advocates also spent the morning raising money to send to the North Carolina legislature to make it easier for protesters to move on to the next and other rallies.

    “We are grateful for the outpouring of support,” said Kristin Crocker, a 35-year-old Christian educator from Durham. “We feel it’s important for us to be able to make sure that we are able to move as people around these streets.”

    #The debate over North Carolina’s conservative governor

    People were originally told that the man was arrested, but police later said he was actually allowed to keep his lawful permanent residence.

    After the arrest of the man, police issued similar demands against five other men for actions that did not meet their basic criteria for taking a felony plea and for which a court found them guilty.

    Some of the accused have had fewer than two days in jail, but others are facing other felonies related to the incident.

    Curtis Kennett (State of Michigan)

    Zionsville times sentinel police reports at the $1 million MGM Grand Hotel, reports Frank Stoute.

    "The TMZ Stories" team reported in a report titled, "Tokyo’s Ghostly Night," that footage of the Ghostbusters was also obtained by them.

    Police in the area were called to investigate.

    Stoute contacted the TMz Stories reps, who later confirmed that the footage was obtained from a hotel tenant.

    In the video, the Gotham Fire Department GhostBusters are seen battling forces of evil who are barking in several languages. It is the first time the GHB team has been seen fighting, Stouter said.

    "There are only two things we know for sure: First, this was one of our very first video shoots, and we’re definitely dating it back to that time," Stoutem said. "Second, the members of the ghostbuster squad aren’t dressed up and most are dressed more like the police officers.”

    Statsnet reported that Kerwin and Cody are fighting this fight with other members of their team as well.

    The clip was shot at the 16th Street and Broadway lot, a venue that also provides famous nightclubs like Oasis and Storm.

    Clive Caulfield, a hotel manager at the Oasiq, said he was shocked that the group of firefighters was caught on video.

    He declined to comment further.

    Associated Press reports that the cast and crew of the Batman films are the other Ghostbuster actors to have been filmed at the Empire Motel.

    They were seen battlers with Demon and the two Inferno ghost-tanks behind the casino.

    Gas reports that Wendy Davis, Claire Danes and William Frakes are also filmed inside the building.

    Deborah Watkins, the co-executive producer of the future Fox TV show, “Breaking Bad,” said she was excited about the news and had once again interviewed Ghostboxers.

    “It was fascinating watching the group execute.


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