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Wassup dude? Beach time is the best time to do some swimmin’ and get amped on those waves. Nothin’ cooler than hittin’ the sand and sea on a hot day. I’m always lookin’ to take a dip when the sun is high and bop around in the azure water. The beach is where it’s at for gettin’ your swim on.

Now I live pretty close to the coast so I’m lucky to have the ocean right there whenever I feel like doin’ some laps or floating around. All my homies are always down to go too so we get a wicked crew together for aqua fun in the sun. Doesn’t matter if it’s the mornin’ or afternoon, we’ll take any chance we get to soak in those surf vibes. I’ll chuck on my boardies and a rashie then grab my towel, sunnies and a speaker to get the tunes pumpin’.

When we roll up, it’s all about finding a sweet spot to set up camp. Can’t be too close to the water line or your stuff will get washed away for sure. But you also don’t wanna be so far back that you miss out on the waves. I like to scout for a nice open patch of sand with plenty of room to lounge around. Once our gear is sorted, it’s time for the main event. Nothin’ gets the adrenaline buzzin’ like that first splash into the ocean.

The water is always chilly at first but it feels so refreshin’ on a hot day. I’ll usually wade in slowly to acclimate before doin’ some warm up strokes. It’s important to get your body prepared so you don’t cramp up later. Once I’m properly wet, that’s when the fun really starts. I love messin’ around close to shore, tryna catch the smaller rollers and see how long I can ride em’ in. It’s a total rush. You gotta be careful not to slam your head on the bottom if you wipe out though!

If the waves are decent, you’ll probably see everyone trying to hang ten. It looks so gnarly when people catch a wave and shred along, perfectly balanced. Though between you and me, I’m not the best surfer. Still working on my popping up and catching skills haha. No shame in that, I’m happy just to boogie board most days. Laying on the board and coasting in is a vibe. Further out is where the bigger swell is at, which attracts all the hardcore boarders and bodysurfers. I’ll admire them from a safe distance!

After gettin’ my blood pumpin’ in the breakers, it’s time for some chill relaxation. Nothin’ better than floating on your back and gazing at the sky while the ocean gently rocks you. Sometimes I’ll listen to a podcast or tunes if my speaker is still dry. Other times it’s nice to just zone out and feel one with the brine. You can spend hours drifting around like that if you want. But eventually the hunger hits and it’s time for a feed. There’s nothin’ better than chowing down a burger straight after some aquatic fun in the sun.

Once you’ve refueled, it’s usually time for round two in the surf. I’ll venture back out for more boogie boarding or see if the waves have improved for surfing. Rinse and repeat as many times as you can before it starts getting late. No day at the beach is complete without a calming stroll as the sun dips below the horizon. It’s so meditative walking beside the shoreline as the orange glow paints the sky. You take it all in and feel grateful for the ocean vibes that recharge your soul. By the time I pack up to head home, I’m on cloud nine from all the beach time shenanigans.

Hittin’ the beach for swimmin’ and good times in the surf is totally righteous. There’s no better feeling than emerging refreshed after letting the waves pummel ya. The ocean is a magical place where you can zone out, rev up, and feel alive. It’s easy to see why beaches are such a staple summer destination. So next time you wanna kick back and enjoy God’s great blue gym, rally some homies and go get wet! The beach awaits to replenish your soul with some waves, sun and stoke. Later days my friend, see you out there in the brine!